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  1. Sure Cheetra, no issues at all. That is the reason my email-id is up there. Best Wishes Deepa
  2. Dear Saranya, Acceptance and acknowledgement of divine powers and submission to His supremacy must not be interefered by personal ego. The difference between dignity and arrogance must be maintained. When there are major issues in interpersonal relationships, it important to let-go of self. The lesson Shani wishes to give you in this birth is to shed all arrogance and learn to live and share. Shani does justice but in a very hard way. Conception is assured, children too. You are advised to delay your hormonal injections etc for 3.5 more years as they may physically drain you and cause more harm than good. During this time period, it will be challenging to save your marriage. Life long worship to Lord Shani is highly important. Best Wishes Deepa
  3. Dear Cheetra Multiple personality, strong and stubborn temperament, excessive desire, uncommon way of thinking, lack of basic intelligence (though there is maturity in bigger decisions) are things you need to work upon. Jupiter, Moon, parivartana between lagna lord and 4th lord are good aspects in the chart. Also, many grahas get refined in navamsa. This assures a great life after Rahu Mahadasha gets over, but there is still a lot of time for that. Your remedies would include donating green clothes to eunuchs on wednesdays and obtaining their blessings. For saturn, you could light sesame oil lamps in hanuman mandir on tue and sat. Serve old people on Saturday evenings and maintain discipline in life (well, i guess you are quite disciplined anyways) For Rahu, wear an 8-mukhi rudraksha in a red thread round your neck after proper worship as suggested by a shiva temple pundit. To enhance the good aspects in your chart, please wear a pukhraj on your right hand index finger on a thursday during waxing moon. Also wear a red coral in gold in your right hand ring finger. Indeed, the immediate time ahead is not so good. However, life's going to be awesome after that. Best Wishes Deepa
  4. saturn would cause delays generally wherever it aspects. so look at the house and the role of venus. personally i have always recommended stones which are not o marakas and which are benefics for the chart. SO definitely not red coral. And again, blue saphire is a must for at least 3 years. In case you still dwindle - go in for charities/ mantra/ etc for your remedies. In that case, hanuman chalisa is very good. Or sunderkand ka paath.
  5. Do not wear red coral. sun is excellent in the chart - in exaltation, in a trine to its house. But Rahu's aspect afflicts the sun. with a difference of less than ten degrees, its a strong aspect which might cause marital issues. Vimsopak bal of akarak mars exceeds that of yogkarak saturn. Thats malefic. Yogkaraka saturn causes institutional benefits, gains from elderly, constantly instigates you to work. Retro Saturn is close to retro jupiter. though not a benefic for you, yet, jup is retro towards exaltation so it makes saturn better. the sambandha is close because even in navamsa chart saturn is in a jup sign and aspecting it. I stick to the stand of your wearing neelam. saturn in virgo--- ashtakvarga!
  6. Rajeev ji, Well said! Yet, affliction to guru must be noted. Its rebellion. There are other combinations for non-conventionality. Rahu is materialistic, greedy. Its intent cannot be toned down. Regards Deepa
  7. Dear Satyajit, Wearing blue saphire is not only good, its very important in your case. Mental stability is a problem because your have a debilitated mercury which is aspecting its own 12th house of losses, interest in occult, surgery, etc. Not only that, as lord of a trine, mercury in 6th could indicate loss of support from father and bad luck, problems with journeys and loss from shares/trading etc. When Saturn will move into Virgo, it becomes completely dead in your chart by relationships with other planets. It will cause loss, break in romance/education etc. Sun and Mars are in exchange. Its not a good exchange. You need to pray or do charity for Mars. Wearing red coral will make mars stronger. You must read hanuman chalisa, at least 3 times everyday. Too many planets in leo make you look for kingly status in life. Mars will give you bank balance and good family life but Jupiter also ignites your wishes manifold. Moon is at a sensitive spot and therefore, "Om Namah Shivay" must tag along with you through your life. Best Wishes Deepa
  8. Hi All! Rahu afflicts guru and therefore it tends to mar the natural significations that jupiter holds in a chart. In most cases, if the trines are not strong, this yog affects married life, or hints towards a rebellious spouse. The worst place for this yog, in my opinion, are the dusthanas where one can say with conviction that the native becomes offensive to religion. However, at best, guru+rahu conjunction may reflect an unorthodox approach to religion. Simply because, rahu rebels and guru stands for conservative religion and wisdom. Regards Deepa
  9. Dear Raman ji, I have mentioned partly earlier. My method has the following priority- house placement, conjunction, sign, placement and strength of dispositor, nakshatra, natural relationship with lagna nakshatra lord, relation with dasha lord, aspects, etc. Even so, the priority varies with some lagnas because rahu acts like shani and for lets say a cancer ascendant, even rahu in good bhava will not give auspicious results.
