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  1. Hello brothers and sisters, I have been maintaining a blog on Dharma revival and spiritualism. Please give this blog a go: http://dharmarevival.blogspot.in/ I have tried my best to flow myself in all the words that i have written. Like most of the people here i too am interested in spiritualism and would do something for its reestablishment. please encourage me by reading the post and commenting on it. All queries and criticms are welcome. Thank you Moksh
  2. Boys read my post carefully, i said somewhere in the corner of my heart i feel he might be a thug, well in India and Nepal its very easy for a person to thug anyone in the name of sprituality and i know heaps of example on that, so whats wrong in my queries, didn't swami vivekananda question ramkrishna's proclaim on being an avatar being a sishya, didnt he question ramkrishna's on the initial meetings, honestly if u guys think u are better then swami vivekananda then i shall take my words back else it was a query and i need answers to my queries, @salil tiwari u asked on what basis are my words and my answer is "its based on curiosity" and i have every right to be curious on the authencity of paramhans shaktiputra maharaj or adolf hitler or jhansi ki rani or daud ibhrahim and i know he ask people to live a non veg life, lead a satwik life and intoxicant free life, well whats so different in that, dont ur neighbour tell u to do the same, brother is sprituality only about leading a satwik life being a non veg and intoxicant free person. he should be able to lead people to parabrahma parmeshwor and i have all the right in this world to question his ability on doing so, he might do it or not by my queries is valid here and u have no right to say that i shouldnt be doing such queries @sagunshawan brother i know what u are talking about and because of him i also started being a nonveg and intoxicant free, kudos to him on that and peace be with him as he is leading a society to a new dimension of new possibilities and may peace be with ur brother as well, its never to late to improve and i wish him best of luck for his future endeavour wid his life but my queries is not that where and how he is leading the society but subtle then that. he proclaims to be the part and parcel of paramhans swami satchidananda and my queris is only based on that. thats all @skr2kx and pratik and prince no doubt he has asked people to live such a satwik life and he has challenged so many people who are spritually based and are looting people wid the knowledge of our rishi, munis and i am complete on wid this statement. Yoga are the gift to us by our ancestors and paying a price for this is out of my comfort zone but he also proclaims to make miracles and i dont doubt that but my query is based on whether he can take a group of people and make them reach parabrahma parmeshwara and i also question his authencity on being the avatar os paramhansa swami satchidananda of siddhashram, if he can challenge people on there authencity then why cant i challenge him about his authencity about being the avatar of such a great person. @salil if u make the website please msg me, as u know not hw spritually thirsty i am and sorry for using the word 'thug' and i know it hurts but i personally like him heaps as he is trying to lead society in a positive direction and i will visit him someday but can he lead us to the ultimate truth and salil that is exactly my query
  3. thanks for all ur response. Its always good to do some research then being a blind follower. i personally liked his discourses and words so was giving a check anyway please do reply wid all his misdeeds so that we can save other brothers from going to the wrong path.thank u moksh
  4. i didnt know about it but when oneday i was bathing i spotted the spots its going from my butt to legs fortunately its not going up on the body and i am 23 and i wanna cure it anyhow.i am sending you email as well thanks for ur up coming support.thank you
  5. dear forum mates, i would like to admit that i have vitiligo a rare skin diseases that makes u loose the skin pigment and the skin turns into white. Michael jackson also had vitiligo so he did the skin surgery and i have every intention of curring it now or in the future, so please help me on this please suggest me yoga, herbs or any ways to cure it. will wait for the response
  6. hey guys still thinkingof using all these mantras for your ill intentions i heard that vashikaran mantras is used for doing vashikaran to the istha dev not to the women who are 2 billions in this earth .if one goes another comes . you know love is like playing a video game when you loose you press the reset button and play the game once again instead of feeling the nostalgia that you could have scored better and i am not the first one to saythis is said by the world's best pick up artist.
  7. hey even to learn black magic you need to have a guru and i guess there are plenty of aghoris in nepal and india who can teach you black magic but if you wanna do something even higher then the black magic there are still soem options which i can tell you but first raise higher from this black magic thing.
  8. jayamahadevi "jesus lila" sounds crazy well i ddont knew jesus plays lila i thought only hindu's god does anyway thanks for the info.
  9. well jamaica what to say if you get into your subconscious and feel that you are having a cold shiver then you can its all in subconscious mind hey read the book by Dr. Narayan Dutta Shrimali which is entitled " HYPNOTISM" may be this will help you. Cheers
  10. hey timi haru nepali ho ho bhane thats cool nepali haru sanga yo forum ma bhetna khusi laghca reply garnu ni yo post ko la timi haru nepali ho bhane
  11. Dear forum mates does anybody here know paramhans swami shakti putra ji maharaj wel;l he is from madhya pardesh, shahadol well i am actually writting about him in this section cauze his main intention was to preach Durga mata .you know he used to give preachings on zee jagran and he is very straight forward type of person and he proclaims to be the part of Paramhans Swami satchidananda and believe me his preachings was like he was telling things that we have far strayed out from what is reality and was like an eye opener but soemcorner of my heart i feel that he is a kind of thug cauze he proclaims biug things so if anyof you jsut know about Paramhans swami shakti putra maharaj just reply this thread or if there is any disciple in here of Paramhans swami shakti Putra maharaj jsut reply
  12. herservent well i am glad that you have those feelings . Well i dont take any words that you tell even if you were pope or some paramhans i believe Guru is the most and withoout guru their is no knowledge and you said divine mother will guide you well you may be right but where can you find the divine mother well i dont know about you but i surely find it in the footsteps of Guru or even higher so the next time the thoughts of guru pop out in your mind take a long breathe and go on a deep meditation on the word called Guru may be you will find a perfect answer and please read some books on Paramhans swami nikhiukeshworananda mayu be it can help you. To reach the divine mother it may take you century or even long but with the help of guru whos already reached there he can take you there jsut by a touch of his thumb to your center of Forehead (agya Chakra, third eye Place)
  13. i dunno whether it is a great advice or not but it is for sure that Moksh is now with his Eternal Guru who can awaken his Kundalini....upto the final one.... Jai Gurudev
  14. hey people and frens what exactly do you mean by sachidananda? i have a pic of bishn8u which is entilted sachidananda bishnu and there are so many swami like shree sachidananda paramhans , para\mahans swami sachidananda saraswati(khaptad swami) etc and whats paramhans by the way?
  15. Hey guys whats Hanuman sahasranamam for just tell me may be i can be a help if i knew it.
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