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    Terrorists hide among civilians and complain that their enemies are targetting civilians when the civilians get killed. Then they expect the world to see them as innocent victims. When will people wake up to the incessant duplicity of terrorists ?



    They will wake up to see what fear is when the first atomic bomb dropped down onto their heads.


    What terrorists and even secular Muslims worldwide does not know (or care to know) is that the ONLY reason why they still allowed to do as they are pleased is because the nations of the World still hopes for Peace and do not wish for World War.


    Seeking Peace is not a sign of Weakness. But to them, it is. The more peaceful we try to be with them, the more weaker we are in their sight. God willing ... that could change.


    I do understand.. but a proper planning and understanding should be there before taking any step.

    Many innocent die in such wars.. see the Mahabharata.. that war took place somewhere outside the city..where assurance was made not to kill any civilian.


    Not like today... innocent kids and women lose their lives.


    IF you have read Mahabratha epic, then I persume you could know who Asthama is (name maybe wrong, help out here).


    That person was a terrorist. He have gathered those who have lost the war (against the Pandavas) and with this people, he have killed the survivors in their sleep.


    Today, there are a lot of "Asthawamas" running around here in form of Muslims, killing of the innocents while people like us do nothing but "sleep" on this matter. Question here is - How long are we going to pretend to sleep, hoping that this people will "repent" in their ways?


    As for innocent kids and women ... IS THAT REALLY OUR PROBLEM OR THEIRS?


    It is they who should be thinking carefully how a war could effect their own families and how they will have to watch their children die, NOT US.


    They FAILED to think carefully of the consequences of a war and could only daydream about 72 prostitutes they could get if they die in battle.


    And if you suggest that we should be bothered about their children and wives, then I could say that they have succeeded in what they want - to use their family as human sheilds and our compassion as our weakness.


    Maybe about time, we too turn into demons and Asuras to deal with demons like this. I could. :deal:


    Any violence by a large population is not because these people are violent than any other. Its an alarm, a sign, a signal that something is wrong in the treatment of this population.


    That is a load of CRAP.


    Are you going to say that Hindus in Mumbai deserved what happened to them because they didn't treat Muslims well? :mad:


    What about Buddhist monks who have been killed in South Thailand by Muslim separatists? Are you going to say that Buddhist monks have did something wrong to the Muslims?


    This "populations" as you called it are nothing more than parasites. They live like parasite, they breed like parasite and they bring about destruction like parasites.


    DO NOT INSULT the victims for actions of the Oppressors. :mad:


    The Allies surely new about the concentration camps and knew about the railway lines leading to these places. Did they ever bomb those railway lines, no, never. Instead they bombed civilian targets in Ausschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald etc.


    Maybe you do not know, but 95% of those Allies members were Christians. They didn't have much love for Jews any more than Muslims have love for them today.


    Matter a fact, even up to 1980s, many Christians have openly blamed Jews for "death" for Jesus Christ (which ironically, according to them, needed to die in order to save them). Yeah ... Christians are bunch of weirdos ... they blame Jews for "killing" their god but celebrate the death of their god as necessary to safe them.


    Anyway, Allies attacked Germans NOT because they had love for Jews. They attacked because many of the nations of Europe have already fallen under Adolf Hitler and they were afraid of conquest by Hitler.


    I believe Sephiroth that the basic teaching that was transmitted from generation to generation is nearly coming to an end.

    Each generation pass on the values to the next... but each time when that process takes place.. some elements are missed.

    Today.. everything is missed.. since no element is left to pass.

    But I hope and I have that feeling that.. restoration of this great culture will surely take place...


    Restoration can began only after Hindus have been united in a common goal. Right now, forgive me for saying it ... but I don't see Hindus been united.


    I have seen many people who calls themselves Hindus and go around proclaiming that their Sri Rama is the greatest, or Sri Krishna is greatest or Maha Vishnu is greatest or Maha Eshwara is greatest.


