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  1. a while back a pundit/astrologer told me that i shouldnt be praying to lord krsna . he said that by only praying to lord krsna that i am disturbing him, and that is why i am going through a hard time in life is any of this true. i personally dont belive this and while i still am going through a hard time in life, i still think that praying to lord krsna is the right thing to do.
  2. more and more we are living in a mixed society. which is fine. but what does hinduism say about interracial marriages/ marrying outside of your race. our parents have taught us to keep up our culture and to marry someone in you culture. but now more and more i see many indians marrying outside of their race. im not talking about caste or anything, im asking about race, and what do the sacred texts say about this. it seem to me that if a race is watered down then the religion will also be watered down also. ive seen interace marriages and when it comes to religion the children either dont know anything about it or they just dont care.
  3. i have been having been going through a very hard time in my life for a very long time. it feels asthough when i take one step forward i endup taking 2 step backwards. i cannot keep a job in my choosen feild for longer then three months. i feels like the people i work for all they want to do is hold me back, and rip me off so i could remain a begger for the rest of my life. i need to go back to school but i cant afford it cause of my job situation. it feels as though when people come into my life all they want to do is use me, and if they cant use me them they try to mentally distroy me. i dont speak to any of my friends in the past cause i realise that they are no different from the rest of the people in my life. because of all this i suffer from seriouse deppression, it has gotten to the point where i have to take medication. i have no friends and im so very lonely, that i feel like crying. when i wake up in the morning, i tend to say to myself that my life is a peice of shit. i noticed that people who tend to practise astrology are the one who frecueantly come in to my like and try to distroy it, it has gotten to to point where if im invited to the mandir i do not go cause im scared when might happen. all i want to do is uplift my life and make my mother proud and i cant do this. when will my life change? i cannot take this any more, everyone around my is moving on with their life and im suck here just watching everyone past me by. please can some one help me. thank you and god bless april 29 1982 9:18 pm (aprrox time) toronto, ontario
  4. i saw an astrologer a while back and he said that someone wanted to steal my sperm. what does that mean? i forgot to asl him about what it meant. and i can rwach him no more can someone help me out please?
  5. so here a pretty big question. why are so many famous people just dying all of a sudden? is the end of the world near?
  6. cool. for a minute i thought was going to be the only one. know any good site where i could get some tips and resipes from. im only now begining
  7. any one here into juicing. know any good resipes
  8. yeah me too. i just find it insulting not taking the the lords name when praying.
  9. which is better to chant "om namo bhagavate vasudevaya" or just chanting om ? i dont know why but i prefer to chant om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.
  10. some time i have a pain in my lower back on my left side, its not muscle pain or anything related to back problems. its a dull pain, im worried it might be a kidney problem. is there anything i could to. i try and eat healthy but i admit i do have a bit of a sweet tooth. im really worried it might be somthing seriouse.
  11. but what about the dream tha raksha lady had when mother sita was kidnapped. was that just for the perpose of mental strength. i dont know if they have nay purpose at all but dont u think dreaming about the gods is highly iregular?
  12. i am familiar with astral projections. i think its alot like lucid dreaming. but nobody really know if there is a connection to it. what was the dream that made you sick, and in what way did it make you sick?
  13. i dont understand what you mean by divine in nature, but let me give you an overveiw of what the dreams are like. the gods all come in murti or picture form. some are in a temple or a place and a pooja is being done, a couple of time im the one that is doing the pooja. in some dream they seem to kinda appear out or no where. wether it be in a house out im outside in the dream they are just there. for me the scarest one was when i was in a house and there was this huge mother durga murti in the basement, and there were pics all over the house, but i was scared of the mother durga murti for some reason i dont know why. the weirdest was when i dreamot i was in a temple and a black stoned genesha started to give out darshen to the people and i dont remeber clearly but i thing he gave me some sacred ash. thoose are some of the dreams i remembered. you said that the dreams made you sick would you mind telling how it made you sick. i hope it dosent happen to me. to be honest i enjoy seeing the gods in my dream it fills me with so much joy in my heart when i see them in my dreams. i hope i alway and continue to have dreams about them. but the problem is that there is no clariety as to the reason for all this. i know of people who are religous and dont have dreams. so i really hope they dont stop coming in my dreams.
  14. not really, are u saying that having dreams of the various gods are just a result of over sleeping? that cant be right. wouldnt it be considered a besiing to have such dreams?
  15. i keep on having dreams of different god or temples. i like having theese types of dreams. but nothing good has ever come my way in my life what does all this mean. i wouldnt say im a materialistic person but at the same time i want to be succsesful and a better life for my family. i see theese dreams as a blessing and a privialage. but there is nothing positive going on in my life.
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