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    However, nevertheless, nontheless TRUTH ONLY WINS in the end....


    I don't know about that. In today's world, it seems "truth" is dominated by those who can lie and cheat their way to the top. They can tell all sort of lies to others, even undermine and riddicule other people's beliefs so their own beliefs will be in the top and they seems to be winning. In today's World, there is no place for "Truth", only Placebo (whatever makes them happy). :(


    That is why, no matter how "truthful" or historically accurate Hindusm could be, those who dislike the idea that Hindusm is based on facts could do anything to ensure that Hindusm does not get a focus.


    Can we have an open dicussion as whether Mukti is the essence of all the Upanishads or is it just like promising something to gain popularity(for the Dharma).


    Foolish question, created by foolish mind. :rolleyes:


    Even if we are to debate here till hell freezes over, what difference could it make? No one here have achieved Mukti (at least not yet) so we could not know what we're talking about.


    It could be like three blind men trying to describe what an elephant looks like. :rolleyes:

  3. by suchandra


    There're quite some Buddhist scholars stating, no, Buddhism actually cannot be called a religion in that sense since there's no acceptance of God and soul within the teachings of Buddhism. In fact both, God and soul, is considered as an illusion of the material mind by present Buddhist teachers like the Dalai Lama.


    Excuse me ... Dalai Lama is not a Buddha. Neither are anyone else who have yet to reach Enlightnment. They themselves are struggling to become enlighten, how could they teach you on how to be enlighten?


    ONLY Buddha we should recognise is Siddharta Gautama Buddha. NO ONE ELSE.

  4. Unfortunately, Western researchers are hell-bent in labelling structures like Yonaguni as "natural formed" structures. It means that underwater earthquakes and volcanic activities have pushed rocks up in a perfect square-shaped structures. To say otherwise, could be "unintelligent" as believed by this Westerners.


    They have continued to ignore legends of the folks living there as myth, even so these people have never came across this underwater structures for generations.


    Similar situation occurs with the status of Dwarka. The Westerners were busy trying to find Atlantis, stating that it was the "Eden" where Humans first appeared. They say it have been sanked off the coast of Africa (most likely Mediterranean) but refused to accept that Dwarka could be Atlantis, since that could make them feel "unclean" for thinking that they were once Hindus.


    Riddiculos and close-minded bunch ... these Westerners. :cool:


    If we really feel compassion, we must go to these countries, and help the starving people. Not doing much good posting pictures, and offending sensitive people.:crying2:


    There's no need to go anywhere to help others. There are plenty of people in the field (like those of UNICEF) who could help more than you could. Giving support to them could be helpful and that could be done without leaving the country.


    For example : www.hungersite.com Click on the buttons in this website everyday. Takes less than five minutes and you could save a life.


    I know you're posting these with good intentions, but please stop. It could hurt sensitive people, especially the Sudan photos. We don't have to advertise other people's sorrow to feel compassion in our hearts.


    Senstive people? I have seen enough for the World to know that the so-called Senstive people are those who doesn't give a damn about anyone and dislike the notion of you bringing issues like this to their attention because it could disturb their senses.


    In this World, we all have a place to go and responsibilities to keep. Do your parts, however little it could be, and hopefully, the World will take care of itself.


    You could start by clicking on this buttons just once a day like I do. 5 minute of your time, could help to save a life. And my prayers will always be to them, and I could pray that "senstive people" get wiped out first. :pray:




    Work together, stop the hunger.

  7. Hmm ... Forgive my interruption.


    But looking at the design of the model of the temple (picture by Vigraha and Theist - Yes, I know it's the same), one thought have crossed my mind.


    This model, as well as most of the Gopurums (tower in Hindu temples) were designed like that of the Pyramid. Is it possible that there could be some sort of link between the Pyramids in Egypt to the temple designs of Hindus?