    Came on people ... what is wrong with you all? The Gods of Hindusm did not go around parading, claiming that they are greater than another deity, WHY the hell are you people doing that mistake in name of your gods? :eek4:


    Before Hindusm can be restored at ANY LEVEL, hindus themselves have to restore their own faith in themselves and unite.


    Everyone has the right, actually the duty, to defend themselves and others from the onslaught of terrorists, who are simply modern-day Kali yuga demons. They are not going to go away, so better prepare now for the coming battles. Grow some of your own food, learn to handle a firearm, etc.



    For now, stick together. Find who are your friends are and stick together. Comfort in numbers and strength in numbers.


    Learning martial arts as means of self-defence is a good move also. Not everyone could accord weapons or in the future, weapons could not be an options.


    Also, learn a lot about Science and Technology. Something in my heart tells me that Science and technology will play a vital role as well.


    Gandhiji said, "I'm in a war but this time the weapon is different".


    The thing about choosing the weapon is not the main thing in a war.. but the reason for war should not be tainted by any personal selfish motive.


    Personal and selfish motives? Alright ... allow me to summarize something for you.


    Those terrorists ... they kill innocent people - Men, women AND Children in attempt to die and be rewarded 72 virgins (or prostitutes however you look at them) in heaven. How selfish do they need to get before Hindus fight back?


    One of the reasons why things like Mumbai terror attack and 9-11 attack occur is because good people do not get up and fight back. All this talk about peace is sickening. YOU CANNOT TALK SENSE WITH SENSELESS PEOPLE.


    They deny God because of their taste for material enjoyment.

    The more deeply they are attached.. the more deeper is the ditch.


    There's more to that than simple "escape from materialistic life" aspect in Spiritualism.


    I myself are a scholar (of my own rights) of Evolution of Mankind. I believe that there are three paths to Evolution (to a higher being).


    Believe it or not, it was Hindusm which teached me the most about Evolution and not Science alone. Studying the Nine Avatars of Maha Vishnu from an Evolutional point of view have been an incredible experience for me and offers a lot of answers which Science alone have not provided.


    The three paths of Evolutions are : Path of Animalistic Qualities, Path of Mental Qualities and Path of Spiritual Qualities.


    Our earlier ancestors (some 5 million years ago) were animalistic in qualities. Many of the human cousins were killed off by nature disasters, famine, sickness or wild animals till they have been forced to develop Mental Qualities. Creation of fire, settlement, weaponry and agriculture (some 10,000 years ago) have enabled humans to settle down and populate the Planet as we have today.


    I believe that without this Mental Evolutions from primitive nature to a higher nature (as we are today), we could not have come so far ahead, breaking ourselves away from Animal world completely.


    So, I believe that the next stage in Human Evolution can ONLY BE ACHIEVED through Spiritual Path.


    The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised. The only question seems to be what is the time frame going to be and like you say will God intervene in any way.


    Don't expect God to say those who does not save themselves.


    Right now, Hindus should work harder in trying to save themselves and their way of life from Adharmic people. But I see a lot of ppl failing to do that.


    Even now in Malaysia, Muslims have started to destroy temples and get away with it, by stating that Malaysia belongs to Muslims (as if ANYTHING in the World actually belongs to one person or one race).


    Not enough, many Hindu youngsters - many of them who are well educated in Degrees - behaving like ruffians in the streets during the New Year celebrations. One look at it, and I wish I could slap the parents of this ruffians. :mad:


    In short ... IF Hindus do not show themselves to be worthy of been saved, DO NOT EXPECT TO BE SAVED.

  10. This reminds me of one scene in Gandhi the movie.


    One British reporter were interviewing Gandhi (played incredibly well by Sir Ben Kingsley) and she asked him of what his opinion about Adolf Hitler and whether his Ahimsa teaching could be used against someone like Adolf Hitler.


    Gandhi replied - "Maybe".


    Sometimes, Violence must be dealt with Violence. Especially when the ones who promote this sort of violence are those who have closed their minds and unwilling to discuss their difference and find a common ground.


