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  1. Dear Payal, I am a little uneasy with Gomedh. It may be good for you.
  2. also if venus is upset and mars isnt strong, the native becomes inassertive even with a good mercury - again, depending upon aspects
  3. In my opinion, we need to assimilate the basic facts and reach a conclusion based upon what each sign and planet contributes to a personality. In Ayush's case, he is so distinctly a Mars native, you can almost feel his robust and commanding personality. Even a non-combust Mercury gets affected with Ketu sits in the 2nd house of speech. Rahu conjunct any planet exaggerates those qualities. There's a lot really!
  4. Dear Payal Rahu is in Shani's nakshatra, Rahu is also sub-lord of your lagna. Rahu is aspecting your lagna - and trines. It should give some very good results. I believe you get along well with most people yet you feel you are different and secluded. Also, you'd do better with management-related tasks. Do you feel working as a s/w person in an MNC is really what you should be doing? Saturn is inauspicious for scorpio lagna and caused breaks in romantic and educational pursuits in your case. I am very sure you will be going abroad. You need to get pujas performed at Kalahasti for sarp dosha. That is causing and will cause major problems in the future. The problems would be related to your 4th house issues such as vehicles, mother's health, higher education, mental happiness, etc. Best Wishes Deepa
  5. Dear Payal, I have taken Patna as 85 E 15 and 25 N 35 - pls verify if the lat+long details are correct. How was the time period between Oct 2002 and June 2004? Must have been troublesome. I see more troubles beginning Aug 2009. You have a partial kala sarp yog in your chart. The gems you are wearing are fine. Do not remove them. Have you been travelling a lot? Best Wishes Deepa
  6. Dear Bhaaskaranji, ascendant is scorpio. kindly verify. The whole chart changes accordingly. Best Wishes Deepa
  7. Yes the shop gentleman is right about the size. Go ahead with 3.25 carat
  8. Hey friends, lets all thank JAY JI (HINDUSTANI) for this email he sent to me. JAY JI IF YOU ARE READING THIS.. we're all awaiting more great posts such as this!
  9. Dear Aparna, Please email me! I wanted to trace your post and come back to your query. Best Wishes Deepa
  10. A dear friend sent me this email. I thought I might as well share it! There has never been seen a perfect picture of RAHU like this before. Watch the picture carefully. Each and every thing from top to bottom has a story. Starting from the Throne, the throne has skeleton head as RAHU has control on sudden death, there are snakes, as RAHU is the god of snake, there are two thorns on head as RAHU is a demon and demons have the similar thorns. You can see the three lines on the fore-head, as RAHU worships LORD SHIVA. Anger on face, as the nature of RAHU is furious. Lots of ornaments worn, Rahu likes it. Sword in the right hand, like the demons have. Trident in the left hand, as Rahu also worships MATAJI. Colour of skin is violet, as RAHU has control over poison. Lower part of the body is of snake, as it has a story behind it. Sitted on a lion, as RAHU`s nature is the same as lion`s nature, lazy , slow buts attacks suddenly. Any thing related to SUDDEN is due to RAHU. This picture has been prepared by the imagination of Mr ATUL JETHALAL KAKKA (MUMBAI INDIA) by going through lots of books and literature from the year 2002. The picture is painted by Mr GODKAR, an artist in MUMBAI. go here to see the painting of Lord Rahu www.rahu.wetpaint.com
  11. Great money in the chart! And with 10th lord aspecting own house and conjunct 7th lord, chances are of marriage with someone sub-ordinate at work place. The girl is going through shani saadesati. She does not seem too talkative or may be she lacks good comm. skills. May 2009 her moon mahadasha - 12th lord dasha - comes to an end and she will begin with mars MD - mars is darakaraka, yogakaraka and vargottama. It is lord of 4th house also. This period will se her getting married. Prayers to shani devta are a must!
