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  1. Just be like a rock in the middle of the stream. Water flows around you and you are not moved (due to your ignorance which still lies in your heart). Till you have stop wishing to gasp it, you will have ignorance in your heart.


    Same way, Love and Knowledge will flow around you, till one day, just as a rock will be dislodge by the Water over time, you too will be carried off by Love and Knowledge.


    And when you could finally open your eyes, you will be with God.

  2. If Indians in India were Hindus, they could become strong enough to stand up and fight back, even to the point that they could ensure that Terrorism doesn't rear its head anymore. But Indians have failed.


    They forget Hindusm, they forget their forefathers' way of life, they forget who their enemies are. Since 900AD, they have been invaded by Muslims who came from Pakistan and today, they are still doing that. Only difference is - Indians today are opening to door and allowing them to come and attack.


    So, why should anyone else do anything about this when Indians themselves failed to defend themselves?


    There is no death, I was raised as a Christian, but some things did not seem correct, and I thought, why should I turn to man for the truth when I can go to the source itself, so I did.


    The method I used was ceasslesss prayer, also stopped Eating meat, stopped smoking, gave up all material life, tv etc and one day, I got the shock of my life. I found myself engolfed in pure love, in space, and in the presence of what people call God, this experience caused me great conflict at first, because of what I was taught as a Christian, the presence I was in (God) did not have a body, just is, was, and always will be. I was shown many things, IE, Earth is an illusion, we are all connected, and not to worry about anything as all will be well, I had other things happen after this experience, visions, I was shown Earth giving birth to a new Earth.


    I have some friends who suggested I should look up Hinduism because of other things I am still experiencing.

    Please forgive me for the long post, but I am trying to undestand all that I have been shown and experiened.


    Don't try to understand it. It will only make you feel confuse when you are unable to gasp.


    Just experience it for what it is (knowledge and Love).


    enemies huh

    in waht way

    i know many muslims but i dont make them my enemies.

    keep your fanatical views to yourself


    Did anyone ASKED what you thought of them? :eek4:


    People like you are traitors to your own race, willing to bow and serve them just to get table scraps thrown to you. :mad:


    I know, here in Malaysia, we have a few of your kind here - calling themselves Leaders in MIC who were blind and deaf when 100 HINDU TEMPLES were demolished.

  5. Demi-gods exist within God the same way good (and bad) parasites and otherl lifeforms exists within our own bodies.


    In our bodies, there are a large quantities of lifeforms like parasites, bacterias, viruses etc which feeds upon nutritions which we eat and multiply using this nutritions. To them, we are God. And to God, we are the parasites within His body.


    So, just as a parasite could be beneficial or destructive, so are we to God - Good or Evil by our own Actions.


    It won`t matter if the world ends tomorrow. What matters is what were you thinking prior to death. This is very crucial. I guess you know what I mean.


    Death is physical body is nothing. It is the Life after Death which is the crucial part.


    In the same way, maybe after the Universe dissolved and we all wait for a new Universe to form (when Brahma wakes up), there could be a time/place where we could all sit down and talk. Who knows, one can only hope. :)


    Indians have become really pathetic... they always forget the best rulers for their country has always been those who are adherents of the Vedic texts.


    The perfect are not those necessarily having a Harward Degree but those who possesses the Perfect Knowledge from Sruties and Smrities.


    Because they are INDIANS.


    Seriously ... what the heck is an Indian? There is no such word in Santana Dharma (Hindusm), yet that is what most people in India (and Malaysia) have called themselves. Why can't they call themselves "Hindus"? It is like they are embarressed to call themselves such.


    Stop labeling yourselves using Foreign labels and start calling yourselves as your forefathers' have done. :smash:


    My question isn't who India buys weapons from; India is still somewhat independent regardless who she buys weapons from. The question was where are the Pakistani terrorists getting their weapons from, as some western-made weapons are apparently ending up in their hands. If we could find that out, we would see who the terrorists are in collusion with. I say the trail will lead back to the middle east or to Pakistan military itself.



    That is not an easy question to answer. First of all, you need to know one thing - those who create this weapons - whether they are based in US, UK, Russia or even Pakistan, have no problem selling weapons to whoever they please.


    Weapon-makers are profit-mongers - a sort of prostitute's pimps - they care not who their weapons used on, only thing they could care could be that they make profits of other's suffering and misery.


    Secondly, the Talibans - for years have established illegal drug syndicates which have its links in Europe and Middle East. The Talibans themselves have no problem selling drugs (especially to Westerners) because they were taught that anything they do to non-believers are justified in their religion. And Islam have forbids Muslims from taking drugs, so those who do take them are considered forbid their own fate, thus leaving the Talibans no blame for them using drugs.


    And lastly, weapon purchase by one party (legally or illegally) can be sold to the Talibans by means of black market or direct selling through agents.


