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  1. Rakhe Krsna Mare Kaun? Maray Krsna Rakhe Kaun? If Lord Krsna/Krishna wants to protect me who can kill/hurt me??? If Lord Krsna/Krishna wants to punish me (for being a rascal) who can protect me??? A tantric's curse can never harm you if I you are protected by Lord Krsna/Narsimha Dev. Even if you do get hurt by the curse so what??? This body is temporary and is dying every minute. The body ultimately belongs to the Lord and you are just leasing it so the person trying to harm your body will be punished most severly. Surrender yourself to the mercy of the Lord and he will protect you have no fear of tantric or his curse!!!! Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  2. Quote: <table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td style="border: 1px solid rgb(102, 102, 102); padding-left: 3ex; padding-right: 3ex;" bgcolor="#e0e0e0"> Originally Posted by Beggar “A sannyasi accepts only a danda, water-pot, and saffron-cloth and resides near a village – this is the wealth of the sannyasa asrama.”(Brahma-vaivarta Purana 2.36.9) </td></tr></tbody></table> Also They should have no property or bank balance. Whatever they receive as donation to be used to propagate the holy name and only accept very simple prasadam. Aim is to become fully dependent on Lord Krsna's mercy. Please correct me But as I understand it The stages a person (should) go through is Brahmacharya, Grihast , Vanaprast and eventually Sannyas. So the evolution goes something like this.. Starting with nothing i.e student (with dependence for support from parents) then accumulating wealth and property to maintain family life, then slowly transitioning to retired life (once all dependents are independent) and eventually Sanyas again becoming fully dependent this time on the mercy of the Lord. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  3. Hare Krsna I understand I was also in your situation. Try not be Fanatical and calm down and do the following and see the change that willl take place. The way to approach this issue is to be kind to your parents especially your mother. The reason I say focus on your mother is because even though your father may be the head of the house it is your mother who controlls the household. My Advice to you is to have patient and try and preach more to your mother about the healthy aspect of being a vegeterian. She is the one that cooks for the family and is the one responsible for the health of the family. From Our Indian background you know that we have a variety of vegetable foods which is much more varied than non-veg dishes. Try and attend the regular programs at the Hare Krishna Mandir and it is very important to take your parents and relatives along. Allow them to taste the Maha Prasadam/ Maha mercy of Lord Gauranga. The secret is to Get your parents involved in the temple program and slowly you will see the mercy of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. With constant chanting/Sankirtan it will help cleanse the inside then slowly you will see the miracle of the Holy name. The only way to change your parents is by involving them in the Hare Krsna practise rather than shutting them out. I can attest to this because I was in the same situation you are in. Now not only my parents but also my relatives are more attached to Lord Krsna. Wishing you all the best. And remember share the mercy of Gauranga Mahaprabhu with your parents. Hare Krsna/Krishna JAy Nitai Gauranga!!! Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  4. Once again A BIG HEARTFULL THANK YOU!!!! Wow how fortunate you have been to be given the chance in a million lifetime to take association of such highly advanced personalities. And also for sharing with us their amazing pastimes. My Most Humble Obeisances Please Keep Up the Good work of spreading the pastimes of such special personalities. All Glories to Babaji Maharaj:pray: All glories to the Vaishnava devotess:pray: Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  5. Don't worry be patient, I am also in the same boat looking for the right partner. Keep praying and carry on with your spiritual life when the time is right Lord Krsna will send you the right person. A Stable Grahast Ashram is very important for the future generations. So first undersatand what is it about marriage that you are looking for and remember marriage is a bringing together of 2 individuals and all the dynamics that goes with it. I would suggest when you do find the "right" person it is also good to find a marriage councilor before taking the big step. I wish you all the best. