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  1. Sorry Aayush, I think I was just getting a little disturbed, I know I can control my destiny, was hoping I could do something to enhance it in any way. Thank you though, I guess I was being fickle - minded.. I just hope I'm able to have a baby soon...
  2. Can anyone else please confirm a more definate time frame. My husband and I have been getting very anxious and extremely sad, we know it is in our destiny but we feel extremely unhappy today
  3. Thank you everyone, I do take a little bit of stress usually, I will start reading and listening to Vishnu and Laxmi Sahastranam...thank
  4. Hello, I had the previous question but am concerned still and would like any affirmations form you all regarding when I will get pregnant. Please advise if I should read any mantras daily or perform any puja... Thank you very much...
  5. I believe I am going through Sade Sati at this time.. will this cause any problems with regards to family planning and job?
  6. Thank you astrouncle, we have been trying for some time now, so are a bit concerned...can anybody else please suggest anything too?
  7. Hello, My DOB is 16 April 1981 11:17 am, Mumbai, India and my husbands is 3rd December 1974 5:30 pm , Mumbai India. We are trying for a baby. Can you advise 1) when we willl have a baby? 2) whether we will get a boy or a girl? 3) How many children will I have? We have been married 3 1/2 yrs now..
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