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  1. by princeofpeace Er ... Maybe I didn't read properly but could someone show me WHERE did Muslims' Allah allows non-vegetarian food for Muslims? All the verses above seems to show that animals are for consumptions (meat) only, which contradicts with PrinceofPeace's statement that their Allah permits non-Vegetarian diet.
  2. You do know that there are two types of animals in the World, don't you? There are Herbivores (plant eaters) and Carnivores (meat eaters). Humans evolved in the same family members as the Chimps and Great Apes (which human link separated from them about over 5 million years ago). This family are Omnivores - eating both meat and plants. However, most Great Apes, Chimps and humans are plant eaters - eat meat ONLY WHEN FOOD WAS SCARCE. In today's technology and Science, it is possible for humans to abandon completely the meat-eating traditions and take solely vegetarian food. And it is good for the body and mind too.
  3. Human Body was built to eat animals? No one can be MORE WRONG in this statement. It shows that Muslims (nor Islam) knows anything about how Humanity have developed and become Civilised. Human race for over 200,000 years have been living as Hunter-Gatherers. Which means that they have hunted wild animals and gathered food. While they were like today's humans (in appearances), they were nothing like us. They were more like the Varnaras in Ramayana. Human Civilisation began about 10,000 B.C. When humanity started to become into farming communities along the major rivers around the World - like the Nile, Ganges, Yellow River - China and such. ONLY after humanity have started to become farmers, did small communities banded together to become states and nations. Only after this changes, did humans started to created Art, Writing, Music and so much more. Yes, we did have herd animals for meat, but those were only a small handful. In India, cows are herded as labor force rather than for meat. Humanity may have started as Hunters (meat-eaters), but we have changed and become better by becoming Farmers. So, Islam is WRONG if state that human body was created for eating meat. IF Islam was religion of God, it should know how the Human race have changed for the past few thousand years and how they become civilised.
  4. And that is all there is about Jesus - a STORY. Nothing else. If you people want to believe in a story, fine.
  5. All-Knowing? Only God is All-knowing and your Ramakrishna certain ain't no god.
  6. Do you know what "historical" means? It means that somewhere in the past, that event or person was real. So how is it that you can say that Jesus was a historical person when there is no evidence whatsoever that such person have existed? The difference between Santa Claus and Jesus is that, Santa Claus do not damn each and every one who didn't believe in them and allowed his followers to wage war for others' disbelief. Believing in a LIE IS DANGEROUS.
  7. 1960s was an Era of Love and Peace? Right ... now I know this guys are into drugs. 1960s was an era of chaos. US was in war in Vietnam and in Korea, plus it was having Cold War with the Soviets. Matter a fact, the World was one step closer to Armageddon during Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962 (if not mistaken). Youngsters were doing drugs and indulging in free sex with motto such as "Make Love and not War." Matter a fact, the trend of having premarital sex which still lingers in US and Europe started in the 60s. This went on to produce AIDS/HIV in 1980s. In Asia (especially India), foolish youngsters get influence with this sort of "fast and furious" lifestyle and lost their ways. Even in Japan where tradition and values are looked highly, the society was still influence by these barbaric customs. Designer drugs came into the market with the invention of LSD by a so-called Scientists in Manhattan (forgot his name). From that point onwards, others started to design their own drugs and flood the market.
  8. Just concentrate in India. In Europe and US, Christianity is dying. In another 100 years, it is possible that Christianity could be wiped out of existence in Europe and US. That is why Romans (Vaticans) are so eager to sell this nonsense to India and China (which has majority of non-believers in Asia). They need a new foothold to ensure that the Christianity doesn't die away.
  9. The House of Israel was not lost, it never was. Judaism was a well-managed and organised religion, first of its kind in the Middle-East. But it has one flaw - outsiders (gentiles as they are called) were not allowed to follow Judaism. One can convert into Judaism but he have to circumstate and observe his life as a Jew. Romans at that time were worshipping Zeus as primary god of Rom, but many have started to turn toward Judaism which offered a better explaination and laws than Roman gods. Rom feared that if this kept going, the Jews could have taken over the Roman empire without a single bloodshed. It was a new type of war for them, one that they never anticipate or fought before. What did they do? Simple ... they "created" their own religion by borrowing Judaism but still able to bind the Romans to their gods. They created Jesus asa son of a god (Zeus), killed him off in name of sacrificing the son for the sins of Mankind and hook the Romans into it. And that is how Christianity have come to exist. Probably World's first Man-Made Religion.