    Just wondering though. :idea:

  8. by sanatan



    In Vaisnavism, spiritual practices are essential in rediscovering the soul, but work in tandem with the mercy of God...sincere spiritual practices indicate our desire to reconnect, and draw God to us.


    Really, in essence, Christianity and Vaisnavism are very similar because the sincerity of the individual and God's mercy are the greatest components of both. You can't do it on your own, as the impersonalists think.



    I'm sorry ... where did you say that Christianity and Vaishnavism seems to be similar?


    Christianity stated that those who does not believe in Jesus going to go to hell - that includes Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and everyone else except Christians themselves will be going to hell. Does anything similar occurs in Vaishnavism?


    Jesus is not a god ... nor he is a son of a god. Jews themselves have rejected Jesus as any of the above, so why is it that you here promoting Jesus as a god?

  9. By Bishadi



    hindu as a culture is varied from another based on the beliefs system; a religion


    It varies only because Hindus are separated by caste, creed and differences. If Hindus unite, they could see that there is no other variations and that Hindusm is a way of Life, NOT a religion to be followed by some and ignored by others.



    Each day offers possibilities in which God reveals himself to mind; the seekers lives within each moments, lessons; rather than looking for anything.


    If you busy looking for something (even if it is God), you will lost sight of everything. Including God.



    Then why you here? The cultural observance of Hindu is rooted in compassionate oservance to God in life.


    Go and read Bhavagad Gita. Gita states that root of Hindusm is by Living Life in proper ways (whether through Jnana Yoga or Bhakti Yoga). Not waiting for God to show you how to life. If you don't live a proper life, you pray how many times also, it could be useless.



    The only difference is; how God is observed.


    You are making excuses. My original question remains - Is finding God our true purpose (in Life) or is it just Self-Centre, Egoistic approach to Life?



    To combine is Love; to separate is other.


    Love alone will not make the World go around. You need many things in life. Science and Technology to ensure that we are moving forward. Monetary values to ensure that our poor are taken care off and that our nations are progressing. Educations for all so new leaders could be created.


    Don't expect God to provide you all this. You have to provide this (in behalf of God) for your fellow humans. Sitting alone and chanting about Love will not make you any better. Matter a facts, others - especially in the Organised Religions will come and continue to shake you and your nations as you continue to preach about Love.

  10. by Dark Warrior



    That is not for us to say. We have no right to call Jesus a myth because its the belief of the Christians. All I am against is the theology of Hare Christnas, who seek to integrate Vaishnavism and Christianity.


    Well, that is very nice of you. Very friendly of you. Unfortunately, your good intentions are wasted on wrong people.


    Every year, the Vaticans are sending missionaries upon missionaries to "civilise" the pagan Hindus - that you and your children. They are out to safe you from worshipping false God and embrace the true god, which according to them is Jesus.

  11. by Bishadi



    Krsna 'incarnations' are vast.


    I only know and accept Sri Krishna who gave the Bhavagad Gita. No one else. Thank you.



    funny isn't it especially when the west talks about how great they are even in the areas of medicine; it's a business


    Humans nowadays loves to call themselves Intelligence just because they could create new drugs (by stealing the idea from poor people) or launch probes to space or create weapons of mass destructions. True Intelligent species are those who could managed to eradicate poverty, hunger and sickness.



    Capitalism (corporations) own most of the universities.


    They don't own Knowledge nor could produce people with Intelligence. Those two factors will be solely on your hands, and how you use them.



    That is like saying; everything is a lie.


    You have misunderstood my words. I have said there is no "absolute truth" to be found, I have never said it does not exist. Humans are incapable of understanding "Absolute Truth" a.k.a God. Therefore, it is not a lie, merely something we are not meant to understand.


    Perhaps the question that might come to mind is; 'why are you on a religious forum?'


    Does this idea of the pursuit seem important as a universal intent?


    And not just the intent to follow a faith but 'understanding' God?




