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    I say this with all due respect, but please do NOT say that India is "land of the Hindus" or that India is somehow holy.


    If India is holy, then why is Makkah and Madinah not where there a man (Muhammad) who preached submittance to God walked? Why isn't Karbala considered sacred when there, another holy man (Imam Hussein bin Ali) layed down his life for his God? What about Afghanistan, where Abdul-Rahman was about to lay down his life for his God? Or maybe even Uhud, where at least 100 men layed down their lives for their God, lost the battle, and yet had stronger faith in Him afterwards? Or, how about Badr where 300 men defeated 1000 men in order to make Arabia safe for those who rejected polytheism?


    I hope you get the point.


    Hmmm ... Since when Muslims started to preach Islamic doctrines here? :eek4:


    India is Holy not because of the Ganges River or it's people. India is Holy because it is holy for Hindus who live and practise Hindusm there. Matter a fact, any place where Hindu live and practise Hindusm IS holy to such Hindu. If a Hindu practise his way of living and prayers in his own home, then his own home is Holy to God. If a Hindu has no home (a Sannyasi) and he still lives for God, then his own body and heart is Holy to God.


    In Judaism, it is stated that a Human body is the Temple of God, for God resides in Heart of Man. I believe there something similar in Bhavagad Gita, forgot which verses it was.




    I don't believe that God required any Man to go and die for Him. I don't believe that God who created everything - from the largest of galaxies to the smallest of atoms needs parasites like Muslims to die defending Him. That is purely INSULT to God if anyone things such way. :mad:


    Muslims does not die for God. They never had, they do not now, and they will never do in the future. ONLY reason why Muslims dying in useless manners today and for the past 1,400 years is because Muhammad had preached that they will get to heaven where they will enjoy 72 virgins. THIS IS THE ONLY REASONS.


    Well, another fact maybe to be on Jeeva side : Some old cities seem to have been discovered in Atlantic ocean, but not revealed to the public. In 1973, Historian/explorer Maxine Asher claimed to have discovered Atlantis off the coasts of Spain. Some other people did the same later apparently and also off Morocco (old temple ruins and pillars underwater,...). Nothing seems to have been officially reported today from these discoveries. I believe truth is really hidden by a small community (or big) of knowledge people.


    These underwater discoveries go up to Bimini and near Florida coasts, Bahamas etc... it is said. I wonder also about the Dwaraka city of Krishna which is said to have been discovered near the Gujarat coasts... (..?)


    One more of my wondering... this secret society of the "9 unknown men", couldn't it be figuratively Vishnu with its 9 avatars... ? Seems strange to me...


    Best Regards,




    Actually, I was watching this TV documentary the other days and it stated that UFOs and USOs (Unindentified Submersible Objects) often appeared in areas which corresponds to areas stated to associate with the Altantis Myth - in Bermuda Triangle, off the coast of Mediteranean seas, India Oceans and the area off the south side of Japan Archipelagoes.


    And No, the "9 unknown Men" have nothing to do with the Maha Vishnu's 9 Avatars. For one thing, Maha Vishnu's Avatars have been around since ancient times, up to 5,000 yrs ago. Stories about the "9 Unknown Men" appears sometime after Asoka Era (rough 2,000 yrs ago).


    I am not sure the Brahma-astra weapon is belonging to lord Brahma. Wasn't it Indra's weapon ? (lord of thunder and king of the gods)


    Nope, Brahma-astra belongs to Lord Brahma, not Indra. Indra's primary weapon/magic is called Naga astra. If you remember properly Ramayana, Ravana's son defeated Indra and obtain a name for himself - Indrajit. He was using Naga astra against Sri Rama and Laksamana during the War.


    Thing with this magical weapons are, their ownership cannot to given to another person, unless they are taught. Magical weapons like Brahma astra and Naga astra probably have to be blessed by the person obtained from before it could be used.


    Ravana have done severe tapas to obtain boon from Lord Brahma that he couldn't be defeated by the Gods or Demons (but he had left out humans out of the pictures, thinking that humans are not capable of defeat the mighty 10-headed Demon King). After obtaining that boon, he continued to do tapas again to obtain the Brahma-astra from Lord Brahma.

