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  1. I thought India's citizens already have ID cards. Don't tell me they have not, even so India have been independant since 1957.
  2. Well, Snakes and Nagas are common story which seems to accompany Mankind throughtout creation. Maha Vishnu sleeps on the Many-headed Athi-Sekshan, Maha Eshwara have a snake running on his body, Man and Woman said to get kicked out due to a Snake in the Bible (Genesis), humans have known to sacrifice humans to Snake Gods in Mayan and Inca beliefs and many more. Maybe it is true that there are Nagas and Naagins out there.
  3. Ask a person why he is following a certain (religious) ritual. IF he says that someone have taught him to do such ritual (as means of Spiritualism), then he has blind faith. IF he says it makes him happy, then he has Bhakti in his heart. The difference between Bhakti and Blind Faith is in each person's heart. IF a person is happy with how he performs his Spiritual practise, he is Faithful. IF he cannot find happiness and merely following the masses, he is blind.
  4. Hmph ... that is like a Murderer wishing his victim well. Doctors who kills unborn children for sake of money are INSULT to Medical Profession and Cold-Blooded Murderers.
  5. Question here is - HOW SURE are you that keeping the pregnancy could endanger the mother's and the child's life? Doctors are human beings, NOT GODS. Furthermore, I do not accept that, that in today's technology and breakthrough, the ONLY way to safe a life (mother's) is by sacrificing another life (the child's) in return. I'm sorry, but I don't believe that abortion is the only way. Come to think of it, I could think of two ways to safe both child and mother : 1. C-Section. Many children are born at early age of 7 months. Performing C-section at this time and place the child in an incubation machine for the rest of it's time (in the womb) could likely be way to safe both mother and child. 2. Incubators - developing feotus can be removed and placed in artificial wombs and allow it to develop. While this technology is yet to be implemented, I believe it is logical and possible to safe the child and the mother without resorting to destroying life.
  6. Nope, Sri Krishna is not the Source. He is merely an extension of the Source - a Personal Brahman which Humans can relate to. Remember when Sri Krishna revealed His Vishnuroopa, everyone bowed down and pray for Him to STOP because of the incredible form which He have shown. Which means that God cannot reveal Himself to Man in His true form or we all have heart attacks instead of pray.
  7. Actually, you're wrong. Mahabratha have mentioned Hanuman TWICE. First meeting of Bhisma and Hanuman was during the 14 years exile. The brothers and Draupadi was walking through a forest when they came across what appears to be a large tail across the path. The source for this tail was an elderly looking monkey which sat down and meditate. Everyone thought it was a rakshaha so they dispatched Bhisma to handle it (since he was the strongest one). Bhisma, sensing that the Old Monkey had a sense of divinity to it request it to remove the tail. The Monkey stated back that it was in meditation and Bhisma can remove the tail on his own (without dishonoring the Monkey). Bhisma tried to remove it by pushing it with his feet but he failed. He tried to lift it up and also failed. He tried with everything and failed as well. So, knowing that it is impossible for any normal Monkey to be so powerful, he humbled himself and asked who the Monkey was and the Monkey revealed himself to be Hanuman, sitting there chanting and meditating upon Sri Rama (His Lord). The second mentioning of Hanuman was in the Kurushektra war itself. When the war started, Hanuman came down to the battlefield, and sat in the flag of the chariot driven by Sri Krishna, giving roar now and then which weakens the enemies' spirit. Who is Madhvacharya?
  8. I merely stating what many have stated before. Looking at today's political situations, one could easily remember the scenes of Sri Krishna playing the Peace Messanger in behalf of Pandavas to their cousins. Those who are in side of good, are few in numbers if compared to those who are in side of Evil. Even the great ones like Guru Drona are on the side of evil. Hindus today have to remember this scene well, because they are in the same position as the Pandavas were in Mahabratha Epic. In a way, I could say it is almost like the Mahabratha Epic is being played again for the "amusement" of God once again, after 5,000 years. Who knows, maybe what Sage Vyasa wrote was not only something which happened 5,000 years ago, but also a reminder to the future generations on what going to happen in the future.
  9. Yet you do not see what actually saved the boy. What truly saved that boy could be his father's merits (punya) and his own. Not the kingdom or the Priest. If that prince was an evil man, or his father was a cruel king, do you believe that anyone could be bothered about the boy who was crying in the gutter? N0 ... because they will remember his and his father's cruelty and shy away from him. And like most people who does not remember who they are, the prince will sit in the gutter and wonder why no one is helping him. Because of his amnesia he will not remember the evil things he did (in another lifetime) which have shone away his could-be-rescuers. Merits and Sins determines what sort of World you are living in. Sometimes, your merits will save you when you are least expected.
  10. That story supposed to be a warning to the doctors who perform abortions about the sin they are commiting. Instead, many of Indians today have been fooled into thinking that Hindusm is nothing more than stories which was told by their forefathers. They do not take such lessons seriously. Furthermore, if one was to ask any doctor what is his responsibility, he could likely to say that his primary responsibility (as a doctor) is to safe life. So how is it that for sake of money, he could perform such actions as killing unborn children? There are cases where the mother's life could be in danger if the pregnancy continued. But in cases like this, there's always options of C-section available, where the child is safely removed as early as the 7th month and this could safe both child and the mother.
