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  1. natural. They are in the business of selling sensational news. Success or advancement is too boring not fit for crow mentality:rolleyes: Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  2. I would rather follow someone who has walked his talk. Not just give out cheap sermons about Humanity and truths like some arm chair philosopher. I think everyone on this forum knows who I am referring to when it comes walking his talk...... HDG Sirla Prabhupada Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  3. Did you not read the apology?? Please open your eyes my dear Kitty Cat friend. Humility is knowing when someone has reacted in a manner they felt was incorrect and had the courage to acknowladge the improper behaviour and appologised accordingly as Theis prabhu has done Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  4. "to comprehend the existence" reminds me of the Frog in the well analogy. So how big is the existence my dear frog friend? Well let me show you by puffing up my chest.....Then kaahbloowy!!! > my poor frog friend splattered into the ever expanding vastness of existence. What have you done for humanity today?? Can a drowning man save another drowning man?? Not unless he has learned how to swim. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  5. Sorry it seems like not only have I not comprehended your photo dear Kitty Cat but I am also unable to comprehend what you stand for. You speak a lot about truth and humanity please do explain what truths are you talking about? Truth according to whom or is it truth as you see it? Your opinion? Humanity?? Slaughter houses is humanity's compassion??? As much as I respect Einsteins field of study his comments about a personal God is not Transcendental Knowladge. Iwould rather take the knowladge from someone who has walked his talk/talked his walk. Everyone on this forum knows that personality I am referring to is HDG Sirla Prabhupada Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  6. I dont know but the kitty cat looks like it has its eyes tightly shut:P Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  7. "Philosophy without Religion is mental speculation and Religion without Philosophy is fanatacisim" Sirla Prabhupada 1967 Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  8. How much other agriculture products go towards feeding cattle used for slaughter??? I have started to see that people are starting to realise the wastefull nature of beef farming and its negative impact on the environment. THis has primarily come about due to the "food crisis" but unfortunately realising the problem and actually doing something about it is two different matter. Because on the weekend there is the usuall backyard BBQ and no thought is given on where and how the meat came about. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  9. Study has shown that there is a high probability that those who abuse animals eventually become human abusers. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  10. Wow nectar upon nectar Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  11. Dear Bishadi I do not know But your intelligence seem like it is on a different level But if you could bring it down a notch or two it could really help to improve our communication. I would like to know what you mean by "Set the belief aside"?? What is this belief you are talking about. If you are alluding to knowladge given by Shastra then I would like to correct you. The existence of the soul as taught by Shastra does not depend on my belief in it. For example the life force (Soul) that causes the body to grow is present in all living beings and this can be extrapolated by looking at similarities and differences between a living being and dead body or similarites between different species. Like trigonometry in mathematics - In order to prove certain angles to be equal whe have to use extrapolation when certain data are not available. Just because we do not have a proper intelligence or equipments to measure and collect the "unknown data" are you thus calling the knowladge given by Shastra as belief? Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  12. to say that Lord Krsna's mercy is dependent on Development of Technology??? I would like to think of Technological advancement as a catalyst for spreading the Holy name/Naam Prabhu (Hare Krsna Mahmantra). Thus spreading of the Holy Name is not soley dependent on technological advancement. What may be "Real World" to you is to me, through the eyes of Shastra, is an illusion. By illusion I mean non-permanant. Shelly's poem comes to mind the poem titled "Ozymandias" what man creates will eventually crumble and turn to dust like the great Egyptian civilization. To you Shastra vision of reality may be an illusion but for me it is a reality or you may call it my "utopia on paper" What is night for all beings is the time of awakening for the self controlled; and the time of awakening for all beings is night for the introspective sage (Bhagavad Gita 2-69) Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  13. I don't know about world peace being his mission But guess what? He has brought peace to my world. <o:p> </o:p>
