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  1. namaskaar sant ji I would definitely remember you because you were the first person who replied to my very first query in this forum . although some of your posts created few controversies but the forum cannot forget your contribution. thank you all the best
  2. thanks classic 72 ji for making us aware about the appropriate way of starting threads. Although you are not Moderator or owner of this forum but the forum is getting lot of success and popularity because of people like you who care the needy people from their heart. I hope this thread will be read by every visitor and member of this forum . and also I request all visitors and members of this forum to keep this thread on the top so that everybody can be benefited through this information.
  3. here the matter is not of reading islam or knowing about Holy kuran. I respect both from my heart. but what has been taught to the youth in ur religion Kaafir=Hindu, christian, sikh etc everyone except muslim . Jihad =terrosim. Everybody knows the meaning of these two words but along with this every body also know that how these words have been explained by some people of your religion. i just want to ask why dont u oppose those people who are contaminating Islam. why dont u oppose those people who r making muslim youths terrorist. your silence is giving promotion to the terrorism. and second thing is that who has given us the right to kill innocent animals just to satisfy our hunger.
  4. D.O.B- 23-july-1984 time- 4:52 am place-Lucknow sex-male sir I want to know about my career I have completed my education and now I am looking for a job. when I will get the job and how my professional life will be ? what should I do to perform better in job except hard work. thanks.
  5. I dont know much about your religion but one thing i know that people of your religion are expert in the wrong explanations of the preaches of the great sages and even of Holy Kuran. I never understand your purpose , why you are spreading haterate in place of love in the world by misexplaining the words like 'Kafir' ,'Jihad' etc. every time muslim youths are misleaded in the name of Jihad. They have been told that their religion is in danger so kill the people of other religion . can you please tell me who is danger for the the mankind we or you. on one side we are promoting vegetarian culture so that animals life can be saved on the other hand you are promoting non vegetarian culture , in fact you are the biggest danger for the mankind, nature and earth. we even dont want to kill animals and you never hesitate in killing even human being. think on it and you will get all the answers on your own
  6. hello sant ji Nice Topic. Our earth and even whole universe is full of secrets, we have unveiled many secrets but lots are still left , Naag Lok is one of them. Similar to existence of Naag Nagin , existence of 'Yeti' (Him Manav) is also a secret , but now scientist are also believing in the existence of yeti as they have found the Pug marks of yeti. our scriptures are far ahead from today's science. so one day we will also find the scientific proof of existence of naag lok.
  7. Respected all seniors I am just giving my views if You find me wrong anywhere please let me know so that I can understand that. I think That bhakti comes from blind faith, because the base of bhakti is love for god and when we love anyone seriously, blind faith for him generates automatically. like a mother loves her kid blindly she never sees any fault in him if anyone complains to her about her kid she never accepts that her kid was on mistake even if any situation she accepts from outside but from inside she never accepts. same happens when a boy loves a girl or a girl loves a boy , they dont use their mind in judging what is right or what is wrong that's why people say love is blind. so bhakti=love love =blind faith so bhakti=blind faith thanks
  8. definitely great point by Sephiroth ji. you seem to have deep knowledge and very clear thoughts also your way of posting replies is very impressive, contents of the post are also very relevant and easy to understand. the forum needs more people like you.
  9. respected all this explanation is made by a muslim. as we all know that they are expert in wrong explanation of the things for their own benefit. for example they are spreading terrorism in the name of 'Jihad'. so why to pay attention on such explanations.
  10. I request to all Respected members/senior members of this forum, please do not give importance to the Stupid and Unholy post of Tenali Ram by writing comments on each other. He is certainly a non hindu trying to contaminate this Holy forum and we are helping him by fighting among ourselves. I also request to all learned people of this forum to leave their ego , please be humble and polite. Certainly Ram and Krishna were god but they come on earth in human body and they also follows the rules of nature and society. whatever decisions they took they might be the need of that time. as far as Ram is concerned I never heard that he slaughtered any person just because he was reciting the vedas. Tenali Ram is just posting illusive material. kindly do not pay attention on his posting thanks a lot.
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