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  1. At one time, Hindus have covered most of Asia - from Afghanistan and all the way to Indo-China. Traces of Hindu culture could be found in Japan and China as well.


    Matter a fact, many Japanese youngsters are told to learn more about Hindusm to get to know Buddhism better (at least, according to some websites I have been to). But today, Hindusm is shrinking even in India, and many of the ppl outside India doesn't know about Hindusm and its principals.


    But what happened today? India is holy? I have read somewhere that at least 10,000 abortions occurs every year in India, and thousands of female children were killed in rural areas.


    Caste System is a real headache and India Government doesn't seems to be bothered about it. Matter a fact, India IS the ONLY country in the World where any "caste" can start their own party. Unless you want to consider Neo-Nazi movement, which is illegal, by the way.


    India is holy? In what way? Just because it is a birth place of great Sages, that alone does not make India holy. Take Gautama Buddha for example. He is considered Holy man by many cultures in Asia, and India happened to be his birth place. Yet Buddhism almost gone here.


    Even in Hindusm, Mahabratha and Ramayana are called "Mythical stories" and Gita is called Philosphical book by Westerners, and even some Indians themselves. I bet many of Indians have not read any of this books. Some could say that they worship Lord Shiva therefore, they don't want to read other beliefs. Close-minded if you ask me.


    Whether India is holy or not, it matters not. If Hindusm is to survive, Hindus better get you butt moving and start promoting your culture and beliefs.


    Maybe Jesus proofs in India have been erased by the Catholics. It is also to be noticed that Christians during history have erased past evidences of anything related to other cultures, or polytheist civilizations. That's why Jesus could have been in India between 12 and 30 and it is not mentionned in the bible... (isn't it between 12 and 30 and not 18-30.. :eek4: ?)..


    Anyway I, myself, don't believe very much that Jesus was in India. People maybe think that because Saint Thomas, who was his disciple, is said to have come to India and converted some Indians to Christianity.




    And why could Christians erase proof of Jesus being in India? It could actually work for them in converting Hindus to Christianity if they could show the Hindus that Jesus was in India and studied the same thing as the Sages did.


    Frankly speaking, I don't think Jesus was anywhere, simply because he never existed.

  3. Tantrayoga :



    India had peaceful Hindus who were not fighting anyone when the muslim invaders came to kill and loot mercilessly.


    And that is why today, Hindus live like 3rd class citizens in their own country, which runs by Muslims and Christians who doesn't mind allowing their own brethen run amok in India. :mad:


    Gautama Buddha once said - Injustice (Adharma) occurs when righteous people does nothing (except to watch injustice occuring).


    The Brahmins should have challenged the Muallahs/Imans and Christian Priests to religious debate. The Kyastrias should challenged the Muslims and Christians zealots to combat. The Sudra and Vaiyas should did what they could to support them. ALL OF THEM FAILED.


    India have been divided by Hindus living in smaller states, not bothered by what happening on other states and think too highly of themselves (of being able to fight alone). British came, saw that Hindus are divided, learnt from Muslims on how to divide and conquer and follow this policy.


    And today, we still see the effect of this British policy. Hindus are too divided to be made whole again. Hindusm taken apart and sects born from this, made the people even more divided. Caste System, which comes from British influence becomes the basis for Indians society.


    In short, India have received independance ... Hindus have not. :(

  4. hindu12 :



    really? well then its rather odd that you would make a statement like this to Arjuna Haridas:


    What does my background have anything to do with my statement toward Haridas? Irrelevant.


    The Admin here most probably know that I'm a non-Hindu from my details, and the ppl here knows it by signature/Avatar. Therefore, I could say that I have never hide anything from either of them.



    its funny how you accuse others of nieng non hindu when you are not a hindu yourself


    Where did it say that a Hindu is the only one who can say whether another person is a non-Hindu or not? :eek4: Don't be an idiot.


