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  1. Dear all, I am always a tide sceptical of stamping one result out of one combination. That would amount to severely limiting the science of astrology. Remember whenever Rahu and Shani come together, they'd be together for 18 months! Rahu and Shani in the 3rd house cannot be a curse for some lagnas. And there are so many more things one would like to consider in totality. But this is an individual perception. I'd immediately look out for exactly what would this separative influence take away from the native. I also do agree, the fear of ghosts etc under the major or sub periods of this planetary combination Regards Deepa Bhandari
  2. Dear Anjali Is your father alive? Forgive me if I am wrong, but have there been untimely deaths in family due to the problems of a similar nature? Are you very fair? Best Wishes Deepa Bhandari
  3. Dear Anjali You may additionally like to chant the aditya hridya stotra. Another powerful mantra to appease surya devta would be "Om Aihi Surya Sahsransho Tejo Rashi Jagatpataye" Om Sai Ram Deepa Bhandari
  4. Dear Sarad, you may email me at my id for the remedies.
  5. Dear USR ji, How nice to be back in the forum and see your posts! Regards Deepa Bhandari
  6. Dear Sarad, Wanted to know- 1. Did you do your MBA late? Something like after 2003? 2. What is your relationship with your father? 3. With only benefics aspecting the lagna, exalted mercury there, mercury aspecting lagna in almost all major divisional charts, you probably possess a distinct and clear vision of your self, others, your desires etc. Sense of humour should be great. But there is a strong need to control irrational psychological behaviour. I am not pointing at anything outside the limits of being normal. Remember, these are effects of stars and you may let remedies guide you. 4. Life takes a drastic turn in March 2010, after which I see some surgery or loss of health. I'd strongly suggest not to go in for another child at this juncture.
  7. You are likely to get married very soon. I hope you are doing remedies for your saadesati though. Good spouse, but you need to wear a yellow sapphire to augment happiness from relationships. Worship Gauri Mata.
  8. Dear Usha Lagna Lord has become maraka and is conjunct a malefic 8th lord moon. Both other trikonas have debilitated lords - sun and mars. The parivartana between 10th and 11th upachayas does not fructify due to both being in debilitations and conjunct or aspected by malefics. Rahu blocked career till its lifespan. Mercury bestowed career with the beginning of its dasha. Kutumbha sthana lord shani is in a 6-8 with that house. 5th lord is debilitated and as shri sasisekaranji pointed out, mercury - the 7th lord is affected with malefics. Where is family happiness? Please ensure horoscope match to avoid relationship severities. Best Wishes Deepa Bhandari
  9. Deareal2001 Your lover begins with his Ketu Mahadasha pretty soon. Nothing is going to remain the same between the two of you. You'd do well with praying for happiness all around. This may sound cliche, but imagine the effect upon the family. Best Wishes Deepa Bhandari
  10. Dear Rajiv, I agree with respected usr ji's inputs. Moon has also become an akaraka in the chart. I would strongly advise you to wear pearl as well, in your right hand little finger on a monday during waxing moon. Jup, Mars and Saturn are aspecting the 10th house. Career related to eatables, machinery, etc are great.
  11. Dear shakshar, Rahu and Saturn are cause for health issues. Ketu is very malefic for progeny. Venus aspecting the 5th from lagna, and a good combination of Sun+Mer+Jup in the 5th from moon, Moon's dispositor Mars being exalted and causing vipareet rajyog, are the great benefic influences for child related issues. Remedies for Rahu, Saturn and Ketu will bring immense relief. Venus-Saturn bhukti ends in Oct this year. After which, you are likely to see a very good phase in life. Best WIshes Deepa
  12. Greetings everyone! If flowers is 'bali' then so is water because its precious, the incense causes pollution and so many more things become useless. There is meaning that goes deeper in all religious activities. At my place of work, there are some who do not believe in astrology. They scorn at the very idea of remedies. "Why should we donate green dal? Is God fond of green daal only, how choosy!" I ask them point blank, what do they know about it? How can we debunk something, without knowing anything about it? The same rule applies to praying with flowers. I will not call it 'mandatory' if there are circumstantial issues in arranging for puja samagri. Here are some traditional thoughts associated with why certain things are used for puja. I found this from answers. Jal (Water) Puja: Water symbolizes the ocean. Every living being continuously travels through Ocean of birth, life, death, and misery. This puja reminds that one should live the life with honesty, truthfulness, love and compassion towards all living beings. This way one will be able to cross the Life Ocean and attain Moksha or liberation. Chandan ( Sandal-wood) Puja: Chandan symbolizes