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  1. A truely amazing personality from what I have read. Thank You for posting. Jay Sirla Prabhupada Hare Krsna
  2. Murali Prabhu, You did not factor in the profit made from oil in IRAQ. With a barrel of oil going for $90 + dollars I would say you are making quite a "killing". Anyway aside from the grusome war stories of the present the point I was making is how can America celebrate a Holiday called Thanks Giving celebrating the genocide of the native Americans??? Almost like Germans celebrating the holocaust and calling it Happy "Kristall Nacht":crazy: (Please forgive me if I have offended anyone only curious) Haribol
  3. I suppose $18.5billion dollars should cover most of what was lost. Now lets see if we can break down $18.5 billion into the price of man woman and child slaughtered for thanks giving day........ How many would you estimate have been directly or indirectly affected by them thanks giving pilgrims and I suppose you would be right Human lives have a price in America. So go off to all other parts of the world and give thanks to all the people affected by foreign invasions..... (Sorry bad habit of sarcasm) Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  4. What must the poor native American Indians be thankfull for????? I wonder what the natives feel about this day. So many broken promises I suppose:crazy2:
  5. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. You got to show some mercy to those looking to connect to God and have some faith in the intelligence of the people to be able to better discriminate. Remember it is the ultimately Sirla Prabhupada preaching to these people and Lord Krshna sitting in their hearts thats guiding them towards Him. Everyone who is a Senior Devotee must show by Example and warn newcomers of the pitfalls and how to apply KC in your daily Life as Grehastas in this material world. Yes we may have excuse "ohh I am not perfectly following..blah blah" But you are still adhereing to most of the part and working on the part you are lacking. Remember in Bhagavad Gita (Sorry I do not remember the refrence) Lord Krsna promises that as you endeavour towards Him he will help by giving to you what you lack so that you may come to Him. Just my 2 cent. Hare Krshna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  6. At least or at minimum she must be vegetarian because that will (hopefully) help develop mercy for all living beings and maybe slowly lead to becoming prasadetarian. As I can remember reading somewhere that a person who is a vegetarian has a better potential of become more compassionate towards living entity. A persone who gives up drugs/lust becomes more cleansed. A persone who gives up gambling can become more truthfull. So to me it is not a big consideration of whatever religious background she comes from.... For myself coming from an Indian background being a "Krsna Devotee" it is very difficult to find a suitable partner. I have to think very hard even when considering marying a partner from Indian background I know the principals and know what I can compromise on and what I definitely will not compromise on. But Yes first follow Sunanda Prabhu's advice and draw up what I would call a list of "deal brakers" or something that you are not willing to sacrifice/compromise on and show her the list:deal: Always remember you have a responsibility towards the partner you will be bringing into your life and even bigger responsibility towards a living entity you bring into this material world. Therefore choose carefully and wisely. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  7. But sometimes it is not so much what you know but who you know;) Hare Krsna Jay Prabhupada
  8. Maybe it is time to change "friends" or at least avoid places such as bar. It seems like you have a very open mind. What I mean is that there is subtle influences that is affecting your thought patterns that is causing you to partake in what "crows" enjoy. If you associate with like minded people then the subtle influences will affect how you behave!! Do not blame Krsna for weakness of the mind!! And follow the advice of Kulpavana Prabhu & Murali Prabhu take their words as Lord Krsna answering your prays. There are many Good Devotees on this form take their positive guidance and wishing you all the strength in your spiritual endeavor. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  9. :idea:Them darn scientist if they are soo worried about toxic emmisions they should go and preach vegetarianisim in Texas in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emmission!!!!