  4. I have read in news yesterday that a group of monkeys have attacked people in New Delhi, India. Hopefully, this monkeys can teach politicians how to behave properly.


    Anyway, as for the sites, I could feel more reassured if the Hindu Sangams around India (Sri Lanka) and the World could force the U.N to recognise this sites as a historical sites. No politicians could dare to touch it then.

  5. Chinese goods and products are cheap and without quality. China have no laws against piracy and copyright protection of other countries' products and allow it's people to remanufacture them to sell things cheaply.


    You allow this cheap and quality-less goods into your country's market, you will risk making this Godless people rich while killing off your own industries. BUY LOCAL GOODS.


    this is what i meant when i said its a shame that people havent grasped vedism. they are one the vedic text say all a part of supreme reality. they are just different forms.vishnu is infinite and so is shiva. it doesnt take a scientist to grasp this concept.


    People with Wisdom will understand and accept this. People with Ego, will not. :eek4:


    The nuclear blast that you just described never occurred in the Mahabharata. There are no such references in the actual text and it is merely a distortion of several passages from there.


    In any case, most of it if not all of it probably never happened and can be discounted as ancient examples of sci-fi even if those instances actually did appear in the text.


    Actually, there are references to Nuclear weapons in Mahabratha. Only thing is, it's name is different. Instead of calling it Nuclear Weapon, they called it Brahma-astra.


    Here's my proof that Brahma-astra is Nuclear weapons :


    The God of Destruction in Hindusm is Lord Shiva - correct? But why is it that Lord Brahma has the most destructive weapon - Brahma-astra? Because Lord Brahma is the one in charge of Creation and Brahma-astra is made from creative energy which become destructive under the correct conditions.


    Atoms are the building blocks for all things. If Lord Brahma is the Creator, then He must have access and ability to manipulate the most fundamental substance in the Universe to create things - which is Nucleus and Energy which forms Atoms. If He has the ability to manipulate Nucleus and Atoms, then He too have the ability to create weapons which could use the same technology - thus Brahma-astra is born.



    Hindusm IS NOT Sci-fi or fairy tale like Christianity or Islam. It is based on facts. Only thing is, this facts are described by people who have no knowledge of proper terms used by people in the future and describe it according to their own understanding.

  8. Even in Malaysia, Hindus here are constantly falling victims for this Godless Parasites who claiming that their religion alone is the truth religion and everyone else are corrupted. :mad:



    Source : http://www.malaysianindians.net/v1/latest/temple-row-suhakam-slams-authorities.html

    Temple row: Suhakam slams authorities

    by Renu on Thursday, 01 November 2007



    The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) has condemned the manner employed by the authorities to demolish a Hindu temple in Shah Alam yesterday.

    Suhakam commissioner Dr Denison Jayasooria (photo: left) said the incident showed that the authorities did not have respect for religious and cultural sensitivities.

    “The authorities may have state or legal right to carry out the demolition, but the manner in which it was conducted requires far greater consideration,” he told a press conference at the Suhakam headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

    “Suhakam has been repeating this so many times. But the authorities seem to be deaf. They cannot display simple human decency in responding to a crisis.

    “Why make it a crisis when it can be settled amicably?” he said, adding that the demolition was untimely since the Hindu festival of Deepavali was only a week away.

    Yesterday, scores of Hindu devotees were injured when they resisted attempts by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) enforcement officials to demolish a temple in Rimba Jaya.

    Some eye witnesses described the situation as a “near riot” as the two sides clashed. MBSA were backed by the riot police and other enforcement authorities.



    Source : http://www.malaysianindians.net/v1/latest/samy-stop-temple-demolitions-or-risk-indian-votes.html

    Samy: Stop temple demolitions or risk Indian votes

    by Dinesh on Thursday, 01 November 2007

    Oct 31, 07 Malaysiakini



    MIC chief S Samy Vellu has urged the government to stop the demolition of Hindu temples or it will risk alienating Indian Malaysian voters. This appears to be the first time Samy Vellu had spoken out strongly on the issue which has been dogging the Hindu community, particularly in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, for the past few years.

    Samy Vellu, who is also the works minister, said he had raised the issue several times during meetings with state government leaders but temples were still being demolished.

