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    We don't have any evidences supporting the existence of Krishna, Rama and now there is a claim about Jesus existence. One thing that might support Jesus is no myth is that he is portrayed as an human unlike other Gods which may be different.


    Actually, we do.


    Ramayana have mentioned structures in its epic like the temple in Sri Lanka, the Rama Setru (Bridge which the NASA found), and the temple in Ayodhya (birth place of Rama).


    Also in Mahayana, it is said that Dwarka sank in the ocean and it was home to Sri Krishna till the beginning of Kali yuga. Off the coast of Goa, you will find the ruins of Dwarka.


    Because the Jews integrated with the Romans who were at that time much under the influence of classic Greek thought.

    It is a Jewish myth, because these Hellenistic Jews were the ones who manufactured the Christ myth in an effort to bring Rome under the influence of Jewish theism.

    The Roman Empire was desperate for a religious concept that would unite the kingdom. The Gospels were written by people who did not understand the Hebrew language as it is proven fact that they used the Septuagint as their source of Hebrew thought. The Septuagint was a Greek translation of the Torah. Whoever wrote the Gospels of the New Testament did not even know the original Hebrew language but depended on Greek translations of the books for their inspiration.


    As such, we can conclude that the gospels of the New Testament were written by Hellenistic Jews who felt that some marriage of Judaism and Greek mythology would be an effective way to create a religion that Rome could use to keep the empire intact.


    Obviously, the invention of Jesus was a very effective device, though in the long run the Jesus myth outlasted the Roman Empire by thousands of years.


    Let me get this straight, you actually believe that Jews went and invented Jesus so they could reach the Romans? You don't know much about Judaism, do you? :rolleyes:


    In Judaism, Jews MUST follow the Ten Commandments which makes up the basic for their belief. One of the commandments stated that "You do not take another as God" and "You do not create image of God".


    If you accuse Jews of inventing Jesus, then know this that they have broken this important convent and therefore, they cannot be called Jews anymore.


    It is interesting to note that Mr Menon describes Vishnu Purana as mythology.


    That "Myth" was able to teach Humans about Evolution - how Life Evolved from the Sea and to the land and to humans.


    That "Myth" (in Bhavagad Gita) was able to teach Humans about the Creation of the Universe, about (Zero Point) Energy and so many more.


    But to Christians who rather believe in fairy tale about a god that needs to be killed in order for man to be saved, yes, it is a Myth. :rolleyes:


    I`ve created this thread simply because it seems everyone here in this spiritual discussion forum is only interested in being one with God or simultaneously one with but different from God. We have lost the very essence of what all the sages, Gurus, incarnates, and even God Himself has been trying to convey to us since time immemorial. That our goal is Love!


    There can never be oneness with God or devotional service to God if we don`t know what is Love!


    1 Corinthians 13:1-13, " Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It doesn`t boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. Love doesn`t delight in evil but rejoices in truth. It always protects, always trusts, always perserveres. Love never fails."


    Now, I know why Kaliyuga never leaves. It`s because we stopped learning what Love is all about.


    Love? Go and teach that to your Christians first. Because as far as I know, Christians do not know what Love is and they do not appreciate Life either.


    Abortions, Adultery, Children out of wedlocks, teenagers having sex when they turn 16 and so many more corruptions occurs in US and Europe. At least Hindus are well enough to know what Morale and Ethics are and live their lives accordingly. That is respectable AND admirable.


    People like you do not know what it means to be One with God. Do you think every tom, dick and harry can do that? In order to become One with God, One MUST make him or her clean - physically, mentally AND Spiritually. That is what Hindus are doing and Hindus should be proud that they have a noble goal in life. They should not entertain people like Christians and Muslims.


    There is a new documentary out called The God Who Wasn't There. It specifically challenges the historical authenticity of Jesus Christ. The producers have presented the views of some of the top academic theologians who have arrived at the conclusion that the story of Christ is a myth.


    This comes along with a new book by R.G. Price entitled Jesus, a very Jewish Myth.


    How is it that it is Jewish myth when it was Jews who was first to reject Jesus? For 2,000 years, Jews are called "Christ Killers" because Christians were taught that Jews killed their "god". :eek4:


    In fact I believe the poster is editing the wikipedia entries himself, and then posting them here as though they are evidence, when in fact it is just him quoting himself.


    So, what actions to be taken?


    The person who kept writing this, doing so despite of earliest remarks by other forumers (myself included) that what he was stating was not fact. Melvin seems to be hell-bent in trying to fool us into thinking that Kalki is ANYTHING BUT an actual person (an Avatar) who will strengthen this screwed up World.


    He even went as far as calling those terrorists who smash those planes into the Twin Towers in Sept. 11 as Kalki. If that is not an insult to Hinduism, I don't know what is.


    Why do you have different opinions? Does it mean that you don't have the clear knowledge of God? Hinduism also portrays God to be in every living things. He is not an 'alien' as you are saying.


