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  1. Below are my older brother's details: DOB: 03/ 11 / 1985 Time: 10:08 am Place: Ludhiana, Punjab he is currently working in KPO ..he has done BCOM... and now hes thinking of doing MBA... he also sells insurance policy as part time on weekends .. He is also thinking to start some business but is confused... What should he do, some job or business ? ...also provide some other helpful info.. Thanks
  2. that makes me feel low...please can u elaborate a lil bit more ? will i lose money ... Can i make more money in business rather than job ?
  3. thanks .. i knw ... i just came here to know more about myself and if anyone can give some future predictions .. thats it .. sometimes i also think i dont knw anythin ... ignore the above talented line ... i wrote it by mistake ... if anythin is wrong my question... mods and admins plz delete/close this thread
  4. Date of birth: 26 / 10 / 1989 Time: 6:20 am Place: Ludhiana, Punjab Currently living in noida and pursuing BCA. Very much interested in computers and all. Done Commerce in 12th. I'm always thinking about earning money. I have my own website and been making good money online. I know that I have Maha Yoga in my rashi. But I get depressed when I see other people horoscope and see that they have Raja Yoga and I dont have. I consider myself most talented in my whole class. All other students are dumb. I dont talk with them. I choose some selected friends who r like me. But I study only day before exam and able to get good marks. Will I be able to earn good money in less age. Will I able to buy my own house before the age of 30. Should I be warned against theft.. I also lost my purse on 8/8/2008 with 17k Rs....I sit on computer all day except during college... I also get upset sometimes when I think about my future life and death... Please help me regarding my life.. what should i do and what should i don't... Thanks
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