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  1. The human-like incarnations also are not similar in characteristics either. Boar Avatar - purely animalistic characteristics - violent and hunter-like characteristics which uses its body parts (turks and hands). Early humans comes with such features, using hands and teeth to gather food. Man-lion Avatar - semi-animalistic, semi-intelligent characteristics. Still have that violent and hunter-like characteristics but this time, it tops up with intelligence. Early humans (around 3.1 million years) have such features. Drawf Avatar - more human, more intelligence, capable of using tools. Humans - hunter, gatherers, following the herds and developing tools such as hunting tools, cutting, fire and etc. Pasurama - same as above, but this time, has dimension of Spiritualism, capability to use complex tools and maybe even toiling the land. Probably the 1st generation to toil the land and settle in a spot as shown by the Avatar when He took out 21 Kyastria in fields of Kuruskestra. Rama and Krishna - Very intelligence, refined spiritualism, highly socialized structures, Law, etc.
  2. Anyone sees similarities between both or is it just me? Darwin's Theory of Evolution stated that Life began in the Earth's Oceans. It evolved slowly and comes to the Land and from there, evolved to the present day diversity. The 8 Incarnation of Vishnu - 1st itself is a Fish, followed by a Turtle - both which is a lifeform of the Sea. Later, the gap stopped in form of water lifeform and continued with Boar, Man-like and human-like lifeforms.
  3. if Westerners believe Reincarnation is a blessing, that could be because they had grown up in a society where they believe they live once, die once and damned forever if they screw up. However, I don't think Hindus believe Reincarnation is a curse. By reincarnating into a new person, you have chance to correct your mistakes and live a proper life. A 2nd Chance is never a curse.
  4. One of the reasons why Hindusm declines (despite of having massive civilizations less than 1,300 years ago) is because of attitude of Hindus themselves. IF Hindus themselves looked at examples in Puranas as something illogical and mythical only, which has NO place to be explained by means of modern methods and science of so-called civilized people, THEN who is going to be Hindus? Muslims for example hold onto their beliefs, no matter how illogical it maybe. Christians STILL believe the world is created in 6 days till now, and up to 200 years ago, any other explaination means death in a horrible way. But to a Hindu, Purana = Myths. /images/graemlins/wink.gif
  5. 1st of all, Kurma Avatar is a Turtle, NOT the Boar Avatar which lifted the Earth up from the waters. In Kurma Avatar, Vishnu KEPT a MOUNTAIN afloat while Dewas and Asuras churn the Sea for Amaritam. So basically, Kurma Avatar's hard shell is the grinding stone and Mahameru mountain (if not mistaken) is the grinder in this story. Your explaination that islands sanks because of valcones and Kurma Avatar kept it afloat (probably to save people on top) doesn't make any sense. Furthermore, have you bothered to look at the 8 Avatars from Charles Darwin's point of View? In till 1850s, there is NO other theory which (partically at least) successfully explain about Evolution of Life. Basically, Darwin explains that Life began at the Sea, and later as land emerged, Life evolved and produced legs and crawl out of the sea and into the land. As time progress, so did Evolution and from there, diversity of life as we know it exists now and then. Humans are just one of that diversity. Now, if you look properly at the sequence of the 8 Avatars, WHICH explaination between us makes sense more? :cak
  6. I can see several reasons : 1. Lack of GOOD teachers and spiritual guides for one thing. 2. Hindus themselves have this notion that they will live forever, so the spiritual education is pushed to a later stage in life, like when they are old and about to croak. I persume you have heard common riddicule such as "Are you're so old?" and such when you read a spiritual book. 3. Lack of educational material. I live in a society where exists Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims and Christians who lives together and despite of Hindus doing well in various feild, I could hardly find any suitable books on Hindusm in libraries and bookstores. Even in the Internet, there is not much information other than what you could get in basic levels. And NO, I don't believe that non-Hindus are out to corrupt Hindus or stop them from learning about their own religion. 4. Interest in Hindus themselves seems to be declining (probably due to reason no.2 as well). When you have no interest, then you are a Hindu by name only.
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    Living a proper life. /images/graemlins/wink.gif
  8. Just do a lot of exercise to strenghtened the body, and also meditation practices to focus your mind. Having sexual thoughts and urge is not a sin, indulging in it (in the wrong way) is. Yoga's good. Meditation is good. Try it.
  9. Sad ... /images/graemlins/wink.gif The thing I do not like much about Indians nowadays is that they do not have 1/10 the wisdom or the knowledge their forefather had in the past. That is why, when someone asked Hindus about something like Kurma Avatar, instead of looking into history of the Planet itself, they choke themselves with various, self-made and illogical explainations such as above. Good try though.
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