  10. Krishna was at end of His Physical Life, and He needed someone to release Him from His physical Body. He actually BLESSED the hunter who shoot him (by accident) when the hunter, seeing his mistake fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness. He did not get Himself killed and end up cursing anyone like what Jesus did. You can clearly see the different mentality of a Divine Being and a Stupid Being here.
  11. Actually he (supposedly) said that he was the ONLY WAY to God at that time and all others who claims to speak in behalf of God, are false. Christians believed this for the past 2,000 years and when Muhammad came to power, he repeated the same thing - that he and he alone was the Prophet of Allah and there will not be anymore prophets after him. And that the only way to god was through Islam. This two jokers have managed to fool the human race into cutting themselves off from God for the past 2,000 years. When people stop believing that they could communicate with God through Spiritual Practice (like what Hindu sages have been doing for the past 5,000 years), then they will become close-minded. And once that happens, no matter how loud God speaks to Man, Man will simply ignore it.
  12. The fact that Jesus got himself killed shows that he wasn't anything divine, did he? In Mahabratha as well as the Old Testament, God shown to prevails against everything but in the New Testament, their god shown to be killed off by humans. This alone should teach humans that Jesus was not a god nor is any fools who claims himself to be Bhagavan. Fools nowadays are bold - they do not care or fear that they are damning themselves by claiming to be gods. First Jesus, then Muhammad and this "sickness" continued to the present day as more and more "Bhavagans" appearing here and there. When God comes, WE WILL KNOW. He doesn't have to claim anything, in our hearts, WE WILL KNOW. THAT IS GOD.
  13. Sonic Yogi : Should be around 1,000 years before Jesus - when Moses took his people out of Egypt and went to Israel. First teaching to Jews were the Ten Commandments which become the basic for Judaism. What value should Jesus have to God of the Old Testament? Jesus have nothing to do with Judaism, as much as Christians like to link it. Christianity and Islam has nothing to do with Judaism and Jews do not accept them. Yes, He had. In some cases, Angels like Gabriel will come down and talk to people on His behalf. To say that Jesus is the only way is to deny that God (of Israel) have talked or send Angels to communicate with humans.
  14. Show the Love that you preach. Don't preach the Love.
  15. Good ... let the Hindus here read what sort of people Christians truly are. Hindus have been closing their eyes toward the Harms Christians and Muslims have been doing to them, to India and to Hinduism in general. Your posts will be a valuable lessons from which they learn this harsh lessons from.
  16. Actually, those are the "Blind" whom I have spoken about. I didn't say blame it on Muslims and Christians if you get lost, I said those who follows the Christians and Muslims (ways) will get lost. At that time, one should not blame God for his own foolishness in following this people.
  17. by melvin And do you know HOW Christianity came to Philiphines? It came with the whips of Spanish Invaders. I'm ain't no brother of yours. And NO, I have no brothers (or sisters) who are Christians (or Muslim for that matter). My God did not teach me to worship a dead man, nor is my God a dead god.
  18. Hmph ... those who follow the Blind, shall be lead astray. Blame not God.
  19. I don't think you have understood what I was saying. I don't give a damn who or what Paul is. What I'm saying is - as a Jew (orthodox or modern), they MUST follow the TEN COMMANDMENTS if they were to reach God (of Israel). In Christianity, they went and created Jesus as a Son of God, produce the Cross as a Symbol and later, the image of Jesus on the Cross. All this is SACRILEGE in Judaism. It broke the Ten Commandments and therefore, anyone who follows such believe WILL NOT REACH God (of Israel). I'm talking about the Ten Commandments, you're talking about Paul.
  20. All that shows that Paul was a ROMAN who were interested in Jewish Tradition. IF he was a Jew, then he could have known and followed the Ten Commandment. He could have also knew that breaking ANY ONE of this Commandments means that he CANNOT REACH GOD (of Israel) no matter how hard he prayed and repented. The Ten Commandment IS THE CONVENT of God (of Israel) to the People of Israel. One must NEVER break this Convent if he wishes to return back to God (of Israel).
  21. I'm sorry ... I fail to think on how I should be answering you.
  22. When Kalki comes, He does not need to call out to others. We will know and we will go there on our own. The ignorant ones will walk the other way.
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