    The most recent example, was the demolition of a temple in Kampung Karuppiah (in Kampung Rimba Jaya), Shah Alam, yesterday which Samy Vellu said had “hurt the feelings” of residents there. “It is common knowledge that the majority of Indian voters, if not all Indians in Malaysia, support Barisan Nasional.

    “Thus, I urge the relevant authorities not to resort to the drastic action of demolishing temples even though they are not built legally,” he said in a statement faxed from the Works Ministry.

    Yesterday, Samy Vellu visited Kampung Karuppiah after the demolition had taken place. According to vernacular press reports, he was pelted with sticks and stones by angry residents. He also reportedly lodged a complaint with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who was attending a function nearby.


    Even the local Parasite-supporter and Indian-backstabber, Samy Velu is not immune to getting beating from Hindus who are angry at the Government and their bastardly actions.

  9. Hmph ... While Hindus fight among themselves whether Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu is supreme, enemies of Hindusm surrounds them from all sides - from Pakistan, Bangladesh, from foreigners who come to preach and convert and from Chinese Atheists who slowly crawling into Tibet as we speak. :crazy:


    Anyway, here's for reading purpose, probably related to Lord Shiva.


    Source : http://www.hinduismtoday.com/archives/1991/08/1991-08-09.shtml



    This wilderness mystic - a modern day miko, Shinto priestess - peacefully haunting the sacred hill valleys of Japan is not different from the revered Hindu shamans of Nepal or India. Both can ply the palpable pure energy that interconnects all form - nagare in Shinto texts and Satchidananda in Sanskrit. Both use it to heal.

    The Shiva-like Japanese Deity Fudo Myoo re-echoes this pan-Asian interlacing. Like Shiva, Fudo Myoo specially befriends the recluse, mystic and mountain hermit, granting boons and powers. Fudo Myoo, explains Dr. Carmen Blacker, is the "central and paramount figure in the group of divinites known as the Godai Myoo or Five Great Bright Kings, who in esoteric Buddhism stand as emanations, or modes of activity, of the Buddha. His long hair hangs in a coil over his left shoulder." Like Siva Nataraja, He is always ringed with fire.

    The ichiko or Japanese shaman sees Fudomyoo as his own most interior Self and meditates on this essential oneness just as the Saivite tantric seeks to merge with Shiva-ness within. "Fudo is frequently represented by his attribute, an erect sword," continues Dr. Blacker, "twined about by the dragon Kurikara," not unlike Shiva entwined by a serpent and often represented by his trident alone.

    "The halo of flames which surrounds Fudo is the same fire which the ascetic must kindle in himself. Here again is surely a reminder of the kundalini snake which as it rises up the spine of the yogi confers upon him heat and transformed sexual energy. As it writhes spirally upwards round Fudo's erect sword, we see the shakti or feminine energizing force in its traditional serpent aspect. Once again we meet with this mysterious coincidence of images, so far unexplained, between India and Japan."



    Learn to be open-minded and see similarities inside and outside India. Only then Hindusm will survive. Otherwise, Hindusm will perish and partially will be because of Hindus also.


    I'm doing a research project comparing Krishna and Christ. While looking through some books on the subject I came across this comment which confused me a little:


    For some time Nanda was unaware that Krishna was but a foster-child and not his own son after the flesh; so too, perhaps, Joseph who looked after the Child Jesus.



    In Christianity, Jesus was born to Mary and said to be prophecied. At least, that is what Christians claim. I have yet to come across any prophecy stating that a virgin was going to be pregnant with Jesus.


    In Mahabratha epic, it already prophecied that union of Yasodha and her husband will produce a son who will be responsible for his uncle's death. To prevent this birth, Kamsa went and kill off all the newborns of his own sister, and chain them apart to prevent any more future births.


    Maha Vishnu fixed that by making Sri Krishna born without sexual intercourse and then transfer the child to Yasodha. So, same prophecy but with a slight modification here and there.

  11. Can anyone tell me what you people going to get IF anyone (acharya or normal person) able to proof whether Maha Vishnu or Mahareswa is superior?


    Answer - Nothing, because your idiotic debates are based on your own Egoistic characteristics. And because of this Ego, Hindusm is slowly dying.



    About 500 years ago, Hindusm have been spread to most countries in Asia. Hindus have civilizations in Malaya, Java, Indo-China (Thailand, Loas, Vietnam etc) and all the way to Afghanistan. Today, it is struggling in India where Indians themselves are busy killing off this religion.


