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  1. No wait you havent understood what im saying. ITs so basic.You only disagreed to it. DOnt you beleive that you decide things based on the information you have.
  2. You had said that definiton of knowledge is being argued upon. Heres one- knowledge is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information
  3. NArsingh read carefully biturbo is for biba and not biserka.He hasnt said about biserka.
  4. can you explain that more sambya
  5. Ok lets take it this way do you belive that people rot in hell eternally.
  6. What does primate agree on.What is you definiton of logic or knowledge primate.
  7. No this is confusing.What did you mean by eternal hell can you be clear sir.
  8. I was thinking you would say something like that. Ok now you tell the logic why this happens. Yes so it is both ways.isnt it. With Logic you can have some more knowledge and by knowledge you had applied that logic. Now the people who made the satellites beleived they could so its a matter of beleif that made them do it.
  9. here बिसर्का=bisarkaa http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/sanskrit/26889-english-names-into-hindi-script-10.html#post1150469
  10. yamraj is himself not eternal. Dont you know he was killed even before hell was destroyed by lord shiva. Im sorry i still dont get what you meant by waht you said.
  11. Interesting devi mahatmayan has been changed.
  12. egasmaratha wahen you say shiva is formless that means he doesnt have a form so ultimately you refer to brahm isnt it.
  13. Primate you may know more about definitions,But by knowledge i meant something you know.For example i have knowledge about the keyboard that by pressing enter the line will end and i will start from down. by logic mind i meant-for example 90 years ago if someone told you that if you could take photos of seas and desserts and many other things without going to these places then you would laugh because your mind would not accept that you can do this since you dont have any knowledge about satellites, a.k.a you have limited knowledge and your logic mind would disagree to this and say this is not possible.Of course acording to you this would be correct since youve applied logic.But now since people have knowledge about satellite photography they can achieve this task. I am not denying that through applying logic,you can learn new things or you can gain more knowledge. No just a simple thing that since your mind has limited knowledge you can not use logic and say that something cannot be thereor can be there.
  14. Wait melvin.Heaven itself gets destroyed at dissolution and even chritians beleive that heaven was created so how can you call it eternal. It does have an end doesnt it.
  15. So you believe in eternal hell.
  16. Now I wont agree on that.When you use a calculator your not sovling directly solving 2+2=4 but calculator is doing a lot of the work. The calcultor has the knowledge. If you want to solve something yourself then you must know the rules isnt it. Ill give you a maths problem.You know the rules. On the basis of these rules youll apply logic to solve it.And the answer is again knowledge as youve said as logic precedes knowledge. Yes or no.
  17. So you need to have knowledge about the rules. SO doesnt this makes maths knowledge. Here you yourself say tha you have to apply The rules of mathemathics ,so you already have the knowledge of the rules. Im aint saying that through logic you cannot get to know more knowledge by testing, experiments etc. Im just saying that just like in your maths problem your mind will solve and find the answer based on the knowledge it possess. Now you are going to apply some logic that krishna cannot be basis of brahman since brahman is etc. etc. but that is because you have limited knowlede about brahman. Though that is a different thing both are beyond mind and intelligence.. Just take another example. Bhoothnath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ANother example- Just take the mind of a five year old child.Now he is scared of going to dark room because he had heard some ghost story from his brother, so his mother just to remove his fear will say that there is no such things as ghost and there are only devtas.Now because he believes in his mother, in his mind he has decided that ghosts dont exist. And now even if he sees a ghost he will not beleive that it is a ghost but consider it a devta since his logic is that ghosts dont exist which come from the knowledge that his mother has given him.
  18. OK so he meant that not jesus is a myth but jesus being only savoir is a myth.
  19. Primate maybe i messed up in the earlier post.Im not saying that by logic you cant discover something.Ill give an example.Remember when In school youve had heard about the formula of bodmas. Now if you were in second grade and you would have been given- 6 × (5 + 3) You might calculate it by 6 × (5 + 3) =30 + 3= 33 but right answer will be 6 × (5 + 3) =6 × 8= 48 Now earlier when you were in al lower grade and had not learnt bodmas you answered by applying your own logic based on what you had learnt and what knowlegde you have.By your logic it seems correct since youve learnt only how to add subtract and the importance of order is not known to you.But only after learning more about bodmas then only you can find the correct answer. So this proves that logic is based on what you already know. I do remember a line that a scientist had said- that if god can exist without a cause even then the universe can exist without a cause. By logic he is correct. BUt what will happen if you decide to beleive in no god with that logic. Some things are beyond logic. Take another one- The omnipotence paradox suggests that the concept of an omnipotent entity is logically contradictory, from considering a question like: "Can God create a rock so big that he cannot lift it?" or "If God is all powerful, could God create a being more powerful than himself. Courtesy www.mathsisfun.com/operation-order-bodmas.html - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existence_of_God JAI RAM
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