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  1. hi, i think ur birth time is 6:36 am in your chart we can apply Shashti-hayani dasa, u might have addicted on moon - moon dasa (2000-09-28 - 2001-05-02 ), u will have nice period after 2011, fasting on thursday will help Shashti-hayani Dasa (applicable if Sun is in lagna): Maha Dasas: Sun: 1980-09-28 - 1990-09-29 Mars: 1990-09-29 - 2000-09-28 Moon: 2000-09-28 - 2006-09-29 Merc: 2006-09-29 - 2012-09-28 Ven: 2012-09-28 - 2018-09-29 Sat: 2018-09-29 - 2024-09-28 Rah: 2024-09-28 - 2030-09-29 Jup: 2030-09-29 - 2040-09-29
  2. hi, wearing pearl is good for you, TPC - hora lord is in debhilated and 10th lord is in mks, with 8th and 6th lord, praying to Lord Shri Rama will help
  3. namaste sara khan, here in your chart we can use tara dasa, your problem as well as mercury MD saturn AD started from 11/nov/2006 and it lasts upto 20/july/2009 Rasi chart: 9th house is the lord of a11, a6 and AL (here we are concerned only in disease), the lord of the 9th house saturn is in 7th house having graha drishti on 9th house. D-6: Saturn is the 6th lord (debilated, that's good) in 9th house with mercury and also with a6 and AL D-30: here the saturn is the lord of a6 and it is with mercury and also with a8. so, from rasi chart we can tell that you might have problem with vatta and since it is the lord of aquarius (b'cause this sign has a6) it may be possible he might have problems with knees, by seeing this from lagna he might have problems with hip and waist. from d-6, the dasa mercury - saturn, the 6th lord had initiated some disease (since it has a6 and AL) in its period, since it is with mercury and debilated he might have vatta problem and from d -30 saturn is the lord of a6 and combines with a8, so there will be some struggle in this period. taking oil bath on wednesday and saturday will be helpful to you (using perfume, applying oil will also be helpful), if possible observe fast on saturdays so that your marriage will not be delayed.
  4. dear sarad, here i use vimsottari dasa (starting from moon) - currently your are running moon - venus dasa the fifth house lord in rasi is saturn and it is trine to venus in saptamsa - in dasamsa 10th and 3rd lord venus is in 6th house * continue your medications, * the enemity problem in career will be over after the venus antar dasa (2008/jan - 2009/sep) pray to lord Vishnu on fridays, you will feel relief
  5. dear sam, 1. your AK saturn is retrograde and exalted not good 2. lagna lord and sixth lord is in 8th house 3. jupiter is debilitated and retrograde but it is in 3rd house mks now i use dwi-saptati sama dasa (venus is in it's own house), * currently you are running mars dasa (2003 - 2012) * mars with sun gives raja yoga in 8th house and the planet in the 6th house rahu gives raja yoga, * so during this dasa you may experience struggle that is you will give more effort w.r.t to your dharma, creative intelligence, karma and deliberated actions. you may feel more competition in all among these * since it is the sixth lord it can indicate disease also but since it is in 8th house no need to worry about that ( to indicate the disease we have to look over d-6) * praying to the lord corresponding to mars will help you a lot, mars is with sun in rasi and navamsa so praying to Lord Hanuman will definitely help p.s: the above given analysis is only from rasi chart
  6. namaste, good analysis from mylilangel, here in k1_monica's navamsa i took pisces as the lagna (47 sec earlier) to add up his analysis to that moon is with rahu in 3rd house so it's not good for deliberate actions, motivation , etc. lord of UL (in both rasi and navamsa) venus is combusted (i use modified lahiri) and there is a parivatana between 1st and 6th house in navamsa here i use dwi-saptati sama dasa - the current dasa is venus - the lord of UL in both navamsa and rasi - perfect for marriage - pray to the lord corresponding to venus (Lord Lakshmi) will surely help the moon to strengthen and it will lead to a succesfull married life btw you are all doing wonderful job and please continue p.s: for your reference the past dasa is jupiter dasa ( 1996 - 2005), since it the atma karaka - it may made you more spritual but it's the owner of the 3rd house( destoryed by moon with rahu) in rasi and it involved in parivartana with 6th lord in navamsa
