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  1. Hi ravikishore, Since i am facing some problems I would like to suggest that don't seek for any spiritual help to get girl of your choice. Just go and talk to the girl or her parents and it is a possibility that you end in happily married life with that girl. I also have done some research in this field and yes it is possible to attract partner of your choice by doing some rituals. But when you are doing these kind of rituals (like reciting some mantra) then girl whom you are trying to attract her psychic aura will get disturbed by your ritual (black/white magic) you can say that spiritual force will trouble/disturb that girl(it does not matters if it is black magic or white magic both do same harm and believe me in some cases white magic does more loss to people) because against nature some force is forcing her to fall in love with some person,you may end in marrying that girl but you have to face some bad consequences also girl will face various mental problems. I don't know how can one person give troubles to other person whom he claims he loves. Just go by the rules of nature/god and if she is destined to be with you she will be with you.
  2. I have described only some part of my problems because i am waiting for some right person to come up and say yes i have some idea about your problems tell me more so that i can come to a conclusion. Tell me Shriyogi that when you go to a doctor sometimes a person is not able to tell 100% of his problem but doctor based on his experience can figure out rest of the problems. I am looking for a right doctor or someone who can show me some path on which i may find one.
  3. Hi, OK so let's forget about the movies. Since I am suffering from these type of problems i am always interested in any type of media news related with such type of areas. I saw a program on Discovery ('The haunting') in which they shown this story having a reference to this movie 'Entity' and that's when i saw this particular movie. I have no idea which filmmakers you are in contact with but yes in my past 7-8 years of discovery i found that these type of stories do have some kind of truth in them. I do believe that there is a very thin line between insanity and truth. For example you continuously chant a mantra belonging to some God with true heart and after 40-50 days you start to see and communicate with that God what will you say of this phenomena - Some sadhu will say that because of your devotion God gave you this boon. Psychologist will say that for 40-50 days you are repeating a name thinking about a image so there is a possibility you are suffering with schizophrenia. Yes I met with a few powerful tantriks during past few years. And similar to bhairo i will say that you will not find these personalities in some famous temple these people are living with us as a very simple common man. Although these people were not able to help me but yes some of the precautions as they told when we followed we started to feel a little protected but they were limited only to do some little help. So i just wanted to say this "It's superstition until it happens to you".
  4. Hi, Thanks Ravindran and Bhairo for your replies. Ravana when kidnapped Sita he was in the disguise of Sadhu. I don't know much about Aghoris but yes in past 3-4 years i have done some kind of research on them.. I already mentioned in my thread that I am just describing 10% of our problems so don't consider it as mental problem. First one - In Ghaziabad, recently a strange event happened a Muslim boy was reunited with his family after 14 years.... strange thing about this event was 14 years ago the boy was dead and buried in the ground. Boy told his story as follows - he was dead he din't remembered anything, when he opened his eyes in front of him were standing two Aghoris One was Guru and other was his disciple. The Guru then told this boy that he has digged him from the dead and given him new life so from now onwards only target of that boy will be to worship some Snake God and if he tried to run away his life will be taken back by the same Aghori Guru. Boy told to his family that after this event he was so afraid that he started to worship the same Snake God as told by that Aghori and he became a snake charmer. After 14 years he was showing some snakes to the public (as a snake charmer) and that is where he was identified by some