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  1. Im with you sir melvin on this.What is the need to deny the greatness of christ.
  2. MAdhwacharya was a vaishnav and they do vedic yajnas etc,SO do you beleive that to be vedik.
  3. No its not like that.Just go through some peoples posts over here in this forum youll know why.Anyway dont you know that kundalini can be raised with siddha drugs also.SO it does ito necessarily mean it is same as realisation. Hare krishna's dont teach hinduismm.Srila bhaktivedanta had explained it taht he was not preaching hinduism.Do you want me to quote him.
  4. which shatra? Laxmi sarswati is prayed to but not one place it mentions that demigods serves her feet.Except the devi bhagwat one sotry which you agreed it is false. You still dont get it.What will raisng kundalini help you if there is no realisation and you forcefully rise the kundalini . Raisng kundalini doesnt mean realisation. Ordinary bhakti raises kundalini, does it? Bhakti is ordinary.See your physche. This is why i said that iskcon classes went out off your ears. That is why i said bhakti to a demigod and to krishna is different. Again.You dont want to beleive then youre wish. I can see youre avoiding this argument as always. What you beleive may not be right. Vaman marg is an essential part of tantrism. Why dont you ask the tantrics. I dont know.How did you decide then that iskcon philosophies are inferior to ramakrishna or something like that. How did you explain all those things to me in our discussions. How did you in your way intepret and teach me how to Accept mahaprabhus philosophy And call it situational.
  5. HUman sacrifice happened.?.Whos the translator of the verses. I read that madhwacharya criticised and didnt accept the ashwamedha yagya process shown in the veda.Does the ramayan mention the horrid nature of rams ashwamedha yagya.
  6. Quote: The Tamil Saiva saint Meykandar formulated a dualistic school of Saiva Siddhanta in approx. 900 ce. Meykandar and the dualists content that the world and soul are eternal, were never created, and are inherently flawed. These views are completely counter to the monistic school Ok this means that soul and parmatma is considered differnt here. As for your other wiki sources i dont think anyone mentions shaiv being dualistic.Check again. Do you see waht is show you here?The word sadhna as in the hindi one started with gorakhnath.
  7. I dont know the meaning of lashing. I dont get what you mean. \
  8. How does mr melvin know sant is a kid. Even sant doesnt know that.
  9. OK tell one dvaita shaiva.
  10. You know how untruthful those things are.Remember i showed you some Verse and you admitted it was intepreted by the brahmins. As for kundalini jagran im sorry i know its a big thing but what i was talking about is people trying to raise their kundalini with such and such pranayam,with medicine without having any change in consciousness. As youve mentioned it is an automated proces(same as automatic i guess) but tantra calls for artificial methodes to raise it. In my opinion you raise your consciosnesss and not just the snake inside you otherwise youre just looking for some tantric powers by this jagran. Raising your consciousness happens with change of heart ,change of being otherwise as ive read posts here it is just increasing energy inside you.Artificial methods for raising kundalini or consciousness make no sense. As for bhakti tell me one shakt kundalini practitioner who does bhakti.You know it.People are just interested for the power or whatever thing this gives you. So you like such serials i didnt know that.Your taste reflects in spirituality also.have you been to the tantra mantra topic.You know how many people come there greived due to tantrics.Anyway my point is that it is famous for such things.Not to hurt your feelings.You can practice whatever you want. Again thats my point.Ypu always start comparing with iskcon or vaishnav gurus.You stop saying sahjiya vaihnavism is vaihnavism.IF you can actually prove it is vaishnavism then ill listen to you.Iv proved that vaaman marg is a part of tantra and an integral part.You call it corrupt form of tantra.And you compare with vaihnavism. But You cant call sahjiya vaishnavism corrupted because it is not vaishnavism.That is the point.All waht i said is to prove to you the status of tantra and vaishnavism. Now coming back. THe conditions ive mentioned are just a few of them.What made madhwacharya a jagad guru.Why dont you Think about that. And by expericnce i meant experience in sprituality and in realisation and in god.But you like often just Dont get what i try to tell you.
  11. After all those iskcon classes you ask why.Dont you know the value of serving the lords feet.Whose feet devi herself worships and whos name shankara chants you still ask the value of becoming his bhakt. You compare it with such things as kundalini jagran,mahavidya etc. So you remember.Anyway same thing since tantra is more known for that nowadays. Experience.Are you self realised.Have you read the vedas.Have you beaten 100s of scholars in debate.
  12. Sambyacharya i dont know what you mean by that but dont you know it takes some authority and gods grace to be able to understand waht vedas say.Everything if it was direct then what was the point of people having to do some work to intepret the vedas.You think you can understand vedas better than others.
  13. Identical doesnt make it equal.Even jivatam is considered a higher energy of lord and is the same as lord in quality.But he is not equal to the lord.
  14. I knew youll come up with that sad word sahajiya vasihnavism.Dont you have any other argument instead of this one. You should be ashamed of your self comparing vaishnavism to tantra. Where tantra(Artificial vedas wannabe) and where vaishnavism. Sambya if we remember then it was you yourself who said i dont know about tantra and now youre telling me.
  15. Sometimes??????????? You forgetting sex,drug,alchohol,fish Dont say this is corrupted tantra
  16. Im talking about the durga created to destroy the villian.She's different from spiritual durga. Katyani is one of shakti peeths a form of sattti...
  17. For advaitists bhakti is just a stage.
  18. But he was also an advaitist
  19. Katayani is durga? So the spiritual durga is different.
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