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  1. hare krishna thank u very much for ur mgs, it seems very clear now to me. u explain properly about the accommodation and the temple rules. i understand as prabhupada standard is important to maintain. thank a lot haribol C.R dd
  2. dear Devotees, iam planning to visit Mayapur Dharm in April. i have never visit india and i don't speak hindi but do understand. iam a bit worried about my trip to India. maybe someone who has visited mayapur can help me , please. my concerns are: is the accommodation that the temple is providing from far the Mayapur temple?; is male and female allowed to share the same room even if they are still single?; also, i will like to visit some places around Mayapur, how will i make arrangement for me to be taken out for visiting spiritual places in Mayapur dharm? please do help me if possible. i will be grateful to u all. thank you Hare Krishna Cheetra
  3. dear deepaji, thanks for your reply. i really appreciate your effort to tell me about my chart. do you think i can email you on your email address, asking you about something more about astrological, plz. i will be grateful if you can reply me again. thanks Cheetra
  4. Dear webyogiji and others, it is my 5th email asking for help and i haven't received any reply yet. im desesperate to know why i am failing so much in my studies, in my relationship and life. i have lost hope of seeing a ray of light of happiness in my life. please, can someone tell me what is going on in my chart and when will i see the hope of success again in my life? my DoB 31.12.1984 ToB: 03.00a.m( exact time) place of birth is Quatre bornes town, Mauritius. please, i am requesting for help. i am sorry if i have made any offenses towards any of you. please, do help me. i am waiting for the reply. thank you Cheetra
  5. thanks to answer back, it is exactly 3am, plaese email back, i will wait for ur email. thanks
  6. Hello, I am looking for a mantra that can keep me and my husband together. my problem is that our compatibilities do not match and even though we got married. we are facing a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings now. one priest told me that my marriage will lead to a divorce,which i don't want this at all. my husband has changed a lot since we got married. please help me if there is a mantra to keep this marriage alive and to make my husband more understanding towards me, please. i really want to save my marriage, please help. Thank you
  7. Dear SIr, please can anyone who know how to read my chart, can you help me? i have been posting a few times on this forum but i didnt get any help. iam very desperate to know why i am failing so much in my studies, life and relationship. i am going through so much of troubles that i can not explain even i am doing all my best to have success in my education, life and relationship. My DoB is 31.12.1984 ToB: 3am ( as it is said on my birth certificate) Place of Birth: Mauritius in Quatre Bornes Town. Please, help me, and tell me why i am facing so much of problems and when will i see a hope of success again in my life. I will wait for ur emails. Thank you Cheetra
  8. Dear Webyogi ji, thank you for answring my email. my birth place is in Mauritius, Quatre-Bornes Town. my time of Birth is exactly 3am as it is said on my birth certificate. please, do answer my email, i am finding too many difficulties in my life. thank you Cheetra
  9. Dear Webyogiji, please, i will be very grateful to you if you can check on my chart and tell me why i am going through all the failure in my studies, life and relationship. i have been failing and having a very hard time throughout the whole year in achieving important things. even my relationship with my family, sister has gone very bad. MY DoB 31.12.1984 Time of birth 3am gender: female please i will be grateful to you if you can explain why these things are happening in my life, when will i see a hope of success in my life again. thank you. Cheetra
  10. Dear Sir, iam very worried to my situation of life. please, help me. i am thinking of getting religiously married by next year but i don't know if my married life will last for long. i will be grateful to you if you can check my chart and my copmatibility with my future husband. My date of Birth 31/12/1984 time of birth is 3am place of birth is mauritius iam a student nurse and living in england my name is cheetra. My future husbandname is Robert place of birth is Poland Date of Birth is 16/02/1974 time of birth is around 7am.( i don't know exact time) he works in a printing company. plesae, do answer me back thank you Cheetra
  11. dear yogi ji, please can you tell me more about my chart? i am really having very bad times in my studies, relationship and problems in my life. my date of birth is 31/12/1984. time of birth is 3am birth place is mauritius. thank you
  12. i am planning to have an iskcon wedding in vrindavan or mayapur but i don't know how it works out in india. If anyone knows about it, please let me know. i want to know whom i can contact because i have to plan the wedding, i am from uk and we are both devotees. also, i want to know if it will be a problem to get married in Vrindavan because my boyfriend is not initiated yet but i am initiated. please can anyone who know about this matter,Help me. Thank you
  13. Dear webyogi, iam interested to know if i am compatible with my boyfriend to get married. my date of birth is 31/12/1984 and his birth date is 16/02/1974. my time of birth is 3am and his is not exact but around 7am. please, let us know. thank u Cheetra
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