    Arjuna Haridas is a non-Hindu because he behave like a non-Hindu, which has nothing to do with me being a non-Hindu or not. Like I said before, if he thinks India is not holy, FINE ... just tell him to apply the same nonsense with Muslims and their Mecca.


    Read their scriptures. The Christians are to make peace with the Gentiles (non-Christians in New Testament terminology) and Muslims are to fight the kuffar (non-Muslims) when the kuffar fight them. So, should a Hindu be peaceful, then there will be no war waged against him and any war that may be waged against him is deemed sinful in both all 3 religions (Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism). The only form of oppression will come from the Muslims who will make the non-Abrahamic (in this case, the Hindu) pay a tax called the Jizya.


    Go read the history books.


    Christians committed genocide when they wipe the Incas off the face of the map, and enslaved the African blacks and brought them to US. In Asia, they invaded and took over just about every nations on Asia - from India all the way to Japan.


    Muslims have been waging war with non-Muslims since 1400s in name of Islam, have waged war with Jews and have invaded India, divided the land into three portions (Bangladesh, Pakistan and India) and continued to be troublesome to this day.


    In short ... both Muslims and Christians (and Atheists) are the source of all the problems plaquing the World today.


    And Islam is the ONLY religion in the World which forces Non-Muslims to PAY EXTORTION MONEY in name of Jizyah from non-Muslims so they can be allowed to live.


    Let them be. Let all be as tehy are. Dont disturb their minds. If they want to pray to jesus or whoever let them. Praying is done in two forms. Sakaam and Nishkaam.


    Sakaam is selfish praying. praying for selfish reasons.


    Nishkaam is selfless praying. Asking God for nothing but His happiness.


    Problem here is, they won't stop disturbing us. To them, anyone who is non-Muslim or non-Christian are living in sin and needs to be saved. In short, you and your loved one have already booked a place in hell, according to their beliefs.


    The man who fights for his rights engages in a Dharmic War. The man who fights to subdue others' rights fights an Adharmic War.


    Anyway, thank you Tantra for your responses to my posts and making it clear why India is considered holy.


    Hindus' rights is to live in peace and woship God by their own ways. That is their fundamental rights - all Hindus will agree to that.


    Muslims' and Christians' rights consists of waging war against others who do not follow their ways.


    In short, Muslims and Christians will not be happy till each and everyone on the Planet are either Muslims or Christians and as Godless as they are.


    Therefore, I could promote that those who wish to safeguard their own rights to live in peace to do what Pandavas did - FIGHT BACK anyhow possible.


    well you're not really a hindu, i think you are a non hindu pretending to be a hindu :)


    I have never said I was a Hindu. My username comes from Jewish tradition and I have yet to speak against Hindusm in anyway. So, how is it that I could be pretending to do anything when I have never pretended? :eek4:


    typical response from a hindu extremist :eek4:


    I will feel honored to be called an Extremist (for fighting for my rights) than to be called a Muslim's hand licker. :rolleyes:


    If a person who fight for rights are extremists, then Pandavas are extremists.


    If a person asks others to stand up and fight for their rights are extremists as well, then Sri Krishna is an extremists as well.


    You have a very valid point. But let them be. We do our thing and leave this material world never to return unless God wills.


    Don't behave so selfishly.


    You know, that is the one thing I dislike very much about Hindus. They are so damn selfish, probably learnt from Muslims and Christians.


    Whenever I have speak to Hindus regarding Worldly affairs like Politics, Terrorist problems etc, they could say the say thing - we will leave this "materialistic world and not return back here again" bla bla bla.


    Two things Hindus have to remember :


    1. Where you are going depends on God, and if God choose you to come back here, YOU WILL.


    2. Even if you leave this materialistic world today, YOUR CHILDREN will be right here and they have to deal with this parasites.


    So, don't shy away from Materialistic problems of the World by giving such excuses.