    Time will come when Hindus too much choose to fight or be annihilated. When time comes, I hope to see Hindus up and ready. :)


    As It Is Known That kalki Avatar Will be Born On An isle , mauritius Is A Small Island In The Indian Ocean . It Has Its Own Sacred Lake Known As Ganga Taloa. It Is Still Far Develop Like The Western , People Still Respect Each Others Here . Can It Be Possible That He Can Be Born In Mauritius Live Till 31 Years Old Like A Simple Person And Go To Do Meditation In The Small Cave Not Far From Ganga Taloa And Be Enlightened Over There And Then Start His Voyage From There??


    Question ... where did it say that Kalki will be born on an Isle? I have read Bhavagad Gita, but have never come across anything like that. :eek4:


    You are right in this sentence but you forgot to put a blank space between

    a and theist in the word atheist. The rest is good, no doubt about that.




    The distance of space between a and theist in an Atheist is as far as between Common Sense and Uncontrolled Emotions.


    Theism required humans to think within a certain limit, to do what is right and wrong and remember that they WILL be judged according to the actions they have taken (or did not take).


    Atheism is animalism - it required Humans to behave like animals - do whatever they please and make whatever excuses they like in order to fool themselves into thinking that they will escape the Judgement of God and this World. Such people is a waste of my time.

  13. by learner5612


    Samudraullangna (crossing ocean) is considered to be Sin, ... This is completely scientic and it is mentioned in Geeta to have a Saadhu sanga, which means to be with vegie people and also in an environment, where there is a controlled material desire and lust.

    I have no idea what a Samudraullangna supposed to mean. I have check on the Net and got this as result :




    Which means that the term probably does not exist.


    As for your so-called Saadhu Sanga thing ... well, that is merely creation of Vaishnavist followers, not the actual Bhavagad Gita (which I have already mentioned that I have read it).


    Thats after the age of Kali started. There has been constant travel across the ocean after the age of Kali started.


    No, Age of Kali started when people like you were born. People who does not know crap about Hindusm, or what stated in Bhavagad Gita or what stated by Sri Krishna.


    You proclaimed that crossing the ocean is a sin, but forgot that in many incidents, Sri Krishna Himself had involved in various feats which required crossing a body of Water.


    When attacked continously by His enemy in Madurai, what did Sri Krishna do? He created Dwarka - a city in the middle of the Indian Ocean (very much like the legendary Atlantis). He took His people ACROSS the Ocean to the new place for their protection.


    Also Sri Krishna have asked Arjuna to come and rescue His people from Dwarka when it was about to sink. Sri Krishna Himself HAD crossed the ocean, reached India where He have passed away back to Vaikuntha.


    In both incidence, it is evident that Sri Krishna did not follow what He had preached in Bhavagad Gita OR this nonsense about Crossing the Sea does not exist and merely created by people during the Kali Age to ensure that the Hindu society remains in India, never to look outside India and see how others are progressing.


    Remember this - As long as Hindus remains isolated and with backwatered mind-set, Hindusm will remain weak, and they will be enslaved by enemies of Hindusm.

  14. by Amlesh


    No. I've not done anything.

    Who was complaining about this and that?

    I've put forward only the fact..

    Unless you're an qualified expert in Hindusm, your "facts" remains nothing but words, written by a Net user. That is all. In another word, you talked, but did nothing.


    I don't have a religion first of all, and I view all other religions as important constituents. I like to let everyone happy in their lala land...

    Another word - you're an atheist who is busy wasting other people's time. Well, Good bye. :smash:

  15. by Amlesh


    Again True; the problem is because the fundamental truth and scientific nature of hinduism has been less exposed to the present and upcoming generation. According to me, the problem lies with the prior generations, they are not doing their duty as it should be. There is a blockage in the transmission of values from above to below.


    Hello, you will be a "prior generation" to your children and their children. Have you done all you could to help Hindusm? Or are you going to wait till your children and their children blame you for it as well?


    Never mind the past generations, they had their share of problems (like lack of media to express their belief). You are here and now ... do something for Hindusm. If Muslims and Christians can open website and talk about their religions on the Net, why can't Hindus?


