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  1. Jupiter in my view is weak since it has hardly has any cheshta bala. It is combust and more importantly in the nakshatra of the 8th lord Moon. Hence the bad results. regards,
  2. Hi Venus is lord of 22nd drekkana and can cause diseases. Venus is weak in gandantha in an inimical sign in pakshi dreakkana and hence the reason for illness in venus dasha.
  3. Venus is lord of 22nd drekkana (a key point for health considerations). Since Venus is weak in the gandantha cusp, the health issues have surfaced in venus dasha. Venus is also in pakshi drekkana.
  4. Hi esteemed astrologers, Attached below is the birth details of my brother who despite all efforts by family members is unable to get a bride. Kerala astrologers term this horoscope as 'Shudajatakam' and say a similar one alone can match. My brother is very choosy as well. Request your efforts in a detailed analysis and when marriage is possible? DOB : 3rd Nov 1976 TOB : 00:13 hours (13 minutes past mid night) POB : Mysore, Karnataka regards, SC Menon
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