  10. Here is something I found on arati... Among Hindu rituals there is perhaps no one ritual more well known than the arati ceremony. Anyone who has visited a Hindu temple has been allured, or due to insufficient knowledge perhaps frightened, when the lamp of fire passes from the altar to the congregation and circulates from person to person. The origin and significance of this colorful ritual speaks of its inner charm and potential to dispel all fear arising from the ignorance of material identification. The Sanskrit word arati literally means "before night." Ratri (night) when prefaced with the letter a indicates dusk. The waving of the lamp before the Deity (NB!!! NOT IDOL PLZ!!!) thus implies the dispelling of the night of our material sojourn with the light of devotion through which God is revealed. In addition to the lamp, the traditional arati includes other items, which along with the lamp correspond with the eightfold material elemental constituents. In the Bhagavad-gita, Sri Krsna mentions these elements thus: "Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence, and material ego, these eight elements constitute my separated material energy." These material elements, five gross and three subtle, cover our soul. Corresponding with the gross material elements are the senses and sense organs: earth-smelling (nose); water-tasting (tongue); fire-seeing (eyes); air-touching (skin); and ether-hearing (ears). These five senses make up our physical dimension, while mind, intelligence, and material ego make up our psychic dimension. Under all of this we reside, like a diamond in the rough. Although our consciousness is covered by a mountain of material misconception causing us to identify ourselves with our body and mind, its potential to shine remains undiminished. Rituals such as arati are intended to remove the mountain of our misconception, as well as shed light on our positive potential in a life of transcendental love. During the arati, first and foremost the devotee offers himself. In so doing, he removes ahankara, the material ego. He identifies no longer as the material body and mind. He identifies not with his personality derived from material association and experiences, rather with the notion that he is a servitor of the Deity (Which is A Representation of GOD NOT AN IDOL!!!) I hope this clarify things Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  11. Who are we to play God on deciding the fate of another living being?? Animals as I understood can not accumulate karma. The living entity that has taken birth as an animal is burning away its "bad" karma and maybe promoted to a higher living being eg human being. By being "compassionate" and murdering the animal you are actually hindering it from burning up its "bad" karma and it has to continue to suffer in its next life and you may have to accept the karma of murdering the animal. It is even worse because the animal is a bovine because according to vedic injunction the bull is considered a father and cow is the mother. So murdering a Bull / Cow is like murdering a Brahmana. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  12. It is great to hear someone aspiring to follow the Brahamachari lifestyle..But please becarefull this is Kaliyug. I heard a great little anecdote about two celibate Monks.. Two celibate monks one young aspiring monk and one older more learned monk were walking past a stream just outside a Village. They saw a woman who was in despair because she could not cross the small stream. The Young Monk thought to himself..."I am a celibate monk and I dare not even look at the woman and continued to walk on." The older monk without any hesitation picked her up and took her across the small stream. The young monk was speechless. After a few hours walk they returned to the monastary. The young celibate monk than asked the older celibate monk.."Why did you touch, let alone carry that woman across the stream?? We are celibate monks and may not look or touch a woman!!! The older monk calmly replied..."I carried that young woman across the stream and it took me only a few minutes....But You Have carried that Young Woman for so many Hours in your mind." Moral of the story... Well you are so worried about woman cooking the food that In your mind/meditation she has already cooked the meal/prasadam for you. If the bhoga is cooked and offered to my sweet Lord (By Woman/man) Why are you so worried As Lord Krsna states I will protect my devotees HAVE NO FEAR!!!! I say RESPECT THE PRASDAM BRHAMACHARI DUDE & JUST STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE. Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  13. I have read of NDE as occuring even when the machine recording brain activity showed no activity. That tells me that the brain was inactive. Brain is just an organ as far as I now. Like heart, lungs etc.. It is a central processing unit.
  14. As I mentioned that Lord Krsna became a messanger for the Pandavas so did his position become diminished?? So why not If Lord Mahadev meditates/thinks of Lord Krsna / Lord Rama He immediately becomes bound by the Love and why not take on the role as Devotee of Lord Mahadev. All Glories to Lord Mahadev All Glories to Lord Krsna All Glories to dear servants of Lord Krsna All Glories to Sirla Prabhupada
  15. that when people think in material terms such as becoming subserviant/servant i.e. serving some one, that persone is thought to be in low position but in spiritual terms that is a very high position. So for the Supreme Lord to take on the role of servant is so amazing. As Lord Krsna states he becomes tied up by the ropes of love of his devotees. As the Lord took on the position of a message carrier for Yudishtier In the Mahabharat and many other instance. So from a Vaishnava point of view If Lord Krsna / Lord Mahadev takes on the servant role it does not diminish their position. So in the eyes of devotees If Lord Rama / Lord Krsna serves Lord Mahadev or Lord Mahadev serves Lord Krsna it does not take away or diminish their position. But we who see with our material mundane little mind and cannot see this Greatness and start to argue amongst each other about the supremacy of the Lord which I find very sad.
