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  1. Hey, I've been in Rahu almost my entire life. I'm 27 now and it's due to end when I'm 29.5 (I think). Right now I'm in Rahu/Moon and it's pretty rough. The other horrible one was Rahu/Saturn. I don't know a lot about Vedic astrology. I mostly follow Western astrology. Can someone tell me why my Rahu has seemed so particularly bad for me. I just feel so worn down, and my soul just aches right now. Nothing I do seems to help me feel good inside for very long. It's amazing that I didn't degenerate and turn into a drug addict. I don't think it's just me feeling sorry for myself either. Will Jupiter be better for me? Date of Birth : 3-2-1982 (day month year) Time of Birth : 6:36 Ayanamsha Correction : 23.604 Latitude : 37 46 N Longitude : 122 25 W Time Zone : 08 00 W Mahadasha of Rahu Ra/Ra 03-APR-96 14.20 Ra/Ju 03-SEP-98 16.60 Ra/Sa 03-JUL-01 19.45 Ra/Me 03-FEB-04 22.00 Ra/Ke 03-FEB-05 23.05 Ra/Ve 03-FEB-08 26.05 Ra/Su 03-JAN-09 26.95 Ra/Mo 03-JUL-10 28.45 Ra/Ma 03-AUG-11 29.50
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