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  1. Thank you for your advise. I will definately follow your guidance. If possible pls. throw some light n my career -Shashank
  2. Hi , I am suffering a lot since last 10 yrs. Firstly , I suffered with my studies, then my career and now i am suffering with debts .. pls help and advise. My details : Shashank DOB/Time : 27 july 1980 / 8.30 AM place : Azamgarh -up
  3. Hi All , My name is sahil. I am struggling since 10 yrs. with my studies and career. I am working in an IT company but my financial condition is too bad. I m married and a child is expected to arrive this month . I am too worried due to lack of financial and career satability ..pls help My details : Sahil. DOB- 27/07/1980 time - 8.30 am place : Gorakhpur (UP)
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