  11. daas ka daas :<!-- v3 Arcade --><!-- /v3 Arcade -->........ type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1073794", true); .........>





    Bhagwan thi vimukh hoy tena thaki katha na sabhalavi (Never listen holy stories from a person who does not believe in the existence of God , i.e. a person who is an atheist or those that have been excommunicated like BAPS or Maninagar cults existed today)



    Now this is something which should be extended to include ppl who does not believe in Hindusm (Hindu Gods) as well. Because nowadays, there are many form of Atheism. Many pray with an empty heart, pray only because someone like Jesus or Muhammad had told them to pray.

  12. tackleberry :



    Ashwatama wasn't an asura, but an incarnation of Lord Shiva.:) So it's not nice to speak ill of such a superior soul.


    I have read in a Mahabratha book that Ashwatama was born due to a boon from Lord Shiva, and not an incarnation of Lord Shiva Himself. :eek4:


    Matter a fact, it is stated that Lord Shiva does not incarnate Himself as a human, but bestow His powers and boons to others to do His biddings.

  13. Hiren50 :



    The word literally means “what is right for an individual” or “"One's own way."Personal law, or svadharma, is our own perfect individual pattern in life. It is the sum of our accumulated seed karmas. Svadharma, "one's own law," is molded by our background and experiences, tendencies and desires-indicated by astrology-all of which determine our personality, profession and associations.



    "Better to do one's own dharma imperfectly than the dharma of another, however well discharged. Better is death in one's own dharma; the dharma of another is fraught with fear" [bhagavad Gita 3.35]


    I finally understood this verses.


    I think that you should live life by your own proper way instead of following how others have live their life.


    In my opinion, this one verse itself have managed to define it's individuality (as a belief) compared to Islam which teaches Muslims to follow how Muhammad lived his life or Christianity which teaches Christians how Jesus have lived his life (not that they bothered to follow).


    Hindus should take a careful consideration to this facts.


    If he lived in India, then the Bible would have said he lived in India for 12 years. If the bible says nothing about the period, why should it mean that he was out of town? The most likely reason is there was nothing eventful during that period to report and hence the bible is silent.


    It is amusing to hear scholars and archaeologists decided Jesus was in India when people are having enough trouble just to establish that a person named Jesus was not a fictional character created from Paul's letters .


    First thing Christians must do is establish proof of Jesus's existence. So far, there have not been ANY proof whatsoever of such person existing.


    IF they managed to proof his existence, then they can say where he went to or where he had lived and so on.


    In my opinion, this "rumors" of Jesus being in India is created just to reel unexpecting Hindus into Christianity by linking Jesus to India. Right now, Christianity is still considered to be a foreign influence in India.

  15. I think I saw the same thread somewhere in the forum before. It seems a Muslim (or two) have come here and tried to pretend to be a Hindu and post garbage like this, blaming everyone else except Muslims and Islam for their own fault.


    The real cause, and the ONLY cause for Islamic terrorism IS ISLAM itself. Islam teaches this ba$tards that they can commit suicide and be rewarded with 72 prostitutes which they could curdle day and night with.


    Muhammad was a terrorism, and he died like one. Muslims for the past 1,400 yrs have been trying to live like that godless man. That is all the cause there is.

  16. Arjuna Haridas :



    The Chinese are just as human as you and me. Many of them follow Buddhism which is one of the many paths of Sanatana Dharma.


    Buddhism which they follow is not the Buddhism which Gautama Buddha had preached. The Buddhism they follow is Mahayana Buddhism. Therefore, it is not considered to be following Sanatana Dharma.



    Atheists have given me food.


    So what? Many people feed dogs and cats the same way they have feed you and now, you're licking their hands. What makes you so special? :cool:



    Can you blame an entire group based on the actions of a few? Haven't Hindus bombed mosques and killed inncoent Muslims in India (Ayodhya and Gujarat come to mind here)?