of his family members. He told them that he was nicknamed as 'Surendra Nath' by that Aghori. He also said to them that even this Aghori died before few years he is still following his instructions. This boy left his poor family and again went away from them saying that he will continue visiting his family once or twice a year. THIS NEWS WAS SHOWN ON AAJTAK NEWS CHANNEL (followed by interviews from some so called scientist and psychologists) ASK THESE SO CALLED SCIENTIST THAT WHETHER THEY ARE MORE KNOWLEDGEBALE THAN NEWTON AND EINSTEIN WHO DURING THERE PERIOD ACCEPTED THE CONCEPT OF GOD AND SOME SPIRITUAL POWER. Second One- 1-2 weeks back two children age 8-10 years disappeared from GURUKUL (A school run by ASARAMJI BAPU ASHRAM IN AHEMADABAD) there family filed one F.I.R even after some investigation no clue was found. Some days later one worker gave a clueto one of the family members. Working on the clue families were able to find ther children. They found damaged body of their sons on the bank of River Sabarmati along with some Pooja Material like flowers sandal etc. further investigations are going on. I never had encounter with a Indian person who is having some true knowledge on these matters but during an e-mail conversation with a foreign person told me that during his visit to india in 90's he came to know about a siddhi called Swapneshwari Siddhi..(incomplete name?) he told me that various Sadhus and Aghoris need this Siddhi to achieve other higher Siddhis. Swapneshwari siddhi gives them power to have sex with any individual female/male in his/her sleep and they will never know (but some persons in which Kundalini has started to awoke they will experience and struggle). For other reference of this kind of this type of problem you can watch this movie called Entity based on true story. I am writing this condition on various forums because I think that may be someday i get some solution on this and also this thread may help someone. Thanks
  5. Hi Ravindran Kesavan ji, I already posted this thread in Spiritual Discussion <!-- END TEMPLATE: navbar_link -->forums but i think maybe this occult forum is having some answers. Admin - Please bear with me since I am in great trouble that's why i am pasting my thread in this forum Here is the link /audarya/spiritual-discussions/447551-desperate-need-help-please.html Following is the thread in Quotes:- Ravinran ji can you please give me your email-id so that i may contact you. Thanks
  6. Hi Friend If it is possible for you to visit Mehandipur Balaji Temple (It is in Dausa District,Rajasthan - nearly 8 hours from Delhi by bus), I went there once and felt its power. I don't know about other places but this is definitely one of the most powerful temples in India (once a devotee just goes infront of Lord Blaji Statue then if he is possessed by some evil spirit spirit will start to speak and 2-3 days of stay there will cure these spirits).
  7. Hi Friends, Thanks for your replies . Thanks to krsna for this wonderful poem by Beatles. I was having blind faith in God some 3-4 years back (i was doing some japa and pranayams etc...) but after these incidents in life of some one you love you need to have some answers and if you don't get them you lose faith. Question is not whether one is possessed by low spirits but question is what we do if some corrupt high spirits possess someone (You can see a movie called "stigmata"). In Gita lord Krishna says that "Shashkon mein main yumraj hoon - As ruler of rulers i am Yumraj" which means that he is saying that "don't accept any favours from me, if you have done something wrong you will have to do penance for it" and yes he is right - As we most have experienced in original form God is the most cruelest thing. Similar thing is accepted by Buddha and Vivekanand they both said in their speeches that God is cruel if you have done something wrong you will have to do penance for it and merely doing some prarthna will not resolve it - this means that bad people can harm good people, As per God bad people will penance for their bad deeds in future,but in that span of time good people suffers a lot. What I have experienced is people who have the knowledge don't share with anyone and those who know some half truth (and are the most dangerous one) easily become Guru's in this kaliyug. I think journey to spiritual path should not be based on bhaavnaa (emotions) but it should be practical one.