Knowledge (Jnan). During this puja, one should reflect on Right Knowledge. Right knowledge means proper understanding of reality which includes Soul, Karma, and their relationship. Bhakti or Devotion helps in the early stages of one’s effort for liberation. Pushpa ( Flower) Puja: Flower symbolizes conduct. Our conduct should be like a flower, which provides fragrance and beauty to all living beings without discrimination. We should live our life like flowers with full of love and compassion towards all living beings. Dhup ( Incense) Puja: Dhup symbolizes ascetic life. While burning itself, Dhup provides fragrance to others. Similarly true monks and nuns spend their entire life selflessly for the benefit of all living beings. This puja reminds that one should thrive for an ascetic life which ultimately leads to liberation. Deepak ( Candle) Puja: The flame of Deepak represents a Pure Consciousness or a Soul without any bondage or a Liberated Soul. The ultimate goal of every living being is to become liberated from karma. By doing this puja, one should thrive to follow Five great Vows: Non-violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Chastity, and Non- possession. Ultimately these proper conducts couple with right faith and knowledge will lead to liberation. Akshat (Rice) Puja: The household rice is the kind of grain seeds, which are non- fertile. One cannot grow rice plants by seeding the household rice. Symbolically it means that rice is the last birth. By doing this puja one should thrive to put all the efforts in the life in such a way that this life becomes one’s last life and after the end of this life one will be liberated and will not be reborn again. Naivedya (Sweet) Puja: Naivedya symbolizes a tasty food. By doing this puja, one should thrive to reduce or eliminate the attachment to tasty food. Healthy food is essential for survival, however one should no live for to eat a tasty food. Ultimate aim in one’s life is to attain a life where no food is essential for our existence and that is the life of liberated soul, who lives in Moksha forever in ultimate bliss. Fal (Fruit) Puja: Fruit symbolizes Moksha or Liberation. If we live our lives without any attachments to worldly affair, continue to perform our duty without any expectation and reward, be witnessed to all the incidents that occurred surrounding to and within us, truly follow ascetic life, and have a love and compassion to all living beings, we will attain fruit of Moksha or liberation. This is the last puja symbolizing the ultimate achievement of our life. In the end we adorn the idol- Call Aangi- usually very attractive, creates good bhav during Darshan. Vandan Kirtan After the idol worship is done, we do bahv puja, recite studies, do chaitya vandan etc. All the ceremonies help us in two ways. First, we feel happy, our heart experiences an internal joy. Secondly, it helps in destroying kashayas, plant seeds of good qualities in us and destroy many karmas. Understanding the meaning of all sutras certainly helps us in increasing bhava, joy and instead of a ritual, it becomes a daily necessity. Aarati usually has done in evening. It symbolizes the joy after performing all religious activities in temple. It destroys all karmas and brings happiness to life.
  13. Rajitha ji, You are right about Ketu exaggerating your interest in occult. Given that Sun and Mercury are degrees away, Jupiter does not aspect Chandra, Mars occupies the 4th, Saturn aspects Chandra, Ketu had to be solely responsible for the same. I am supremely confident that Venus MD is not responsible for health issues. Best Wishes Deepa
  14. Rajitha ji, 3rd house is not just for siblings. That is only one aspect governed by the 3rd. I said things were ironical in your case because, I believe sun is an akaraka for your chart whereas saturn - a technical malefic has lost much of is maleficience by occupying the lagna. The natural traits that saturn would give you are diseases and problems to or from brethren. But it also confers long journeys, fortune from strangers and assures accumulation of wealth. Your chart shows aplenty of time to indulge and be interested in occult. Best Wishes Deepa
  15. Dear Rajitha Its all about saturn in transit atop your natal sun. In my opinion, his isnt about Venus mahadasha at all. I am not saying that transits over-rule dashas. But I have seen many cases where saturn traversing natal sun gives huge problems. In your case, the planetary configuration is ironical. 3rd lord sun in 3rd isnt a good idea. While 8th lord in marana karaka sthana is a good yoga in itself. sun does not look good. Its at degree conjunction with lagna Best Wishes Deepa
  16. dear sh1986, manglik dosha is another thing. Bhakoot dosha in itself has enough to destroy complete marital life. This is what I know. Should others differ, the choice is yours. Best Wishes Deepa
  17. Dear sh1986 I wanted to linger on for a while for others to comment as well. This is a classic case where ashtakoot matching crosses the basic minimum requirement but there is a bhakoot dosha which make me refuse this alliance. I shall be equally mum on the remedies for this is a decision involving several lives. I wish you a lot of peace. Best Wishes Deepa
