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  1. Which means, considering circumstances, democracy is the best we've got in the kali yuga.
  2. Not from series which I haven't seen, but as far as my limited knowledge goes, it's the fall of Bhishma.
  3. Love comes in different forms, so it's not easy to say what it's. even in vaishnavism religion, I think thyey say one must approach Krishna in different ways. So it proves that love has multiple forms, and hence a definition would be out of question.
  4. I wish people would stop fighitng and save this nice thread. It contains a lot of interesting viewpoints. That said, it's not easy to believe everythjng you read, and likewise, if we dont believe, we're not following the religion perfectly and fully. It's a tricky situatio to be in.
  5. I am not sure if it's simila r to Christian idea, because that usually concerns confessions. In Vaishnava religiom, I think it's all about chanting and remembering. Correct me, if I am wrong.
  6. A quick question. Do the dates vary from one tradition to another, even if they're vaishjnava traditions?
  7. Can someone translate the name sandra in sanskrit?
  8. Thanks, just two questions. Is this Supreme Deity (that you mention) found by name in the veda? I am assuming it's Vishnu, which is why Krishna is also worshipped as Supreme. Second, are the avatars and lesser deities mentioned in bhagavat or anywhere else by name? Specific names like Shiva, Ganesh and others.
  9. I've heard confliucting stories about Shiva being cursed, which is why his linga is worshipped. What's the reality behind this? Why linga rather than other symbols? Or, does linga mean something totally different from the common belief?
  10. But didn't ancient India have democracy? How can it be against krishna consciouness.
  11. Where the description mentioned? Which chapter? Is it symbolic, or the literal details were given, such as distance from sun?
  12. I play games all the time. Can't resist it.
  13. Oh thanks so much, Bija. So is it reasonable to asumet that other gods are also expandsions of Krishna, and one can worship them, but not exclusively? Is this correct? Reg. Kimfelex's point that ther'es no mention of Krishna in vedas, can a connection be established between vishnu and krusnn a, becauise Vishnu is mentioned in vedas? Is bhagavat the only scripture that mentions this, I mean the avatars.
  14. Thanks for a different perspective on this. But are you saying V evolved out of semitic religions? Is there any proof for this in history, like meetings between the teachers of both schools?
  15. Isn't Krishna one of the gods in the vedic pantheon> Why do some people advocate exclusive worship to him, and ignore other gods? my firstpost here, so I am a little confused. thanks.
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