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Found 2 results

  1. Vedic or Hindu Muhurt (electional) astrology provides detailed guidance as to which activity comes to fruition on specific weekdays. In the Hindu system, a weekday starts from the local Sunrise & ends at the following Sunrise, which is distinct from the Georgian calendar in which a weekday along with date starts at expiry of 1200 a.m. of the Zonal Standard Time. The seven days a week system is prevalent throughout the world. Weekdays are given due importance in selection of election as the desired work which easily gets fructified (Siddhi) when its day lord is strong, the same work does not get fructified when day lord is weak / powerless, even after extra efforts & facing of discomforts. To fortify election, a strong day lord (planet) should be properly placed in the election chart. It is an important element of the Panchanga (Hindu ephemeris). Importance of selection of Hora (24th part of a weekday) along with weekday has been eulogized by exponents. Based on nature & signification of the weekday, day lord (ruling planet), tutelary lord and other electional considerations following works (& works related to the mentioned items) are recommended for conduction & initiation in different weekdays. It is often said that on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday all types of works fructify; while on Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday only prescribed activities fructify. Here is the list of works which aspirants should do on different weekdays. Sunday : Coronation, service to the government / king, king worship, fire, fire related works, weapon making & usage, war, bravery, service & employment, travel, thief, doctor, transaction of medicine, purchase of cows, bullocks & animals, gold-silver-copper-wood-works, bones-skin-hides, auspicious (Manglik) works, Yagya, teaching Mantras (Agni Mantras), religious discourse, music learning, woolen clothes, wearing of new clothes, mountain, stones, dessert, forest, trees, usage of forest items, snake, animal rearing & husbandry, food grain, trade. Monday: Agriculture, farming, gardening, fragrant trees, lotus & flowers, milk, food, food-grains, sugar, sugarcane, raw sugar / molasses, Yagya, ornament making & wearing, silver, deer, sale & purchase of cows - buffaloes, gems-pearl & shells, conch-shell, singing & dancing- starting thereof, water related works, popular works, movable works, starting of education, night movements, benefit to mother’s brother, Brahmins, article causing phlegm, clothes, female related works, king, road. Tuesday : Killing, arresting, inciting insurgency, cruel works, piercing, army commanding, treaty, backing off treaty / agreement, fort, igniting fire, weapon, storing of war material, poison, lying, deception, thief, thievery, coral, gold related works & collection thereof, metal work, forest, night worker, doctor, ascetic / religious mendicant, treasurer, business of catching snakes, animal, trees with red coloured flowers, red colour items, works related to blood. Wednesday : Fine arts, literature-music- dancing & starting thereof; poetry, sculpturing, all type of art, theater, education, writing, learning of Vedas, idol making, Mantra Kriya, meritorious works, marriage, friendship, starting of fast, holy bathing, trade, clever works, ordinary works, science, metal work, war, argument, intelligence, skill, ingenuity, messenger, physical exercise, collection of articles, juices & food grains, green sapphire, earth, clothes, fragrant articles, works which end fast - works which take long time – works which finish in the middle. Thursday : Auspicious (Manglik) works, Yagya, Havan, worshipping, peaceful religious works, fast, oblation to the deads (Pitri Sharadh) , temple, installing of idol, Alankaar, education, knowledge related works, learning in general, Shaastras, truthful works, wearing new clothes & trading thereof, ornaments, starting living in house, doctor, medicine, trading in medicine, physical works, health related works, physical works, development & expanding works, king, wealth, trees, gold, silver, elephant, horse, bullock, transport, travel. Friday : Good for starting dance, music, singing painting; luxurious works, festivals, wearing new clothes & ornaments, friendship, worshipping sex God (Kamdev), females, passionate women, sex, passion, prostitutes, beds, increase in semen, fragrance, comedy, laughter, cows, trade related to food grain & agriculture, farming, selling & purchase of land, sugar cane, juicy foods, gems, gold, silver, coffer, transport, lotus, earth, medicine. Saturday : Entering into new house & city, trading with deceit & forgery, telling lies, dreadful deeds, insurgency, works related to obstruction, trading of arms & ammunition, poisoning, bereft of courtesy, usage of iron & steel, arm & armory, dead, servant, debased person, old persons, thief, buffalo, camel, birds, trapping of elephant, stable works, profession related to capturing, collection of houses, departure, broken utensils, glass, stones, learning secret Mantras from Guru (Deeksha), service. According to Sage Narad, Acharya Garga, Ramdeen, & host of other exponents it is opined that it is beneficial & augurs fortunate effects to initiate & conduct works related to iron on Saturdays. With this the learned readers may help remove doubts / superstition in certain parts of the country that purchase or sale of iron items, & doing works related to iron (steel) on Saturdays is inauspicious . Logic for selection of weekdays Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn in order are the rulers of the weekdays. Depending upon the inherent natures of the ruling planets, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are auspicious, benefic & good days; while Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday in general are malefic & cruel days. Tuesday & Saturday are maximum malefic, while Sunday is partially malefic. Auspicious & Manglik works are done on benefic days; while cruel, sinful (Paap Karamas), unethical works in general; & the specified works are done on Saturday, Tuesday & Sunday. Some benefic works also fructify on malefic days depending upon the nature of the work & special dictums regarding Muhurt (election). There is no very tight demarcation of the allocated works for the weekdays, and the day is selected based on the type of work, planet signifying the work, time of starting & host of other factors related to the weekday. The nature of Sunday is fixed / stationary; of Monday is movable; of Tuesday is cruel; of Wednesday is mixed / ordinary; of Thursday is small / short; of Friday is sweet; & of Saturday is sharp / horrible. When constellation (occupied by the Moon) & day lord are of same nature then, the combined efficacy increases many folds – like when asterisms of Rohini & 3 Uttras coincide on a Sunday; fixed / stationary types of works fructify. Thursday, Friday & Sunday are effective during the daytime; Monday, Tuesday & Saturday are effective during the night-time while Mercury is effective both during daytime & night-time. Malefic effect of Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday does not exist after mid-day. Some say that “Vaar Dosha” (evil effects of weekday) does not prevail during night (Acharya Chandeshwar). Colour of the work: Consistent with the colour of the ruling planet of the day, it is beneficial to conduct work with that colour on the weekday ruled by the planet .The Sun’s colour is red mixed with black or blood red; Moon’s - white; Mars’ - pale red; Mercury’s - grass green; Jupiter’s - yellow; Venus’s - swarthy (dark skin) & Saturn’s - black. Wearing of the clothes of the above stated colours during planets’ weekdays is beneficial to the user. Aspirant may also use colours ruled by the rulers of the weekdays. Some opine that, copper-red, white, ultra red, blue, ultra yellow, variegated (mixed, spotted) & black are the colours ruled by the planets from the Sun to Saturn. Like for election of white washing / painting of a house certain criteria have been laid down. Meeting those requirements, the colour of the white washing / painting if done in yellow on Thursday or in green shade on Wednesday, enhances the beneficence. Similar guidance is taken in respect of other usages of the colours. Saturday is not recommended to sow seeds, but is considered fruitful to sow seeds of black grains, more profitable if Saturn is in the rising sign. Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra & Yama are tutelary lords of the weekdays in the order. Each day has Adhi Devta (superior lords) also, which are Agni, Jal, Bhumi, Hari, Indra, Indrani & Brahma. Desired results are obtained by worshipping (Smaran) tutelary lords & Adhi Devatas on their weekdays. Based on the nature & signification of the weekday, day lord, tutelary lord and other electional considerations following works (& works related to the mentioned items) are recommended for conduction & initiation in different weekdays. It is said that on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday all types of works fructify; while on Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday only prescribed activities fructify. If on a Sunday the Sun is strong, it is extremely beneficial to see king & do works related to king (in the modern context – works related to administration & government is beneficial). If the Moon is strong on a Monday then all types of the works fructify. Similarly on Tuesday - war; Wednesday - education (study of Shaastras); Thursday - marriage; Friday - travel & on Saturday receiving initiatory Mantras of Yagya (a ceremony in which oblations are offered) are beneficial. According to the Brihat Jaatak (104/61-63) works allocated to the weekday come to fruition when conducted on the same weekday & when either of the following also coincides: a) day lord is in Upchaya (3,6,10,11) signs from radical Moon's sign. b) day lord is in the election ascendant. c) sign ruled by the day lord is rising, or d) day lord is in angle. Acharya Varahamihira has stressed that on non- compliance to the above, aspirant may not get any fruitful result; like as one does not get a drop of water even after going to the sea. Thus accordingly, if an aspirant wants to start education, he may choose the auspicious day as Thursday. Better if he selects Hora of Thursday, and the ruling planet of the day Jupiter is in the rising sign. To further fortify the election, he may select Sagittarius or Pisces as the rising sign; and if either of these signs are 3, 6, 10 or 11th sign from his radical ascendant or from the natal Moon sign; the election shall be extremely fortified. To find such highly beneficial election one may have to wait for a long time. The day when the Moon is weak, or Mars or Saturn is retrograde, is not auspicious. But if such a day lord is in 11th in the election chart, then the said Dosha does not prevail, & benefic results are felt. A day is inauspicious, when the day lord is set or afflicted (Brihat Daivygya Ranjan). That day whose lord is retrograde, causes destruction in many ways if used in election of travel. Acharya Shripati says that if the day-lord is in Upchaya (3,6,10,11) houses from the election ascendant, the work fructifies. And if it is not in the said Upchaya houses then, it does not fructify even after efforts (Brihat Daivygya Ranjan). … V K Shridhar ===================== The above is extracts from “Hindu Electional Astrology” – a compendium on Vedic Muhurtas.
  2. Here is a new thread for those who are genuine seeker of Muhurt. Muhurt or Muhurtha is selected for auspicious & important life activities which are generally once performed in life-time. As per the dictums om Muhurt treatises, all the life activities are covered in Muhurt. Aspirants are requested to selectively use this free service. Aspirants should give his or her date of birth, time of birth & place of birth. Also; DST, latitude & longitude may also be given to assist in making correct birth chart(s). Other necessary inputs are also welcome. The activity to be performed and the expected time limit within which the said activity is expected to be performed must also be given. I shall make an sincere effort to assist the aspirants. V K Shridhar ………………………… Author of “Hindu Electional Astrology” – a compendium on Muhurtas (elections). For details may log on to http://www.bestime-election.com
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