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  1. dear meenakshi, it seems your husband was born on the day saturn moved from leo to virgo. Good for him! Jupiter in lagna is a great great placement! For Rahu, he must do appropriate remedies. The problems of money do not show in this corrected chart - there are good dhana yogas here. yet, he is advised to read aditya hrudyam stotra and get a Rahu Shanti done. Since lagna is in Magha, Ketu will not harm your married life. He has no denial of children in his chart Best Wishes Deepa
  2. Dear VK Shridhar and Respected surentharp ji, I am as much of a learner as you are. I have taken PVR Narsimha Rao's tutorials and have read Sarajit Poddar, Varahamihira and Visti Larsen of the Pt Sanjay Rath followings. Mr. Shridhar, may be I am the one who has read modern author and not the original treatise as you mention. There is absolutely no ambiguity with the distribution of KSY into the 12 types - although while applying it to horoscopes, I find the effects largely vary. I am still clueless about whether remedies for KSY have been showing effects or not. It is extremely disheartening to see some people suffering on the same account. Best Wishes Deepa
  3. Dear Meenakshi, How sure are you of your EXACT birth time? Your horoscope changes with a difference of 7.5 minutes! In your husband's chart Saturn and Rahu in lagna are causing a situation which does not give progeny. Since you seek jyotish help, I would like you to get 1,27,000 mantra japa of Shani Mantra done by some local shani mandir pundits, preferably at home and in the presence of your husband. Its even better if he can get a navgaraha homam done as some planets are causing problems to his reputation and financial status as well - especially in the year 2009-2010. Alongside, sanatana gopala homam is a very blessed puja performed for aiding in conceiving. There is no such thing as - leaving it to God. You have to sensibly and intelligently make all efforts possible. Best Wishes Deepa
  4. there are 2 dharmapuri details with me - could you pls let us know the latitude and longitude of the one where the 2 of you were born?
  5. rajat, your chart shows a promising career. Its an excellent chart - you could look forward to great wealth too! You will manage to remain well, though there is lack of happiness from home front, especially father. You seem to be a non-conformist. You have multiple raja yogas and at least 2 vipareet raja yogas! All the best!!
  6. Dear anusha, I have taken a very long time with the girl's chart. I have come to the conclusion that this girl could be non-assertive. Yet, she actually has a very good chart! Makara Lagna - Dhanishta nakshatra (of lagna not moon) - yogakaraka venus is beautifully placed in the lagna which assures lot of wealth, lot of support and gain from mother, ample romance and luxuries, great education. With sun + mercury together she is intelligent. Lagna lord saturn is in 7th aspecting the lagna. This chart has very good placements. The problems are - 1. marriage house lord moon is in debilitation - but it is also conjunct Mars in own sign. This does conventionally indicate an unhappy marriage to widow, it could also hint at 2 marriages - may be with some relative in the family as well. 2. Jup+Ketu combination in 4th house of home, mother's health, etc. This ruins happiness from home front 3. Saturn in transit is on the 8th house from lagna - this is inauspicious for her and causes all sorts of delays. Again, ketu is on 7th house of marriage. Its clearly indicated in both charts, especially the girl's that they will settle abroad, go in for a love marriage. They are more attached to or get more from mother. Alternately, either father's is unable to support, or they are distant from him. From 18th august 2008 till 23 dec 2008, the girl has ketu dasha - sun antardasha - she seems destined for sudden changes in life. she is in a problematic dasha of ketu currently. ketu would seperate her from house, sun being darakaraka could mean that she finds a suitable partner through foreign connections or settled abroad. It indicates she might go away from father. While this could be a great time for marriage to happen, kindly ensure potent remedies for her so that she is able to control some frustrating times ahead. The 20 years of venus dasha which will only begin in 2014 will see her in the lap of excessive luxury! Best Wishes Deepa
  7. i'll get back on the girl's chart. i do not consider the aspect of getting married to a widow or to a lady who has been wedded before. In modern day context, this becomes irrelevant because you find immature teenagers falling in love. Lets not get into that really. One of the most important aspect of astrology is to bring it to the present day context. Best Wishes Deepa
  8. I am copying my last post again pinkyji- Pinky ji, there are probabilities that some job could come in during these 6 months. But chances are better after these six months. Ultimately, I see this as a long passing phase. However, its very important that he should occupy himself and hone his skills I wish you luck Best Wishes Deepa you may pray vighnaharta lord ganesha too.