  18. Dear Kasturi Let us take the first point first. The Rahu+Moon conjunction works for everyone not just the boss. Do you have fears or do you think you have a tendency to be disbalanced in emotional reactions? - This would mean either too suspicious, inability to trust or too tensed/hurt or too angry? I'll be more comfortable if you email me and discuss further. Please append your initial post and my reply as well. This will be free. Best Wishes Deepa
  19. Dear Kasturi Rahu, moon, saturn, mercury and ketu are all heavily linked with the 3rd house. You have to disdain from wrong habits. Happiness is proportional to peace and satisfaction. If wishes are manifold, the desire towards money will cause emotional disbalance and severity of relationships with many people, why just the boss. Jupiter dasha since 1997 has put you in some trouble with communication skills as well. Rahu and Moon conjunction in second from dasha lord (which is now in a bad transit for you and in debilitation) cause fear and irrational responses from your end. You can fine-tune the sun+mars fiery combination in the 4th house and move it to your advantage to get a superior managerial position only if your are able to exercise control over your mind. Its akin to how a female does make-up to her face. The face remains the same and so does your chart. But its possible to downplay the bad and focus and exaggerate the good influences and make them consciously work to your benefit. Worshipping lord Shiva will enable you to acheive the same. Best Wishes Deepa
  20. Dear astroseeker, I made a big mistake indeed! I put the time at 12:05, I should have put 0005. The answer above may be ignored. Thanks for the correction. Regards Deepa
  21. Respected Sasisekaran ji This is an excellent insight to the chart! Lot of Regards Deepa
  22. Dear Sandhu ji Charles Sobhraj was born on 6th April 19 1944 at 2200 hrs in Vietnam (Saigon) He has lagna lord mars in 8th in a parivartana with 8th lord mercury in 6th. A malefic parivartana while mars gives him deception. From chandra lagna, mars aspects moon and both are in mercury signs - mercury being most malefic for the chart. In navamsa chart also moon and mars are in conjunction. Rahu aspects trines and afflicts guru, 9th house, the 5th too where we have sun conjunct and exalted venus. Saturn gets dashabala in 7th and becomes very strongly malefic - aspecting the 9th house. Its noteworthy how saturn also aspects the 9th and a combined influence is sent through shadowy rahu on the 3rd house of vices. Even frm 8th, offensive mars aspects the 3rd house, its own sign of exaltation. Charles sobhraj lived a life of affluence even in the jail? Why would sun be afflicted here and not venus sitting along side.. there are unanswered questions of exact behaviour of planets. For example, its not clear what planetary position prompted his father to leave him almost immediately after his birth. Regards Deepa
  23. I am going to assume that the male chart is for 26.Jan early morning 0005 hrs. Sun has the strongest power in this chart being placed in a kendra in the tenth and causing budhaditya, it has highest shadbala strength and exalts in navamsa chart. Sun as the 5th lord is in a 6-8 relationship with its own house. Mars, lagna lord, becomes maraka and spoils the 7th house which also stands for male virility. The 9th house which is also the 5th from the 5th is in trouble because the 9th lord jupiter is in a dushthana and fully aspects the 12th house of losses. Venus, an akaraka for mesh lagna, stands completely unstopped in the 11th house and fully aspects the 5th. Venus is also of the same intent as jupiter being related to the latter through nakshtra placement (in poorva bhadrapada). Both houses owned by venus have afflictions. Mars occupies tula and saturn and mars both strongly aspect vrishabh. It is unfortunate that Rahu sits in jupiter's house along with saturn - thus igniting manifold, the akaraks in the chart. I would have never been able to predict this for the chart. Explaining a known even is rather easy. Such cases are important for a jyotisha to be reminded that each horoscope is too unique and a careful adhyayana is a must before predicting anything! Regards Deepa
  24. Dear SD The man's time of birth is 0005 hrs. Is that the english date i.e. starting of 26 Jan 1969? Or is it the night of 26 Jan?
  25. Dear Vikas, You are more desirous and money-minded than you are destined to get. You ma be religious and conservative too, yet, money is not everything. This is the lesson your stars want you to learn. You are intelligent, loving and romantic, very diplomatic and practical. Saturn saadesati is about to begin from September. Hanuman Chalisa is the most potent remedy for you. I wish you luck! With Moon in the lagna and the all trines aspected by their lords, intelligence and dasha of 9th lord of promotions and luck, please count the great blessings that you have. Try your best to clear all debts before Sept 2009, otherwise delays are certain. Best Wishes Deepa
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