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  1. Hello WebYogi, I would appreciate if you could analyze my chart. Thank you, Ompuneet
  2. Hello WebYogi, My birth details are 29-Jan-1978, 10:55 AM Delhi Thanks, Regards, Ompuneet
  3. Hello, Thanks to both Deepa ji and Raman Ji to clarifying my doubts. Deepa Ji, it was interesting to know about Moon and Sun antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha as currently I am experiencing Sun antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha. And as a result I do see some relationship fluctuation with my father, also Rahu being in the house of Mercury may be helping me. Any comments? Thanks, Ompuneet
  4. Hello WebYogi, I have Moon with Rahu in 7th house (House of Mercury) and Moon is the lord of 5th house in which I have retrograded Mars placed in. I realize that Rahu is exalted in the house of Mercury but do you think Moon is disturbed due to Rahu which essentially weakens its own house(5th house)? As retrograded Mars in 5th house (house of moon) it is debiliated, but I think debiliation is cancelled out, as Moon is placed in Kendra......Is Mars ok in my chart being retrograded or I should try to make Mars stronger? Thank you for your help Best Regards, Ompuneet
  5. Rahu is freinds with Mercury, Venus and Saturn and tends to provide sudden positive affects to those houses either by conjuncting or aspecting. Rahu with Moon or Sun does not consider to be good, could anyone clarify? Thanks, Regards, Ompuneet
  6. Dear Sandhuji, Great explanation! As you mentioned if Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are retrograde they aspect 8 houses...strangely enough I have all three planets in retrograde position (Jupiter in 4th, Mars in 5th and Saturn in 6th house) and in sequence. The Saturn and Sun are interchanging their houses, do you think retrograde Saturn would be good as Malefic planet is in sixth house? Does it mean that Saturn also aspect from 5th house? Please clarify Thanks, Ompuneet
  7. Nice explanation Thanks, Ompuneet-
  8. Hi Kezman, I am quite new to astrology so I would tell what I know.... According to me your Mars is strong in 11th house and makes 2nd and 9th house strong as well. You have Sun in 9th house (House of Mars) that makes your 9th house stronger. Jupiter is in its own house which is good from career point of view, and on top of that you have Guru Mahadasha which should be very good since your lagan lord is Jupiter. Ompuneet
  9. Hello Sandhu Ji, I would appreciate if you could help me with my queries, mention below. Regards, Ompuneet
  10. Hello Sandhu Ji, Thanks for your reply, in my chart Saturn is placed in 6th house (house of Sun) and Sun is placed in 10th house with Venus (house of Saturn) i.e. Sun and Saturn are exchanging houses. As I understand malefic planet is good in 6th house, in my case Saturn is in 6th house retrograded, how do you think Saturn is affecting my chart? 29-Jan 1978, 10:55AM Delhi I have also started the first phase of Sade Sati in July 2007, health is being problematic since then. I appreciate your comments. Regards, Ompuneet
  11. Hello Sandhu Ji, What is your opinion about Jupiter aspecting Saturn's house and the house is also aspected by Saturn (i.e. Saturn aspects its own house)? Please clarify Regards, Ompuneet
  12. Hello Classic72, I have Rahu and Moon in my 7th house (house of Mercury), how does it effect my life partner? I realize that Rahu is Uchka in Mercury's house but at the same time moon is afflicted by Rahu, how does it affect my married life? Thanks, Ompuneet
  13. Hello Classic72, I would appreciate your interpertation of my chart. Thank you, Regards, Ompuneet
  14. Hello Classic72, I really appreciate your detailed explanation, my birth details are as follows: 29 Jan, 1978 10:55AM, Delhi. Currently I am under Rahu Mahadasha and going to start Jupiter Mahadasha in 2012. Also, I am in the first phase of Sade Sati. I am quite concerned for my 5th house as I think it affects one's intellectual level and also the house of children. Sun and Venus are placed in 11th house aspecting 5th house and that adds little more complexity to 5th house. Besides that I have Saturn in 6th house retrograded that may also affect the 5th house, please clarify. Thanks for your help. Regards, Ompuneet
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