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  1. Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Ādi 3.67 āńgopāńga astra kare sva-kārya-sādhana 'ańga'-śabdera artha āra śuna diyā mana SYNONYMS āńga-upāńga — plenary parts and associates; astra — weapons; kare — do; sva-kārya — of their own business; sādhana — as the accomplishment; ańga-śabdera — of the word ańga; artha — the meaning; āra — another; śuna — please hear; diyā — giving; mana — the mind. TRANSLATION His plenary parts and associates perform the work of weapons as their own specific duties. Please hear from me another meaning of the word "ańga." See the word here.
  2. Ok there was a change of topic but qouting from bhagwat is no attack.Shiv purana is tamsic and it is recognised as vayu purana as kaiserose says. If you ever read the shiv purana youl realise why ranjeetmore said it though i do think that was not that should have been answer to the poster question. ANd dear bhaktjan's answers are relating to jaswants question. And by the way i said hare krishna meaning an isckonite which ranjeetmore isnt nor i am i. I do get your point but such things do happen but rarely.
  3. Did you find the word in your verification.
  4. can anyone tell me the word sadhana as written in sanskrit with proper pronounciation and show me is it same as the word in sadhana panchakam. Can any one tell the meaning of panchakam and its pronunciation.
  5. Certainly this is not a hindu site either. The website always says it.No barriers for religion.
  6. Certainly not no hare krishan has attacked this thread.Tell me one place where he has. It is actually the others.
  7. Again you started off with your nonsense.Shri ganpatis pooja is done in ritualistic poojas as a ritual and by not considering him as equal to krishna.You certainly talk of vedas but dont have much knowledge about them.
  8. Ha ha ha ulta chor kotwal ko daante
  9. certainly you yourself are confused when i say vedic knowledge. What do you mean by vedik knowledge? What i meant was the vedik rituals,yajnas etc.Which are to be performed.Now tell me did madhwa actualy perform or promote this.And When you talk about puraans srimad bhagwatam not everybody will consider it vedik knowledge. Ofcourse they do because it is mahprabhus philososphy.You speak of ramanuja and madhwa but where their philosophies same and so is it that one of them didnt know vedas.You dont know anything about your own philosophy and you talk about others. This is the biggest joke ive heard from you.Certainly irony is your favourite emotion.Its like a thief telling teaching and ordering me not to rob others.
  10. Of course sambya but this will only be clear by whaT your definiton of kc is. You say one has to be adhikari but how does one become an adhikari,the lords grace falls upon whom only he becomes krishna consciousness.Its not a technique, or is it?Krishna prem is very rare and it is given to the rarest of rarest by the grace of god.By your way you mean to say that krishna prema is some diksha or something.A non adhikari cannot get krishna consciouness aka love yoga state with krishna.Hes only going to get when hes adhikari.
  11. First of all vedic knowledge and i hope you mean the mantra chanting,no one is such an adhikari in this age leaving a few.That is why gautam buddha came on this earth ,this was also one of his reasons.Vedic mantra chanting was opposed and there is a reason why such things dont work now in that amount because the adhikaris are less and the enviroment is such. As for your story, You yourself have said in this he performesd austerities. So your mentioning this moral below, though true does not fit here. go and get some suitable stories and morals which you yourself follow.Tell me do you have vedik knowledge.are you a brahman.Certainly your two sided aims dont show youre one.In kali yuga it is said that brahmans are also like shudras.
  12. Lord krishna is for everybody even the chandal can be krishna consciosness,but such a person who is krishna consciousness is truly rare.
  13. Nice experience. thank you for sharing. your Devotion to rudraksh is good.
  14. The avtara issue is a very subtle thing.even not all buddhists see buddha as god.buddha is a saktyvesha avtar or not i cant say but i think he is vishnu but still he himself also never declared such a thing and there must be something that srila prabhupada meant when he said buddha is shaktya vesha avtar.anyway he is an important avtar.Even krishna is considered as an avtara of vishnu in the dasavtaar so why are you not arguing on that sambya.In that case even krishna is a avtar of vishnu.So such things are difficult to know.So i unlike you dont jump without thinking and start defaming his divine grace. Besides -However, it is also likely that the buddha referenced in the Puranas is another buddha, different from the Buddha.As stated in the Lankavatara sutra, the demon Jina's son was also a buddha and was prayed to by the demon Ravana, the king of Lanka, whose death at the hands of Rama predated the birth of the Buddha. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha_as_an_Avatar_of_Vishnu
  15. Sambya you want scriptural basis so is shri jaydev also scripture according to you if yes then why not prabhupada by your logic.
  16. Text 18 The Smrti-shästra explains that the pürna incarnations are 1. Nrsimha, 2. Räma, 3. Lord Hari, the ruler of Shvetadvépa, 4. Vaikuntha, 5. Yajna, and 6. Nara-Näräyana. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaktyavesha_Avatar
  17. The following description of the various types of avatars is given in the ancient Garga Samhita. Text 16 Sri Närada said: In the Smrti-çästra the great sages who have Vyäsa as their leader explain that the Lord descends in six kinds of forms: 1. amsamsa (a part of a part), 2. amsa (a part), 3. ävesha (entrance into a jiva), 4. kalä (a full part), 5. pürna (full), and 6. paripürnatama (most full). It is stated in the Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Madhya 20.246 guṇāvatāra, āra manvantarāvatāra yugāvatāra, āra śaktyāveśāvatāra "There are incarnations that control the material qualities [guṇa-avatāras], incarnations who appear during the reign of each Manu [manvantara-avatāras], incarnations in different millenniums [yuga-avatāras] and incarnations of empowered living entities [śaktyāveśa-avatāras]."
  18. Why do you keep an ignore list? Do you think of yourself as some kind of alien that you keep on ignoring human beings.
  19. Personal experience and approval of great saints should be an authority.
  20. One should do one should do but why should one do can you tell that. Why should one only love his family or neighbours why not everybody.You are only loving them out of moh, attachment.Everybody loves his family, society is that enough.Dont you think this love is little selfish.And if god is our father like you said then everybody should be our family. And why should we not do anything for god.He is our father according to you so shouldnt we serve our father.
  21. Kaiserose for you advait is an easy way to say that there is no god and still not be called a fool, atheist.
  22. Ha ha ha.you made me laugh. You can slyly change the topic. Anyway tell me more of this new philosophy.
  23. Stop your excuses my post is quite clear.I used punctuation marks also.
  24. Why not. Ofcourse it is. Which one.And i thought chauvinastic means being against women /to think of them as lower. Again where?tell me one place.
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