  14. To see someone attacking a personality such as Indradumna Maharaj. A most sincere personality who has done so much to serve his Guru Maharaj like going to dangerous places to preach KC while we sit in our comfortable arm chairs (infront of our computers) and past judgments. Oh it is so easy to find faults in others. If you are truly concerned for Indradumna Maharaj then why did you not consider approaching Indradumna Maharaj regarding some of his "short comings" that you see in him before coming to this public forum? Maybe you could give him some tips on writing styles since you are such an accomplished author. My dear sir my question to you is what have you done to please your Guru or service to the Lord. Have you gone out of your comfort zone to actively preach KC. What have you done to inform/enlighten people about KC? Have you spread the mercy of Lord Chaitanya? Please dear sir I beg you to stop Vaishnava Aparadh before it destroys your Bhakti:pray: Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  15. I suspect it must be the OIL GOD:P
  16. The Brain is an amazing organ, If you learn to use the "filing mechanisim" or memory properly;). If you learn to sing the Brhma Simhita then slowly slowly with singing you will be amazed how well the brain can memorize and you will never forget the words because if you know the rhythem you sang the words to then the words will flow automatically. The rhythem works like a filing system or trigger mechanisim. Just give it a try. Perserveer and you will be amazed at the brains capacity to store. I am sure since Indrulekha mataji comes from a gifted singing kavi (poetic) family she should be able to recite not only 40 verses but the whole Bhagvatam If she wants. On top of that she is most gifted with a brain that has been well practised to serve the Lord. Unlike the rest of us with a limited brain function due to minimum usage:P Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  17. Prabhu will try this technique. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  18. It has given me good relief but I must confess I have non-caring attitude towards my body so I tend to neglect preparing and taking the medication. (I know we have to look after the physical body since it is on loan from the Lord) but that is just my nature. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  19. Bija Prabhu it will be grealy appreciated. Sorry Indrulekha mataji for hijacking the forum Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  20. I was also struggling with asthma when I was about 6-12 yrs old. It feels like you are drowning as you are gasping for air. Especially at night when the bout of coughing starts it is hard to stop and the chest and muscle pains are excruciating. I remember some nights when it gets so bad that it feels like I was going to leave my body. Tears would actually come to my eyes and I would pray and surrender to my sweet Lord that If he wants to take me I was ready. Then a sense of peace would come to me and the coughing would subside. After the age of 12 the asthma actually started to subside and eventually disappear as I took part in sports. But now with reduced exercise I feel that asthma is making a comeback. My mother gave me Auyrvedic remedy for Asthma. It is approximately 12 Sweet basil leaves, a small piece of ginger, a teaspoon of Jaggery and 5 black pepper corns. First crush the black pepper corns using mortar and pestle. Then take the crushed black pepper corns out and crush the Basil leaves with the ginger untill you can extract as much juice as possible. Mix the Basil and ginger juice with a teaspoon of Jaggery and black pepper corns and this should give you a table spoon of juice. This must be repeated 4 times a day. Oh and by the way try and reduce dairy product intake because it may increase phlem which lands up in the lung. My niece who is 3 years old is also struggling with asthma. It is a sight most parents cannot bear to see. The gasping for air is as excruciating for the child as it is for the parents to observe. Once again wishing you all the best in your study. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  21. Wishing you, Indrulekha devi dasi, all the best in what ever you take up for your study. You remind me of Ravi prabhu (from Idaho) also a young and very intelligent devotee who recently met the pope. For what its worth if I have any small insignificant qualifications to give any blessings then I will pray that you always remain the same (as Theist prabhu put it so nicely a bumble bee) always looking for nectar at the lotus feet of Lord Nityanada. In actual fact it is we who actually need your blessing from one so young but yet so spiritually advanced. Definately the Lord has some special plan for you to assist Sirla Prabhupada in spreading the holy name of the Lord. My humble obeisance to you:pray: Vancha kalpatarubhyas ca krpa-sindhubhya eva ca patitanam pavanebhyo vaisnavebhyo namo namah Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  22. Sandra I agree with Kulpavana, follow his advice. People who try and understand the Vedas from academic perspective are like people trying to taste honey by licking the outside of the honey jar. If you want to know "Why Krsna only" you have to study the works of those who have tasted the honey. What I mean is, If you want to know "Why Krsna Only" read the books from people who live their lives based on the Vedas. One of those book is the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam which is a personal commentation on the Vedānta-sūtra by Śrī Vyāsadeva. It was written in the maturity of his spiritual life through the mercy of Nārada. There is no question as to his authority. He is the author of all other Vedic literatures, yet he recommends the study of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam above all others. In other Purāṇas there are different methods set forth by which one can worship the demigods. But in the Bhāgavatam only the Supreme Lord is mentioned. The Supreme Lord is the total body, and the demigods are the different parts of that body. Consequently, by worshiping the Supreme Lord, one does not need to worship the demigods. The Supreme Lord becomes fixed in the heart of the devotee immediately. Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu has recommended the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam as the spotless Purāṇa and distinguishes it from all other Purāṇas.(Srimad Bhagavatam) Regarding the Indologist/Academics - The Vedic injunctions are self-authorized, and if some mundane creature adjusts the interpretations of the Vedas, he defies their authority. It is foolish to think of oneself as more intelligent than Śrīla Vyāsadeva. He has already expressed himself in his sūtras, and there is no need of help from personalities of lesser importance. His work, the Vedānta-sūtra, is as dazzling as the midday sun, and when someone tries to give his own interpretations on the self-effulgent sunlike Vedānta-sūtra, he attempts to cover this sun with the cloud of his imagination.- (Srimad Bhagavatam) But before studying the Bhagavatam & Bhagavad Gita As It IS, first follow Kulpavana's advice: I hope this helps. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupda
  23. Only personalities who are very spiritually advanced gets buried because even when these personalities leave their material bodies their spiritual energy is so strong that it leaves a lasting impression on every thing they come into contact with i.e. their material bodies. As CBrahma said he could sense the aura manifesting from Sirla Prabhupada and the aura was so strong that it even influenced those close to Sirla Prabhupada to take on some of that Spiritual vibration. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  24. How is electricity generated?? Yes my friends Coal fired Generators which are still regarded as the best generator for electricity. Alternative greener source for electricity is still a long way away from being a reality. Sorry for de-railing the topic. Hare Krishna/Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  25. I would like to kick this topic off and ask everyone who has come into contact with Sirla Prabhupada directly or indirectly thorugh his books/(Hare Krsna/ISKCON) devotees has brought to us. The reason I started this thread is because I saw in one thread someone criticising Sirla Prabhupada for his disciples fall down. So I will start off this topic. I was most fortunate (due to some good karma)to be born to a mother who is very much attached/devoted to Lord Krsna In a small village in India. My mother is my first guru and she is the one that instilled that devotion into me and thus have always been attached to Lord Krsna since I can remember. We came to the west when I was 6yrs old and my hunger for spiritual knowladge kept growing. There was a thirst/hunger for spiritual knowladge that I cannot explain. I grew up in a time period when racisim was part of the countries political makeup and the only religion that was recognised was Christianity. Going to school was tuff because not only are you racially marginilized but also culturally marganilised. Growing up in that time period the school system had religious instructions as part of the school curriculum. I had no problem listening to christianity teachings because my mother brought me up to show respect to all different religions. My problem started when I was in grade3 and the memory is still as fresh as yesterday. The teacher was a christian fanatic who boldy told me I was a heathen and am going to burn in hell unless I accept Jesus as my only saviour. As you can understand I was very young and as small child's mind is very easily impressionable and had to suffer through nightmares of burning in hell. That actually became my catalyst to understand my spiritual postition. I attended many Hindu temple gatherings to try and understand spiritual knowladge but I was still not satisfied. Then I got Sirla Prabhupada's book called Science Of Self Realisation (SSR). Wow just reading this book was a mind blowing experience, so logical and lucid was the explanation that I just embraced the teachings that Sirla Prabhupada had given me. At last all the answers to my spiritual questions I was looking for:pray:. I remember reading a lecture given by Sirla Prabhupada where someone in the audiance asked Sirla Prabhupada "SO Who is God?" Then Sirla Prabhupada looked at the audience and saw a small child and said "lets ask this child". And the child loudly replied "KRISHNA!!!!" And Sirla Prabhupada said there you have it. It was so simple yet so sublime:). I am sure the audience member was expecting a huge comlex answer involving many Shastric Quotes. That is what I love about Sirla Prabhupada so simple yet so sublime:). My Most Humble obeisance to all the Sannyasi, Brahmchari, Grihastas and all devotees connected to ISKCON who have remained true to Sirla Prabhupada and also because you have to face so much criticisim due to people who deviated from Sirla Prabhupadas teachings. Please carry on your good work and remain always attached to Sirla Prabhupadas Lotus feet. I will always be indebted to YOU Devotees of Sirla Prabhupada and to Sirla Prabhupada I will never be able to repay my debt to you even if I live through a 1000 lifetimes. Words cannot describe my gratitude to You and a "Thank You" seems so insignificant but that is all I can offer My Dear Sirla Prabhupada. So If there was a definition for MAHA-ATMA than Sirla Prabhupada would be the only one I can think of. Hare Krsna/Krishna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
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