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  1. sorry i meant wot if we end up strenghtening malefic planets!
  2. Is it Ok to do regular navagraha puja ? I mean say once in a month..will it not harm if some planets r weak in our horoscope? Just wanted to know Thanks
  3. very intersting and apt explaination.....i agree with u ...non-violence shd start from small ,day to day activites.....! Thanks a lot!
  4. my divorce seems to take a long painful time,as my husband is bent upon insulting and mud bashing at me. Can u plz predict when will i get my divorce? MY DOB:18-8-81 time:7..08 pm Longitude :75.52 East Latitude :14.31 North Place :Harihar,karnataka thanks a lot in advance
  5. Hi Webyogiji, have seen lots of ur posts mentioning to worship wid out flowers will be greatful, to know the reason and importance behind. just curious thanks a lot!
  6. thank u very very very much webyogiji....ur answers always give me moral streangth after a disastrous married life!
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