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  1. We Indians eat on the ground because we are able to sit on the floor. Our Indian Toilets also are very healthy in that sense. Atleast for 20mts sitting and eating on the ground do not produce a potbelly. Do not overeat as your bottom half of the belly is closed. We do not even suffer from knee joint pain when we sit on the ground. You see that the knee joint pain is common now a days as people has chosen the habit of eating on table and chairs and using western toilets. Ancient, but yet effective exercise.
  2. 1 what do u think of Hinduism? A There is nothing called Hinduism. There is only Hindutva which is nothing but the Vedic Way of Life. 2 how would you descried Hinduism? A Whoever is living a vedic way of life is a Hindu. 3 do you know what Hinduism is about? A The Vedas and Upanishads (not the Ramayana, Mahabharata or any Puranas). 4 what kind of region do you do? A A Rational way. You have right to question. Right to argue. Right to disagree. Totally, a right to freedom within a religion. 5 what do u think of different regions? A. Truth has to be respected in any form. 6 do you think Hinduism is good or bad? A. Definitely good if understood correctly. Not only Hinduism, any religion. 7 how would you know what is good or bad about Hinduism? A. Only when you try to follow it. 8 what do you know about Hinduism? A. The same answer of Q.4. 9 do you know the history? A. I need not. It doesn't matter. My rational intelligence is enough. 10 can you name one thing about region? Truthfulness.
  3. A scripture is not a History Book. A scripture helps man to look within himself and not around him. Its of no use to know about the past. What you can only see is the future. We are born in this world to adjust with the future but we waste out time brooding or glorifying the past. Rama, Krishna, Christ and Prophet are all past. We remember them because they lived the scriptures. We dont try to live the scriptures. That is why those who followed hog the limelight.
  4. Please remember one thing. Nobody can help you. You will have to help yourselves to know the hardships of life.
  5. I personally feel that this thread is addressed to Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji who is famous performing Sudarshana Homa. If so, contact his Bangalore address on www.artofliving.org
  6. My dear friends, when politics divide people within a religion it can go to any extent. Latest being this. http://www.ambedkar.org/Tirupati/Tirupati.pdf In the name of Ambedkar, millons of dalits are being brainwashed by the buddhists. I dont deny the greatness of buddhism but the way that politics has entered into caste and religion, the dirty mind plays to show buddhism above by showing the father of buddhism in poor light. By the way, who was buddha? A buddhist by birth? No. A Kshatriya who was renunced. By whom? By himself. Foolish people believe in this theory. Ambedkar was the first dalit who held a high post. It was unfortunate that he converted to buddhism. A dalit means, a shudra who was depicted in poor light and treated badly by the upper-class people. This was only restricted to hinduism. But today, there is a Dalit Muslim, Dalit Christian, Dalit Buddhist w.r.t Dalit Hindu. Now, who is real, who is the neo and who is fake. Just to enjoy the benifits that the government has extended, the 'dalit' tag is carried accross religious barriers. 'Dalit' is such a dirty term but people find it as a savior in all circumstances to politicize that tag to enjoy benifits.
  7. There is nothing to find outside. The true love lies within thyself. Turn inwards and drink the nectar. God is in the subtle and not in the gross and love within you is nothing but the expression of the divine.
  8. End of an era. A transition period from one Yuga to another. That is what Hindus have about this theory. There is nothing called 'The End'. But always a new beginning.
  9. Spirituality is the path that one treads from material to immaterial. If you think that a material can benifit you spiritually, you are wrong or your advisor is wrong. Deal with the immaterial mind which yearns for all materials. That is spirituality. Correct me if i am wrong.
  10. Dear All, I read all your postings. Its a good discussion. It would have been much better if the thread starter 'sailu' was more active and not passive with only just 2 postings while the others are very much on discussion especially 'sant' and 'melvin1' and my dear old friend 'bhaktjan'. Good work guys. Keep the good work going. Hope 'sailu' gets more active with her/his participation.
  11. You cannot combine politics with spirituality. To feed the poor and provide better infrastructure is the governments job. If Nehru said this, he looks bankrupt of ideas for the future of his nation by targetting religious places. The party which Nehru headed speaks of Nehrus dreams about India. Thats all what he could do. Dream. Infact Nehru is the only politician to have been in the seat of the PM with suo-moto powers till 1956. What did he do then? Dream. Frankly speaking, if you believe in Nehrus ideas, you too will look bankrupt of ideas by combining politics in religion and religion in politics.
  12. There is a 300plus posting thread called 'Is Mukti a Myth' which has great discussions both spiritual and scientific. It has postings from masters like Dark Warrior, Bija, Ramana Dasi, Radhika. I am sure you will get an answer there.
  13. Brahman is Bliss Eternal. Krishna/Gods/Demigods are forms for us mortals who dont understand or try to approve the formless. The mind asks for a form and there it is. Krishna,Vishnu,Shiva, Lakshmi,Parvati so on and so forth. Do you think parvathi is any less than shiva or a lakshmi any less than a vishnu. If we think yes, then we are wasting time. This is what i hope you are trying to understand (Brahman in relation to God).
  14. And....well the arguement still continues....!!! Form and formless, Brahman and Krishnan, Buddhu and Buddhimaan.
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