    And what does Hindus doing? Instead of protecting their own beliefs and way of life, you people busy debating which aspect of God is superior - the Maintainer or Destroyer. Not only that, you come online and spreading this idiotic debate and giving bad impression to those who wants to learn about Hindusm as well.


    where is the proof, I dont belive without seeing or feeling that there is life outside earth, which sastra says that there is life outside earth. you first said there was nothing and then god created everything, what do you mean by everything


    Since WHEN does your "feeling" can be submitted as a proof? I don't see how a single person's feeling can be submitted as proof for God's actions.


    In Hindusm, the word "Loka" is referred to World/Plains of existence (someone need to confirm which one it is). In many of the puranas and sastras, it already stated that beings from other Lokas have come and influence what happened (or happening) in this World. Therefore, it can be used as evidence stating that Hindusm does support life on other worlds.


    Furthermore, do you even have any idea HOW big the Universe is? Are you saying that you believe in God who is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing who created this vast Universe, BUT create a SINGLE planet with life while leaving everything else as empty? What sort of god is that? Moronic? :wacko:

  13. Last week, I was having lunch with some Hindu friends (some came from India to work at my firm) and they were discussing political matters in India. Politics have little interest to me, but something came up during this talk.



    According to them, Indian and Sri Lankan officials have found traces of footprints of Sri Rama and Hanuman (probably imprinted in cement or hardened soil, like Lucy did in Africa) in northern part of Sri Lanka (or was it in South India). Since NASA have already found the bridge (A.K.A Adam's Bridge), I wasn't surprised about it.



    What surprised me however was the rumor that Indian officials and Sri Lankan Atheists Government were trying to eradicate this proof. Not sure whether this is mere rumors or facts. I like you guys to tell me if you heard anything about this. :eek4:


    Thank you. :cool:

  14. I watched one of the shows that Ravan have captured AND tied Yama Dewa at his bedroom. In another show, it was Sanni Deva (who had his eyes tied with scarf), who kept riddiculing him (Ravan) till his defeat at hands of Sri Rama. In both stories, it is said that the Devas had become arrogant over their powers, enough to the point that Maha Vishnu had turn His face away from them (fall out of grace).Funny thing was, Ravan made the same mistake with his own arrogance when he assumed that humans were too little to posses any threat to him, thus did not include Humans as possible threats when Lord Brahma asked who are the beings which he cannot be defeated by. This shows ... even the mightest man on the Planet could be killed off by an ant IF God sees it fit to do so. So check your pride and ego at all time.


    i am a young one in my teens and i seen most of your posts. in one you said something about young ones learning and getting the knowledge , but some things that you say are probably false or it maybe i dont know what your talking about (there are different ways of doing things).


    One thing i learn about the people advices is that you cannot trust or rely on the info. It can be something evil for example if i was asking for a mantra someone can give me a chant to call ghosts or something.


    I dont know where you get your info from but some of it is false... Another thing you said is 2 days of fasting is enough .....2 days of fasting is ever enough(im just saying)!!!! fasting days are usually starts at friday saturday and the sunday

    ,but when you go to church you want to be as cleans as possible and pure (i somethings fast for almost a whole week). I have a knowledge of a pujari (but im not one)and im still in the process of learning. i go and get my info at mother kali churchs ...and im telling what i know and actually see from others priest /pujaris. ............i advise you to go study some more ..go to church and learn from there and dont learn from others from the internet.

    this is my opinion and im not trying to judge or offend you...everyones different.

    any questions comments email-- djace291@aol.com


    Since when did "Mother Kali" have churches? :eek4:


    Dandavat pranams, all glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!


    This healer claims he is helped by some subtle creatures. I talked with him for an half an hour and he told me few very good points, you could see he has x-ray "eyes" for diagnose.


    I was very, very disappointed when he started to claim that animals exist because they have to be killed and eaten, and some other nonsense things.


    I told him that the best place for someone to be is a holy place and the best association is the association of a spiritual person and I said "I am sure the root of my sickness is a lack of my spiritual life". But he cut me off saying, trying to teach others, that everyone is spiritual person, no need to look for spiritual guide because we are all spiritual and pure enough. And that the most important thing is a healthy body.