    Why am I here in a Religious forum? For one thing, this forum have become a "religious forum" because a few people believe it is. In my opinion, this forum could be a "self-discovery forum", or "discussion forum" or "idea-exchanging forum" and such.


    By stating that it is a "religious forum" you are closing your mind to every other possibilities. If simple thing as this you cannot see, how are you going to find God? :eek4:


    Perhaps humans not supposed to "pursuit" or "understand" God. Perhaps they only need to live. I don't see why we need to "understand" God in the first place. Is this our true intended purpose or merely a foolish egoistic, self inflicted purpose?


    Think about it carefully.

  13. by Bishadi



    Then why have they stopped?


    Go ask your Indian Ruling Government why they are so busy kissing the backsides of Americans and Westerners by trying to emulate their way of behaviors. India today is not India as it was during the time when Hindus and Buddhists were together. India today are Westernized India.


    Malaysia for example have known that 500 years ago, small kingdoms like Malacca and Gangga Negara in Perak were able to achieve great statues because of their trade and relationships with Indian Kingdoms as well as China (and Japan). Once Malaysia have acheved their independance, they severed the ties with Westerners and look toward their Asian neighbours for trade and exchange of values. India severed it's ties with Asian neighbours and tried to mimic the Westerners. That is why to this day, India in such a mess.



    Does fictional also include a blue man with 16 thousand gopis?


    If you think Sri Krishna is a fictional man, that what are you doing in a Hindu forum? Are you here to corrupt Hindus' mind with further evil from your own close-minded attitude? Most likely.


    PS : Sri krishna is more real than Jesus. At least Hindus have found the city of Dwarka (both on land as well as the one submerged in the city) as well as follow Gita perfectly even so it have been 5,000 years. Jesus is a mythical figure, created by Romans in order to rope Romans who were leaving their society and becoming Christians.



    Even Einstein said he wanted to know the mind of God.


    Speaking is one thing, doing it is another thing.



    Look at history; note how the religions continue to evolve as well the sciences do. But now the divide is so vast; the science ‘business’ is governed by capitalism and the religious are too busy protecting their job and stopped seeking God.


    Except for Hindus and Buddhist, I have failed to see where in history did Religion and Science have went hand-to-hand. Religion itself have failed to bring about proper mentality in Humans. Religious wars and fanatics have brought more suffering to others due to their daydreaming of heaven.


    Of course, to protect their precious (and some-what useless) religions, some people could blame capitalism for failure to promote proper use of Science.



    are you creating an us against them? Why?



    Read properly, I'm condemning Muslims and Christians, NOT the Red Indians.



    And when a scientist understands the single form that combines all branches of the sciences; then the ‘absolute truth’ is realized.



    Wrong ... there is no "absolute truth" to be found. Anyone looks for an "Absolute truth" will only find an illusion and fall to ignorance.


    Then what is God? To you?


    Share 'your' version following your comments above.


    It does not matter what is God to me. My understanding of God could be different and sometimes, unacceptable to you or others. Discussion on what God is is futile. Even more futile is arguing who have the right "version" of God.


    So, in a way, any religions which stated that they alone have the true god, could then be a false religion, since humanity comes in difference race and creed and there is no way any one race could have "true god".

  15. by Bishadi


    Do you realize how many people were killed as heretics, witches and alchemist just because they enjoyed tinkering and medically attending even the meek and old.


    And do you know how any Buddhist monks and Hindu scholars worked hand-by-hand for the past hundreds of years to perfect many of the Science which India had to offer? Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, War Surgery and many more are such example of such feats. Don't be clouded by the Europe Church's close-minded approach to Science to judge all beliefs in such way.


    This man without having to read one line of his personal writings, was a saint to mankind.


    ONLY when you compare Notradamus with a fictional character like Jesus. ;)


    knowledge is highly important to many religious sects but you mentioned that science was used to discredit religion, yet science is a base precept of mankinds Love for existence (God).


