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  1. And what do you have to say about this. This guy even disagrees that Mahabharata was an event. And he has explained it so beautifully indeed. http://www.geocities.com/yogirajharkare/atha.htm
  2. He who says this is selfish person, because he is thinking about his own self. One who knows truth should bring it in the open. He should rather pay back what he has taken from the society. It becomes his duty to share what he has gained in spirituality. Not many people have the courage to do so. I wouldn't call him a morally strong person.
  3. I'm not arguing Rashmi ji. Just presenting facts. Indian society is the most corrupt one.Religious sects have always taken advantage of poor innocent people & cheated them in the name of God. But nobody stands out against them because it requires great will & confidence to oppose a whole community of non-workers who have shirked their daily responsibilities & became toutes of God . Only people who showed courage to do so were Shankracharya & Swami Dayanand whose hearts cried at the plight of poor India people & who threw away their lives to help those common masses.
  4. I know its difficult for you to understand. Sometimes ego stands in the path understanding. So i will try to enlighten you step by step. So boricua your hope to become hindu is very less without learning hindi. Perhaps you can try becoming a bengali, i'm sure sambya will help you a lot. You should learn to walk before you learn to fly. There is no shortcut in life. You have to go through proper channels.
  5. I'm not against Lord Krishna, but against those corrupt people who are robbing innnocent foreigners by using this propaganda that Krishna refers to himself as ultimate god in Geeta & depriving a great sage "Vyas Muni" for its credit. If anybody has any important details plz contribute.
  6. when ever someone mentions Gita we associate it with Lord Krishna. But very few of us know who the original author was. Iskon devotees are extorting bagfuls from foreigners by hiding this secret from them that Krishna just preached geeta. Even common mass in India does not know this fact. Where ever the author in Geeta has written to surrender to supreme god, it is assumed that Krishna is the supreme God. Krishna does not have a copyright on Geeta. He never wrote Geeta. Geeta was already written before the war of Mahabharata. Krishna just preached it. It was written by Vyas Muni on the banks of Saraswati. So all those verses which Iskon devotees quote do not point at Krishna as a superior God. The original writer of gita was Vyas Muni & he should not be deprived of his credit. See links below. http://www.urday.com/gita.html http://www.vedmandir.com/content/que...-april-21-2009
  7. If you feel that knowledge is only in vedas & geetas, then your education has lacked somewhere. What is more important than reading scriptures is commonsense of human being & his ability to differentiate b/w right & wrong & walk apart from the herd of sheep. Krishna was a powerful incarnation of God Vishnu when he was alive. Today Krishna is only a sect & when a God becomes a sect it becomes corrupt. All sects a corrupt presently. Whose translation of gita are you quoting from. I have read gita translations of many people including Vivekananda, Dyananda, Sivananda, Osho, Bal gangadhar Tilak , Gandhiji. Everyone has manipulated gita in their own way. Gita is such a text that it has so many meanings that everytime you start reading it fresh it assumes a new meaning. I have already stated that all Gods have different purposes. If i take your words to be true then give me one simple reason why iskon devotees are thriving on common man's hard earned money? why do they go to doctors when they go ill ? Why are they expanding their business by selling different products ? why hasn't lord Krishna fulfilled all their desires ? More over to remove the veil of ignorance from your eyes i must state here that Krishna does not have a copyright on Geeta. He never wrote Geeta. Geeta was already written before the war of Mahabharata. Krishna just preached it. It was written by Vyas Muni on the banks of Saraswati. So all those verses which you are translating do not point at Krishna as a superior God. what's more interesting is people knew very little about geeta until Shankracharya's commentary appeared on it. See links below. http://www.urday.com/gita.html http://www.vedmandir.com/content/questions-answers-april-21-2009
  8. Sant ignorantly you have written the right thing. You can't become a Russian living in India. Can a doctor become a doctor without a medical degree ? what about a Lawyer without a law education ? If tomorrow you come to me wearing Obama's underwear should i treat you like the president of USA? If i do, i'm a fool of highest order. Sambya if you can become a father without producing a child, then anyone can become a hindu without learning hindi. There is a criteria for everything in life. If you want to be called a father then you have to make succesfull sex to your wife & wait for the baby to get born. Of course if you are restless to be called a father you can adopt a baby, but you won't do so unless you are impotent. Hence we can state that hindi is a compulsion to be a hindu.
  9. None taken either. Follow the primary steps. Pickup Sivananda Saraswati books from the market. Its a gradual change which you have to bring over years. And remember what yoda said " I can only show you the door. It is you who has to walk through it " There is a lot of fakes sitting out there to fool you if you don't know your basics. When basics are clear you'll develop the ability to differentiate b/w right & wrong & like wise be able to choose.
  10. Lord Rama was already married & Ravana extorted Sita by force. In your case you are unmarried & want to extort another person's wife by tantric procedures. You are Ravana here. You are disturbing someone's married life. You want to disturb the cycle of nature. Haven't you read the definition of true love? True love only gives & not demands. Let her live her life. Who are you to her when you are not married to her?
  11. I do not know about rituals & beliefs of other countries but it isn't true about Indian system. Yes you need to know the language of the country of the religion you ought to follow. If i keep before you a "Koran" in Urdu & you don't know that language , how will you conceive the book. Its easy to get a translated copy but its like eating canned food when fresh food is available.
  12. Hindi is derived from Sanskrit which is the language of Gods. Why do you think those people effort ed so much? were they jerks ?
  13. When the disciple is ready, the guru appears. Are you ready to sit in one place for 3 hours ? Are you ready to drop onions, garlic, spices & even salt from your food ? Are you ready for abstinence & non-violence ?
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