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  1. The soul that is trapped in such a body is actualy burning up their bad karma of their past life/lives If you look at it from the above angle Just see the mercy of the Lord that even though the child may be mentaly handicaped she has received parents who can help her progress very rapidly in her spiritual life. This can be done by just reading to her from Srimad Bhagavad Gita / Bhagavatam / Chanting singing Lord Krsna's name and feeding her prasadam to her because remember the soul is not handicapped it is the vehicle that is handicapped. Lord Krsna's mercy is such that even if you are able to progress only 2% spiritually in this life, there is no loss in your effort and in your next life you are given the chance to continue with your spiritual progress starting at 3% in your next life. Just see the mercy that Lord Krsna has bestowed on her by giving her loving parents who are definately not "Pretenders" and giving her a chance to advance her spiritual life. May all children be so fortunate to have parents (Like the "Pretenders")who can help them progress spiritually. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  2. People Enough of the April fool jokes. The Spageti tree from down under has already hit the spot. Please leave the Cows from down under alone. I get it the devotees do have a sense of humor put this is really going over the top Happy April Fools (Gold) day to you Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  3. Good try but you will still pay for your crime:smash:
  4. Please forgive me for mis-reading. So once you have full faith in God he will send you a Guide/Guru/Teacher (that is if you desire a teacher/guide) I hope I have not offended you. Wishing you all the best in your spiritual journey Brahmaji (We are all on the spiritual quest) Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  5. The reason I asked your qualification is because you said By your own words you do not know God and you will only know if he reveals himself. So You have placed a condition on God that you will only believe in Him if he reveals Himself to you. My question remains who are you to command God to reveal himself to you! You talk about God as Love, so If you truly Love God why do you put a condition on God? Please clarify what you mean "If God stood upon justification and qualification who would escape damnation?" God does not damn anyone that is why I said in my earlier post you have freedom of choice what are those choices? There is only 2 - The freedom to become His servant or become the servant of Maya. Please I am interested to know what you mean by self styled guru if you mean a self-styled bollywood guru then I would agree with you that would truly be sick. But for a Bonafide guru yes I willingly accept to become a dog so that he can guide me to God. There is a saying in Hindi > Guru Bina Gyan nahi Remember Lord Krsna and Lord Rama's leela/pastimes here on Bhumi Lok when they accepted a Guru. By Gods mercy you can get a bonafide Guru and By the mercy of guru you can obtain God. "The only qualification is to be a fallen sinner." Guess what...........why do you think we are here on planet Durga Dham and not with him? We are all fallen!! By saying you are a sinner is fine But what are you doing to correct yourself from this sinfull situation? Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  6. Yes it is most obvious God cannot be bought. My dear Sir what I was alluding to but obviously you have missed my point is that by price I meant what effort/sacrifice are you willing to put in to "see" God since you said "...... I don't know god? If god reveals Himself then I know." According to you, You can only know God when he reveals himself to you..Therefore I asked What qualifies you for God to take order from you to reveal himself to you. Further you said "Not by trusting that somebody else knows when I don't. The risk is too great." That risk you are talking about can be averted to a greater extent if you use the refrencing I was pointing out. Please forgive me if I have offended you and wishing you all the best in your spiritual jorney. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  7. What is the point??? Did you miss my point??? If you want something in life whether material/spiritual then you must endeavour for it. But remember material endeavour if not completed 100% then it is considerd a failure But Spirtual endeavour unlike material endeavour even if not completed 100% in this life time it is not wasted. Do you thing God is so cheap that he must appear to you because you want him to without as much as an endeavour. Yes you are correct God cannot be possed by anyone But God says he willingly becomes captivated/prisoner/servant of his devotees because of the intensity of their Love for Him. For Example he willingly became the chariot driver for Arjun and the messenger for the Pandavas headed by Yudishtir Maharaja and he became the saviour of Srimati Drupadi and Kunti MA. So what qualifies you (Who are you dear SIR?) to expect/force God to appear to you by your will??? Wishing you all the best in your spiritual endeavour by which ever path you choose. (By God given freedom of choice - What is that freedom of choice?? There is only 2 - The freedom to become His servant or become the servant of Maya, your choice) (Not much of a freedom is it??) Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupda
  8. Do some research and if you are truly serious/sincere then God within you will guide you. You have to take responsibility for your own spiritual advancement then God will help you BUT you must show your sincerity and seriousness (God Helps those who help themselves!!) Dont be lazy and Do not expect God to Just pop out of the blue. First you must have faith that God does exist then you have to advance and solidify your faith by doing research. Yes you are correct in saying you have to be carefull and that is why I say do some research to avoid blind faith. One of the means of avoiding blind faith is to use a checks and balance. The checks and balance I am talking about is checking the reference pertaining to Guru, Sadhu and Shastra - Guru - Check what is it that makes someone a bonafide Guru (Check thair Lineage/Sampradaya) Sadhu - Refrence the previous saints (sadhus) to verify whatever a person is claiming is in line with the teachings of previous acharya/saints/sadhu Shastra - Refrence to make sure whatever the shastra/scriptures are saying is in line with what is being said. For example if someone says to you that he is God then you do a reference check on that persone by first conducting a check from various shastra (scriptures) cross refrencing to verify his claims. How do you know that someone is truly following God?? You don't But that does not mean you have no means of checking his/her refrence to verify their claims. This is done by using the Guru Sadhu And Shastra method of refrencing. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  9. In Padma Purana: atah sri-krsna namadi na bhaved grahyam indriyaih sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah " No one can understand Krsna as He is by the Blunt material senses. But He reveals himself to the devotees, being pleased with them for their transcendental Loving service unto Him." So if you are truly/sincerely yearning to know/find God, find that person most attached to serving God. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  10. So your understanding about spirituality is based on what?? Who/what is your teacher that gave you an understanding about the world and spirituall matters?? What books mould "lubricated/conditioned" your mind? What irony, you who proclaim books to be traps - it seems you have just become trapped. Or can you say that you have not been trapped? Your conclusions seems to be moulded in the advaitan theory of "one-ness" Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  11. "18.63—Thus I have explained to you knowledge still more Confidential. Deliberate on this fully, and then do what you wish to do." Just one of many verses I love this one. Because Lord Krsna Does not force himself on us He says it so nicely Deliberate on this fully, and then do what you wish to do.":deal: Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  12. According to Bhagavad Gita Chpter2 verse 12 Lord Krsna states: "Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any cease to be." Here Lord Krsna states clearly that individuality can never be destroyed. It seems to me that you are under the impression that individuality is a material creation. If it is so then what is the value of Lord Krsna's instructions in the Bhagavad Gita? If we are just temporary beings with no individuality then why bother with being subservient to the Supreme. We can all be Gods (Dogs)!!! How crazy is that!!! No thank You. I will not be absorbed into the collective. I have my individuality which is a gift from God to be used to serve him with the free will he has given me. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  13. All Glories to the appearance day of Lord Chaitanya All Glories to Vaishnava Devotees. All Glories To Sirla Prabhupada. Namo Maha Vadanyaye Krsna Prem Pradayate Krsnaya Krshnaya Chaitanya:pray: Gaura-tawise Namaha!!! Jay Nitai Gauranga:pray: Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  14. to ponder about. You made me think a little deeper. Since we are Vegetarians/Vegans what about the pesticides farmers use to kill the insects inorder to produce the harvest? If you buy from "organic growers/farmers" what guarantee is there that the grower has not harmed the insects/pests inorder to produce the harvest? For example some organic farmers put bee-hives in their orchards so they harvest the honey while the bees pollinate their fruit trees. They get the best of both worlds. Now you buy the fruits and not the honey from the grower but what about the harm the grower has done to the bees. So have you not indirectly contributed to harming of the bees by buying fruits from the "organic grower". Just some points I thought about. Hmmm Calculating the Karmic Bank Balance....Yamraj sitting at IBM & Chitragupta (Yamraj's secretary) in the background loading your karmic tape. <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]--> Jay Gauranga (Lord Chaitanya's Moon is rising) Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  15. I always find your post very interesting. A small piece of advice...Could you please break your post into paragraphs. I hope you are not offended It is just so difficult on the eyes when confronted with a huge bunch of words. Regarding the post very interesting when looking at the definitions of the fingers and the various mudras. I hope someone can give an interesting feedback. 