    So, I really do not see what is the use of asking which country sells this terrorists their weapons. That is insignificant questions.


    religion to justify violence is to be banned.

    But why is a person opposing Gandhi put up this post? Don't follow Gandhi partially..




    Agreed ... the people of the World must take sides now. They MUST choose Peace over Violence. And that could mean that ANY religion which promotes Violence for ANY REASONS whatsoever, MUST BE BANNED.


    It will be our ultimate "sacrifice" for Peace and Tranquility.


    When Man have reach the level of maturity where he have discard his own religion for sake of Peace and Good will among humans, then Man have achieve a state of Maturity we could all be proud off.


    Be one voice - BAN RELIGIONS which promote Violence. :smash:

  10. No, I don't think Terrorism is a political tool.


    There is no politicians involved in organizing terrorist attacks. Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussien are not politicians (even so they may look like one). They are religious zealots - madmen like Adolf Hitler - who are following false beliefs and forcing it down onto another person or society.


    In this case, the real culprit (or cause) is ISLAM. As long as everyone choose to ignore this simple fact, terrorism WILL stay.


    Islam have taught them how to be barbaric because it is a belief which came from barbaric Arabs who have divided themselves into clans and have been waging war against each other for centuries. They do not know how to live in peace and they have fashioned their beliefs into Islam.

  11. by Primate


    ... kind of violence employed is not more than is needed to achieve the objective: the defence of the innocent.


    You, my friend are a delusional person. WHAT do you mean by "violence employed is NOT more than is needed?" HOW do you (or ANYONE) for that matter define how much violence is needed?


    Even with a single person against another single person, one cannot know how much is enough. First comes the heated argument, then the shoving, then the light-hits and finally the full-scale fist fight. Lastly, a murder trial by a person who thought the "enough" have yet to be reached till it was too late to stop it. Path to Violence cannot be controlled.


    In that context, defending the innocent must be done in OTHER WAYS other than by fighting. However, IF a fight must be done, then FIGHT TO THE END. Till one side remains and the other have fallen.


    However, it seems impossible to use non-excessive violence to defend the innocent against terrorism.


    Yes, that is true. Terrorism works the best when the terrorists deploy their war tactics onto the innocent people.


    I have been studying the situations which occurred prior to Sept. 11 attack. Did you know that terrorists had attacked two US warships which laid anchor in Yemen and Saudi Arabia (if not mistaken) before the Sept 11? In both cases, US militarymen were killed but the US government did not take actions such as attacking another country as it did after Sept. 11.


    In both attacks, the terrorists did not get what they wanted (a full-scale war with US) simply because they were attacking people who were trained and prepared to die for their country. They turn and attack innocent people when their attacks failed to draw US into a war.


    In fact, anti-terrorism or 'war on terrorism' seems to be far more dangerous than terrorism. Thousands of innocent people may be killed as a result of large scale military operations.


    Make no mistakes - MILLIONS WILL DIE if terrorism are allowed to go unchecked. It could be only matter of time before countries like Iraq and Iran obtains nuclear technology and what do you think will happen then?


    Do you think nuclear explosions will choose not to kill one group while killing off another? Do you think you and your brethens in India will be safe if terrorists were to nuke New York?


    No, the World will face nuclear winter and MILLIONS IF NOT BILLIONS WILL DIE due to various causes such as radiation sickness, lack of drinking water and starvations. Worse case senario - Human race will be wiped out and the atmosphere will fail - wiping out EVERY LIVING BREATHING ORGANISMS on the Surface of the Planet.


    As long as a terrorist organization remains hidden, it cannot be harmed without excessive violence, but it cannot do too much harm itself either.


    Actually, terrorists are much WEAKER than what you think. What do you think makes them stronger? They are WEAK which is why they need to hide in a hole somewhere.


    They look stronger to you because YOU make them stronger. It is people like you and so many more who refuse to question their beliefs (Islam) which allows them to roam free. When you start to attack their beliefs, they will have no choice but to surface up to defend their belief. And trust me - Islam IS THE WEAKEST belief on the Planet and easily destroyed.


    Therefore, the real enemy which we should face is ISLAM. Destroy that - and the terrorists WILL fall.

  12. by jeffster


    He was warned not to go to the meeting (where he was assassinated), but still he went anyway.


    If he does not go, then it could mean that he was submit to threats and violence. In my opinion, the very action which Mahatma went ahead to the meeting is to show that he was not afraid to face up to threats in pursue of Ahimsa.


    If you are afraid of getting a beating, then what use is it of you speaking of fighting others? Half way, you will be afraid of getting beaten up and submit to your foe in fear of pain and suffering.


    ... as Sepiroth suggested, the British had some degree of honor. But in this case we are dealing with a foe of subhuman mentality. Therefore, we accept that we have a right to self-defense against this arrogant, misguided foe.