    There's NO innocent Muslims in India. Muslims are ppl who comes from converts and invaders who settle in India after killing Hindus for the past 1,000 years. Pitying them is like pitying the pain a dog must have felt when it bite you and it's teeth hurt. :cool:



    I also seem to remember Hindus raping women and looting. /QUOTE]


    Funny ... I don't remember any Hindus raping women and loothing, or using Hindusm as excuses to do all this things like what Muslims doing. You must be lying again.




    There's no Western Hindu or Eastern Hindu. IF a person is a Hindu, he or she will learn his/her own beliefs properly and follow it. NOT DAMN HIS BELIEF SO HE COULD KISS UP TO NON-HINDUS LIKE YOU. :mad2:




    That is why Muhammad was STUPID. He scold himself for WHAT? USELESS. How can such useless man be a prophet of God? :eek4:


    Muhammad doesn't know how to read and write. And despite of living for 60 yrs and with people who can read and write, Muhammad NEVER taken any steps to learn how to read and write. WHY?


    Muhammad started off as a businessman and worked as a businessman for 15 yrs. His business was good enough that he could travel as far as Syria for his wife, Khatijah. By right, he should provide a good example for Muslims on how to progress in life. But at the end of his lifetime, he was poor and misearable. WHY?


    Answer - because he was STUPID. He don't bother to learn new things or improve himself. Same way Muslims don't bother to live properly and end up living like animals. MUHAMMAD IS NOT PROPHET OF GOD.




    Hmph ... and just how many people die during primilage to holy spots in India like Varanasi? This shows that God is with those who come to see Him and He will protect those who come to see Him.


    The very fact that muslims die in Haj shows that no God protects Muslims, for there is no God in Islam.




    God lives in our hearts, FOOL. Not in some city or because of some old men who calls himself Pope. That is Judaism, Laws set by Yahweh, the God of Israel.




    Cemetary and place of the dead does not makes such place holy. God stated that He could keeps their soul close to Him, not honor the place where they were abused and killed.




    I could very much doubt that. :eek4:

  17. by Arjuna Haridas



    If I live and sleep in the same place where I pay homage to Mother, then my home is holy.


    Like I said, this have nothing to do with you. Your home maybe holy to you, but then again, even the lowest prostitute may consider her home to be holy to her. While we cannot argue with such ppl, we cannot accept her statement either. :deal:



    Islam is a whole different subject.


    And how is Islam different? I don't see any difference here.


    Matter a fact, Muslim parasites are worst if compared to mild-mannered Hindus when comes to holy palace. Even in the most sacred places of Hindus like Varanasi, non-Hindus are still allow within the city if they come in peace in heart and mind.


    Muslims have already stated that non-Muslims are not allowed within the city of Mecca, simply because they are not Muslims. In my opinion, Holy Place of God is a place which welcomes ALL.



    Should this country we call India expand to include China, then would China be holy?


    Chinese are Atheists ... animals. They are not even humans. Why should Chinese and China be included in India?


    And India is holy because of Hindus, not because of Godless Muslims or foolish Christians or animalistic Atheists who rapes, plunders and live like animals. Hindus are those who follow the ways of their forefathers, not the ways of the invaders.



    How can you say that I don't accept India as the SOLE holy place on Earth that I am somehow jealous?


    You are jealous because if India alone is consider holy, then that could make the rest of the World impure. And as a non-Hindu, you don't like to consider that Mecca is unholy or the Vatican City as unholy. So, Yes, you are jealous of India ... like most Muslims and Christians for the past 1,000 years.



    by tackleberry



    People who refuse to accept India's divinity are doing so out of jealousy, that's all. What more evidence do these doubters want, aside from the fact that God and his devotees repeatedly choose India, yuga after yuga?


    If someone were to ask why God could choose India, I think it is because of Hindus' way of life. I'm a person who believe in Evolution, that Man can and will progress through life to be something greater than what he is now. Like Gautama Buddha did.