  12. Respected Surentharp ji, I greatly appreciate your further input as it will help me learn even more and most importantly, it will also help the native understand his course of destiny further. The native faces problems of instability in career (10th house) + problems from mother-in-law (10th house- since 10th is 4th from 7th) + sister-in-law (9th house - since 9th is 3rd from 7th) Exalted Jupiter is lord of 9th house and throws its strong benefic aspect upon the 10th. In transits, Jupiter is on 9th house. Rahu in transits is on 10th house of the native. In Rasi it aspects all trines. Yet, in the given situation Jupiter should be able to clearly provide strength. What is causing the native to face problems? Actually, even if we apply birth time rectification, Jupiter becomes the exalted lagna lord in 5th!!! Exchange between moon and jupiter becomes an even more potent and auspicious exchange between 1st and 5th houses! Saturn moves to MKS - but thats again not a problem because saturn isnt auspicious for meena lagna. Venus also moves to MKS - but then again thats a good sign because venus is lord of 8th in 6th causing neech-bhanga rajayog and also vipareet rajayog. Here - the noteworthy aspect is that lagna becomes vargottama and by applying Sataabdika dasa, the native is then in saturn MD Jupiter AD. What then, is causing the native to face problems?
  13. Dear bobby, venus is not a benefic in your chart. its in fiery leo, which is again not a comfortable situation. The saving grace is that venus is in 5th house and its also vargottama. The best you can expect though, is vahana ka sukh! Jupiter is 9th lord exalted but tends to spoil the 4th house signifactions. 10th lord saturn in 12th causes career instability and also constantly puts mental tensions - being with moon. most importantly though, how sure are u of birth time - because yr lagna changes 11 minutes earlier!!!
  14. bobby, this is interesting! Start another thread and post your date, time and place of birth with the dasha query
  15. Dear aparna, your daughter has a very strong chart! She is likely to remain underweight but active and healthy through life. However, you may get a mahamrityunjaya yagya done for her as it will further protect and bless her. My blessings for the baby. Best Wishes Deepa
  16. Dear Ankita, I must reassure you of astro_techji's correct advise and especially remedies. Pls do them with great faith and for your peace. Its really a relief to see things will be improving. Be Blessed Deepa
  17. hey ppena/pablo, great to see you again. whats your email-id? I was wondering where you have been! Best Wishes Deepa
  18. Dear Mr. Shridhar, I completely disagree with you. I have seen great ill effects of KSY in many many charts. Although, I do agree there are some quacks attempting to earn money out of it.
  19. Lagna is in Moon's nakshatra. Moon is in Mars' nakshatra Saturn is 8th from Moon. Saturn aspects and afflicts Mars. In transits, Saturn aspects moon and is in kantaka. The saving grace is - 1. Mars-in-kendra-with-moon and aspecting it 2. moon in taurus 3. Saturn in natal does not aspect moon. The maximum potency of saturn is NOW while in leo. Remedies such as mahamrityunjaya japa, wearing a 14-mukhi rudraksha after prayers to lord shiva could sail her through. I do not think complete madness should be deduced. May be I am emotionally against this happening though! Financially, till shani sub-sub period ends, its a tough situation. God bless this girl!
  20. yes i do witness this happening - though "everything" is a very big word really. Rahu and chandra, Rahu and Mangal in any case are not compatible signs at all. You need to find the association and aspects to figure out the extent and areas of damage. Rahu beej mantra japa, 8 mukhi rudraksha, and a visit to kalahasti temple are among the most commonly acknowledged remedies. Best Wishes Deepa
  21. Respected Umaji, Ashtakavarga of saturn in leo is a miserable one - improves to an unacceptable 2 in virgo and shows remarkable improvement in libra - where sat also exalts. unfortunately, it seems for real victory over current situation, one needs to wait patiently. But this also means, slowly, things will look up. Sat and Mars are related in the chart through navamsa and also because mars is in saturn/rahu's house in rasi. Wearing neelam will not affect significations of dashmesh mars due to this and also because mars is far apart in degrees than where saturn would effectively impact. However saturn will strongly crush venus and mercury - if blue saphire is worn. Venus is lagnesh and forms a relationship with both jupiter and mercury - through navamsa and nakshatra lordships. except transit into scorpio, venus is in great relationship with most other planets - venus and jupiter have highest vimsopaka bala in the rasi. Having said that, I am of the opinion that blue saphire could best be avoided until saturn reaches libra - at which time some great relief could be experienced. I would vote strongly for a yellow pukhraj which could powerfully bring down saturn's natal potency. Very strategically, jupiter also aspects 4th house of healthy mind where saturn currently transits and casts doom upon 6th, 10th houses as well as the lagna. The kantaka shani period in any case should not be the time one could wear saphire. Regards Deepa
  22. Bhaaskaranji, In many recent posts you chose to look down upon technical sounding astro-analyses. What brings you back to it? In fact I thought you have elevated to well meant spiritual healing because in meenakshikamadenu's last post you said change of lagna makes no difference to the chart. Regards Deepa
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