    A lot of times, I've heard nowadays Pundits and Hindu preachers speaking and giving sermon; they are really pathetic. They themselves don't know anything, what they'll convey to others.


    Blame yourselves for not providing alternative sources for them to listen or read about.


    Hmm ... Hindus seems to love to blame others for their inaction. :eek4:


    Thanks to brits, who saw that even the minutest trace of vedic education wouldnt survive in this nation. Reason, the backbone of vedic education deals with NOT going abroad and dealing with any of MLECHAS, as even coming in contact with sinners, one becomes a sinner. The vedic education is only a myth now, as it wouldnt help one in anyway to fly to US for earning in dollars. However, I am hopeful in a very wiered manner that oneday Americans start this Vedic education and bring in schools in India to revive the culture. That will atlesat help in boosting the self esteem of millions of people, which has gone shattered in pieces due to firstly islamic, next the English and now so called the democratic politicisation.

    I have read Mahabratha, Ramayana, Bhavagad Gita and a lot of other stuff (but not too detail in the Vedas) but I don't see where it is said that going abroad was a bad thing.


    People like you don't your own history - you are an embodiment of Ignorant which imprisons the mind of Hindus and force them to hide in that hole called India. GET OUT and see the World, before you rot in it.


    FYI - ALL Hindus, listen to your history. Hindus have been going out to see the World since 1000 AD. There have been traces of Hindu heritage as far away as Japan. Cambodian's Angkor Wat have pictures of Kurma Avatar in its walls, Indonesia have Buddhist temples and even in Malaysia, there are signs that Hindus had AT LEAST two kingdoms in Perak and Johor as early as 1200 AD.


    But Westerners have been telling Hindus that they have been living like pagans and their forefathers were never sophiscated, because they don't want Hindus to become wiser and stronger. That idioctic attitude continued today by your Government. That is why there are fools who could look for help from foreigners to revive your heritage instead of working toward it themselves.


    hello yonaguni,it looksthat science is not very clever yet to discovert with precision the ages of humanity but i suggest you to have a look about what this russian cience man called zacharias sitchin says,it is very interesting he says that every 3600 years we have a world apocalyptic age due to the coming of a planet called nibiru which orbits between the sun and the earth making the poles shift thats why some monuments are under the water others under earth and soon depending on the location of the area afected


    Nibiru is just a myth, based on poem of Enuma Elish (Babylonia Creation myth) which later gives birth to the story of Genesis in the Bible. The Bible itself is nothing more than a collection book of stories, commonly told in the Middle-East during the time of Christians.


    And for your information, we don't need a large planet to be near our own to have a poles shift, anything about the half the size of the moon could be able to effect the Planet as much as Nibiru could have. Matter a fact, if the Moon was a bit closer than it is today, it could turn our Earth's pole as well due to the influence of its gravity.


    At last this question...


    The answer is no. We need to become the Saviour.


    Unfortunately, that is the one thing which we (at least the Hindus) are not doing.


    Organized religions are quickly coming in to take over the place, just as Mafia could take over from the local thugs and religions like Hindusm and Buddhism is quickly fading away.


    I have seen many Hindus who behave very westernly (like going to pubs, drinking alcholol and having casual sex) and they called such animalistic behaviour as "norm" and modern trend.


    Hell ... just watch Tamil movies nowadays. They seems to be teaching youths today a lot of stylish way to open alcholol bottles.


    Dear Srikanth, and Sephiroth,

    Sephiroth, is taking the mystic's position. Since the ultimate reality is not cognizable by mind and not describable by words, all that we say become meaningless. "Those who talk do not know, thouse who know do not talk".


    And Sephiritoth, if one really practice the mystic's principle then one cannot say anything. One must keep silent. the discussion forum will have no posting. This is why mystics themselves have broken the rule of silence and spoke their experience in volumes and volumes.So why accuse Srikant for attempting a discussion?


    The misunderstanding between you is just verbal, not substantial.





