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    JAy Shri Krishna


    Am i unwell? I have white hair and im only 24!!!


    CAn anyone help?


    I don't think having white hair means you are sick or anything. No doctor could say such.


    Usually, men who have premature grey hair are those who exercises their Mind a lot - people who into Science, Physics, Maths; others who uses Mind for something else like writers and such.


    Having white hair could mean that you are thinking too much.

  2. Islam going to perish ... and people like Ahmednijab is going to kill it.


    People like him, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein will show the warmongering side of Islam to the World and the World will turn its face away from the 14th Century crap. Then Islam will perish.



    Your definition of a Hindu is nice, since I am not a Hare Krishna, but just a normal proud Hindu.


    Since Hinduism has been around for close to 7,000 years, it has undergone several revivalist movements in which those sages involved brought forth the scriptures they favored.


    The Vedas and the Upanishads, which are not read frequently were at some point in time in India. However, Sankaracharya, during his revival movement during the Middle Ages brought the Bhagavad Gita to the forefront, and thus, to this day, we read the Bhagavad Gita more than the Vedas and the Upanishads. Personally, I hope to one day compile the earlier scriptures (Smriti's, Agamas, Ithihases, etc.) and distribute a book that all Hindus can use without needing to sort through hundreds and thousands of scriptures (I mean come one, 108 Upanishads?!)


    Swami Vivekananda

    "Say is it proudly: I am a Hindu"


    One do not need to be Hare Krishna to a Hindu. Hare Krishnas are not Hindus alone.


    Hindus are those who understand their Scriptures and take time and effect to learn, understand and follow what they have learnt. Personally, I think it is utter useless for anyone to claim themselves to be Hindu (or any other followers for that matter) BUT doesn't know their own religion and belief.


    As for your effects, good luck.


    "OUT OF LONELINESS: GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE, HE MADE TIME AND SPACE" do you like this poem, it is a haiku.


    Kalki will never come, because he is always here - only we cannot see Him. So why not open your heart to Him? The puraanam is useful for visualising Him, thinking about Him, so love can develope in you.



    But Maha Vishnu never alone ... was He? He has Athi Sekshan with its many heads to accompany Him. Why should He be lonely? :deal:


    Sorry, I reject the above Purana as Man-Made nonsense. ONLY Prophesy of Kalki which I have accepted as genuine IS the Gita's where it said Kalki WILL come when the time is right. That's all.


    ALSO, even IF Kalki is as described above Purana (which managed to describe Muhammad better than Kalki), than I would end up fighting him instead of fighting with him. WHY? Because I believe Buddhism is necessary and there are better enemies like the Christians and Muslims which he could bully.



    Clearly if one is a devotee of Krsna, why would one give respect to each "God" equally? For a start they aren't considered "Gods" but are Godly, from a point of view of a Krsna Devotee. All jiva's and tattva's are seen as expansions of Krsna's energies, so why differentiate them to be Gods and respect all of them equally when they are only God-like or have Godly powers.


    My point is that it is not neccesary to worship or try to respect every "God" equally, one should already be respecting ALL jiva's equally.


    So, in your family, you don't respect your Uncle, Aunties, Cousins, Nephew etc because they all part of your Grandparents and respecting your Grandparents alone should be enough? :eek4:


    !!!!!!!i JUST KNOW kRISHNA IS GOD.


    You said how is possible to know God without reading Gita, we hear Gita usually. Because it's not easy to understand it. That way I guess we have faith. Well my Mum told me Krishna is God when I was small. When your small you believe anything, but as you grow older you start wondering too much.


    You know, since coming here, things have becoming clear to me on why Hindus are like what they are today.


    In the past, Hindus could have study their Scriptures first, get to know God and then live life accordingly. This way, they could know that God is with them in everything they do and they could know which is good and which is not, which is Dharmic and which is Adharmic.


    But nowadays, Hindus (or those who claims to be Hindus), have no time for Scriptures. They follow what their parents said is God.


    That is why when Adharmic beliefs like Christianity and Islam comes along, it could easily influence this sort of people who couldn't know Dharma and Adharma.


    Blind Faith will not lead you to God.


    I do give respect, every Hindu does. I don't know Gita too well, but I like Lilas, esp watching on T.V.



    You say Sri Krishna is your chosen "god", correct?

    Yet, you admit that you don't know the Gita too well.


