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    I know I have asked this question in the past But there are new people and I would like to get others opinions on this issue.

    I hear the voice of my former Buddhist Lama and his wife.. Everytime I find a woman attractive they try to make me think that the reason why I find them attractive is because I want to have sex with them. I know damn well that is not the case. I cannot be humble to these voices.. I will not be their slave.


    I need to get rid of them.. I am Diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and I am considered a recovered schizophrenic.. I can live my life on my own with little to no help from the Mental Health center.. However my suffering is still there. I just manage it better than most Schizos. If anyone can give me a suggestion that would be GREATLY appreciated. I am so sick of dealing with these voices.


    In Buddhism, when one dies, he or she is in state of Limbo (up to 30 days or so, unless something powerful hold him/her down), and get reborn in a new existence.


    Therefore, it is very unlikely that it is the late Buddhist Llama and his wife is the one bugging you. Well, if you must know some Supernatural Explaination, I could say that "some entities" could choose weak individuals (no offence attended) in state of Mind and Spirit to disturb and control.


    If you want psychological explaination, then I could say your sexual urge is getting better of you. :deal:


    Sexual Urges are normal for all humans and you are experiencing such urge. My guess is that another side of you felt disgust with such urge, created your own "Spiritual teacher" in form of the Llama (and his wife? I don't think Buddhist monks supposed to marry) which make you feel disgust with yourself.

  2. I don't think you can get that. It's state secret because some deals could be done by exchanging information and agreement which is best not to be shown in public.


    My guess is (and it's only a guess), that USA could allow India to have Nuclear technology in exchange for some "helps" in terms of Manpower, Research materials or just to keep an eye on her neighbour (Pakistan and Bangladesh).


    USA is known to extend "friendly help" to countries like Singapore, Philiphines and South Korea in exchange of being their (USA's) eyes and ears to monitor likely candidates for terrorism (like Muslim and Communist Countries). And now, with China extend it's claws toward Tibet and Nepal, USA will need all the eyes and ears it could get.


    Partly true¬¬¬, its all in the system now, just like the child behaves exactly like the way its been taught by its parents.... The society itslef thinks of some prime thing in going abraod and making money... they never care for the Hindu religion for such a decision.. The religion has got its own place in India.. they aviod whenever they want .. Here in India Money not only matters but also it speaks, listens , moves , runs and what not... and to earn quick bucks naturally people find a better place....


    The self esteem is dead for this people.....About invaders, they would actaully have nothing to take except bunch of population, which anyways going abroad without invasion...:rolleyes:


    hari bol


    The funny things is ... people who leaves India high and dry after getting their education in India could start groups calls themselves Hindus overseas and begins to potray their own belief on what Hindusm stands for.


    IF I were the President of India (and most people should be thankful I'm not, especially Pakistan), then I could pass Law that those who leave India and settle elsewhere ARE NOT INDIANS and have NO RIGHT TO SPEAK ABOUT HINDUSM.

  4. Compared to the Methane Gases, Carbon Dioxide gases can be considered greater contributer of Global Warming.


    And guess which species emit the most Carbon Dioxides into the air? Yup, Human beings which has reach the total of 6 billion people. And they are worried about cows.


    At least methane gases can be harvested as cheap fuel. Carbon Dioxide cannot be used in such way.


    Yes, but how do you know that your interpretation of the Bhagavad-gita is correct? So many different Bhagavad-gita's out there, how do you know which is is correctly translated? Personally, I have chosen to follow an authority, a representative of Krishna, as mentioned in Bhagavad-gita chapter 4. Even Krishna talks of the disciplic succession.


    And that is why you are a Puppet. :rolleyes:

    You attend to follow others around, instead of thinking for yourself.


    There is two things which I like about Bhavagad Gita :


    1. That God (Brahman) can be approached in any way a person choose to approach Him - as Friend, Family, Senior, Father, any way you choose. (Bhakti Yoga, if not mistaken).