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  6. Let us weigh this out. HE/She is inheriting the shelter of the Supreme Parents and disinherting from his temporary (shelter) parents. Personally I think he is getting a better deal. He/She should just give thanks to his temporary parents for giving him/her the opportunity to receive Love, nourishment, education and shelter and the chance to grow up in a secure environment. ANd also tell them that your door will always be open to them. Do not leave with bitterness but with joy. Sometimes in this life we do not give thanks to our parents while they are alive But now the person who is being disinherited, can give thanks to them while they are still alive. Remember we all will have to leave our material shelters one day. Plz remember we are all refugees. I see this as a very special mercy of the Lord a chance to surrender whole heartedly to our only refuge. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  7. A special soul may be due to unfortunate circumstances given a dogs body but look at the Amazing great fortune mercy that this soul obtained from Lord Jaganath & Lord Nityananda !!! Almost Like Bharat Maharaj The mercy is mind blowing and unfathomable:pray: Jay Brindavan Das, Jay Sri Nityananda Prabhu Jay Jaganath, Baladev & Subhadra And Most Importantly Jay to ALL THOSE DEVOTEES GIVING BRINDAVAN THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE THE SHELTER OF THE LORD:pray: HARE Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  8. That sounds like such a great Idea!!!. Now to get all the temples organized so that straight after the (1)Puri Rathayatra (India) the Next day would be (2) Russia/Poland, (3)East Block Countries, (4)Europe & Africa (incl Madagascar) ;(5) UK; (6)The Americas (yes this incl Canada:P);(7) Pacific Islands; (8)Japan; (9)New Zealand & Australasia; (10) China; (11) Indonisia; (12) Malaysia; (13) Thailand; (14) Burma; (15) Nepal stopping on the east coast of India; WOW SANKIRTAN IN EVERY TOWN AND VILLAGE WITH THE RATHAYATRA PROCESSION. THE WORLD FLOODED WITH THE RESOUNDING SOUND OF HARINAM!!!! THAT IS WHAT I WOULD TRULY CALL THE CELEBRATION OF LORD OF THE UNIVERSE. Just what Sirla Prabhupada would have wanted with expert organization anyhing is possible!!!! IF the rich people can celebrate NEW YEAR in every country by flying around the world, I do not see why this cannot happen to celebrate Lord Jaganath Chariot Festival. (In South Africa Indradumna Maharaj helped setup the Rathayatra Festival In 1988 in December. But the temple authorities decided to move the festival over the Easter Weekend. Maharaj was not very happy but the temple authorities had their way. The festival however is still one of the biggest outside India and attracts thousands of people) HARI BOL HARI BOL!!!!! Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  9. I am Disgusted with these Puri Priest. I have made a point to never enter the Jaganath Mandir in Puri and would rather Pay my Obesiance outside the steps of My Sweet Lord. Who gave these Puri Priest the right to controll Lord Jaganath!!!! Do they even understand what the name of the Lord Mean????? Jaganath means Lord Of The UNIVERSE!!!!!! Not Servant of the Puri Priest who thinks that they have the monoply over Lord Jaganath!!!! Yes My Friends The END is Near for those who want to controll Lord Jaganath. As Prabhupada said one day the deities will walk out of the Puri Temple. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupda
  10. If I can recall Kunti Mata remained chaste and she concieved via mantra from the various Devtas. I am sure other devotees who have studied the Mahabharat will be able to give accurate sanskrit text regarding your question. Personally I do not think it is appropriate to question Kunti Mata's Chastness. Rather concentrate on the teachings of Queen Kunti for that will lead us closer to our goal i.e. Krsna/Krishna Conciousness. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  11. Dear Prabhuji If you come across more articles like these please share it with us. We are Thirsty souls and hearing the pastimes of such surrendered personalities brings so much relief. Please give us more:pray: Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  12. "These other regions are called Plaksadvipa, Salmalidvipa, Kushadvipa, Krounchadvipa, Shakadvipa and Pushkaradvipa. They are each surrounded by oceans of sugarcane juice, wine, ghee, curd, milk and sweet water respectively. If our senses were more acute, we would be able to perceive these higher-dimensional regions." It is interesting when you mention these various oceans because I remember reading in Scientific America mag a few years ago that Astrologist/Astro Physicist Used Infra Red Satelight and did a Scan on distant Galaxy and found pockets of Ethanol or Methanol which is alcohol or wine. So I will not discard Bhagwatam as "non-scientific" just because we do not have the equipment/tools to measure the finer elements in the Universe. