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  1. Hi everyone, Cn you kindly explain about this.Though i have got little bit clarity about it but i would love if someone can express this more explicitly.... and make us understand.. What is the difference between Arudha of 6th house and 6th house fomr Arudha lagna.... Infact for any house how to use it....like A5 and 5th house from AL..... How to use and understand them separately... Regards, Raman
  2. Dear Swapnil, There is nothing to be sorry about.......I mentioned coz when u start a topic about some technical discussion it shud go around that technicality rather moved on to personal question that also in bits and pisces which many do...... Otherwise i will be more than happy to clarify your queries with my little knowledge... :-) I mentioned about considering planet from previous house in case of when planet is retro....coz being retro it does tend to give result from previous house....that is why retro is so crucial coz it ends up effetcing around 8 houses in case it has got 3 aspects like jupiter, sat or mars... I hope i was clear... Regards, Raman
  3. Hi kandaalam, I will try to give a general idea about awastha... Bala(infant), Kumara(youthful), Yuva(adoloscent),vridha(advanced or old) and mrita(deceased).... Now further these awasthas are divided into sub-awasthas... Their results as per their awastha .. you can compare them to human himself and you will understand how to apply them in astrology..... Like mrita.....wont be of much use even if in high exhaltation...... Hope i was able to give you some clarity.. Regards, Raman <!-- v3 Arcade --><!-- /v3 Arcade -->........ type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1120541", true); .........>
  4. Dear ved_ram ji, Very well said . It is true and infact if you take in that case ashtakavarga also it wont be sensible to apply that straight away without considering its palcement anf aspect...Like a vridh awastha of planet with with strong shadbala and strong BAV will not give as good as result as well aspected , well placed ,strong shadbala and good BAV will give.. As it is said all this go hand in hand... I definetely agree with you... :-) Regards, Raman
  5. Please swpnil..I have mentioned this many times this in other forum and here also that please dont do astrology of bits and pisces..... If you wanna ask something ask that with what you u suffering and if you want technical detaisl.. ask for technical details.....this especially goes when chart belongs to the person like you in this case..what happens is you tend to get biased when u looking at your own chart...and you actually going from one end to another... why u asked about sade satti when it is not there and how come you think vargottam of 0 degree will make a difference... Kindly explain... Regards, Raman
  6. Hi Swapnil, I have not seen this chart in detail but will mention about few things you have mentioned about. I this chart sat is yogakarka and placed in 6th house exhalted.. and deb in D-9 and placed with jup in D-9 and with mars in D-1... sat is AK nd so on.... Sade satti wont be so bad BUT it will coz a type of frustration coz of useless obstacles which will coz delay though NOT stopping WORK but will DELAY...the work.. I think last phase of sade satti shud be something this native shud take care of though many will say that about 2nd phase but i will conern 3rd phase to be more full of tension will coz him/trouble..... But this native wont have much of trouble opther than frustration and this will get elevate coz of his moon..... Regards, Raman
  7. Hi mylilangel ji, I will try to put few points here. First of all saturn is placed in 7th house and is retro of very low degree thus we can consider it to effect its previous house more... and one of the best thing is rahu in less than 2 degree with 7th lord and both of them represent quick or things in shoprt duration but been placed with sun this also shows something better... thus was thins something like "CHAT MANGANI PAT VIVAH"......i mean very less duration between settlling of marriage and things start getting worked out.... and early mariage also as per their belief coz of mercury but again palvcement of sun should also be considered thus we can cum down to somewhere things got quite sure before geting into mariage...this also gets confirmation in D-9..... Rahu-mercury aspect does give a surety of quick thing...Also aspect of rahu on 5th lord again gives surety of an affair and may be with some one of rather lower caste/background... If this is girls chart than there r quite a chance of having intercaste affair...Please mention the gender of native too Presense of saturn in 7th house of both D-1 and D-9 will give settlement in marriage litle bit late(with this idea of getting married)...Though later on marriage will get more settled and definetely much better but initial stage will be tough and would have required lot of effort.... Further detaisl i will mention late..gotta g now Regards, Raman
  8. Please put your place rather than cordinates. Raman
  9. Hope my advise would be helpful in case you r looking for an answer... but if you wanna learn astrology this way by asking short questions..I dont think it is a right way.... Regards, Raman
  10. Hi Rvraj, You r asking all personal questions in form of technical question.The opinion u r talking about is general idea about venus bhukti in sat or whatever it is ..If it would have been so easy we all goto uttarakalamitra and BPHSn and according to different positions of planter read what it meand and what is going to happen....I think rather than asking what this mean and what that mean .. ask question or query which is concerning you.. it will make task of person who is answering you easier...Now if you gonna ask what is meaning of so and so lagna and wat makes difference if raashi is so and so.. and then end up concluding urself what will happen....... So i will advise you .. you better think of question which is concerning you and trait of urs which is important or irritating to you and then ask question.... Regards, Raman
  11. Rightly said by webyogi ji, I will say that specially about jupiter's aspect.eve if it is not so strong its aspect on 7th house (or 7th lord) wil coz marriage in its own caste.... Its aspect counteract all other combinations almost.... It is mentioned by BV Raman ji and i hav found thi strue in many cases that 2-12 of rahu/Venus does result in marriage to other aste and if this has anything to do with 5th house or lord it will result in an affair with other caste....... 5-9 of mars and Venus also can add on to this....this also is a strong indication.... Regards, Raman
  12. Hello deepa ji and everyone, Thank and its very well explained deepa ji..One thing i would like to ask.. When to time that native is gonna come back home or gona leave the foreign land. Generally it is said that end of that dasa in which he has gone like dasa of 3rd lord or 12th lord will end native shud come back home but this generally never happens. So can everyone of you put when we suppose to come back from foreign land.... Regards, Raman
  13. Has to be shukla paksha.... or u can say waxing or increasing moon. Raman
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