    The difference between the British some 100 years ago and Muslims today is that the British actually thought that, since they are well-educated in a modern learning facility, earning a degree and a title of Scholar, that they were above the Indians who were living in India that time. The British could not see the truth and wisdom in ancient Hindu texts and sees only what they want to see with sense of ignorant, blind pride and boostfulness.


    What the British were trying to do was educate and "civilise" the Indians to their (British) point of civilizations. The British believed that Indians could only be civilised when they are wearing coat and suits like they did, eat with fork and spoon like they did, speak in English, and accept English customs as they own. Indians who wore dhoti, eat with their hands, speak native tongues and worship "idols" (as they claimed) are not civilised in their manner. That is why the British wanted to change Hindus to "westernized Indians".


    But the Muslim terrorists doesn't want to change anything. They do not see Non-Muslims as humans, they consider that Islam ALONE is worth following, that their Allah ALONE is worth worshipping and no matter what others say, their Al Quran is perfect. Anyone says otherwise are considered as "Enemies of Islam" and they could wage war against such "enemies".


    In another word, Muslims have already choose you as their enemies. It is you (non-Muslims) who continue to delude yourselves into thinking that you could live in peace with this people. You cannot achieve peace with people who have been trained since birth to see you as their enemies.

  13. by Amlesh


    Another definition of Theism is Bhava for God--Uncontrolled Emotions for God.


    In my opinion, there is no need for uncontrolled emotions when dealing with God. Rationalism and Logic itself are enough.


    You know the meaning of Dhira.

    No Sir, I do not.


    A person who has reached the stage of Nirguna or better Bhakti is not afraid of Rewards or Punishment knowing that the cause of all causes is none other than Keshava.


    And we not for certain that most people do not reach the stage of Nirguna or Bhakti. Some do but majority do not. So why pretend you are any wiser when you are living in a World full of ignorant people?


    Atheist can be fools but even then they are servant of God...

    Nope, an Atheists serves no one but themselves. Yet they blame everyone (including God) for their suffering, BUT themselves. That is why they are fools.


    Even a theists who do not know his God is a waste of time. Chanting and singing with blind faith does not render one faithful. Time have come when the faithful MUST use logic and rationalism, rather than blind faith, to show their faith to God.

  14. Have you guys ever wonder?


    India was once the hub of civilizations and prosperity some 2,000 years. From India, knowledge went to the Middle-east and to the Eastern nations such as China and Japan, Indochina and South East Asia.


    But today ... India cannot even feed its people properly and only second to Africa in term of AIDS. There are internal and external conflicts which (frankly speaking), Indian Government are unable to control or fix.


    In my opinion, this is because India have choose to be Secular in its approach to development. It choose to turn its back on Indian heritage and choose to follow Western approach to development.


    While many here could say that India have achieve independence in 1948, I for one does not think so. India is still "ruled" by foreigners; only this time - the foreigners are in form of Indians who they themselves have lost their heritage.


    A slum dog or an elephant ... it matters NOT if you forget who you are.

  15. While I don't reject the importance of Ahimsa principles which brought by Mahatma, I don't think it applies to terrorists today. No offense attended to Mahatma, his descendants or those who follow Ahimsa principles.


    Simply because of one difference between the British (whom Mahatma have fought) and the terrorists (we are fighting) today.


    The British - no matter how bad they were some 80 years ago, had a sense of honor and virtue. They robbed from India but they also brought in modern developments such as railroad, roads, public facilities and so much more. So, in a way, the British did something good in return for what they have taken. In that context, Mahatma wanted to "sent them off" in a proper manner and he did.


    But today's terrorists are different. They don't want anything except to DIE and be rewarded in (their so-called) heaven with things like 72 virgins. They want to DIE for their Islam and they will make ANY excuses to do so. They do not want to live and they will continue to fight and disturb us (the non-Muslims) so we could wage war and kill them (or killed by them).


    So, in my opinion - Ahimsa principles will not work on this people. Matter a fact, it will only empower them to do more evil than they already doing.


    By not fighting back, they will assume that we are weak and willing to submit to them, and this will encourage them to abuse us more. Only options we have is to fight back.


    And God WILL be with us just as Sri Krishna was with Arjuna when he choose to fight. Remember the lessons Sri Krishna taught to Arjuna about not letting go of one's basic rights, and prepare to fight.

  16. by thehat


    Of the Adityas I am Visnu, of lights I am the radiant sun, of the Maruts I am Marici, and among the stars I am the moon.


    Hmph ... If even this you do not understand and can loose your faith, then it is better you do not have faith in Hindusm. :eek4:


    When Sri Krishna made the above statement, He did so by making comparison with the objects you could see and compare with your own sensors.


    Look up into the sky. Is there anything brighter than the Sun? No ... then He is as radiant as the Sun.


    Is there anything closer to you as the Moon is (if compare to the distance stars)? No? Then He is as close to you as the Moon is (if compared to the Stars).


    That is what He have said ... PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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