  9. Dear Anusha, In the boy's chart, lagna is very weak. Yogkaraka venus is in exchange with lagna lord. This is an exchange between 2 benefics between 2 very auspicious houses the first and the fifth. Its a good exchange. This might have given the boy a good personality, good education and I dont think employment could be a problem. Sun, the lord of 8th in 12th is well placed. It might actually help him settle abroad. The problem is with 7th lord moon in 6th house and also Ketu occupying the 7th lord. Ketu is of a seperative nature. Its occupying moon's house. Ketu and moon are strong enemies. In transits Ketu is currently exactly on the boy's house of marriage. The marriage house lord moon is also not strong at all. As sasisekaran ji has mentioned, 6th house as well as moon is under great stress. 7th house naisargik ruler venus in lagna is a great position, but Ketu occupying this house and aspecting venus is again troublesome. Remedies for ketu, venus and moon have to be done. While we need to pacifiy Ketu, we need to really strengthen venus and also moon which is causing a lot of depression/ tension to the boy. For ketu, he may worship ganesh ji regularly. He could also wear a 9-mukhi rudraksha once he gets an abhishek done in shiva temple. For moon, he must must must wear a pearl in silver in her right hand little finger. For Venus, he should wear a diamond in his right hand middle finger. Alternately, he could do kanyadaan of a poor girl. I think with this, there is a strong possibility that he will get married in mid 2009. Its very nice of you to help out old people and give them hopes and prayers to do. Best Wishes Deepa
  10. there's no need to email me your horoscope.. just let me know your date, time and place of birth. also mention some important events in your life with dates. have you done any remedies as yet? my email -id is deepa.bhandari@gmail.com or you may post here itself
  11. thanks a ton! i adore compliments!!! BIG HUG TO YOU TOO! LOLZ...
  12. Yes of course! get into teaching, or trading! You could really succeed
  13. Make him wear an emerald and a diamond both in silver and ask him to read hanuman chalisa every day. Things will get much better. And yes, he will actually earn lot of wealth but it seems, very late in life.
  14. dear ips, for your married life you need to donate gold/ yellow clothes to the priests in a temple, preferably shirdi sai or ma durga. Performing abhishek in these temples is also a very good ritual. since yogakaraka shani is in exaltation, with lagna lord venus in 4th (making you a good boy ) aspecting the 10th house of career, you need not worry much. Pray to Lord Ganesha every morning to pacify ketu in 8th house aspecting venus. Try to get married before ketu antardasha starts in june 2009. Best Wishes Deepa
  15. i wrote a whole analyses for the son's chart - but then how can the year of birth be 1992..can you pls confirm?
  16. I think sasisekaran ji should oblige in this case. He can really get to the curses running through a family and give great remedies.
  17. i have not done guna milap and manglik vichar - you may get it done locally from your place.
  18. I think you should not let her go. Shift your attitude towards her. Your horoscope shows an unfulfilled married life - there is very little contentment. That will be the case with anybody else in your case. However, this lady will take your life sky-high - in terms of luck, children and wealth.
  19. could you tell us how ketu dasha was in his case? could you describe in detail?
  20. Dear ppena and astroseeker, I know USR ji as much as everybody else on the forum. This may have been a lapse for once. he is generally excellent in his field. I have been reverting to him for my own personal issues as well. I dont think there could be a further justification of what I intend. Also, dear pablo, he is generally very humourous in his reply. Anyhow, i guess all of us here are well-meaning, disciplined people with no offence meant to anyone whatsoever. Lets just start afresh. USR ji, I hope you are reading this. You arent going anywhere! Pls... Regards Deepa
  21. post the birth details. such a situation might occur in a thousand charts. The effects might vary significantly.
  22. no come back to evenings only. Increase faith, generate well-being, do good karma - that will increase the potency of remedies. Not the number of hours.. I must have missed on this.. Best Wishes Deepa
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