  10. Venus-ketu bhukti along with janma shani calls for remedial aspects. Yet, no, the way i analyse, there does not seem to be any life thratening issues. 9th lord is very strong. And Ketu is in lagna but is also the lagna nakshatra lord. Krishnamoorthy Paddati system would guarantee cancellation of any such malefic issues. Though health issues are not ruled out.
  11. Dear coolgimmy, This is very interesting indeed. Here are my inputs- At the first glance, one gets surprised to find the chart of balarishta with an exalted lagna lord Saturn. However, saturn's dispositor venus is in 12th house - causing a malefic parivartana between 9th and 12th - indicating loss of bhagya and lagnesh into vyaya. The first conditions for alpaayu. If you look at the navamsa chart, sat and venus form a strong association and are placed in mercury sign. Mercury is 8th lord in rasi, retrograde, and exactly at the same degrees as the lagna. Not only that, Mercury is at highest shadabala of 516. Second highest is the shadbala of Sun (maraka for the rasi chart) Mars, param akaraka for saturnine charts, spoils lagna and as webyogi points out - it aspects the 8th. Further Rahu sits on a Venus sign and aspects the 8th house of mercury forming a sambandha. On the day he died, the dasha bhukti is Sat-Rahu-Mer! The transit chart on 9th May 1996 shows Venus in a Mercury sign, Mercury in a Venus sign, Saturn eclipsed with Ketu (-karaka for danger from animals) and Rahu in mercury sign too! Having said that, I must mention this is a great example of a kind of chart where hundreds of astrologers would have failed to predict correctly. This definitely includes me too. Best WIshes Deepa
  12. Respected Sandhu ji, We are all at different points in our journey to learn. I believe one life is not enough for this. Yet, your painstaking efforts in sharing and positively/constructively discussing issues is a marvellous effort and its truly laudable. Great regards for you for the same. Deepa
  13. Here are some parts from an e-book I have on jyotish lessons- Rahu and Ketu in Rashis The Rashis show the emotional and psychological forces that compel us to act. The Rashi placement of Rahu will show the psychological temperament we are developing in this lifetime. It shows emotional energy that creates stress in our life. The Rashi of Ketu shows the temperament we have recently developed and where we have skill. It shows where we are critical of others and ourselves. Rahu in Aries / Ketu in Libra - Ketu in Libra shows they have developed a measured and thoughtful approach to decision making, one which carefully considers all consequences and the price to pay. Skill and diplomacy with others is also highly developed. Rahu in Aries shows the native must develop the ability to act on impulse and follow their instincts. This will make them act first and think later as well as be more self interested or self inspired. Rahu in Taurus / Ketu in Scorpio - Ketu in Scorpio shows a native who has experienced the intense, probing nature of the mind, one which is painfully aware of death / rebirth, life�s ups and downs and endings. They have established a certain amount of Peace with that difficult side of life. Rahu in Taurus shows they are learning to develop more consistent emotional patterns, rather than the emotions being pulled to their most turbulent extreme. These increased stability allows for deeper, more long lasting and valuable emotional connections. Given the turmoil possible with the Nodes, they are exalted when in this placement. Rahu in Gemini / Ketu in Sagittarius - Ketu in Sagittarius shows a native who has established a hopeful, idealistic and innately spiritual mindset in their recent lives. Faith in God and a higher purpose are areas of life, which they are well acquainted. Rahu in Gemini will bring forth a curious, multifarious approach that compels the native to test their beliefs not just accept them blindly. This placement will make one Spiritual in a cosmic sense, not just religious in an orthodox sense. The Nodes are also very well placed in this position, as Rahu is able to develop through the psychological quality of Gemini. Rahu in Cancer / Ketu in Capricorn - Ketu in Capricorn will show a native who is skilled in controlling the many external factors in life. Psychological strength was buttressed by a powerful career, bank account, worldly achievement, etc. Rahu in Cancer shows inner emotional strength is being developed in this lifetime. Learning to understand and develop control over our emotional turmoil is the lesson here. This is one the most difficult placements for the Nodes as we feel the need to developed the very area of life where we are the most insecure. Rahu and Ketu in Bhavas The Bhava where Rahu and Ketu resides show external areas of life that we are trying to develop or that we have recently developed. Rahu shows the areas of life that we want to experience, want to achieve. It shows our material attachments. Ketu shows where we would like to withdrawal, what we have already experienced and thus tend to neglect and where we will have detachment. Rahu feels Rahu in the 1st house / Ketu in the 7th house - Ketu in the 7th shows that in recent past lives there was an over reliance on partners