    Wikipedia IS NOT AUTHENTICATED Website to be considered as Facts. It is written by people who themselves have no knowledge whatsoever on what they are talking about.



    Before Magellan, the portuguese navigator, came to the shore of Cebu

    ( Visayan island) in March 1521, we were already worshiping Allah. But we called Him Bathala, the Child God. He is otherwise known as the Santo Nino de Cebu. Although, His icons are whitish, but the original Icon is blackish, the one that was found inside a burning hut in 1565. Bathala is the God of the Dwapara age. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santo_Ni%C3%B1o_de_Cebu




    The original Icon of Bathala http://cebuheritage.com/heritage-of-cebu/old-churches/basilica-minore-del-santo-nino/original-image-of-the-sto-nino-de-cebu


    How many times do I have to tell you that Wikipedia IS NOT a proper source of information? Are you so stupid that you cannot understand that? :eek4:

  9. I think this (Melvin's) typical behavior of an example Christian/Muslim behavior.


    In Christianity, they kept potraying God as something which can born and die like humans. Their religion is based on a dead god. In Islam, they kept saying that no divine beings/gods will come down from heaven after Muhammad, so anyone who is Enlightened, it probably means that such person is a false prophet.


    But in Hindusm (Buddhism and Judaism alike), we have different opinions about Divine beings. Both Hindusm and Judaism believes that God is beyond life and death and IF He wants to come down and mingle with Humans, there is nothing to stop Him from doing so (other than His own Will).


    In Buddhism, EVERYONE is capable of achieving Enlightenment. Matter a fact, Theravada Buddhism followers are expecting a New Age Buddha - Maitreya to come soon and lead them.


    So, there is a conflict here. Christians cannot accept this because that will make their Jesus obsolete (not like they are following his teaching anyway) and Muslims are fearful of Hindu predictions coming true. So, they do their level best to fool themselves into thinking that they could still have a place in the future when this "superior beings" come and guide Hindus and Buddhists (and hopefully, find a place for Jews alike :pray: ) to a better World. :)


    Frankly speaking - the Future does not need Christians and Muslims.



    Just Watch these Movies


    1. Transformers

    2. Terminator

    3. Star Trek

    4. Flash Gordon

    5. Lost in Space

    6. Time Tunnel

    7. Star Gate

    8. The Matrix


    Because Truth`s stranger than Fiction!


    You based your understanding of the World based on movies? You do know that the movies are nothing more than fictional work, right?


    Did you know that if a person could not differentiate between Reality and Fictional work, he should be referred to a good psychologist?


    Virtuous, should be able to realize the truth, the feeling of loneliness and sadness, give equal respect and never quarrel.


    When you reach the stage you would be detached from the world.


    Hmph ... Don't talk like you know so much. Everything you say so far have no evidence whatsoever. Matter a fact, you have been pushing others to accept your "loosely based" facts and have not given any respects to the forumers here when they said - "ENOUGH!"


    You're a daydreamer ... and all you're doing is daydreaming.


    Oh ... a Virtuous does not feel loneliness and sadness. If they do, they means that they still have attachments in the World (which they are suffering for).


    Do you think democracy will ultimately work?


    Yes, but ONLY if there are some major changes to the Democractic System itself. Changes here include :


    1. Putting Age limits to candidates - 30 to 60 years old (just like public servants).


    2. Limiting the Power hold by the Ruling Party - to ensure fraud and cheating does not happen.


    3. Give more power to the Civil Servants - includes Police, Military, Public Servants. This include allowing them to voice out their opinions about the Administration of the Country instead of following what Ruling Party says.


    4. Give power of Legistration ONLY to those who are qualified - Law must be made by those who knows it like Lawyers and Judges. Not by Party members.


    5. ALL matters related to the Public MUST be made aware online to the Public's viewing. Nothing must be dealt behind closed door (unless it is senstive matters which could cause panic).


    Today, Democracy is falling not because of the System being faulty; instead, it is because Political Parties still thinks that People only get involved in Politics through Political Parties. This is not true ... many dislike the idea of joining any parties but still very much concern about their Country. Creating opening for them to join in and contribute will only strenght the Democratic Process in a Nation.


    At least, this is my humble opinion.


    I guess that’s how democracy is supposed to function. The crazier the people, the crazier the elected leaders..


    In some countries, Yes. That is true. Countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq (all which had incidents where Democractic election have been bypass by revolution or Election itself had put a dictator into the seat of power).

  14. .com reported that Ahmednijab is winning in Iran. Ahmednijab is a modern-day Adolf Hitler - calling for destruction of Israel and ALL UNBELIEVERS and he is insane enough to make it happen. Yet, Islamic fools (both educated and uneducated barbarians) swinging toward him because he uses Islam as a sheild for his stupidity.


