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  1. Mr. Moorthi, The native's moon,though in debility in virchika,the lord of the house mars is located in a kendra to moon with his own 7th aspect and though the Jupiter in 4th and moon 7th,there seems some jupiter's aspect over moon,going by the degree of aspect,can we not take it as neecha banga? Yes, but I do not believe in "neech bhanga" word - you see - i try to make my replies very simple so this was what I meant when I wrote mars in his case makes him deceptive and the strength may be within - inspite of a very afflicted moon. Secondly,it is my knowledge that for rishaba lagna natives mercury and saturn are considered to be benefics and dasas of planets located in the stars of mercury and saturn are expected to be favourable,depending on the bhukthis running along. Now The native is running main dasa Moon & bhukthi Sat,both being in Jeyshta & Revathy respectively(both of Mercury).Can this be a good time for him? Relationship of the planet with dasha lord is also very significant. If you read again, you will find that this is exactly what I mentioned - Unfotunately he has a very strong mercury (though good for family bliss) yet its in a 6-8 relation with dasha lord moon. Therefore, it seems the native is destined towards further mental agony all through till 2010 January. Ironically, this is also the time he can actually remarry! Coming to the aspect of nakshatra sambandha - moon-mercury being in 6-8 relation with moon as maraka in mars sign is not a very good relation. Though i agree mercury will bestow opulence but this isnt the issue we are dealing with. Regards Deepa
  2. are you sure both dates are 11/07/1983? where was she born, you havent mentioned
  3. superb chart 1. well, loads of money and status is in the offing - 10th house is aspected by exalted shani and 10th lord moon sits in shani's house. These indicate chances of service more than managerial things. Although with an exalted mercury in 12, and with sat-mer period beginning next year, you could strongly think of settling abroad. Trading and speculation will bring gains. 2. Next year starting you can think of getting married. It seems the marriage will be out of self will and the girl could be within family relations or neighbourhood. Great going!
  4. Whoever said 24 hours diya on saturday? evening times is good enough to the best of what I know!
  5. And yes, very importantly - he needs to be PUSHED towards taking the initiative of marriage, before which mangal dosha shanti is a must + horoscopes to be matched!
  6. Dear Jayji] Regards! The native is not blessed with a strong moon. Moon is in debility and he is also running moon MD. If you look at the chart, Sun+Mars combination in ascendant might have given him lot of dominance and masculinity - mars in his case makes him deceptive and the strength may be within - inspite of a very afflicted moon. All malefics are aspecting or occupying the lagna - Sun in lagna, deb moon in 7th and Ketu in 5th have caused divorce. Unfotunately he has a very strong mercury (though good for family bliss) yet its in a 6-8 relation with dasha lord moon. Therefore, it seems the native is destined towards further mental agony all through till 2010 January. Ironically, this is also the time he can actually remarry! I would strongly suggest remedies for moon and mercury which include shiva aradhana (you guided me better in this direction - you know better! ) and also donating green food items/clothes to poor eunuchs. For Ketu propitiation he could begin his day with ganpati vandana Regards deepa
  7. yes this perspective is great.. thats how it should be.
  8. Respected Sasisekaranji, My obeissance. With full respects I do consider you as well as USRji far more experienced, far more learned. Its inspirational and highly motivating for me. I only meant to point this out to visitors who might not know the same and may be misunderstanding with the number of posts I have on this forum. However, with your directions, I shall do the needful. In my opinion, Jupiter is highly benefic for this chart. The reason why the native feels "fat" during Jupiter AD is a very common consequence. Prior to Rahu MD, he has gone through surya, chandra and mangal dashas - Rahu had to usher in new beginnings because even yogakaraka mars wouldnt have given ample. Rahu is in 12th in jup nakshatra, in navamsa, rahu is in jupiter's sign. Lagna nakshatra being jupiter ruled too - Rahu MD had to be good. The reason why his jup AD hasnt given results is due to the natural animosity between jupiter and rahu (we all know guru-chandala). Also, Jupiter would have slowed down the material gain aspect conferred by Rahu. Importantly, during transits, Rahu is in 8th from its birth position + moon in 6th (in any case afflicted) conjunct ketu (further afflicted) which is also currently passing through lagna - these transits could never have been good. Mars+shani are in 12th from birth position. Post november, when jupiter will debilitate in transits, the condition will further dip. Jupiter MD will be great. Best Regards Deepa
  9. True sadhakas look forward to ketu dasha to dispense with their karmic backlog. Unfortunately most of us dread the same..including me.. well, I am supposed to begin with one..and ketu in 8th in Mars' house can be ridiculously fatal for the mercury ruled. I hope it is fatal - near fatal is worst! So if in dire straits i go in for a dog, and it doesnt bark well, I might as well meow my way through..