  8. Hi Friends Thanks for all your replies. I am very glad to find this forum (atleast I found people with similar problems). Thanks for your advice gramo i will try to visit the place mentioned by you. I have many questions few of which i am writing down below ... may be you have some answers:- 1. Is it true that some higher spirits (cursed devatas, gandharvas, kinnar etc.) are also born with children, in other words they are possessing these newly born childs to get rid of their shaaps(curse). 2. When kundalini awakens in a person some amrit is generated inside his/her head or what we call it as in sahastrar chakra. Is it possible by some evil/cunning means to drink it from some other persons body. (This i got from some foreign person in a mail..he wrote me these so called spiritual gurus (asaramji bapu) are creating infinite shishyas so that they can increase their power when a shishya who took gurudiksha recites the mantra). For friends who have read "Sacred Evil by Ipsita Roy Chakravorty" she has mentioned in a real life incident that she experienced Ramkrishna Paramhansa's ghost (he should have got moksha???? but then who knows true meaning of moksha) his ghost was actually taking blood out of a girl and giving it to kaali maa , ipsita then did something (she removed a garland from kaali statue's neck which she thought would have been the reason for the girl's disease,after which the girl was completely cured). 3. The problem that we are facing is that my sister is not possessed by some ghost but as she saw in many dreams and listened to many voices is - some cursed devi is born along with her and that devi is actuaaly one of many wives to lord shiva, she was cursed but did not wished to take birth so she possessed my sister. and since she is one of the wife of lord shiva she will not let my sister to marry anyone. She is still unmarried whenever we try to find some match somehow it ends in negative way. Please throw some light on this. Thanks
  9. Hi friends, This is my first post so kindly bear with me. I am in desperate need of help. Please move to correct forum if this is the wrong. Making the story short...My name is Dhruva (name changed) working as a software developer in Delhi.I have a elder sister age 34. Our problems started when in year 2000 me and my sister took gurudiksha (spiritual guru gives you some mantra to recite) from asaramji bapu since then my sister is facing vulgar attacks while sleeping (day/night both).I wrote letters to asaram bapu but none were replied, i tried to contact him but you know that these spiritual gurus are larger than life figures so was unable to meet him.Whenever she was attacked she saw before attack a old man wearing white cloths (now i suspect that it was asaram himself).Nature of attack as she told my mother was that she was literally raped. The locality we are living, some aghoris (spiritual people who worship in hindu cremation ground) come once in a year to do some yagna and bhandara (give food to hundreds of people in the name of god).They always come to my house also and my father use to give them some money and food to eat.I did my engineering 2000-2004 so for these 4 years i was not at home.When after completing my engineering I returned home, all of suddden my father fell ill and within span of six months he was dead. Just 6-7 months before my father's dead a tantrik (he is of age 70-75 so we believed him to be good person--let's call him psp) appeared in our life and he told us that all attacks my sister facing was because of asharamji bapu and because of the lord shiv mantra he gave to my sister ...he then asked my sister to start worshipping goddess durga. Aghoris also appeared at the same time and they asked my sister to worship lord shiv and told her that since last 20 years they are coming to our locality just because of her (she is some divine soul who is cursed and thats why she is facing those vulgar attacks...as told by them) my sister strictly refused them and started worshipping goddess durga,since then till today frequency of attacks has been decreased but after that many persons (3-4 new tantriks,one maulvi-muslim priest) have approached her and asked to recite shiv mantra but whenever she does shiv japa she faces vulgar attack. There is one thing common in all persons whom we met, they told us that one single man /group is behind all this conspiracy and they will never let my sister marry or live normal life and she has to suffer(we don't know why), they also told that main villain is the tantrik who told my sister to worship goddess durga (we also know that he is not a very good person and he is also taking some spiritual benefits from my sister but we don't know what to do) I have writtent letters to many so called spiritual gurus but 90% of time i don't receive any reply so thats why i tried to make the story short.i am writing this because last night also she was vulgarly attacked. Description off attack as she told me:- at night during 2:30 she wake up and after drinking water she again tried to sleep but in her unconscious state she saw that a black shadow(a male figure) appeared and poured cold water allover her body and then he hugged her from behind placing her hands on her breast she cried and wake up and since this attack she is feeling pain in all her body.She is suffering strong cold as well. So this person Mr.psp sometimes he speaks in my sister's mind that he is the only helper and sometimes he says that he is the only villain and he is doing this because my sister refused to have an affair with a guy (name of the guy was chaitanya) and it is on his order he is doing these vulgar attacks.We always try to avoid this man but somehow conditions become critical and we have to go to him (because no body else is ready to help) Can you please give me some direction.I don't know what to do, being a brother it is my responsibility to protect her but how can i prevent these attacks which occur while she is sleeping i don't know may be you can give me some help at least show us some way (i will follow any path if that helps my sister). And yes we have faced many paranormal things i have written only 10% of my story so please don't consider it some mental problem or some disease. Thanks
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