    How is it possible that you could worship God whose words you do not know well? :eek4:


    Bhavagad Gita supposed to be guidelines for Hindus (especially those who worship Sri krishna) - it has equal respect to all the gods in Hindu Pantheon and shows the material world in proper detail. Yet, you do not know it. So what is your guideline?


    Yeah I am Hindu, Hindu means to me that I worship Hindu God Krishna as a pose to Muslims God Allah or Christian God Jehovah, that sounds funny maybe but it's true.


    You didn't answer my question. I didn't ask who you are worshipping.


    I asked whether you have learn about the Gita, Vedas and other Hindus Scriptures and whether you give equal respect to all the gods of Hindus (exclusive of your Chosen One).






    To be Kalki's Ally? Maha Vishnu needs Allies to safeguard His Domain? :rolleyes:

    If Maha Vishnu needed allies, then He is not worth to be called a God.


    When He went as Narashima, the Drawf, Paramasura, Kurma and Matsya - He went alone. Even as Sri Rama and Sri Krishna, He still went alone but others rallied to Him and His cause (whether to accept or not was HIS Decision).


    Now you wish to become His ally and thinking by chanting some name, you could win Him over? :eek4:


    Who's His ally, He ALONE will determine.

  10. That is the question which I have been pondering for the past few days now. :eek4:


    Are you a Hindu?

    Do you learn Gita, Vedas or other Religious books?

    Do you give respect EQUALLY to all the Hindu Gods (with a selected Deity of worship)?

    Do you know Hindu culture and Heritage?

    Or at least, do you even have simple pride of being a Hindu?


    Are you a Christinized Hindu?

    Do you know more about the Bible (or Al Quran) than you know about Gita?


    Do you attend to justify what you have learn in books like the Gita with what you have learnt from the Bible (or Al Quran)?


    Do you actually feel happy knowing that something similar have occurance in Bible as it is stated in Gita/Mahabrathan/Ramayana? Like the Virgin birth of Sri Krishna been equalized to Jesus's Birth? (Example taken from another thread)


    Do you feel it is easier or more comfortable to socialise with Christians than you do with other Hindus?

  11. You know ... reading the so-called "puranas" like this which obviously man-made, I have finally came to understand WHY Hindus God have allowed Hindus in India to fall onto the hands of barbaric Muslims from the North and Self-Centred and Egoistic Christians from South.


    Reason is ... Hindus themselves have become JUST LIKE Muslims and Christians themselves before this two have came and enslave them.


    Hindus, holding onto strict rituals and practises have abandoned the meaning of this ritual and practises and even the Spiritual Aspects of them, and did it without any meaning to what they were doing. They pray to stone idols but in their hearts, they had no faith. They riddiculed Buddhism and other practises which seeks out Spiritualism and not blind practise of rituals.


    Look at Muslims and Christians today. Muslims pray but they do not have faith. Christians claims they are saved but continues to live in Sin and their practises are as useless as their speech. They are Hindus' Sins, made flesh by God and send to prey on Hindus who prey on others in the same way.


    When Kalki comes, He will know what to do. Hindus do not need the so-called Sages to tell Him what to do.


    Was Krishna's birth virgin like that of Jesus and his mother?


    Nope, there are some differences which I have noticed. Those are :


    1. Sri Krishna have both Mother AND a Father in Worldly plains. While He maybe Vishnu Incarnated, He still have human parents. Jesus didn't have a Father, and didn't consider this adopted father (forgot his name) to be his, even when he had grown up.


    2. Sri Krishna accepted His Worldly parents (both those who gave birth to Him as well as those who raised Him). Jesus did not - matter a fact, the Bible stated that he have rejected them as his parents and consider his god as his sole father.


    3. Sri Krishna had 7 brothers who were born before Him. In a book on Sri Krishna's Life (forgot the title, it was long time ago), He even went to Yama Loka and brought them back so His parents could see them temporarily. Jesus have rejected James, his half-brother who was born to Mary later.


    So, no ... Sri Krishna's birth is not similar to Jesus's.

  13. Hmm ... what's with the sudden interest in Yama raja, I wonder?


    I have seen more movie, Animes and Manga (Japanese Comics) on Yama-like being in the past one year (Buddhist in Japan calls Yama Enma and considered one of the Buddhist Dieties). Lastest movie based on Death is Death Note (just came out in Malaysia November 9).


