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  1. Similarities in names does not mean that they are the same. Names are just that - NAMES, not Facts. Instead of being fooled by names, why don't you (all) compare Hindusm with Abrahamic religions. While there are some similiraties does exists between Hinduism and Judaism, the difference will continue to grow bigger when you compare Hinduism with Christianity and Islam. This is because Christianity is based on Roman beliefs (and it is still does) where Zeus - pagan god of Romans are taken as chief god and in Islam, Muhammad just take and put together his own religion by borrowing from others around him.
  2. Gods and God is two different thing altogether. Gods means sentient beings (very much like humans) who are in higher level of existence than humans. God (and Son of God) means that they are still considered highest of all. So, in that context, they still look at Sri Rama and Sri krishna as being lower status than Jesus. As for followers of Caitanya miscalculating Kaliyuga ... they are mistaken. We are still in Kali yuga. IF they have read the Bhavagad Gita, then they should know that, in order for Kali yuga to end, one key player MUST appear - Maha Vishnu in form of Kalki (Destroyer of Kali). As long as He doesn't come down and "play", we're still in Kali yuga. Anyone says otherwise are merely self-delusional individual who are trapped in Maya.
  3. Whatever it is, you can use PM. Just click on my name, and you will find an option to send a private message.
  4. This thread is ridiculos and inflammatory ONLY to the ignorant ones. Those who wished to learn and accept that they are trapped in an illusion now will learn many things. Truth can be learnt ONLY by examining things which one does not like to examine, NOT by turning one's back to it. Good example here could be Gautama Buddha who discard EVERYTHING to seek the Truth. Ignorant people like to turn their backs on their problems and dislike others pointing out their mistakes or advising them. For people like this, as long as no one tells them that they are ignorant, they are happy and blissful.
  5. He derive that from his own imaginations. Out of Africa theory is a well-known and currently accepted theory on how humans have left Africa in two batches - one in 250,000 years ago, and another 200,000 years ago. The Scientists and Historians have genetic and physical evidences to support this claims. Don't believe, just go to a search Engine and type Out of Africa and you will find out for yourself. PS : Stephen Knapp or Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source of information.
  6. This is what I call IGNORANT at its best example. You behave educated and civilized but IF you made some research on your own, you could have known that YOU ARE SORELY MISTAKEN. The FIRST MIGRATION of Humans OUT OF AFRICA happened 250,000 years, second one 200,000 years ago. And the last one - 3100 BC after a massive flood destroyed most of the farming community in Mesopotamia region, forcing some Middle-East tribes to venture into India, bringing with them writing writing skills. This is HISTORY. The fact that the humans have migrated out of Africa shows that they were a well-organised community and able to defend themselves in a new region. IF they just begun as you boldly claim, they could not go out into the new World (outside Africa) till they are strong and able to take care of themselves.
  7. To live and Die for someone like Rama could be a greater honor than to live as animals in disguise of human.
  8. People who thinks so highly of wealth and worldly possessions ARE animals (in human disguises).
  9. Maybe you owe these gods something which you forget to repay. Maybe the gods are telling you to pay up before good things could happen to you. Why don't you go and see a priest who tells fortune (in temples) and have him check it out?
  10. In the World today, a lot of people do not care about Spiritualism and being closer to God. All they care is to be allowed in some "group" (become groupie as they called) and they will walk around, stating how they are "enlightened" for being in that group. You ask people to work hard, meditate hard and suffer a little to get closer to God, and you will find this people turn around and find another group which "sells" Spiritualism for a better price. Sages do not entertain fools.
  11. Another blind man. Was Hindus (and Indians in general) starved in their own home land over 5,000 years ago? Have their rights to practise what they believe taken away from them 5,000 years ago? Have India become 2nd in number of those infected by AIDS or other diseases such as that which was transmitted sexually? If the answers for this are NO, then what the hell are you talking about? As for your statement that Homo Sapiens have NOT changed for the past 200,000 years, THAT IS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT and you can ask ANY BIOLOGISTS and they WILL say the same thing.
  12. Oh really? Go and "buy" Life back to a dead man. Pay the Sun to rise up in the middle of the night. Or the rain to come down in a drought season. You're being ignorant to simple facts. It is NATURE which produces food, water, air and warmth FOR FREE. But it is always people who are greedy who charge money for things they consider is theirs to own and sell. And it is people like YOU who agree with this foolish and greedy people, ready to beg on your hands and knees so they could throw scraps for you to feed on. And when all is done, you blame it on God because it is always so easy to blame things on God rather than blame yourself. People like you - IGNORANT - who are the true cause of Kali Yuga.
  13. Same way a rational person could harm another person if he wants to. Gods do not make him do it, he choose to do it by his own free will. And that, just as practice of black magic will bring him more bad karma which he have to endure.
  14. Or perhaps their words have fell to the deaf ears. Those who does not wish to hear, shall not hear it.
  15. When people such as yourself cease to be ignorant of the real cause of Kali. Money is not creator, protector or destroyer of anything. Ignorant is. When Kali Yuga comes to an end, we will all know where the Ignorant comes from and how Illusions (Maya) have been clouding the eyes.
  16. I always thought that Sri Krishna is blue because the color of Blue itself gives a sense of peace and tranquility to those who look at it.
  17. God alone is my spouse. All others are mere attachments which I could choose to accept or deny.
  18. Yeah, I agree with this one. Instead of looking for Christ, why don't you take a break and look deep within yourself? God (not Christ) will be there for you to find. Don't waste your time with fairy-tales.
  19. Muslims are discriminated because they allow themselves to be discriminated. Their religion consists of forcing others to submit to their god - Allah. As long as others do not, they will always force their belief down on our throats. When we fight back, they will say we are discriminating them. That is their mindset - they are torturing themselves, and they are unhappy till we are tortured as well.
  20. Only "Dalits" I see now is the one who labels others as "Dalit Christians, Dalit Buddhist, Dalit Hindus etc".
  21. Pakistan is incapable of handling this situation. They should allow foreign troops in and let them deal with it. Then again, I know their mindset. Once the Pakistan Government allows foreigners to come in to fight Talibans, the Talibans will use that as an excuse to gain supports from their fellow Muslims and the problem could only increase more. If you ask me, JUST NUKE PAKISTAN. It will send a stern warning to Talibans that the "Infidels" have lost their patience with them.
  22. Let them pretend. They will stop pretending when their loved ones get killed by this fanatics like what happened in Mumbai recently. Then they will know that they do have a problem. Right now, the problem here is Indian Government. Despite of knowing that the attack (in Mumbai) came from (and probably with the help of) neighboring Pakistan, WHAT DID INDIA DO? Nothing. Pakistan's terrorists have openly declared war against the Infidels in India and India Government seems to be weak-knee in accepting the challenge.
  23. The hell ... I have read the Mahabratha epic, Bhavagad Gita AND the Bible (New and Old Testament). Exactly where did you get this little fairy tale from?
  24. I talked to NO ONE, I have experienced Muslim persecutions on Hindus FIRST HAND. Do not treat me like some fellow who takes his stories from a third or fourth person's view. I know how twisted Muslims can be. They demolish Hindu temples and claim that they are saving Hindus from eternal torment. And this they do so they could be rewarded in heaven with alcholol, wealth and virgins. THAT IS WHAT ISLAM TEACHES.
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