    Knowledge without wisdom is useless. What Europeans have then and now are just Knowledge without any Wisdom. Which is why, then and now, they are busy trying to disprove God.


    Better still, why even bring up these lines of thinking? What opinion can any offer that shows how suggesting thievery; would offer any good for to address today’s current situations?

    Why? Because today, their stealing ways continues and many of the Hindus (and other races) are been fooled by lying tongues. Examples - Europeans have stolen many of the herbs used to heal the locals from West Malaysia around 1990s to the point that Malaysian government had banned researchers from entering and taking our samples.

    Same decade, some researchers Phaumetical companies from East coast of America have went to South America and stole herbs to use to sythesiz drugs. This drugs worth millions of dollars, NOT one penny will be going to the people whose knowledge they have stolen from.

    And I'm quite sure that Hindus here have not forgotten the attempts by Americans recently to patten Yoga practise which could make them rich by asking others to pay to learn and practise?

    You be point fingers in defense rather than offering intelligent opinions that can be built upon; who using the ego go go right now?


    Egostic and self-centred people like Christians and Muslims cannot be helped. They are leaves, carried by their own karmic current. Anyone tries to help them, will be in risk of been carried off by the same current.


    Then if this is the case, please give your computer to someone who will use it and go back to making noise to hear yourself being spiritual.


    Do not behave like an idiot. Computers alone do not make the person using it any clever. Nor does the car, bus, motorbike, modern medicine etc. This are mere tools. Even apes can use stone tools and even the most foolish person on the Planet can use a computer.


    To know and understand Science, you must have intelligence and a certain level of wisdom. It is intelligence and wisdom which will enable you to understand things; and this understanding and wisdom is summarized into a form which others could understand, it is called Science.




  16. It is not up to anyone or anyone's duty to teach others what God is and is not. I personally believe that no one could teach another person about God.


    It is each person's duty to learn on his own what God is, what is his purpose to exist and what he should do with life. Anyone who says that his religion have taught him on what he should do with his life, is a person who have yet to find a reason to live nor a reason to believe.


    God is different to everyone, because everyone is different by nature.

  17. Marriage is an agreement between two people - the man and woman to live together and raise a family. Problems between them should be solved through discussion. If that fails, they should bring the problem to the attention of their elders, seeking advice.


    Divorce is NEVER a solution. It may look like one but in the long run, it will not. At most of the time, it is the woman who have to take care of the children while the man are free to marry another. And in all cases, it is the child which always suffers of lack of love and attention.

  18. Ignore and it will go away. That's my advice.


    Keep your mind focused on more important things, don't listen to "evil" words. Those who speaks from the shadows will not help you with anything and most likely to cause more harm than good. Ignore them and continue with your daily chorus.


    Once you stop entertaining them, they will have no hold on you, and will disappear like an evil mantra which does not take effect.

  19. In my opinion, Modern Science cannot go hand-in-hand with Spiritualism. For one thing, the so-called Modern Science today, derived from the Western people who busy disproving God and their religion (Christianity). For nearly 200 years, Western Scientists have been trying hard to disprove that the World is as according to what the Bible taught them.


    To them, Hindus are merely pagans; similar to those people like the Druids Europe and England or the native Red Indians (in US). No expect that they could love Hindus just because many of today's Scientific discoveries agrees with the Vedas and Gita.


    Matter a fact, you could see European Scientists kissing the rear end of Muslims, claiming that they were smarter and more intellectual than European scientists were (200 years ago) than to agree that Muslims have stolen the knowledge from India and that most of their (Europeans') knowledge came from the Hindus.


    Till their egos have been pushed aside and they admit who gave them their basic knowledge (then and now), Science and Spiritualism will never be together as it was long time ago.