    No misunderstanding, just misinterpretations.


    Mystics have not broken the Rule of Silence. You see, in Mystiscm, the basic principle is "Everything that happened had happened for a good reason, everything which is happening IS for a good reason and everything which will happen WILL happen for a good reason" (Bhavagad Gita).


    Therefore, a Mystic have no need to explain to others why something happens in such way or why someone is suffering accordingly. Therefore, the Rule of Silence should apply here.


    However, Mystics trying to explain Spiritualism could be considered like a teacher trying to teach their students about something. Never mind Spiritualism, let try something simple like Maths. A teacher can teach how to calculate, multiply, divide etc with numbers, however, if a student have no interest or take time and effect to experiement what been taught, the teacher's effects will be wasted.


    Personally, I believe that everyone needs to take a mystical approach if they are to achieve Moksha. There is no other way. Praying and going to temple alone will not be sufficient if the soul is asleep and the heart and the mind plays monkey-games.


    It is the natural phenomena of Degeneration.


    After light there is Darkness, after darkness there is light and there goes the cycle...


    Everything has to undergo a cyclic change.


    We've experienced such stuff in the past, but each time we have seen a saviour emerging amidst dark fogs, when everything seemed to be lost; they've restored back that beautiful world.


    Can we afford to wait for a saviour? Everyday, Hindus fall prey to other people who believes in different things, many of them (whom I have met) were hypocrites. They talk on how wonderful and "clean" their religion is, but still spend time at the pub, disco and such. As if they wore two faces.


    What annoying is that this are the same people who continued to downgrade other people's religions, like Hindusm. They don't understand Hindusm (or any other religion except their own), they DON'T WANT to understand Hindusm but to them, Hindusm is wrong and shouldn't be followed. Blind fools.


    I for one will not wait for Hindu temples to "submerged" like those structures, waiting for some people to come and wonder whether it is man-made or natural formation.


    Dear members,

    I believe that the ego of being a soul is encased in three bodies, the physical, the astral and the causal. Once you are out of these, there is nothing that remains and you are one with the Infinite. The Infinite does not have any particular form. It is nothing but the consciousness that prevails in the entire universe. That is what we call God or Supreme Soul.

    But once this is attained, there is no difference. The very nature of this Supreme Consciousness is that it has powers to create, maintain and destroy. It is a part of its nature and therefore it can again create many encasements within itself which mark the birth of new souls.




    Beautifully explained. :)


    Ok, taken for granted I am foolish. It looks like you have come to a conclusion just by reading the first post (not properly also). Give us some light on your non-foolish thoughts so that we can deviate from foolishness.


    Whatever thoughts I may have in understanding of what Mukti, Enlightnment and Moksha maybe, IT IS FOOLISH THOUGHTS to others. Even if I have state it to the best of my ability, in the end, someone will always disagree about some part of it, thus an argument of two blind men will begin. I have yet to be enlighten, yet I will debate like the blind men I have accused you all to be. Is that not an action of an ignorant man? I shall not do such mistake.



    We are not here to achieve Mukti but here to clear our differences on the same. Kindly go through the postings. I think you have come to a conclusion about this thread just by reading the first post. You perhaps would have grasped the essence when I have told about by monoist stance and what I think and the same is being refuted and debated by our friends here.


    It does not matter what stance you could make. In the end, all the conclusions you could achieve will be from influence of the Mind (and how it interprets the World).



    Dear Sephiroth, if you are in the light, lead us to it. I think you are a confused entity yourself when you say so.


    Not focused, learned. And in a confused World, a learned person is always considered to be a confused person to a confused bunch. :)


    Very well ... I give a free lessons (which I have learnt). Lesson one :- To achieve Moksha, one shall not be lead by another. If you want it, go and find it. Do not expect others to lead you to it.


    Lesson two :- Discard all you know, for you know nothing. What you have read in books, those are merely description of people who themselves have yet to experience Mukti. Discard all you have read, believe ONLY in God. :pray:


    Lets see if you are capable of doing this two. :deal:

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