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  1. Dear Classic72 Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I will be looking forward for your suggestions and guidance. Regards Monika
  2. Hi Tushar You can wear it in any of the finger. Feed any cow but preferably a black one. Always be religious and abstain from non-veg and liquor. and if possible, throw a new empty earthern pitcher in running water(holy river or canal)
  3. Hello Tushar You just go through these remedies given by LAL KITAB 1. Abstain from liquor and non-veg. 2. Apply Kesar tilak everyday on your forehead and visit temple. 3. Wear a ring made of stainless steel. 4. Always act by taking advice of somebody before heading for new work. 5. Serve a black cow. By the way did you marry at the age of 25?
  4. You can take pheras again. That you can do anywhere. (in temple etc. ) rest depends upon you.
  5. For you 1. Give three bananas everyday for 43 days 3continously in temple. 2. Keep a red handkerchief with you. (cotton) which doesn't shine. 3. Keep your mother happy and donate milk and rice. For your brother (5th dec) 1. he should wear gold in his neck. 2. Avoid green colour and feed sparrows with green moong and do not eat himself the green moong. 3. Clean teeth with alum (Phitkari) For your brother (14th feb) 1. Avoid liquor and non-veg 2. Wear a copper coin in his neck in white thread. 3. Wear gold too in his neck. 4. He should also keep a red handkerchief with him. Hope it will help you and your siblings.
  6. hello zealalways You are manglik and your husband is not. Try these remedies. 1.Remarry your husband. 2.Wear a silver chain. 3.Take your meals in the kitchen 4.Give sweet bread/roti to dogs. 5. Always keep Gangajal in your house. 6. Wear a copper coin in your neck in white thread. 7. Serve cows Hope it helps
  7. Bring water from the well or water tap situated within the boundaries of the cremation ground and place it within your house. Offer gram and pulses in the place of worship Perform SHRADH ceremony of your ancestors. Avoid accepting anything free of cost Association with saints will not be good for you. Things of ivory will give bad results. Avoid them Throw copper coin in river continously for 43 days . Offer almongs to religious places. Put saffron tilak on forehead A temple with idols should not be established within the house. Try them. It will help them hopefully..
  8. Try these remedies. Hope it will help you. 1. Wear a copper coin in neck in white thread. 2. Avoid green colour and emerald. 3. Do not accept any taweez from anybody
  9. hello i would like to give some remedies for the person concerned. Remedies are as follows: 1. He should never wear blue and black and green clothes 2. Abstain from non-veg and liquor 3. Throw a copper coin for 43 days continously in running water (river or canal) 4. Go to temple everyday 5. Never accept any taweez from any saint or anybody. 6. Offer mushrooms filled in earthern pot at religious place. Hope it will help the person. Good Luck
  10. Hi Sanjay Could you enlighten me about moon rahu combination in 3rd house with libra ascendent? regards monika
  11. Avoid non-veg and liquor Wear a copper coin ( that have a hole ) in your neck in white thread. Throw mustard oil in a drain continously for 43 days do not keep a temple in the house. Do not donate clothes.
  12. hello Try these remedies. keep silver at home Keep rice washed in milk at home. Don't use them. donate coconuts Wear a silver bangle on the right arm Bury copper coin in a deserted place. Do these remedies. It will be of help to you.
  13. 1. Obtain blessings of your mother by keeping her happy. 2. Serve others with rice or milk. 3. Practice good conduct and avoid evil deeds. 4. Blessings of mother like women will prove lucky. 5. Place a square piece of silver in your house. 6. Do not keep ivory things 7. Never accept any free gifts. 8. Avoid telling lies. 9. Avoid association with faqirs or sadhus. 10. Avoid furnishing false evidence in any matter 11. Feed birds 12. Clean your teeth with alum (phitkari) 13. Avoid liquor 14. DOnate eye medicines free of cost 15. Avoid wearing blue colour. GOOD LUCK !!
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