and others in general, when defining the sense of Self. This will make for a native who is very critical of partners and partnerships. In this life the Self as and individual is being developed. Thus the native with Rahu in the 1st will see all of life�s situations as opportunities to grow. When un-evolved this will make for high levels of egocentricity, when evolved high levels of Spirituality. These people may have their individuality suppressed early in life in order to find it later. Rahu in the 2nd Ketu in the 8th house - Ketu in the 8th house shows a native who in recent past lives benefited greatly from others resources and other people�s money, thus their inherent sense of value came from others. This will make a person who is very reluctant to rely on others to help them. Rahu in the 2nd house makes for a person who will work hard to develop their own resources, thus allowing them to feel worthy and of value based on their own efforts, not the help of others. These people may have been devalued in some way to force them to find it for themselves. Rahu in the 3rd house/ Ketu in the 9th house - Ketu in the 9th house shows a person who was guided by gurus or teachers or relied on powerful teachers to uplift them and define their belief system, thus they may be very skeptical of teachers and Spiritual teaching in particular. Rahu in the 3rd house will show a native developing the courage to challenge and test their teachings and teachers and to explore their own paradigms of understanding aside from what they are told by others. This will give the native confidence in their own ability to make the right decisions regarding their own fate. These natives may have had an upbringing where an oppressive religious environment led to rebellion. Rahu in the 4th house / Ketu in the 10th house - Ketu in the 10th house shows a native who relied on their worldly status and external power of achievement in order to feel secure. This lead to a person who felt too attached to their actions and ultimately defined by them. They will be skeptical of worldly achievement and all that it brings. Rahu in the 4th house shows a native developing a secure domestic life and the nurturing quality that accompanies it. Escaping from the world into ourselves, and feeling at peace in our own private world is key here. These native may have lacked proper nurturing when young, which compels them to find peace of their own accord. Rahu in the 5th house / Ketu in the 11th house - Ketu in the 11th house show a native who relied on their external ambitions and the admiration of their peers in order to feel important. They willingly subjugated their personal, internal inspirations for the aspiration of others. The native will tend to shun those who wish to be aligned with them through a shared vision. Rahu in the 5th shows the need to develop that which they are the most inspired towards, not that which will make them popular or successful. An individual creative life is the most important to these native. Expressing their unique vision is key. They will likely be tempted to do what the masses deem as popular in order to refine their unique expression. Rahu, Ketu and the Grahas When Rahu joins or aspects a Graha it distorts that planet�s expression in a way similar to the effects described above. The aspect / conjunction not only affects the planet on a soul level, it affect the planets as a house lord, as a planet�s primary worldly influence is as a house lord. Rahu will explode the outer form of the Graha as a house lord and Ketu will cause the energy to be withdrawn and criticized. A planetary conjunction is more powerful than an aspect as the conjunction joins the energy of the Node with the energy of the planet. Rahu conjunctions with a Graha show psychological influences that are becoming developed. Planets conjoined Rahu will likely be expressed with immaturity, as is the nature of Rahu. Ketu conjunctions show energies that are already developed and where we have much skill, yet we are trying to finish. Planets conjoined Ketu will likely have maturity and refinement to their expression, yet the native will not feel satisfied with their level of development. Behaviorally Rahu will be over expressive and magnify or exaggerate the qualities of the planets he is associating with, especially through conjunction. This quality of exaggeration is how Rahu brings their forces into our lives. They may be exaggerated externally or internally as psychological forces, or both. All of this is dependant on the houses involved and conditions. Ketu will withdraw and collapse around the planets he is associating with, especially through conjunction. He will tend to hide those things from our view and the view of others as he focuses on them internally. Ketu will try to extract the purest essence from these planets. As such, we will only notice what is missing where Ketu is concerned. In can be stated that the stage of Rahu with a Graha is where the native is in the developmental stage of its energy, and Ketu is where this energy is being completed. Sun Rahu / Sun - The Rahu / Sun association will show a native who projects the power of the Sun and thus may appear very confident and charismatic, yet there is usually stress and