    Considering the hateful, bigoted speech above, is it any wonder that religious people aren't taken seriously? Calling someone 'rascal' is hardly the way to convince people...but then again, religion and tolerance don't go together.:crying2:


    Do you prefer that Hindus get down on their knees and beg for recognitions despite of the knowledge and wisdom they have process in Vedas? :eek4:


    You know something, IF the knowledge of Vedas were given to Chinese, all the patents in the World could be in their hands and they could be making millions.


    If the knowledge of Vedas are in the hands of the Europeans, we all still be their slaves. If the knowledge of Vedas are in the hands of Americans, we all could be Christians by now.


    And if the knowledge of Vedas are in hands of Muslims .... never mind, they would still be in the same state as they are in now - backward, stupid and warmongering. Some species doesn't change.


    In summary, DON'T beg for recognition. Step forward and take the recognition from others, whether they give or not. Hindus need to step forward and show the Vedic knowledge if Hindusm are to survive.


    The Wepens of Purana (Mythology) are not physical devices(made up of Iron or some such material) at the first place. They are potent mantras. That is, Bhramastra, Narayanastra, Pasupadastra, agniastra, vayayatra, mohastra, ect are actually Mantras. - not some physical arrows and missiles. They are called Astras as they have energy and can destroy the target at which they are aimed at.


    Purunas have a spiritual meaning. The puranic wars were symbolic of the spiritual development and distruction of its enemies - asuras. This is not my "opinion" This has been stated in scriptures. the spiritual texts contain the Wepen mantras also.




    And which scriptures stated that? Mind showing us some example?


    As some here may remember my post months back, I had pointed out the similarities between Bhramastra and Nagastra with modern day Nuclear weapon and Electrical Weapon (like tasers). So, in my opinion, many of these weapons are not "spiritual weapons" to attack "spirits" alone, but actual weapons to use to attack actual enemies. Who were the Asuras, I don't know, but I'm quite sure that the Hindus have mastered advance weaponry long before Europeans knew about Atoms and electricity.


    The one thing I like about Hindus are - they are curious bunch. If they see something they don't understand, they take a closer look with interest. This is contrast to Europeans and Muslims who, if seen something they don't understand, could refer to their holy books and label such things as "evil" according to their books.


    so you acknowledge existence of gods (plural)? you acknowledge that God can have a son? Why jews disagree with you? why malign hindus?


    question: did jesus write your new testament?


    Jews have disagree and rejected the notion of Jesus being a god simple the notion that a perfect God has NO parents nor children of His own. I think Hindus will agree with me on this one, no? :cool:


    We all the Children of God. If God has His own child, we could end up being something like a step-children to Him and He couldn't take care of us properly.


    And where have I talked of kindness in this thread .I was only talking about the importance given to logic and reasoning in HInduism by Krishna, Vasishta, Vedic philosophy ,Buddha , Vivekananda and the others.


    It has nothing to do with kindness or values. :confused:


    In fact reasoning and a logical frame of mind,will enable us to identify problems fast, and formulate solutions for them better.


    And what could be the proper solutions for problems we're having with terrorists?


    Are you going to sit down and invite someone like Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden to discuss?


    There are time for peace and time for war. Logical deductions and reasons should be applied on where it is proper for peace and war.


    If not than where does it goes ? ok it is dreaming while the vital-body (pranmay kosha) is sleeping, but what when we are not dreaming ?


    Or if soul is consciousness of the body & so the state of nidra is just an unconscious body like a dead body, why does the dead body doesn't awake like when we wake up from our sleep ?


    Actually Soul doesn't sleep or awake. It merely exist separately from the body, not affected by what happening to the physical body.


    When you dream, sometimes, the Soul (the subconscious) will show your (the Conscious Self) things which you could have missed in reality. That is why many of the Pyschiatrics will ask people on what they have dreamt to understand what going on.


    Frankly speaking, the only reason why some people could say that there is no "separate" entity other than the Mind is because they could experience the Mind (by emotions) rather than experiencing the Soul.

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