    Anyway ... my opinion - People don't fear Death. What they see and fear is their own Sins which takes form when they approach Death. Merit and Sins are only two things which really accompanies a Person. :cool:


    Haribol Sephiroth these are good points but in sum India became a nation with so many different kind of people that they wont unite for a material goal, they just let happen whatever is imposed on them. However, if these people are united by spiritual knowledge then things can be changed.


    Just like they constantly devalued the rupee what especially strikes the poor class of people. Although India is so strongly populated you never see any people uniting to go against the demoniac government. And why they constantly devalue the rupee, so that India's products are real cheap on the international market. This is the work of the globalization mafia, the leisure time play of the super rich who installed a global system of commerce which doesnt has any regulatory authority except their own whims. And the government staff nothing but employees/on the payroll list/ of the world trade managers. Hopefully the devas will correct that heavy decline of religious principles on planet earth!



    Sorry to say this but Indians can only be united when they have thrown away British's Caste System and embrace the Vedas and Gita. ONLY then they could be considered Hindus.


    Why blame the "demonic" Government alone? What happened to all those "wealthy" people who refused to look at the poor? Who refused to share? Who continued to take benefict of the demonic government without voicing it out?


    Either believe the Modern Spineless Science , which changes itself every day or week or our Vedas and do experience what Srila Prabhupada did, and then maybe dinosaurs wont matter that much to you.What will the existence of dinosaurs prove? What will they solve, but finer discussions that are posted here will surely do. Dont believe? Chant the mahamantra for a month with Celibacy and if you dont benefit,Just Ban me from here. I take the guarentee!


    I don't know what you problem is but I just say one thing ... Even so the modern day "Spineless" Science may not prove anything. But one thing is certain, this Science IS NECESSARY to reteach about God.


    Chanting alone will not do anything except damn Hindusm even further as uneducated, backwatered religion while more idiotic beliefs like Christianity and Islam takes offensive approachs by trying to reattach themselves to Science and tried to show that they are modern beliefs which should be followed by All.


    If Hindusm were to expand and be rediscovered by all (especially Hindus), then it MUST be through Science, NOT sitting somewhere and chanting away.

  16. You know how thieves work? They question your security, stating that you need better security and even recommend their own ideas on how security should be.


    And when all is implemented, they come in as thieves and steal from you ONLY to proof that you need a better security system.


    That is what happening in Eastern World with this so-called Scientific scrutiny.


    They tell you Ayurveda needs to be tested in Scientific manners so the West will agree to its effect and such. Indians do what the West wants it and during this "testing" period, the West will STEAL the properties and beneficts from Ayurvedic medicines, patent it under some name, make millions and continue to riddicule India and her culture so everyone could buy from them, instead of India.


    Do not trust Thieves to saveguard your properties or heritage. :eek4:


    Sephiroth, I understand that! :)


    Guys how are we so sure that all dinosaurs were wiped out...we still have crocodiles, alligators, frogs, cockroaches, mosquitos etc. What makes us not think that some dinosaur survivors lived til not too long ago...think about the fact that dragons are mentioned all over the world.


    I don't think ALL dinosaurs were wiped out. It is impossible for that to happen.


    However, shortage of food over a long period of time will reduce the size of the dinosaurs to a small scale like crocodiles and alligators and such. This is one way of survival - small body means lesser food required and more food conserved in the body in form of fat.


    Also, reptiles are knows to have ability to hibernate - go to sleep for a long period of time. Frogs for example are known to sleep for almost 7 months during dry seasons in some parts of Africa. Bears sleep for 3 - 4 months.


    So dragons could be reptiles who went to hibernation (and still is), waiting for some period of time when the World could be like it was before and they could wake up.

  18. Hmm ... a lot of mentioning of Buddhists here. Mind someone explaining why the word "Buddhist" is used when the word did not appear some 1,500 years ago?


    Also, why is Buddhists are potrayed only has enemies? Surely there are other races who are equally "uncivilised" in this World?


    This purana seems to glorify battles alone, where are the wisdom which Hindusm pride itself with? Is death and destruction the only means of solving the corrupted World?


    Sorry, I find this purana to be "questionable".


    In America, I was reading a report on how Christion missionaries cannot/find it extremely difficult to convert Hindus. Why?


    On college campuses and surrounding areas, there are all sort of Indian culture programs and Hindu Student Federations. Why?


    Almost all of the Indians in America (my country) are highly educated. Education of the lower castes (I hate using that term)/poor people will ultimately unite Hinduism. Once people do not have to worry about food on their table, they can turn their minds to something else.


