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  1. It is not the Laws which should be the only one been implemented. Everyone who calls themselves Hindus should start doing it.


    Educating the public about Hindusm is important. This will stop the Conversion process if everyone knows about Hindusm.


    Challenging Christians to debate about their own beliefs will bring forth great victory to Hindus. This is because - as I stated before - Hindusm IS THE ONLY belief in this World capable of supporting today's Science. Hindusm have already spoke about Big Bang theory, Evolution and so many more. This could provide a good basics to use against other religious followers when they try to convert Hindus.


    And finally, the Government itself must be forced to implement laws which will benefict everyone - like closing down wine shops, discos, pubs, gambling dens, prostitute dens and so much more.


    And finally, please do something about the Caste problem. You could start by forcing the Government to start a Law stating NO POLITICIAN allowed to talk about Caste or use Caste-related issues in their Politic seminars. Doing so will force them out of the Elections or bar them from further elections. I assure you, half your caste problems in India will be solved. :)

  2. Imposter or not ... he does have a point about Hindus not learning about their own religion properly.


    You cannot deny that. It is true that when compared to Muslims, Hindu children are lacking in education in their own religion. Matter a fact, Christians could force their children to Church and have them listen to Priests preach than Hindu adults could force their children to listen to seminars and discussion on Hindusm.

  3. by primate


    Isn’t the sand castle a 'higher order' structure than the individual grains of sand? And doesn’t this imply that the material world is a higher order structure than its origin (Brahman)? And isn’t Krishna the highest order structure? Isn’t Advaita true?


    Brahman (God) is Performer of Action - NOT the Action itself. I did say there was a boy there who made the sand castle from the sands, have I not?


    In this discussion, the discussion revolves around whether Reality is True or Illusion, NOT whether Brahman is True or Illusion.


    And Yes, you could be partially correct. The castle is "higher order" in term of structure if compared to sand. In that reflection, you should remember that the "higher order" between a sand castle and sands exist in term of "Purpose". In another word - the sands had no purpose and therefore, it is in a lower order compared to the "sand castle" which exists due to a specific purpose. Same as in Reality.


    Now, you just need to know what is the "Sand" in this Universe, and the secrets of the Universe shall be open for you. :)

  4. Self-Sufficiency IS NOT Impossible.


    It seems to be impossible because Governments run by politicians who wants big houses, expensive cars and have plenty of mistresses.


    Self-Sufficiency can start as a trend when people start to come together, form a community and establish their own economic without the need for Politicians or middle-men.


    Self-Sufficiency IS POSSIBLE.

  5. by Amlesh


    Hanumatha is the most perfect example of intolerance to Adharma and at the same time perfect display of intelligence and Humility.


    And can you say that anyone in this World today have even 1/100th of devotions which Hanuman had? Nope ... and it is getting worse.


    Abortion is a norm cos Sex have become norm.


    Drinking alcholol have become norm because wine shops are everywhere and a lot of ppl seems to be drinking. Even in parties, it is norm to drink due to Western influence.


    Women do not respect themselves and walk around, showing off their bodies. I'm saying that they should cover it up like Muslims do, I'm stating that showing off their bodies are disrespectable to themselves. Men will not look at them as beautiful, they only look at them as a piece of meat.


    Government are more tolerant toward Adharmic situations today than it could 50 years ago. Matter a fact, Muslims would fear Hindus 50 years ago than they could do today.


    The lists goes on and on.

  6. No one born as a Hindu, it is how One lives his Life which will determine whether One is Hindu or not.


    Gokulnath may disagree with me. I care not. For all I know, he could just be a Muslim or Christian in disguise for they are always in fear that Hindus will rise again.


    Anyway, I wish you good day, for I will not be entertaining foolish posts. Thank you.

  7. If a boy comes to a beach, sits down and make a sand castle from the sands. Which is true? The Castle or the Sand?


    If you just see the sand, then you will not see the castle and therefore, the castle is an illusion.


    If you see the castle, then you will not see the sands by which it is made off. Therefore, the castle is truth.


    Since present Vaishnava institutions are controlled by the global banking cartel you won't read much more about this topic.


    Which is why the Hindus should go back to their roots and apply more self-sufficient methods instead of relying on global banking.


    Even Mahatma Gandhi had the idea before - make your own stuff, use your own stuff and stop replying on others - especially from imported goods.


    India have everything it needs - from resources and materials for its industries to the professional and semi-professional workers to push forward its industries. I have no idea why India could be so backward in term of industries . Hell .. even China and Korea seems to be overtaking India in term of being self-sufficient.

  9. Haridasdasdas :


    5) Read some scriptures. Just one Purana or something, it's all good.


    Every primary schools must teach Bhavagad Gita to the children and make it as basic for their belief.


    I'm not saying everyone must follow Sri Krishna and discard Ishta Dewas. I merely saying that Bhavagad Gita is a good starting point for everyone to start in become Hindusm. From there, they could choose who their Ishta Dewas could be and continue to become Hindus from that points onwards.

  10. kaisersose :


    It will undergo changes, yes as it has been for the last 2500 years. But it is not in any danger of becoming extinct.


    How wrong you are. You do not seems to know FACTS. Here's some :


    Rate of Abortion in India (and it is still rising).