    IS THIS AN EXAMPLE OF DWAPURA AGE? Where the leaders who the (ignorant) people elected are nothing more than raving lunatics, promising doomsday?


    When two airplanes slammed into the Twin Towers(World Trade Center) on 911 year 2001, it herald a new beginning for all the peace loving nations of the world to bond together as one in their crusade to stop once and for all terrorism. The United Nations realized in order to prevent this menace from occuring again is to cease arguing and debating over trivial matters that is of no importance to world peace.

    One of the airplanes that deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center building was piloted by the Kalki avatar.. Believe it or not is MyReply.


    New beginning of peace? Americans and UK bomb the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Terrorism still a dangerous threat - as it is evidence in Mumbai incident (which you happily avoided in all your statements) and the economic plunged to an all-time lowest since 1930s Great Depression. 10 years almost over and it is still not recovered.


    Today, the World is in brink of World War III - North Korea is testing its nukes and planning to force other nations around it to bow down to its might. Iran is doing the same thing. China already invaded Nepal, next will be Tibet and down to India. China already asking for Indrapradesh, stating that state belongs to China for some reason.


    The Weather is horrible and you can expect another Drought and Famine like the 1980s Great Famine to occur. Already, millions are homeless due to flooding and other natural disasters (ALL DUE TO MAN-MADE POLLUTIONS).


    And here, you are daydreaming like some drug-addict that the World is in Dwapura Age.


    Always a dangerous thing. Pick a little from here and a little from there even though those teachers may even disagree amongst themselves on the nature of the ultimate reality.


    Yup, dangerous and somewhat foolish thing to do, if you ask me. Ever heard of the proverb - "The Blind leading the Blind"? Well, this is it.


    How does those gurus going to teach you about Nature of the Ultimate Reality when they themselves have yet to experience it on their own? And how sure are you that you will be lead in the right path? How do you know that your gurus are in the right path?


    Spiritualism is NOT an easy task - it takes discipline, hardwork, dedication and FAITH toward God (that He is at the end of the journey) for you to move forward. If you just put your trust in someone else, you won't make it anywhere fast. And who knows, maybe you can reach the Ultimate Reality faster than your Guru but you do not try to do so on your own.


    In Judaism, God (of Israel) doesn't interfere openly with affairs of Man, allowing Man to reach Him on their own time and effect. In Christianity, ... actually I cannot say much about their god because it is confusing. And in Islam ... forget, you couldn't find their Allah anywhere.


    But in Hindusm, it is stated that Bhavagan is with you - as your mother, father, brother, sister, friend and even Enemy. He doesn't leave you even if you hate Him. And that is BEAUTIFUL.


    So, I really don't understand why some people put so much emphasis on their gurus to do all the hardwork and thinking for them while they sit and shake their legs, waiting for their gurus to give them instructions to follow. This is NOT Spiritualism.


    Krishna is not referring to someone else, regardless of how you interpret His identity.


    How can you say it is someone else's Gita? It was not written by Krishna, it was spoken by Krishna, nobody is claiming that he wrote it down.


    Yes, the OP is inflamatory, please read his origional post. I wasn't calling you inflammatory, but Ronin's comments that Iskcon devotees are liars or something is just ridiculous.


    Sigh ... after all those talks about Sri Krishna, Bhavagad Gita and God (Bhagavan), YOU STILL FAIL TO UNDERSTAND BASIC THINGS IN HINDUSM AND BHAVAGAD GITA. :rolleyes:


    You are looking at the flesh of Sri Krishna and FAILED COMPLETELY to understand what He have been saying. And you do not care because to do so, it is to requestion yourself. Tell me this - will such approach lead you to answers?


    When He claims that He is God, and that He have taught the Sages throughout Time, He was stating Maha Vishnu (from which He came from). He was stating Maha Vishnu (His Soul) as the performer of all those deeds. Sri Krishna is just another physical manifestation of Maha Vishnu in His countless Avatars - like the Kurma, Narashima and Sri Rama.


    Yet, why is it that you can see duality here when there is only One? I believe you (and many others) have been fooled by illusions of "God in Twoness" as it is presented (and confused everyone) in Christianity, when Jesus is separate from God (of Christianity) and yet he is still a god.


    As for Sri Krishna writting it down - it is not written by Him. 5,000 years ago, India have yet to have writing skills and most of the religious texts were brought down through the generations by oral presentations (by Brahmins).


    In 1894, Swami Sri Yukteswar made two startling predictions in his book, The Holy Science: " matter will be found to be energy, and the sun has a twin star." Einstein proved the first prediction to be true in 1905 and over the course of the last century more and more evidence is pointing to the truth of the second prediction...



    I don't see what's a big deal about the first "prediction" when Bhavagad Gita have already stated about Energy and Matter 5,000 years ago.


    As for the second prediction, I have NEVER come across any "truth" to such prediction. Where is it? Why don't you point it out for me?

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