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  1. sambya : Actually, it is not impossible, but very hard. Gautama Buddha have taught us that (if you accept). According to the Buddha, performing rituals itself doesn't help one achieve Enlightnment (like what you said) without knowing why one does it. He states that blind faith and blindly doing rituals will blind a person and it will not help him to achieve Enlightment.
  2. arjun2826 : Don't be absurd and don't laugh. Spiritualism is not a laughing matters. And No, I do not miss doing Evil things. Yes, you are "unclean" Physically and Mentally. Almost ALL religions on the Planet (except maybe Christianity) have stated that drinking alcholol is bad for you. Even in Islam, it is stated that the alcholol you consume will stay in your blood for 40 days (and within this 40 days, you are UNCLEAN). Right now, in my eyes, you look like a drunkard who is trying to justify his drinking habit. Eating your vegetable does not make you a good person. It will only give you a temporary satisfaction and in the end, you will still be a drunkard at the end of the day. Spiritualism requires DISCIPLINE. Without Discipline and Self-Control, you cannot achieve Spiritualism. Right now, you don't even have the discipline to restrict the food and drink which enters your mouth. Excuse of the drunkards. They always talk about how they are in control and how they could stop drinking anytime they want. The truth is - they are never in control. The bottle controls them. Evil IS Evil - and alcholol is one of that Evil. Only fools will choose to get to know it, thinking that they could "control" themselves once it takes hold.
  3. Sounds like you already decided how Creation had occurred. However, no matter how well a person's explaination is, you need to understand that your theory IS a theory. There is no way you could proof that this is true. Unless you witness the Birth of the Universe yourself. If you ask me, I will follow Gautama Buddha's advice on this one. He stated that it doesn't matter how the Universe formed or how it will end. All that matters is achieving Enlightnment.
  4. Freedom to do what? Drink alcholol, indulge in free sex, party all night long in disco? Some of this rituals as you call them requires the doers to maintain a strict diet and strict lifestyle. Kavadi carrying (common during Thaipusam in Malaysia) for example requires a person to be "clean" physically, mentally and spiritually for about a month. While to someone like you, this could be consider as "restriction to freedom", to the practitioners it is an exercise for the Mind, Body and Soul.
  5. Might as well call yourself a bundle of flesh and nerve and nothing more than animal if you believe that crap. God which cannot be explained through Science MUST be thrown away.
  6. Christians follow something called Pascal's Wager. Pascal was a Mathematician (if not mistaken) who lived in 18 Century. He formulated that the people (masses) believe in (Christian) God simply because it is better to believe (in something which is false) and be saved, then to deny it and risk a chance of being damned. Don't think that this Russians have suddenly become believers in God. They just believe that it is better to believe (even if it means a lie) than do deny. In their eyes, Hindus are deniers (of Jesus).
  7. Sonic Yogi ... Why didn't you take a shower to cool your body down before going to bed? It's more relaxing?
  8. Sant : You're talking like a fool who have lost his ways. I don't understand what you are saying. There is no such nonsense stating that Hindus are doing Brahma's work by having children and overpopulate the country. And in Islam, use of conceptions to avoid pregnancy IS SIN (HARAM). You can confirm that with any Muallah you like.
  9. Yup, that fits Muslims very well. They do not want to advance Spiritually because they are told to follow Muhammad's (way of life) throughout their own life.
  10. Unfortunately, people who choose abortion do so without thinking carefully of the consequences of their actions. They perform Sex for pleasure purposes and refuses to accept the responsibility which comes with it. Of course, this view does not include Rape Victims as they are innocent of the crime done to them. In the West (especially), view that the unborn child in the womb is soulless, and therefore can be aborted is gaining popularities. In the East (especially with Hindus), it is already stated that the Soul enters and resides within the unborn child so they considered performing a sin by killing a child.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ain't you people Offtopic here? We supposed to be discussing Creation and not whether Theist or Primate wrong or right.
  12. Amlesh : It will not lead them anywhere. They are following the concept from Christianity (on how Jesus is called Son of God and in return, the God is replaced by the woship of the Son - alien concept to Judaism, which is why Jews have rejected Christianity, Christians and Jesus). This people have been together with Christians so much, that the only way they could make "connection" with Christians (so they could accept this people) are by making Sri Krishna another "Son of God" like Jesus.
  13. No, you follow Muhammad (a man) NOT GOD. Everything Muslims do is by following example of Muhammad and how he lived his life. That is an alien concept in Hindusm, Buddhism AND Judaism. No where in this beliefs have they been told to follow example of a man and call it as a way of God. This is why Jews have rejected Muhammad 1,400 years ago. Your apology means NOTHING. The reality which you tried to post IS FALSE and TWISTED. It is a Lie and you wanted us to believe in the Lie you are following.
