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  1. Dear sir, I am years younger to you, but kindly pay heed to what I have to say, because I think I may be right in analysing your horoscope. You are a superior person, must be very good looking, intelligent, and a man (?) of riches and authority. This period you are going through is really tough - however, all days aren't the same. There are remedies and then there are blessings too. Kindly wear a diamond studded preferably in silver that touches your skin. Suppose, you are already wearing one, pls get another one made. When jupiter moves into capricorn, its sign of debilitation, its not auspicious in your case. Please wear a panch-mukhi rudraksha kavach to pacify all your jupiter-related problems once and for all. I am writing to you on this day during auspicious navratri. All the best - pray to shirdi sai baba to invoke his miracle as thursday is HIS day. Take care
  2. Dear virendra, you will definitely need to wear yellow saphire and I suggest you wear a good one! Along with it, continue the horse shoe ring for some more time (an year or so, till saturn moves into your 5th house, you are going through kantaka shani prd that must be giving uou obstacles) I dont see any reason why you should wear ruby or red coral. Red coral you may still need for some time but you may just discontinue., Instead, do some graha shanti for the rahu-ketu dosha - something like feed pigeons and give them water, feed ants with gur, etc all the best - dnt forget yellow saphire
  3. U.Sanjeeva Rao, Thanks a lot for this reply. Basically I am the patient. There is a lot of difference between a few good astrologers regarding the ketu mahadasha beginning from 2012 - its effects and what remedies to follow. pls do give your opinion as I am quite perturbed especially with regard to my mother's life as I am heavily dependent upon her emotionally, financially and for everything!
  4. 14-11-1975, 2.58 am, delhi, female working as a teacher have already seen a lot - marital problems, so sexual relationships, no emotional support from married life, at present financially OK but usually even that is a problem. Damn scared of ketu mahadasha. I solicit your blessings-whats the remedy?
  5. Ok, I admit this is a tough one, still, anyone pls try!
  6. What will be your prediction for the ketu mahadasha for this chart (female) 14 November 1975, 2.58 am, delhi trying to attach horoscope too, as a jpg file.
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