  7. namaste, by using chaturaseeti sama dasa, now you are running moon dasa (the lord of the 12th house) - afflicted in 6th house(it's ok) - but the house owned by the moon was destroyed by rahu with sun, jupiter in lagna will help - pray to Lord dhakshinamoorthy with the below given stotra and perform a fast on thursday
  8. Dear Anusha, mars is the 12th lord with UL in rasi, in d6 he is 7th and 12th lord with a8 and a7 - these things can show the above problem, during mars dasa - rahu antardasa she may feel some relief ps : dasa - vimsottari - moon
  9. to add up the quote: i refered first your rasi and then saptamsa, so i requested you to strengthen venus (it also trine to lagna in d7), venus is in virgo so i prescribed Lord Venkateshwara - the temple in triupathy is famous for him. the reason that i'm describing this is because i think this led to miscoceptual things, it is only for your horoscope and it is not meant that every people can get child if they visit to tirupathy - this may hold great for any horoscope or any temple - don't have blind thoughts and don't spread either
  10. Dear pri_prasaad, try to strengthen venus - worship Lord Venkatachalapathy - go to triupathy once - you will conceive during 2009 / 10 - 2009 / 12 P.S : i used dwisaptati sama dasa - here both sun and mercury can give you child, the only obsctacle is from sukra (regarding child) - since it is weak try to strengthen it.
  11. Dear paypal, Saturn in 3rd house show that you have strong will and also stubborn kind of attitude (in d24 mercury is in 7th house), moon is your AK - really moon kind of a person you are, the dharma amsa is also good (great) - d1 and d9, saturn and moon aspecting AL in d10 shows that you are soo inclined to material comforts, you can make money, you may excel in computer core kind of a job, no need to worry after your studies you will find a good job, praying to Lord Lakshmi and Lord Hanuman / Lord Shanmuga will give you mental peace. PS: 1. please not the parivartana in lagna 2. you may find difficulties / loss in wealth aspect (d4) praying to Lord Vishnu and Lord Lakshmi will help in protecting your hard saved money and don't forget to pray Lord Shanmuga / Lord Hanuman who can guide you in all part of your life
  12. dear unanth, a great collection made by you, this is similar to that of Shri PVR's words, let all souls be benefited from this
  13. Dear Menon, He would probably get married on starting of 2010, pray to Lord Durga for early marriage, the shuda jataka - they meant that the 7th and 8th house should be clean (empty) or occupied by benefic planets
  14. 10th lord in 6th house can show opposition / enemies on karma concern of the native - in general he may have the initiative over in destroying enemies but in final gives up - current dasa Ra MD Me AD (vimsottari moon), the bhoga falls on 12th house, Rahu is in 12th house, won't easily giveup, if it taken from him it will give him sorrow - 12th from A6 rids off the opposition, the Lord of the house 12th from A6 is Sun, is in 6th house with Ketu, Praying to Lord Rama will help the native to rid off the opposition - In regarding career, the mercury Ak 6th lord and the lord of AL shows his career, new technology oriented mercury type career may help the native to excel.
  15. Dear Deepa ji, In the above quote i predicted only on his career point of view (the person here quoted that he has to be wealthy and happy) ok, regarding instability in career (business) we have to look into dasamsa, here jupiter the 8th lord in 7th house showing business, ofcourse 6th house is stronger than 7th house (raja/lakshmi yoga), but the instability caused by jupiter must have to be stablised by strong lagna, but the planet in lagna is in MKS, it struggles to make it. Now about mother-in-law, from his chart we can't see the real nature of his mother-in-law but we can see her by only from his prespective, the 4th house from 7th will show mother-in-law in navamsa d9, one main thing is that his motherinlaw will give obstacles to his desire in his prespective and we can study more things of his mother-in-law from his prespective. For sister-in-law, is that she is elder or younger to his wife? from the analysis i think his birth time should be correct --- is that the 12th house in rasi chart shows instability?, if that show, is that only show that?