  14. And what made India so overpopulated? Hindusm? I very much doubt it. As far as I know, Hindusm and Buddhism have never taught its followers to multiply like viruses and beg the government for help like Muslims doing. Islam taught them that, and when they do it shameless, other races follow stupidly behind them. In Africa, 500 million people are starving now and most of them are Muslims. This stupid race don't think for themselves and now, non-Muslims have to save their sorry existence. And when we do, this parasites will claim that their idiotic Allah saved them and bomb us to hell.
  15. Then why is it that people could take Sri Krishna to be a Supreme God over other Avatars? I think those who does this are missing the very important lesson Maha Vishnu is trying to teach them. No matter how many avatars He took, He is the same. Those avatars are merely "Forms" which He needs to accomplish the tasks. Same way, no matter how many times we are born, die and reborn again, we are the same regardless of our physical differences. We could have been born as animals, plants or humans of various races. But the Soul remains the same - unchanged and eternal. No one life or form in any one life is more important than another. This is what differentiate Christians from Hindus. Christians stuck with Jesus. They cannot think outside the "Jesus Box". Hindus should not be stuck in the same "box" as well.
  16. Yes, that is true. Overpopulation is a bad thing. Take Africa. Today, there are over 500 million people said to be starving there (according to the UN) and this is more than what the World have seen during the 1980s famine. All this due to the fact that humans did not (family) plan properly. Then again, I blame it on Christianity and Islam. Those two cults teaches foolish humans to multiply like viruses.
  17. What is your point? One foolish action seems to lead to another (more horrible) action in your case. You perform pre-marital sex when you're teenager and managed to get your girlfriend pregnant, when it is easier for you (as a man) to control your urges and do something positive with it like sports and marital arts. Don't pat in your self. Adultery is still a Sin and you're ain't no angel.
  18. Actually, it is you who are "limiting" God by putting Him in form of Sri Krishna. I'm not saying Sri Krishna is not (the Avatar of) God, I merely saying, don't think that Sri Krishna's form is the only form. This is the same attitude Christians has about their Jesus (that he is the only way) and this is why Christianity IS DYING. You want to kill Hindusm with your close-minded approach? To me, Sri krishna is not the only form. I also see Sri Rama in the same way as I see Sri Krishna. The same way I see Narashima, and the Kurma Avatar and all other Avatars of Maha Vishnu. There is no difference to me on which form He comes.
  19. When a person has Bhakti (Faith) in his Heart, he is close to God. And the closer you are to God, the happier, more calm and peaceful you are with the World. You will not fight the World, but live in it peacefully, waiting patiently for your time here to be over and that you may return back to your Beloved God. A person who is blind will always have suffering in his heart, always paranoid that someone is after him (and his faith) and could never find peace. Such person does not have Bhakti, but merely following the masses blindly.
  20. You know how you sound like? Like a Christian who says the same thing about Jesus. Don't be absurd, OK? Think logically. Hindus are much more clever than Christians to be believing that God exists as a human being (as His ultimate form). God is formless and shapeless - He is either Man or Woman nor Beast. He is without beginning and an End. All this is His essence as stated by the Gita. So how is it that God could be Sri Krishna who came to be by being born as a human and meet His physical end as a Human? You are making the same mistake as Christians does with their Jesus. They cannot see past Jesus to the Higher Being (which is God) and kept their mind closed toward the form of Jesus. You are doing the same thing with Sri Krishna.
  21. I think it is because PrinceofPeace is a Muslim. In Muslim forum which I have been active in, it is common trait for Muslims to use words like "Submission" (to God) and "Peace" when they are promoting their own twisted ways. Right now, there is no room in Islam for Vegetarian Dietery. Matter a fact, if you come to Malaysia and view the many Muslim restaurants here, you will know that 99% of all dishes served has meat in them. It is almost as if Muslims cannot live without meat in their diet. Therefore, the Muslim wants to "holify" meat eating diet even so we have been telling him that Hindusm promote non-meat dietery.
  22. One question - Why are you so bent in "holify" non-veg dietery? Many good points have already stated about the beneficts of non-meat dietery, plus the benefict of it in promoting Spiritualism.
  23. Hmph ... Russians are the last bunch qualified to judge Sri Krishna (or any other religious figures for that matter). Less than 15 yrs ago, this fools were bunch of Atheists, ready to conquer the World in name of Atheism and Communism.
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