  16. The Yuga in which Ravana was living was conducive to meditation and I do know that he was no ordinary living entity. That is why he was killed by the hands of the Lord Rama. :deal:What I meant was that Persone(s) meditating on Lord Shiva should not have the same mentality (Bhudhi) as Ravana. Just to make it clear to you Yogi Kriya (y k) Thanks Jay Mahadev Jay Sirla Prabhupada Hare Krsna
  17. Meditate on Lord Shiva but not like Ravana (Because he wanted to rule the world and was ultimately killed by Lord Rama and even with all his devotion to Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva (could not/ did not want) to protect his devotee) Because someone who Blasphemes against the Lord ultimately meets with such horrible ending!!! But meditate like a devotee that He Mahadev may increase your devotion to The Supreme Lord Situated in your Heart known as Krsna/Rama/Narayan. Remember Ajmila from Srimad Bhagavatam he was a big devotee of Lord Narayan/Vishnu But he fell down and at the end of his life when the terrible Yamduttas came to fetch him he cried for his son whom he named Vishnu and immediately Lord Vishnu sent his Vishnu-duttas to chase the Yamdutas away. So even when Ajmila forgot the Supreme Lord the Supreme Lord never forgets his devotee because he is always situated in the heart as Parmatma. Even Lord Shiva states:- mukti-pradata sarvesam visnur eva na samsayah. "There is no doubt that Vishnu is the deliverer of liberation for everyone." To Lord Shiva/Mahadev MY HUMBLE OBEISANCE:- VANCHA-KALPATARUBH YAS CA KRPA-SINDUBHYA EVA CHA PATITANAM PAVANEBHYO VAISNAVEBHYO NAMO NAMAH Jay Mahadev Hare Krsna Jay Sirla Prabhupada
  18. You mean like a lovers quarrel?? OHHH NOOOO he forgot to buy her Valentine Present!!!!! So she could be choking the poor guy???
  19. I just want to know are you waiting for a Thunder Strike from heaven to proclaim that there is God? What if God (seated in the heart as Parmatma) is using someone (like say..Guruvani) to tell you what you have to do. Yet the mind is very stubborn and the false ego takes over and says "How dare You Tell Me!!! Who the Heck Are U? You Don't Know me." With this type of attitude how can you expect God to reveal himself to you. In order to know God you have to take the position of being in a humble state of mind Like Grass in the wind that bends or become tolerant like a tree accepting arrows like words cutting our False Ego. The only way to see God is Through reading Bonafide Scriptures handed Down from Master to Disciple and associating with like minded devotees. But please do take the advice given here. What have you got to lose???? But please do not give up Whatever Faith you may Follow eventually God seated in your heart Will Guide You/Send someone to You. If I have offended you Dear Guest please forgive me. Thank You Hare Krsna Jay SirlaPrabhupada
  20. I remember reading from the introduction of Bhagavad-Gita I will quote directly:- "So the Lord, the living entity, material nature and time are all interrelated and are all eternal. However the other item karma is not eternal. The effects of karma may be very old indeed. We are suffering or enjoying the results of our activities from time immemorial, but we can change the results of our karma, or our activity and the change depends on the perfection of our knowladge. We are engaged in various activities. Undoubtedly we do not know what sort of activities we should adopt to gain relief from actions and reactions of all these activities, but this is also explained in the Bhagavad-Gita. As the soul migrates, he suffers the actions and reactions of his past activities. These activities can be changed when the living entity is in the mode of goodness, in sanity, and understands what sort of activities he should adopt. If he does so, then all the actions and reactions of his past activities can be changed. Consequently, karma is not eternal." So to bottle (explain) karma (in other words to make it tangible) is like trying to bottle the wind. I hope this goes some way to answer a complex question. Now off the topic....... The Bhagavad-Gita to me is like a shining lamp that dispells all darkness that brings doubts to my mind. The Bhagavad Gita is so amazing it is alive. Just read one verse a day it is so incredible and powerfull!!! Any questions you may have it seems to know your mind The Lord/God is Bhagavad-Gita and the answers are right there. Thank You may seem like a very small word but to Sirla Prabhupada and to those devotees who distributes these wonderfull books there is no other words. Jay Sirla Prabhupada Hare Krsna
  21. Hare Krsna and Dandavats to all devotees According to Srimad Bhagavatam (what I have heard so please correct me) Iam not sure exactly how many Mahajans (great personalities) there are but I can mention some that I can remember, they are Narada Muni, Lord Siva, Prahlad Maharaj,Grandfather Bhisma Dev and I cannot remember the others. Therefore I would say It has to be Pita-Maha Bhisma dev The reason I think what makes him great is that even unto his last breath Lord Krsna was on his lips. He tought us how to pass away by describing the glories of Lord Krsna. Thus I would also consider HDG Sirla Prabhupada as a Mahajan although he was not on the Battle field Of Krukshetra He was involved in a Battle that he waged against Maya and was and always will be victorious. So everybody say loudly SIRLA PRABHUPADA KI JAY!!!!!!! HARE KRSNA
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