    This is different from Abrahamic Religion where God is established as an Authority and you must follow Him around like a goat waiting to be slaughtered.


    2. That Sri krishna stated that IF a person doesn't understand ANY of what is written in the Gita, he or she was to take refugee onto HIM, not run to some prophet wanna-bee.


    So, I could safely say that many of you claims to follow Sri Krishna, but have NO IDEA what He have said in Gita. :rolleyes:


    Actually, if you bothered to find out, you'd find the disciplic succession, unchanged knowledge passed down from Krishna himself. Srila Prabhupada simply represented what Krishna said.


    Unchanging knowledge exists in Bhavagad Gita, NOT Srila Prabhupada or whatever. Like I said before, I do not follow any prophets. It is between me and my God on how I live my life. I don't need a mediator in the middle to pass message to God.


    Just wondering if US really respects India or its just seeing its own business. Would you think making strong bond with US yield good results for India in LONG RUN...


    Hari bol


    Sure it will ... :rolleyes:


    India could continue to invest millions of dollars in Education and College for her people, who get degrees, master and Ph.D and this jokers will run out of her to USA where they can make thousand of dollars month, forget about India and STILL call themselves Hindus to hide their shame. :eek4:


    Ask yourselves first if Hindus have respect for India first, or not. Don't expect foreigners to respect India if Hindus do not do so themselves.


    Countries which like USA are foreigners. At best, they can be friend and at worst, they can be invaders. But they can NEVER be your brothers and sisters. Remember that and India will not be invaded for the second time.


    Actually, there is a way to do all of these things Spiritually. Perhaps you should try reading Srila Prabhupada's books.


    Sorry, I have rejected ALL Prophet-like characters. Man do not know the Truth, they can only tell you THEIR defination of Truth. For me, I will find my own. Thank you. :smash:


    I know someone so involved in these silly games that he quit his job and sits at home playing day and night. Not only that but he lies to his wife about looking for work and not finding any while she works to support him.


    They live in his mother-in-laws house who is crippled and works all day. But a young healthy man sits on his butt playing games like a child.


    Don't pretend it is Krishna enjoying the games to rationalize wasting your precious time when it is just you wallowing in maya.


    I don't know anyone or heard of anyone like that, so why should I assume that you are telling the truth? :rolleyes:


    Games, like Sex, like booze, like drugs, like every stupid thing in this world IS ADDICTIVE. It depends on personal responsibility on how you indulge in it.


    Like I said before, give up married life, family, your job, status and everything else in life because this too will make you want to sit on your fat butt and forget about Krishna. :rolleyes:


    BG Ch 3 Verse 7

    "It is better to be a sincere sweeper in the street than a charlatan meditator..." [from purport]


    The main thing is just be sincere. Just be honest with yourself what you enjoy doing, then your artha or right livelihood stems from that. Say if you enjoy role-playing then go to college and get a degree in Performing Arts. There are people who have PhDs in Puppetry and they teach others; that's all they do all day long how fun is that?


    In Kerala India, for example, there is a Vijnana Academy where you can learn different devotional arts such various performing arts. They teach you how to use this tendency in classical Hindu expressions such as dance and theatre, the performing arts.


    All of these expressive arts are part of the 64 arts and sciences that Krsna learned in school of Sandipani Muni that every cultured, educated, and aristocratic person was expected to know as a basic human competency. It is not like dancing with the gopis or something that Krsna did and we can't or shouldn't do, it's just part of being an educated person.


    Then when you become so expert in this field you can do plays of spiritual classics or help others learn how to become expert in the performing arts.

    You can volunteer at a temple or establish a performing arts camp or travel around the world doing one person devotional plays.


    If he/she wanted to know about Performing Arts, s/he could have asked.


    You know ... I think I understand now WHY India, despite of labelling itself as a Computer and Technology Hub in Asia, have not produced their own Game and Multimedia Companies. :eek4:


    Krishna's pastimes are spiritual. Your pastimes are not. That's the difference.