    He often says to his "patients": "let's go to eat a juicy steak of lamb".


    So my question to you is: did I make a mistake, because he can definitively heal bodies?


    And what kind of creatures do you think they are? Angels? Or bad spirits?


    Your servant,

    Yashoda dd


    Do exact what your heart says. Sometimes, you can pick some bad more easily using your subconscious mind.


    There is many "creatures" which can be used to heal (or inflict damage). Christians uses something called "Holy Spirit" to heal (but they themselves like demons). Muslims uses prayers and some even bring in Jinns. Some people even have psychic powers to heal others.


    All above doesn't make anyone good. Healing someone doesn't make someone good. Be ware.


    Thankfully most western and younger generation Hindus no longer believe in the caste system, and reject it as discriminatory and backward and have done away with the whole conception, just as the great Indian avatar Buddha taught people to do, BUT believe it or not there are still some older Indian Hindus who have rejected the great avatar Buddha's message of equality and compassion, and these Hindus WHO have REJECTed such basic spiritual teachings (on equality and equal compassion for all sentient beings), still believe in caste divisions and inequalities.. bringing shame on all the millions of un-prejudiced and compassionate Hindus.


    Before you put Westerners on your head and parade around on how "great" they are, I wish to point out to you that it was Westerners (particularly British) who have encouraged the Caste System which exists today.


    No, I'm not saying that there was no Caste Problem before. That is false. Even during Gautama Buddha's time (2,500 years ago), Caste is a big problem in India back then. But when Westerners came to India, they brought together what they called "Social-Status" Consciousness.


    You see ... Western societies that time (around 1800s) were divided in 3 classes - upper class which called themselves Nobles, Middle Class (Working class) and lower society. In India, when this people sees how divided Indians are, they simply apply their own system to whatever is in India.

    Upper Class (which they associate themselves with) consists of Kings, Prince/Princess, Noblemen and even occassionally, Brahmins.


    So you see, Caste today exist not because of Hindusm alone but also as result of Indians absorbing Colonial Attitude toward India. This same attitude (called Slave Mentality) can be found in Philiphines, South America and among Black Americans in America.

  18. I have almost died three times in the past. Twice I was too small to remember, the last incident was in 1989, I was 18 at that moment. I went to seaside in a school trip to the Island of Pangkor.


    It was a calm day, I had a friend with me and we took turn to sit on a enflated rubber tube. It was my turn and somehow, my friend accidentaly brought me to the deeper part of the beach. He couldn't handle it and I was afloat away.


    Some waves hit me and I capsized. I almost drowned but I managed to push myself up. During this time, I couldn't breathe and so sure I was to die. But I felt a presence and felt someone whispering in my ears - "Are you ready to go?" I said (in my mind) - "No, I wish to stay" and the presence disappeared.


    After a few more moments, I managed to grab hold of the tube I was on and some people managed to help me to the beach. I'm not sure who spoke to me and I couldn't see because I had my eyes closed, but it was a real experience.


    PS : my friend get a severe beating after that. :deal:


    how can you believe that hinduism is linked to the land when it is clearly a spiritual and universal dharma


    if all hindus adhered to the faith how can it be destroyed

    truth always prevails - so why are you worried? unless your faith is so full of flaws that it is destined to be erased


    OM Shiva Shakti


    Bharat is the place where Hindus live and strive. India is the pillar - land where Hindus MUST flourish for it to flourish anywhere else.


    Take Christians for example - Vatican City MUST exist for Christianity to exist. In Islam, Mecca MUST exist for Islam. For Judaism to exist, Jerusalem MUST exist.


    Same way, for Hindusm (and Buddhism since India is birth place of Buddha) to exist and flourish ANYWHERE, it's birthplace - the pillar of the belief must exist and maintain.


    your words appear ignorant and racist

    dont you know that bharat, pakistan, US etc are political divides of the same god given earth. The mindset of People matter not flags or skin colours or languages


    OM Shiva Shakti


    Continue like that ... blind and foolish while Muslims grab little by little the territory in the North (through Pakistan) while Christians by "cancer" in form of Christianity through South. In the end, Hindusm perish and Bharat will follow the Hindusm. :rolleyes:

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