fear beneath the surface revolving around a lack of confidence. Much of their bravado and dramatic expression is an over compensation for this fear. The true nature of Self is being developed in this native, thus a large ego can be seen in less evolved types as well as a personality, which over estimates in own importance to others. Over time, a person with this placement becomes more realistic about their own importance and greater understanding of themselves beyond the level of personality. Ketu / Sun - The Ketu / Sun association shows very high levels of self-doubt and shows a native who is not likely to feel content with their worldly actions, they are be a perfectionist. No matter what they do in the world they will feel a sense of lack. The native is being freed from the ego and a need to feel confident and powerful as the skilled eye of Ketu watches every ego game and false expression of Self with disdain. The quality of surrendering their smaller Self to the highest Self is being developed. Many times this will show a Spiritual native. Usually this native has had a childhood where they felt isolated and were made to doubt themselves on a deep, core level. Moon Rahu / Moon - The Rahu / Moon native will have a sense mind and emotional core that are not fully anchored in the heart. Thus there will be an ungrounded quality and stress revolving around their basic feeling nature and expression as an embodied creature in a physical world. It is through the Moon that we take in our environment and either experience ourselves in a joyful or a stressful way. High levels of self-consciousness and feelings of separateness are seen here as the mind looks outside for what it inherently lacks within. Thus painful relationships of all sorts can result. Over time, and as external factors fail to bring peace, the native learns to trust their inner voice and high levels of intuition and even psychic ability can be seen. Ketu / Moon - The Ketu / Moon association shows a native who experiences deep levels of doubt and criticism of their own mind and mental outlook. This is one of the most difficult placements as it can make for a deeply discontented mind and extreme moodiness. Typical worldly experiences and pleasurable emotions can lead to painful episodes under Ketu�s probing and watchful eye. Many of the moods are from past life events that overtake the native, and then pass. Smaller disturbances trigger mental episodes that neither the native, nor anyone else can control. Yet generally they are good at controlling the emotions as this placement shows, yet control is not the same as having the detachment to enjoy without longing or regret. . Mars Rahu / Mars - The Rahu / Mars association leaves the native feeling stress revolving around the use of personal will and strength. This native will be engaged in power struggles of all sorts. Arguments, impulsiveness and a hostile nature will be likely. Through the dissatisfaction experienced in these arguments and confrontations, they are developing courage to look within for truth and the discipline to take positive, focused action in order to grow toward a true and lasting power. That power cannot be eclipsed by the opinions of another or their perceived superior strength. Ketu / Mars - The Ketu / Mars association shows a native who is skilled in the use of where to exert their personal, will yet they will experience some frustration with how to express this more humbled approach. This native may find himself in situations where they are tempted to fight or do battle on principle. The scrutiny of Ketu / Mars will likely see the futility in such a battle, yet later they will doubt if that was the right thing to do. This behavior may lead to occasional explosiveness and destruction as the Ketu / Mars energy is also finishing the tendency to destroy and break things in frustration. Mercury Rahu / Mercury - The Rahu / Mercury association shows an understanding of skills and information are being developed. This native will feel convinced that if they study, get as many facts as possible and develop their skills accordingly, there will be an ultimate answer. This leads to more and more frustration. as there is always another fact or skill to learn. What is being developed is the realization that the best use for our mind is as a tool that doubts all mental concepts as being ultimate. Rahu�s exhaustion of skills and information leads the mind to Jnana Yoga, recognizing each incorrect attachment to the thinking process. This allows us to separate truth from fiction. Ketu / Mercury - The Ketu / Mercury association is showing the mind at the point where all mental concepts are in doubt and the highest levels of discrimination are being developed. A very skilled person and one with a probing intellect will be observed. Yet Ketu�s presence will be keenly aware of the pieces of information they do not have, rather than the ones they do. This can create much worry and mental vacillation as they keep searching for more information to doubt. They are learning to act more on intuition and to use the mind for its highest purpose, to see through the mental traps that give us the illusion of understanding and give the false paradigm of security we base our lives on.