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  13. to see Murali prabhu fall of the ball. Yes he may have gone too far. In some of his comments in other threads I was also surprised by his comments on Gopi Bhav which we as fallen persons cannot even comprehend and a subject which is understood only by Liberated personalities like the Goswami's and the Acharaya in disciplic succession. But in the same breath I hope he is at least given a chance to redeem himself. To the Administrator: Is there no other way of putting some one on temporary containment instead of total (slam-dunk) Ban? Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  14. Wow you have indeed absorbed quite a bit of CC. Just keep practising and with perseverance slowly you will perfect the art of poetry. Keep us updated with more sweet nectarian pastimes of the Lord. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Gaura Nitai Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  15. yogesh


    It does not matter wether it was "The Gover-nator" or just another Joe But the opportunity lost was HUGE. The opportunity for someone to partake in harinam just think about it that is one of the most compassionate thing that a devotee could have done for that soul....What an opportunity Lost:crying2: Lord Nityananda would beg people to chant the holy name and here was a persone ready to do it !! Oh well no use crying over spilt opportunity. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  16. Money well spent and a lesson well learned. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  17. Jay Lila Mata, Jay Sirla Prabhupada:pray:. What an amazing personality!!! Thank You Lila Mata for reminding us the words that Sirla Prabhupada has left us with. Always remain attached to his Lotus Feet no matter what happens for they are the only salvation by serving Guru parampara - Serving Lord Krsna. Thus Sirla Prabhupada will take us and guide us personally back home. No matter what happens in the society/world Sirla Prabhupada has given us assurance so hold on to his Lotus Feet and do not let go. Srimati Lila Mata Lives forever serving Sirla Prabhupada and Lord Krsna:pray: My humble obeisances. Vancha-kalpatarubhyas ca krpa-sindubhya eva cha, patitanam pavenebhyo vaisnavebyo namo nama:pray: Hare Krsna Lila Mata Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  18. Lord Narishmha Dev's name. Anyway she has a bit of a cat-like look to her. So meditate on Lord Narsimha Dev When you see those frightfull fangs think about Lord Narsimha attacking the demons. Good Night Theistjee Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  19. There you go a solution for those Vegetarians with pets. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  20. So in your defence of women are you also trying to hint that women are manipulative??? To the Women/Matas on this forum no aparad intended:) Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  21. where I see the cat making advancement by taking your association and prasadam and hearing the holy name.That is truely mercifull. At least the cat did the catching/hunting for its meat(if it did). So I do not see any bad karma associated. Just the good. All glories to the mercifull devotees Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  22. If I have come across as condesending/arrogant. I have not stated that dogs/cats cannot have meat, they must have meat as part of their diet. If You are non-veg than it is ok to feed the pet what you eat and let us end the conversation. But....... if you are practising vegetarian than it shows you have some mercy towards some living entities (although plants are also living beings). But what kind of mercy is it?? You show mercy to your pets only what about the other animals that you have to chop up to feed your pets?? Regarding Karma:- If I have stated anything that is hurtfull and wrong then yes I will have to accept my lot. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  23. Truely most agonizing and traumatic experiances. I cannot imagine going through so much and neither will I try and belittle the experiance But...... This is where we have to keep our focus on Sirla Prabhupada and the vision of the Acharyas. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  24. If you are practising Vegetarianism/Prasadatarianism it is difficult. Because you would have to go out and buy meat for your pet (if it is a carnivor like cats & dogs). Remember their digestive tracts are meant for meat not vegetables. They cannot gain any bad reaction / karma from eating meat But you are most definately not immune to karmic reaction. Do not overburden yourself with more bad karma than what you already have. This does not mean you should show no mercy. If a hungry stray dog / cat happens to come to your house give it some prasad and help that living entity advance by your mercy and kindness. But remember if you adopt it then you would most definately have to feed the dog/cat what its body is meant to have. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
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