2 more days to Gaura-Purnima.... can't wait because Ratha yatra festival is also held on the same day (Double the Mercy) Jay Gauranga Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  16. I have never quiet enjoyed milk and hardly ever drink it but we unfortunately need it for its by products to make ghee and other preparations such as buttermilk etc. I understand your point Theistjie. I plead guilty although in our part of the world we do not have access to the variety of alternatives you have for milk. So if it is my karma to go to hell for sending mother to the slaughter house then I have to accept this punishment. Whatever the Lord gives me as punishment I am ready to accept. The only request I have is that I may never forget him wherever he sends me. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  17. From Chinese rule. No help will be gained from influential Western or Eastern Block countries while Tibet Burns:mad2: No Powerful G8 country dare speak out lest they lose lucrative economic ties with China:mad: For over 20 years the UN has kept quiet over gross human rights violation in the country which has been overrun by these demons. UN is a useless body that is controlled by the hand that feeds it. A watch-dog for human rights turned into a Lap dog. With China, Russia, USA, France and UK having permenant Veto rights nothing will be done. Tiniamin Square incident also comes to mind. Just look at the greedy countries running to China to take advantage of Cheap labour while still aiming economic sanctions on countries like Cuba. Tibet has become a non issue for the UN. Just look the other way (ignore it) then it will go away for another 20 or more years. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  18. I could not have put it better. So simple yet so profound. Sound vibration is form that has a distinct pattern other than noise. So Mazhar You meditate or recite the Quoranic verses proclaiming the name of Allah which has a distinct sound FORM. Allah according to muslims have 99 names so those names are forms of Allah in sound vibration. So in actual fact you also worship Allah in his form as sound vibration. I also know every muslim shows great respect to the Quran book why? By this I mean the Quran would not be touched by any muslim unless he cleanses himself why? You would not take the Quran into unclean places like for example toilets is it not? Is the Quran not a representation of Allah? Meaning do you not consider Allah's words (Quran) to be representitive of Allah? Consider these words carefully because if you say the Quran is not Allah in the form of words then Allah is not Ominiscient/Omnipresent. Just somethings to ponder about. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada (Just a quick question to anyone who knows : Is Allah the Vedic name of Durga Devi?)
  19. Truely Sad state of affairs. I am sad that I did not show much compassion for someone who started such a nice game. Wonder what could have caused him to (flip) take such a drastic measure of turning his back on the Lord Dear Lord Madhusudhan (killer of the demon Madhu) please help kill the demon that has over powerd Redsox's sanity. Who knows maybe he will make a comeback to continue this game he started. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  20. Thank You for your caring attitude ( I do sincerely mean it). I will try and answer as best as I can. But before I do my question to you is have you done a through research on Scriptures you have quoted or at least researched the authors who wrote these quotes. I am sure you can appreciate me asking you this because How can someone give their interpretations of the various vedic scriptures if they do not have authority to do so It is like asking a Bhudist to give commentaries on the Koran/the Surahs / Torah etc. Remember it is very easy to take one or two verse and try and form a picture but it is very foolish Because just think about it. If you have two or three puzzle pieces how can you see the bigger picture made up of a million puzzles pieces? The "Hindu" Scrptures (Vedas) are vast beyond comprehension ( I am sure there are more knowladgable devotees who can give you a better understanding of composition of the Vedas). To make it easy for us (in this age of Degradation/Kali Yuga) Sirla Vyasa Dev has given us the Srimad Bhagavatam It is a bona fide commentary on the Vedānta-sūtra by the same author, Śrīla Vyāsadeva which is like the concentration/aim of the Vedas. According to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu "The Vedic injunctions are self-authorized, and if some mundane creature adjusts the interpretations of the Vedas, he defies their authority. It is foolish to think of oneself as more intelligent than Śrīla Vyāsadeva. He has already expressed himself in his sūtras, and there is no need of help from personalities of lesser importance. His work, the Vedānta-sūtra, is as dazzling as the midday sun, and when someone tries to give his own interpretations on the self-effulgent sunlike Vedānta-sūtra, he attempts to cover this sun with the cloud of his imagination. "The Vedas and Purāṇas are one and the same in purpose. They ascertain the Absolute Truth, which is greater than everything else. The Absolute Truth is ultimately realized as the Absolute Personality of Godhead with absolute controlling power. As such, the Absolute Personality of Godhead must be completely full of opulence, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge and renunciation. Yet the transcendental Personality of Godhead is astonishingly ascertained as impersonal. "The