  10. Dear Navneet, I look at a chart from Moon only when it is a benefic and strong. In your case it isnt - although there are some people who believe moon is exempt from lordship of 8th house, I humbly disagree. So, that chart, according to me, doesnt hold weight in your case. However, in case you still wish to consider it, your moon chart indicates that you perceive your own self as a much much much greater entity than the real picture. In that sense, you are advised to hold on to a more refined perspective. There is no major affliction to gaja kesari. This however, doesnt do much for the 7th house implications. In the modern day context, this might also mean that you'd yourself prefer to have a married life with detachment - ie- you give and expect ample space from your partner. Thats it..that's quite normal, isnt it? Best Wishes Deepa
  11. Dear Navneet, Sun is lord of 7th and therefore has aplenty to do with marriage in your case. The remedy for sun in MKS in your case is to chant Om Namah Shivay Namoh Rameswaraya as many times in this life time as you can. Naisargik relation of sun is with father. Some equate Jupiter as father is also a guru. Yes, Jupiter's aspect upon 7th is a saving grace. Gaja Kesari yog is not cancelled in your case as Venus and Mercury are both not malefics - which conjunct the jup+moon duo. Jup+Venus yukti in both rasi as well as saptamsa chart in your case is another negative viz-a-viz the marriage aspect. In rasi chart both jupiter and venus are in ketu's nakshatra. These show seperative tendencies. You may additionally like to wear a diamond in the middle of your right hand and also offer regular prayers to Lord Ganesha. Best Wishes Deepa
  12. Dear Sai Bhagat ji, Mars, Saturn and Ketu transits are all in 12th house of loss from their rasi positions in your chart. Saturn + Mars conjunction is not a good sign in your horoscope anyways. Rahu is lord or sub-lord of nakshatras of many planets. It works well for you in the ascendant. Saturn - as lagna lord in 8th gives you challenges related to health, sudden changes in life and mental worries during its dasha which began from Dec 2006. Moon in makara in 12th is another issue as saturn transits are doing no good for their career. Mercury is inauspicious for your chart and it spoils house of income - the eleventh house. You will have to wait at least 8 months for the transits to begin working in your favour. Reading hanuman chalisa every evening, donating green clothes to poor and needy and wearing a pukhraj should enormously help. Best WIshes Deepa
  13. Bhasker ji, after such stalwarts replying back, there is nothing to say. Pls follow their advise! Best Wishes Deepa
  14. In my opinion you should wear a gomedh for the following reasons - 1. rahu co-lords kumbha lagna along with shani which is in 8th causing mental tensions and health problems. 2. Rahu gives good results in 6th. 3. You are also running Rahu MD Please follow the suggestion after some more back-up. Best Wishes Deepa
  15. In my opinion, 7th lord sun in 12th in makara in marana karaka sthana could be the reason for delay in marriage, no marriage or divorce. Exalted lagnesh saturn along with jupiter in mooltrikona (jupiter is also 2nd lord) - forms a powerful dhana yoga. Saturn's aspect causes delay - however, in your case, since saturn is lagna lord and in exaltation, the effect cannot be malefic. Saturn conjunct Mars is altogether a different aspect. Best Wishes Deepa
  16. dear unanth thank you for thinking about enriching our knowledge. apologies..for all that you have been going through this is rather strange because saturn is yogakaraka for taurus lagna - its placed in 3rd - where it gives good results - makes you want to live kingly.. though in cancer - saturn is not very happy. from 3rd, saturn aspects 5th, 9th (own house) and 12th. i think its this saturn-mars sambandha creating problems. also i would attribute this to moon in aquarius in tenth. The exchange between 3rd and 10th lords contributes to a lot of mental and emotional worries, unhappiness. I hope USR ji and Sasisekaran ji reply to this post and pitch in their views Best wishes deepa
  17. can you elaborate more on what problems he wishes to get remedies for?
  18. Dear dixt7, You may also like to wear a 9-mukhi rudraksha. I will appreciate if you keep posting regularly and let us know effects of Ketu Mahadasha in your case. Best Wishes Deepa
  19. Dear Pablo, Empirically one can easily deduce that KSY does have serious repurcussions, life isn't normal. Yet, i doubt upon most remedies people offer. Whats your experience..
  20. Your father seems to have spent a life expecting royal status, with leadership qualities, although he might be a little tight lipped with lagna lord mercury in debility + conjunction with Mars which seriously hampers his career life causing controversies/loans/competitions. Jup mahadasha clearly points at health issues related to fat, lipids and heart. Some foreign connection to career is also seen. He could be artistic/ fond of music. Is in shani saadesati's most troublesome period. July 2006- was the beginning of Jup MD. 10th house mars does give favours from govt and luck in property. He needs to do hanuman chalisa every evening and take good care of his heart-related issues.
  21. Respected USR ji, Yes of course dasha dates show variation. I have clearly understood your analyses of the said chart. I shall be emailing links to the 2 softwares I use. I hope your US trip is working great for you. I am eagerly awaiting your return as well as your extremely perfect analyses that you have been posting all through in your association with this forum. Best Regards USRji, and also once again, very many thanks for helping me Deepa
  22. you have no KSY in you chart because rahu is conjunct moon, jupiter and mars. Also, moon, jupiter and mars are ahead of Rahu degree-wise. You seem to be balanced between understanding the importance of money and being religious at the same time. I wonder if you are able to get the kind of respect you wish to get.. it seems there are mental struggles though you are tough. I have no idea how your education could have been good. There is a clear break in your chart.
  23. and yes of course, KSY runs in the family!!! Its a known fact.
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