  14. Trust Sandhu ji to help all of us revisit our basics and indulge is good discussions. The forum's becoming meaningful. Great going. Cheers!
  15. Raman ji yes i saw that too We can discuss effects of rahu and ketu in different signs or houses. Then we can discuss conjunctions too. Regarding aspects, well i take the 5,7,9 aspects for both. But there are people who consider partial 12 house aspect as well. Personally, I feel the nodes affect the luminiaries whether aspected or not. SImply because the luminiaries sun and moon transit very frequently. Some effect of moon antardasha within rahu causes agony/health issues to one's mother. Similarly sun antara to the father. Even if the chhaya grhas and the luminiaried are benefics, generally their naisargik factors show inauspicious results. Deepa
  16. Dear ompuneet, the vedic story behind the nodes is rather interesting. you can read it here - Folktales Rahu and Ketu by Raghu The story of Rahu and Ketu is as follows: Long ago there was a great war between the Asuras (demons) and Devatas (gods). The Devatas were routed in the war and they went to Lord Brahma to seek his help. Brahma told them to churn the ocean. As a result they would be able to obtain Amrit (nectar) which would make them immortal and all powerful and after consuming it they would be able to defeat the Asuras. Churning the ocean was a very big job and so the Devatas sought the help of the Asuras. The king of the serpents Vasuki was to become the rope, while a hill named Mandrachal offered to become the pivot. Lord Vishnu, in the form of a tortoise, became the base and the churning process began. The Devatas held the tail of Vasuki and the Asuras held the head. Various things came out, during this churning of the ocean. There was a pot of Vish (poison) which created havoc in all the three worlds. Lord Shiva drank the poison to save the world, but he did not let the poison go beyond his neck which became blue in color. That is why Lord Shiva is also called 'NeelKant' ("one with a blue neck"). At last Dhanvantari came out with a pot of Amrit and immediately there was a mad scramble for it among the Devatas and Asuras. Seeing this, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini (a beautiful dancer) and offered her services in distributing the Amrit equally to both the Asuras and Devatas. She made both of them sit in two different rows but she gave the Amrit to the Devatas only. Towards the end, one of the Asuras saw through her trick. He went and sat among the Devatas and drank the Amrit. The moment Chandra (Moon) and Surya (Sun), who were sitting besides him, saw that he was a Asura, they informed Mohini. Lord Vishnu came in his real form and let out the Sudarshan Chakra (wheel) at the Asura. The Asura's neck was separated from the body, but he did not die as he had drunk the Amrit. His head was called 'Rahu' and his torso 'Ketu'. According to legend, Rahu and Ketu swallowed the moon and sun to have their revenge, causing an eclipse. <HR class=hide>
  17. Hi all! My first inclination is to look at the houses they occupy. Rahu is considered good in 3rd, 6th, 11th and 12th, subject to other checks for 12th. Then, one cannot sideline the aspects upon them and also the aspects they throw. Rahu and Ketu are supposed to reflect aspects upon them. So malefic aspects on Rahu will make it more evil. Rahu as atmakaraka is seen in the charts of great saints. We know that Rahu becomes AK when it is at the lowest degree in a chart, and not the highest as accepted for otherr planets. Then , of course, Rahu's conjunction with other planets is also equally important. Rahu intensifies the pwer of the planet it sits with. Ketu has a seperative nature. Rahu is as materialistic as Ketu is spiritual. It is said that Ketu must end what Rahu begins. Rahu behaves like Shani while Ketu behaves Mars. Lastly, Rahu transiting in 3,6,11 from natal moon gives good results. Regards Deepa
  18. Mahamrityunjaya japa is your best remedy. Hanuman kavach if worn with proper propitiation is also powerful. You can go through Sandhu ji's post on astro-remedies. May god bless the child.