    And I believe, the reason why India is choose is because only in India, people can live properly - Spiritualy, Mentally and Physically.


    India have been experimenting with Vegetarians lifestyle, Meditation, Yoga, Science of Ayurveda and so many more, and able to break apart from the shackles of Modern Development if the need arises. No other nations in the World has such developments of Ancient times and this could be necessary for Humanity to continue for the next yuga. At least, that's what I believe. :pray:

  18. Arjuna Haridas :



    I'm not denying that India is holy, I'm just saying that India isn't the ONLY holy land (for the umpteenth time). Why is India holy but my land isn't? I'm a Hindu, also, correct? And I pray in my own home.



    You may have a beautiful home, but it will not support hundreds of devotees to come for primilage.


    And you may consider your home as holy, which no one is denying. A Holy place is where devotees come and pay their homage to their God in peace and tranquility, NOT where you live and sleep.



    But what does land have to do with anything? If I pray here or there, does it really matter?


    Trust me ... this has nothing to do with you. You can consider whatever place as Holy, God may think otherwise.



    ... this makes every atom and soul sacred and holy, and not just the atoms that make up the land called "India".



    Hmph ... do me a favour. Take this "philosopy" of yours and go and talk to Muslims about their Mecca being holy place. I wish to see how long your head will remain intact. :deal:



    Only after learning about the philosophy of others' from their perspective can a man truly say that he follows Sanatana Dharma.


    I have learn their false beliefs enough to say that Muslims follows no God, just some make-belief diety which Muhammad have cooked up to hide his own weakness.

  19. Eternity :


    <!-- /v3 Arcade -->

    No, what I mean is that Vishnu is a modern concept. And mostly he is the saviour of our planet, like Jesus-Christ was (his incarnations were to defeat the devils and save planet earth). I believe Vishnu has come into force in India after the British colony established.



    So you are a Christian. Thought as much.


    First of all, Christ SAVED NOTHING. Secondly, not even Jews from which Jesus supposed to come from believe in Jesus's words, why should Hindus? And lastly, what Jesus taught have NOTHING to do with Judaism OR Hindusm.


    Hindusm is not about defeating some devils and saving the Planet. Sri Krishna didn't teach that. He taught how to defeat your own dark self and save yourself (from circle of rebirths).


    Furthermore, the story of Matsya Avatar could have links to the story of Noah's flood, which means that Hindusm is linked to Judaism, not Christianity.



    There are no archeological evidence of Vishnu in the past (not to my recollection), whereas there do is from Shiva.


    I think you're a liar. Bhavagad Gita have been around for nearly 5,000 years, and so does historical monuments like the Adam's Bridge, Dwarka (under the sea) and written texts. ONLY the most uneducated person could claim that there is no evidence for Lord Vishnu.


    Thanks. Yes, but Maha Vishnu doesn't appear 5000 yrs ago. I believe Vishnu is the god of the Christians, introduced in India because of British colony and born from that influence....


    WHAT THE ... :eek::eek:


    Exact WHAT PART of Maha Vishnu or the story of the 9 Avatars which has ANY relations whatsoever with Christianity? :eek4:


    I have read the Old Testament AND the King James Version of the Bible, I have NEVER COME ACROSS anything which resembles anything to Maha Vishnu. Don't be Absurd.

  21. Hindus must unite and bring the matters to the sight of the International Community to make it as a historical site. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY. New Delhi Politicians are USELESS BA$TARDS, who could bow down and kiss Christians and Muslims' feets if it means they could make a buck.


    Historical sites are protected as World Heritage and no one have (legal rights) to destroy them.

  22. I'm surprise that China shown to have max. 14% of it's people as Atheist. 181,000 out of 1 billion people who is estimated to live in China is not an accurate number in my understanding. For one thing, China is a communist country, and this number could be an error.


    And North Korea - another country which have been Communist-based since 1950s, and they expect us to believe that only 14% of it's people are Atheists?

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