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  1. Lets face it,western 'help' has indeed caused more problems than it has solved. The 'west' usually supports the 'side' that supports their financial needs or 'greeds' as the case may be the most. India and pakistan have a shared heritage that is greater and stronger than their western ties, if the politicians of these respective countries had some balls they would say 'thanks but no thanks' and make use of people who are basically each others brothers in race and geography, instead of these fruitless disputes about Kashmir. UNITY will lift the Asian subcontinent. Not division.all praise to God
  2. is it possible? what problems if any does it create?
  3. WE as people who believe in the power of a prayer need to double our efforts in praying for peace in the world. Or is there none left who TRULY believe? Is all our talk just playful discussion? <font color="red"> </font color> <font color="blue"> </font color> <font color="black"> </font color>
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