  19. i never ignore bhakoot dosha in marriage issues. i agree with webyogi too.
  20. What is your reading of the chart sandhu ji? Is this the chart of a criminal in a religious veil? I dont see it that way. on jan 4 2006, he had rahu in lagna, jup in 8th.
  21. sandhu ji can you clarify pls? he still feels the pain even though in a vegetative stage? Was his son's death the cause of his stroke? Regards Deepa
  22. Respected USR ji, SAADAR PRANAAM! Great to see you again after a long hiatus. I hope you are doing well. I have been trying to understand the aspect of both wives being dead. You just made that clear. Yes, I see the shukra-mangal yukti on Shani's rasi in the 11th signifying public relations. I also see the parakrama that is limned in the 3rd. Rahu is in a venus raasi in 3rd house of habits. But I dont see a criminal. The afflicted moon does not have a mars aspect and neither is the lagna aspected by any malefic. All i can say here is that ketu in the 9th house makes the native a non-conformist. May be a religion breaker. Or his beginning a new religion of his own. Best Regards Deepa
  23. Sandhu ji Thanks for the appreciation Is the native still comatose? Is he alive? Dear Jay ji (Hindustani), Thanks . Our old stalwarts USR ji, Sasisekaran ji etc are missing? They would have surely pitched in a great deal more. Regards Deepa
  24. Sandhu ji, Barring the point of whether there are any planets in the 7th, my method of checking for KSY has been the same so far. The very fact that rahu and ketu are conjunct moon and saturn is enough to deduce there isnt any KSY. Coming to the chart - Yes you are very right about the native's unhappiness factor with respect to his/her marriage and afflicted moon. But there are some good points too. Lagna is very strong. Jupiter in lagna, in own sign and without absolutely any malefic aspects and with the highest shadabala - far more then any other planet in the horoscope. Apart from that, rahu, ketu and moon are all benefics in the chart and in exaltation - outside the kendras. The most important tenth house - whose lord guru is very powerful is also without malefic aspects. This indicates very good career. Jupiter is very auspicious here endowing respect, honour and authority. Sun as the 6th lord in 12 aspecting its own house is a malefic but causes vipareet rajayog. Its conjunct a retro mercury which is badly positioned from the 7th house of marriage and any kind of partnerships. But mercury is the lagna nakshatra lord and benefits the 4th house (aspect upon its own house) Another interesting aspect is the 9th house. One would think that shani+ketu spoil it. This may be true to an extent. But here, a strong jupiter aspects the 9th house. Ketu in 9th and that too in exaltation is great. Further, Mars the dispositor of the 9th house exalts! This is very powerful. Even more, because Mars is the dispositor of lagnesh jupiter's navamsa sign as well. saturn and mars are in parivartana which is a cause for concern. saturn is aspecting its own 11th house and mars is aspecting its own 2nd house. Again, the 2nd and 11th house become strong and shower wealth to the native. Venus remains afflicted but in that position, it is in a trine with 3rd house which is an upachaya. At the same time, venus is in a kendra with its own 8th house and indicates health issues. Looking at the dashas for the native, I believe the entire shani mahadasha would have been troublesome to the core - fights with people, problems with income, women, marriage and laziness/lethargy + losing out to competition. Regards Deepa
  25. Sandhu ji That was an excellent post on retrogression! Regards Deepa
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