  11. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Please do remember that when reading anything related to Hindusm. Thank you.
  12. We often think that we don't know the (true nature of the Universe and God) and attend to follow Holy figures in figuring this out. What if we DO KNOW everything? What if we have merely forgotten who we are? Like an Armesia (wrong spelling here) victim. Someone who have lost his memory and trying to figure out who we are in relationship to the World around us? I got this idea from watching X-Men Origin, by the way.
  13. Sometimes, in order to fight Evil, we must face Evil and fight them head-on. Thing with Muslims is, if we turn our faces away and don't bother them, they will become bolder and push us for confrontation. They are like bullies, who kept pushing those who are weaker to show off their own strength. Submitting to them could be a mistake. And besides, don't you think that Non-Muslims have been submitting to them for too long already?
  14. I don't know much about the Laws in Hindusm regarding Abortion and such. But I do remember what happened to Ashwatham when he tried to kill Abhimanyu's child. Sri Krishna stopped that attempted and punished Ashwatham with the most severe punishment I have ever seen Him give to another person. This should show how severe is the sin of killing an unborn child. And yet, sadly ... hundreds of thousands of cases of abortions occurs every years around the world, and in the West, it is considered a "human right" to allow a woman to choose whether or not she wants to keep that child.
  15. If you ask me, I think we should just be happy on knowing how the Universe works (with Zero point (or Maya) energy). Indulging deeper into the realm of God in (foolishly) attempt to understand God is not required. When Theory of Relativity came out back in 1915, Albert Einstein theorized that in order for his Theory to work, an underlining "force" beneath the fabric of the Universe must exist for it to hold everything together. That "force" was Zero Point Energy (which was accepted only recently). Yet, in the West, this energy have already been spoke of as "Ether" - but of course, like all theories, it was laughed at too. Only religion truly believed that there was a force which hold everything together as (Maya) Energy was Hinduism which was laughed at too, till recently.
  16. by santdasji Superb explainations and quotations. I will put this in another site where I'm active in.
  17. Dying itself IS a terrible experience to have. Even so we do use our hands and fishing equipments to take the fish out of the water, we do not kill it directly. It dies of suffocation. This contrast with when a person takes a knife and use it on a living, breathing creature. Yes, I know - KILLING IS KILLING. No excuses there. Both are Evil acts. But what I'm saying here is Lesser of Two Evils. It is less Evil action to take a fish out of water and let it suffocate then it is to put an animal to the knife and watch it bleed to death. And hopefully, in time, we can repeat this argument to those who consume seafood and a World where vegetarian dietary is the ONLY dietary available could come to be.
  18. The difference between seafood (fish, crabs etc) and animals such as cows and goat is, when you take seafood out of water, they DIE. Even so the action of taking them out of water does kills them, you do not use "weapons" to inflict pain and suffering onto them. But when comes to cows, goat and chicken, they are very much alive and you must kill them with weapons such as a knife in order to end their existence and allow you to take their flesh. In that context, which do you think is more evil?
  19. Roms drink intoxicating Wine (which influence the Wine drinking tradition in churches) and consume bread (made of flours). This is hardly "vegetarian" dietary if that is what you are trying to imply. Plus meat get rotten easily, so it is not suitable for travel, expeditions and war campaigns. Rom at that time was one of the few places on the Planet where the land is worked to produce commercial products (like grapes to make wine) at that time. In most CIVILIZED societies, the land is worked to produce food which sustained the communities individually without the need to export or import anything.
  20. In most civilizations since Ancient times, we could see that relying on Meat dietary have caused extinctions to that civilizations. Animal herding takes too much space and a lot of grass to keep and care for. Goat and cows induce in increasing deserts by destroying the top soil grass in African Continents. In Brazil, Paraquay and Venzuela, miles and miles of forests are being cleared for beef industry, which contributes to Global warming. The fishing industry is slowly killing off the oceans as well. All this and many more such examples are reasons why Humanity should let go of the meat dietary and choose Vegetarian Dietary.
  21. You could be surprised to learn that in some earlier civilizations, there are traces of humans eating human remains to survive during harsh times. Most of this civilizations which allowed cannibalism have perished by 1900s.
  22. You are what? Who are you referring to?
  23. Foolish men speak of foolish things. Why are this people from NASA and University of Berkeley speak of "Aryas" when there is no such concept in Hindusm? They could believe that people from the Future could have went 6,000 yrs in the past and told Sages there about these knowledge BUT do not believe that Gods and Goddesses of Hindusm exist and they have shared knowledge and Wisdom with Men for Ages (right up to Kali yuga). The proof is right in front of their eyes. They know that, no matter how smart a person is, they could only do so much without modern scientific instructments. Yet, the proof which speaks of itself in Hindusm - such as in the Vedas, Gita and Puranas present knowledge which one can ONLY find using the advance technology.
  24. Actually, there is nothing "supernatural" in Creation. Read about Zero Point Energy - and you will find the Cosmic Energy which makes up everything in the Universe. From the massive stars to the thinnest grains of sand.
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