    Source : http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/policy/abortion/ab-india.html


    India is 2nd only to AFRICA when comes to number of AIDS. It is still poor despite of being one of the first countries in Asia to gain Independance.


    Temples been closed or destroyed by Indians and their government - in some cases, out of triffle matters like Caste problems. Temples SUPPOSED TO BE NEUTRAL AREAS.


    India still plaqued by incidents such as Mumbai Incidents where their government is too "stupid" to defend themselves from terrorists attacks and still seems to want to talk it over.



    Hmm ... Perhaps people like you could actually admit there is problem in India and Indians when every girls you have seen had some abortion in their life, or there is incidents of bombing once a week, or India managed to become first place in number of AIDS cases or get the name of the poorest country in the Planet. :eek4:

  11. Good topics.


    I'm not sure whether most of you guys know or not, but when comes to the "evilness" which Westerners have done to Asian country for the past 200 years, many Western countries today seems to decline to comment on them on their history books.


    Matter a fact, most historical data from the West could state that India was a colony under British, or Vietnam was colony under Spain, Indonesia was colony to Dutch etc. It will not show what this people have done in Asia countries and their impacts on the Asians.

  12. IF Indians wants Santanan Dharma to survive, they must do the following :


    1. Stop bowing to adharmic people.


    2. Start practising their beliefs openly and without shame.


    3. Learn to speak out about their beliefs with pride.


    4. Discard "Slave Mentality".


    Main reason why Santana Dharma in trouble is NOT because of adharmic people. They have always been there and could likely to be around for a long time. Main reason could be that Hindus themselves too ashamed to follow Hindusm with pride.


    Hindusm IS THE ONLY BELIEF in the World capable of extending Science and Religion as it have covered many parts of Science such as Evolutions, Physic al Nature of the Universe, Big Bang, Multiverse and many more. Hindusm is a treasure trophy of knowledge but Indians are too "westenised" in their mindset to actually explore it further.


    200 years of occupations and brain-washing from Westerners have left Indians with "belief" that they are outdated and outclassed and the only way they could move forward was by mimicking Westerners and their ways of life (without thinking that it was Westerners' way of Life which was the cause of India been occupied for nearly 200 years by the British).


    Indians ... stop trying to be Westerners and start being Hindus. For that is who you are and that is who you will be no matter how hard you try. Fail that ... you will be nothing and not worth saving.


    The vanaras("ape-like humanoids") of ramayana; they surely must be a species in between apes and men.


    Actually, there were a lot of sub-human species which lived along Homo Sapiens (that's Modern Man) right up to the last ice age which ended about 10,000 years ago.


    Matter a fact, if you were to travel to Europe some 40,000 years ago, you could meet up with Neathanels, if you travel to China - Peking Man, if you travel to Indonesia - Java Man and if you travel to the Philiphines - the hobbits. There were at least SIX sub-humans to exist for the past 5 million years.


    Any one of them could be the Varanas of Ramayana.


    Islamic terrorism, whatever that is, cannot exist without active state support. So blame the state, not the puppets.


    No ... target the religion - Islam. ALL the problem start with Islam itself.


    Blaming the people who are ignorant and arrogant is useless. Targetting Islam will allow us to get to the root of the problem by bypassing the idiots who defending it.


    A group of Hindu leaders on Wednesday appealed to Islamic religious institutions and scholars to come forward with an appropriate 'fatwa' (edict) to declare that Hindus were not 'kaafirs' (non-believers) and that there need not be a "jihad" (war) against them in India. "The fatwa should say that India is not 'Dar-ul-Harab', which means it is not a land against which Islamists have to wage a war,"

    convener of the All India Acharya Sect Dayanand Maharaj told journalists in Mumbai on Wednesday.


    STUPID :mad:


    Why do this idiots Indians needs approval from Muslims in form of fatwa? REALLY STUPID. :mad:


    It's like stating without much words that Hindus are "faakirs" and that Islam itself is correct. To the extend that Hindus have to have approval from this cow-eating, godless people to be "humans".


    I don't understand what sort of mentality Indians in India have. :mad:


    Well, that's terrorism I guess.. You just can't control it.. Perhaps we can prevent it..


    There is NO prevention, there is ONLY WAR.


    Terrorism can only be solve by act of War, just as World War 2 have put an end to another madman called Adolf Hitler. That is God's warning to everyone (who is Non-Muslims) on what fanatics are and how to deal with them. TAKE NOTE.


    Sephiroth.. I do understand all that.. but Asvathama was someone who sided the Evil Route...

    So his thinking was like that...

    In the Army that was guided by Sri Krishna.. the correct War Code was conducted.


    No, HE WAS NOT. Asvathama had the blessing of Maha Eshawara and he was present when the rules of engagement (in battle) have been agreed upon. He was also there when the war have ended and everyone (regardless whether it is from Pandavas or Kauravas) have retired to their side at the end of the war. HE CHOOSE TO DO WHAT HE DID.


    There is NO GOOD OR EVIL here. There are ONLY choices. NO ONE is born Good or Evil. IF that is the case, then it could be useless to have Free Will and even the need to believe in God for we are born with a ability to achieve Moksha / Enlightnment / Ascension.


    Good or Evil is NOT determined by God/Gods. It is determined by Ourselves and how we do things.


    Asvathama CHOOSE to do what he wanted. And in same way, Muslims are choosing to do evil because they choose to do so.

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