  16. there is a parivatana between moon and jupiter, so none can destroy their house and saturn is the bhava karaka for 12th house. Jupiter -Atmakaraka - the lord of 9th house (one of the house of dharma trikona) - dharma, merits from past life - exalted - and too it is in kendra to lagna - producing gaja kesari yoga linked between strong 12th house and 4th house a good chart here the dasa best suited for him is Dwi-Saptatisama dasa
  17. dear shri bobby, you have a great protector Jupiter in your side. in dasamsa there is a exchange of 1st (Venus) and 9th (Saturn) lord creating a great yoga, but it is weakened since saturn is in MKS, strengthening Saturn will help you to get the benefits from the yoga. Lagna is in Taurus, praying to Lord Venkatachalapathy will help.
  18. D7 - analysis: me, ve & sa are in trikona to lagna - more difficult in getting a child, Praying to Lord Shanmuga will help them to over come this (let's hope)
  19. the boy has mangal dosh, the protector from mangalik - mercury is combust, there are some remedies and i'm not familiar with that, lagna relationship 6/8 - lagna lords are not enemies with each other, must give some effort. before marriage confirm that the girl can co-operate with boy's family, gana matching also says that Stri and Dina - boy's co-operation with the girl in her difficult time is in question.
  20. Shri Anusha, your reply reflects your communicative skill. I'm in not in a position to fix the dharma of a person While i can give some tips for their succesful marital life, Boy: Lord of UL and long-lasting married life karaka Saturn is in MKS Praying to Lord Vishnu will help him to get a beautiful married life Girl :Lord of UL in MKS, long-lasting married life karaka mercury is afflicted Praying to Lord Rama will help her to get a beautiful married life, Since Mercury and Sun are in sagittarius going to temple especially on Thursday will be helpful On predicting dasa for the girl next Jupiter MD and Mercury AD ( 2009/Jan - 2010/Mar ) using Dwi-Saptati sama dasa.
  21. By using lahiri ayanamsa on 10th Aug 1983, it has to be Magha 4th pada. Please recheck or correct me
  22. The below given calculations are taken from Shri PVR's teachings, Arudha padas of all the 12 houses (bhavas) in all the divisional charts are defined as follows: 1. Take the sign containing the house of interest in the divisional chart of interest. 2. Find the sign occupied by the lord of the house of interest. [NOTE: Aquarius is owned by Saturn and Rahu. Scorpio is owned by Mars and Ketu. Take the stronger lord in the case of houses falling in these two signs. We will cover the strengths of planets in a different lesson.] 3. Count signs from the house of interest to the sign containing its lord. Counting is in the zodiacal direction always. For example, if the house we are interested in is in Gemini and its lord Mercury is in Aquarius, we count signs from Gemini to Aquarius and get 9. 4. Count the same number of signs from the sign containing the lord and find the ending sign. In the above example, we count 9 signs from Aquarius and we end up in Libra. 5. Exception: If the sign found thus in step (4) is in the 1st or 7th from the original sign in step (1), then we take the 10th sign from the sign found in step (4). Otherwise we don’t make any change. 6. The resulting sign contains the arudha pada of the house of interest. Arudha pada of a house is simply called arudha or pada also. We usually denote the arudha pada on nth house with An. For example, arudha pada of 4th house is A4 and arudha pada of 9th house is A9. There are two special cases: Arudha pada of lagna is denoted as AL (arudha lagna) and arudha pada of 12th house is denoted as UL (upapada lagna).
  23. 5.about marriage we can confirm it from d9, the dasa Mars MD and Ketu AD (2002/Jan/25 - 2002/Jul/23) gave marriage, the mars is in 7th house and ketu in 9th house and the bhoga falls on 11th house which is occupied by Venus and A9.From rasi, the Mars and Ketu are in one house with UL in it.
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