    The very fact that there is Christian missionaries out to convert people IS against Human Right in America, correct me if I'm wrong here.


    In America, CAN a person go to a village, offer food and other stuff to needy people and then take away those food and stuff when the villagers do not accept offer of Religion which comes together with it? :eek4:


    Don't stand over there (In America) and see the World to be green pasture everywhere. Come to India and see what happening here.


    And there is no High or Low Caste. The Caste System which exists in India today is based British Social Status which British brought along with them to India during their 250 years rule.


    Same way British have upper society and lower society, they have split the Indians according to this "status" with Rulers as top level (only below themselves) and concentrate on "Westernizing" them first. The "Low Caste" as you describe them were the poor farmers and workers who stuck doing menial work during British Occupation.


    When India become Independance (maybe it never did, now I look at it), this social status remain because, Man - in his egoistic nature - refused to give up the status which their masters (the British) have given them and went to link themselves to Religious background to strenghten them. That is how the Caste System which exists today have come to be.


    Hmmm, this is difficult to say. Dinosaurs didn't appear until the Triassic period. Are you also saying that humans might've lived side by side with dinosaurs? :confused:


    Sigh ... when you kids going to understand ... human beings are just one of the forms which we (the souls) take in our progress back to God. Which means we have lived before, even as Dinosaurs maybe.

  21. True Independance comes when India stops depending on foreigners - especially the West - and starts to find herself in culture, heritage and TRUE religion/Spiritualism.


    Till then, India is still a colonized country of the West, only her children (Indians) do not know or understand it.


    Take example of Indian Intellectuals. Someone here had told me (in a thread somewhere) that 34% working in Microsoft and 14% who started companies in Silicon Valley in America are Indians. They also brag about how many Novel Prize winners from India and how many smart Indians are there in the World. SO WHAT?


    How India going to progress when Indians themselves turn and run out of India as soon as they get a decent degree?


    What use of calling yourself Indians when you have abandoned Her to Her fate (to rot away) while you daydream of greatness in some foreign land?


    How is Hindusm going to survive if Indians are more westernized than Westerners themselves? You think some Indians who still cling to the so-called Hindusm in America going to save Hindusm? No ... IF Hindusm is going to be save, it must start in India, NO WHERE ELSE.


    So stop dreaming that groups in America like ISCKON going to save Hindusm. Indians must save it NOW and in INDIA or it will perish under unrelentful attacks of Christians, Muslims and Atheists. That is fact - whether you like it or not.


    Hinduism isn't dying in India, you idiot. It's flourishing. Swaminarayan is growing fast.


    Jai Swaminarayan


    Can you stop dreaming for a moment or not? :eek4:


    Here's FACTS :






    Even more than 50 years after independence from almost two centuries of British rule, large scale poverty remains the most shameful blot on the face of India.


    India still has the world’s largest number of poor people in a single country. Of its nearly 1 billion inhabitants, an estimated 350-400 million are below the poverty line, 75 per cent of them in the rural areas.


    More than 40 per cent of the population is illiterate, with women, tribal and scheduled castes particularly affected.


    It would be incorrect to say that all poverty reduction programmes have failed. The growth of the middle class (which was virtually non-existent when India became a free nation in August 1947) indicates that economic prosperity has indeed been very impressive in India, but the DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH has been very uneven.


    The main causes of poverty are illiteracy, a population growth rate by far exceeding the economic growth rate for the better part of the past 50 years, protectionist policies pursued since 1947 to 1991 which prevented large amounts of foreign investment in the country.


    Poverty alleviation is expected to make better progress in the next 50 years than in the past, as a trickle-down effect of the growing middle class. Increasing stress on education, reservation of seats in government jobs and the increasing empowerment of women and the economically weaker sections of society, are also expected to contribute to the alleviation of poverty.


    Eradication of poverty can only be a very long-term goal in India.







    How are you going to say Hindusm is growing when people who follows it are poor and under poverty and can be influenced by Christians who comes to India by dozens to convert this people? Are Hindusm truly safe?


    In my estimation, Christianity have been in war with Hindusm for almost 500 years, BUT IF Hindusm were to become stronger with its people PROPERLY EDUCATED AND UNITED (unlike now), it will only take Hindusm lesst than 100 years to dislodge Christianity not only from India but also the World. That is my estimation and Christians (like the Vaticans who have examined Hindusm and its knowledge) KNOWS it.


    And for God's sake, ALL GUESTS ... could you mind registering?

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