    Sri Krishna is a god, you are not.

    Stop pretending that you can become god by mimicking what Sri Krishna did.


    Then again, maybe if you want to become so Spiritual that you don't want to live properly, FINE.


    Stop having sex with your wife.

    Abandon your children.

    Abandon your job.

    Abandon your wealth and status.

    All above is not Spiritual also. :rolleyes:


    But still- I was so in shock and fear that I was not thinking about God in the heavy moments-


    All those years practicing KC, made me proud like : “ Ow when I die I will think of Him”

    Well now I realize that I will probably not, at least not now-

    There is a lot of work to do…


    Thank u for reading-


    Death is one in a life-time opportunity (for most people anyway). Don't think that praying or thinking about God alone will be sufficient enough to prepare you for it.


    In Death, it is the worst thought and fears in you which comes forward, not your pleasent thought.


    I suggest you take up meditation to calm your mind and prepare yourself for the "real" experience. :smash:


    I love to play storytelling games other wise known as roleplaying.. Do I need to give these up? Its my favorite past time and I'd rather play these games than watch TV.


    Trust me ... there are WORST way of indulging yourself than playing Video Games.


    I myself is a Video Game Expert (especially in RPG Category), with over 100 games played and finished under my belt. So, trust me ... it is a good past time.


    Even Sri Krishna had past-times - playing with gopis and animals.


    Veda Vyasa did NOT write vedas, so where's the question of errors? Vedas are anadi-nitya, Veda Vyasa simply classified vedas. BTW, Vyasa is Maha Vishnu Himself.


    Reg. puranas, they're also written by Vyasa.


    If Veda Vyasa just classfied the Vedas, then he didn't wrote it, did he? If he didn't wrote the Vedas, then surely, he didn't write the Puranas as well.


    So that means that the Puranas probably :


    1. Actual events which described by Sages through words of mouth and get misinterpreted throughout the generations.


    2. Mere stories by Brahmins to "fight" off Buddhism, like this Kalki purana.


    Veda Vyasa wrote the puranas. If you do not know this, you need to read a whole lot up. He classified vedas, hence the name Vyasa. He did not write vedas, because vedas are anadi-nitya. So Sephiroth, try to learn something before you write nonsense.


    Sorry, IF you know what the hell you are talking about, you could know that Vedas come from Maha Vishnu who gave VERBALLY to Manu after the Great Flood Event. And from that time onward, the Vedas (NOT Puranas) were handed down for generations through Brahmins.


    So even if Veda Vyasa wrote it down, it is still prone to mistakes and misinterpretation due to the tradition of verbal hang-overs.


    Also, Puranas are collection of "stories" which was collected and write down for beneficts of the people. And stories do not determine truth.


    You say Kalki purana is such story, then I say it is MERE story. There is no truth to Kalki prophesy TILL a person described in it comes forth. Otherwise, you could just fooling yourselves.


    "Iran and - the new Nazism"


    I suggest you look up the word nazism in the dictionary and see if it applies to Iran. Is Iran a national socialist state? you are just spreading fake propaganda using big words most people dont understand but associate with evil. your guru Goebbels would have been proud...


    And I could suggest you look up on history of Nazism and what Hitler preached in 1930s to the point of starting war with Poland and the rest of the Europe by 1939. You WILL find similiarities between Adolf Hitler and Ahmednijab. Hell ... it is not so far if we consider Ahmadnijab to be reincarnation of Hitler. :rolleyes:


    Nazism started with a political and patriotism tone to it - same way Ahmednijab does it. Hitler used the Great Depression of 1920s to pushed Germans into being anti-Semantic toward Jews who were better in term of Economic and Social.


    Those twisted Patrotism gave way to violence, hatred and fear (that Jews will take over) and become a full-fledged war in 1939.


    And the same way Ahmednijab have threanten the U.N now, it is the same way Hitler showed off the UN back then as well, stating that it is political things and that UN have no business interfering with Germany's political actions.

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