impersonal description of the Absolute Truth in the Vedas is given to nullify the mundane conception of the absolute whole. Personal features of the Lord are completely different from all kinds of mundane features. The living entities are all individual persons, and they are all parts and parcels of the supreme whole. If the parts and parcels are individual persons, the source of their emanation must not be impersonal. He is the Supreme Person amongst all the relative persons. "The Vedas inform us that from Him [Brahman] everything emanates, and on Him everything rests. And after annihilation, everything merges in Him only. Therefore, He is the ultimate dative, causative and accommodating cause of all causes. And these causes cannot be attributed to an impersonal object. "The Vedas inform us that He alone became many, and when He so desires He glances over material nature. Before He glanced over material nature there was no material cosmic creation. Therefore, His glance is not material. Material mind or senses were unborn when the Lord glanced over material nature. Thus evidence in the Vedas proves that beyond a doubt the Lord has transcendental eyes and a transcendental mind. They are not material. His impersonality therefore is a negation of His materiality, but not a denial of His transcendental personality. "Brahman ultimately refers to the Personality of Godhead. Impersonal Brahman realization is just the negative conception of the mundane creations. Paramātmā is the localized aspect of Brahman within all kinds of material bodies. Ultimately the Supreme Brahman realization is the realization of the Personality of Godhead according to all evidence of the revealed scriptures. He is the ultimate source of viṣṇu-tattvas. "The Purāṇas are also supplementary to the Vedas. The Vedic mantras are too difficult for an ordinary man. And thus the Mahābhārata as well as the Purāṇas are made easy to explain the truths of the Vedas. In his prayers before the boy Śrī Kṛṣṇa, Brahmā said that there is no limit to the fortune of the residents of Vrajabhūmi headed by Śrī Nanda Mahārāja and Yaśodāmayī because the eternal Absolute Truth has become their intimate relative. "The Vedic mantra maintains that the Absolute Truth has no legs and no hands and yet goes faster than all and accepts everything that is offered to Him in devotion. The latter statements definitely suggest the personal features of the Lord, although His hands and legs are distinguished from mundane hands and legs or other senses. "Brahman, therefore, is never impersonal, but when such mantras are indirectly interpreted, it is wrongly thought that the Absolute Truth is impersonal. The Absolute Truth Personality of Godhead is full of all opulences, and therefore He has a transcendental form of full existence, knowledge and bliss. How then can one establish that the Absolute Truth is impersonal? "Brahman, being full of opulences, is understood to have manifold energies, and all these energies are classified under three headings under the authority of Viṣṇu Purāṇa [6.7.60], which says that the transcendental energies of Lord Viṣṇu are primarily three. His spiritual energy and the energy of the living entities are classified as superior energy, whereas the material energy is an inferior one which is sprouted out of ignorance. In the Bhagavad-gītā also the living entities are described as belonging to the superior energy of the Lord. According to the principles of intimate correlation between the energy and the energetic, both of them are nondifferent also. Therefore, the Lord and the living entities are nondifferent as the energy and the energetic. "Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and ego are all inferior energies of the Lord, but the living entities are different from all as superior energy.This is the version of Bhagavad-gītā [7.4]. "The transcendental form of the Lord is eternally existent and full of transcendental bliss. How then can such a form be a product of the material mode of goodness? Anyone, therefore, who does not believe in the form of the Lord is certainly a faithless demon and as such is untouchable, a not to be seen persona non grata fit to be punished by the Plutonic king." These are the words used by an authorative person in the line of guru parampara in the Brahma-Narada-Vyas sampradaya (Lineage of authority on the Vedas) Further more we do not worship Idols we worship that form that is described by Lord Brhma as Shyamsundar (Dark blue like the monsoon clouds) and Lord Brhma sings further describing the Lord "I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who is adept in playing on His flute, with blooming eyes like lotus petals, with head decked with peacock's feather, with the figure of beauty tinged with the hue of blue clouds.." The Arca Vigraha form of the Lord is beyond the understanding of those who cannot understand the Lords power to take on the deity form. The standard for deity worship is very high yet personal and gives us an opportunity, with our limited human senses, to form a personal relationship with him. Please forgive me for my long explanation but I hope this at least answers your question to certain extent. Dear Mazhar You certainly seem like you have Vaishnava quality about you for you seem genuinely concerned for our spiritual well being. In the same vein we also have some small quantities of genuine concern for spiritual well being of all humanity irrespective of their religion, race etc and thus we have AUDARYA FELLOWSHIP. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  21. We got a crazy Red bull in the china shop!!! You know who this Redsox reminds of.... Shishupal and his 100 offenses one too many offence them comes Sudrasen Chakra and swoosh Thats the end of Shisupal the Redsox Baby. So much anger Ahhhh Shame Poor baby is hurt because his senses are left unsatisfied!!! It will be best to turn the opposite direction But maybe he is testing the Vaishnavas compassion. But for my part I am not a vaishnava nor have I any compassion towards a Shishupal character. I will avoid this fellow in the future and wishing those trying to talk/rescue The Red Bull all the Best Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  22. REDSOX you go you . Wow I think you can set up a theater piece with all your ranting like Shakespear festival or something like that. I can give you a titel for your play "THE RAGE/RANTINGS OF A MADMAN AGAINST GOD AND SANTA CLAUS" Reminds me of a small spoilt brat throwing a temper tantrum because MOMMY/DADDY did not satisfy his senses!!! OH BHOO HOO HOO Poor little kid. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  23. Thesitji I have started reading Canto 11 From Chapter 7 and have read till chapter 9 I am totaly blown away. Wow The narrations of the Avadut/Wise Brahmana to King Yadu is certainly something I have to ponder about. I am now contemplating If maybe I am over-endeavouring for Material comfort by studying MBA. Maybe I should just give it up and just be satisfied with my job and not to over endeavour. I should just be happy with what the Lord gives me. Fortunately I have an elder brother who can look after my aging parents. I am also seriously contemplating giving up the notion/idea of marriage (Grihast stage) and just live my life by working and eventually reitiring from the material life and as per instruction of the wise Brahmana and visit and take association of the various brahmanas (those who are living their lives desiring only to serve the Lord) in the holy places in Bharat (India) and staying unnoticed. Live by begging and using my belly as the only storage space for food. Fasting from food is no problem for me. At the moment I eat only once a day and have some fruits in the morning. But I also have to be carefull of false renunciation which can lead to frustrations and eventually fall down. Just some of my thoughts and contemplations after reading the first 2 chapters. Wow what a liberating feeling just thinking of giving up material hankerings/desires and only have a single desire i.e. to surrender myself to the Lord. SOmething like shaving the head of all the hair which represents all kinds of desires and leave only a tuft of hair (Sikha) representing the one desire. Maybe I sound like a sentimentalist selfish neophyte fool in need of a guru to set me right. I will continue to read these nectarian words spoken by the Lord. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  24. to create a Forum under Main forums for UG discussions only? This way it can stay permenent and not slowly disappear amongs all the other "noise/static" threads. I definately think we need to keep this thread permenant. It is so nice to get away from so much debate over right and wrongs. This forum can truly bring the agitated mind to some peace. I must say I feel very guilty. I was supposed to have placed an order for The Udhava Gita But material life more specifically my MBA studies have taken such a large chunk of my free time and Laxmi that I have not been able to do it. Oops more excuses... I better stop my excuses and buy The Book so as to make a contribution. And Please save (not only the whales but) this thread too. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  25. Firstly Lord Krsna is not someone's "Idea" Secondly The Srimad Bhagavad Gita was sung by Lord Krsna and in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krsna states in Chapter 18 text 65: manmana bhava mat-bhakto mat-yaji mam namaskuru mam evaisyasi satyam te pratijane priyo'si me manmana - Thinking of me; bhava - just become mat-bhakto - My devotee; mat-yaji - My Worshiper; mam - unto; namaskuru - offer obeisance; mam - unto Me; eva - certainly; esyasi - come; satyam - truly; te - to me; pratijane - I promise; prijah - dear; asi - you are; me - My; As You can see from the above verse Lord Krsna is saying unto "Me" so therefore "ME" does not referr to any other personalities. So we have to be concious of Krsna. It does not matter if you belong to any kind of sampradaya (movement) the above verse and all verses in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita is coming unchanged through centuries. The purports in the Bhagavad Gita is the realizations of the spiritual master. So therefore those following Srimad Bhagavad Gita Clings to every verse which slowly directs one towards the Lord who is singing the verse. But please do not get me wrong if you have a great attraction to Lord Siva then that is also very very good study and become seriously Siva Conciouss so that he may help you answer your questions for Lord Siva is no ordinary personality. It is through the mercy and permission of Lord Siva that we can approach the most confidential knowladge. If You are truly sincere than seek The Lord Out with all your hart and you will find your answers. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
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