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  1. Sri VibhutiGaneshji: After I replied long ago and saw that not many people tried to give you much information. I thought let me give you some more things to look into about mantras. First, Mantras has their own drasta rishi, devata, chhanda, and the purpose of the chanting and in case of puruscharan, there is the number of chants. Then it comes, kar(hand) nyas and ang (body) nyas. Then it comes Dhyana Mantra which describe the devata of the mantra to visualize during the chanting of the mantra. Now Mantra has some different ways to chant. First is straight, the way it is given. Second is reverse mantras i.e. from last letter to first letter. Here you need to know some grammer rules of sanskrit language for the combined letters or words to separate. Reverse mantra has 2 ways to chant, one is called Ajant Vilom and another is Halant Vilom. There is a special way to chant. Religions of mantra vignan says reverse chanting of the mantra gives multi fold returns or mantra gives fruits faster. Then another further chanting procedure is called Vishleshan. This is very very effective method or the best chanting method. These methods are not known in general public, some times good mantra sadhanks also do not know about this. After mastering these methods, sadhak has to chang each word or each letter of the word of the mantra in vyapak nyaas. I believe, this information should be enough to start your search or look for more information besides you have listed in your question. bmsuthar
  2. Dear Scholars: It is a great pleasure to visit, read and learn from this India Divine forum. I believe, we should make this forum a great learning and expanding our wonderful spiritual world instead of preaching or condemning each other. This is the place, we can show our harmony, vasudhaiv kutumbakam means whole world is our family. We should open up our heart and accommodate everyone's opinions, views and believes. I respect and have great regards of each and every one who writes and express themselves. Now, it is up to us whatever is good and true to except and whichever we do not agree and we believe whichever is not true just ignore it. My dear divine brothers and sisters of this India Divine forum, I thank you from bottom of my heart for adding so much sacred information and making this forum very valuable forum. I would always appreciate if more people will come forward and keep adding more to this topic (ignoring negativity). I am very very thankful to everyone who gave priceless information. bmsuthar
  3. Dear Takezo: Your goal is a very personal and for personal pleasure and the path and the energy which you are talking about is a spiritual path and spiritual energy. These two different worlds and they do not go along with each other. Spiritual path only starts when individual senses dies and strong desires of universal benefits starts in the mind. Therefore, if any one tell you or show you the spiritual paths to achieve individual pleasures, is not going to work. However, when you have spiritual goals and walk on spiritual paths, you may get such siddhies without even asking or wishing for. It comes by itself, but for that you have to change your whole personality, thinking, wishes, goals, etc and become different person. I do not want to show you false hopes and paths. This is truth. Kundalini is a divine force, people with individual sense can not handle it. Even someone show the way to awake kundalini and if you try it, you may not be able to handle it and it will ruin your life. So, first develop a spiritual sense in your life, come out of personal thinking, then look for appropriate sadhana. Wish you good luck. Don't feel bad, I just don't want to misguide you. bmsuthar
  4. Dear Devoteeji: Guru's approach to different people can be different. Each person is different and may be treatment or approach might be different. If Guru is a real Guru then his different treatments to different people should not bother us. Guru might have any mystic reasons, who knows. But when we go to Guru for Adhyatmik progress, we should not look anything but our purpose or goal of our relationship with guru. At such time, just recall the Arjun and Dronacharya. Dronacharya asked what do you see on the Tree. Arjun replied, I only see the eye of the bird, nothing else. Whereas other students had replied that they see sky, tree, bird, etc. If you are really looking for your adhyatmik advancements, just forget everything and concentrate on what you are looking for. Whenever, other things come to your mind and disturb you that means your mind is shifted from your goal. This is a very practical and true solution. I put truth in simple, easy and very practical way. There may be so many answers to your question, but I believe this should work for every sadhak. Why? Because I went through. I lived in Ashram for 10 years and I have seen such problems many times. If Guru is not a real guru, then you can achieve your goals different ways, it depends upon what you are looking for. bmsuthar
  5. Shri Indraji: I believe, mantra is helping to control man means mind. Pick up any short mantra which you believe in and you like it. Then chant mentally or vachik and bring your mind on our 108 energy centers. You can pick up few of them. In the beginning your mind will not help you to do this but if you stay strong and stick with it. In few days, you will be in your own control. Remember to pick up the mantra which you like most so it can help you to concentrate. Om shanti. bmsuthar
  6. Dear Shri Yagna Narayana: From your written question does not look like you went through vedas or upanishads, etc. sanskrit scriptures. As Shri SKDas mentioned Vedas teaches to be a civilized, well disciplined and well knowledgeable citizen of the earth. That means our sanskriti creates a Arya. In puranas or kathas such civilized person is called Arya and it is used as a salute to the persons in the stories. Such as Arya Putra, Hey Arya, etc. Another thing our vedas say "Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma" means Pramatma is in every thing, live or material. There is nothing in the world where there is no parmatma. You know, in the Mantra called Balatibala Mantra Vidya, which was given to Ram by Vishvamitra on the Bank of Saryu River. In the Viniyog of that mantra it says this mantra is to see Brahma Vritti in Rishi, Muni, Devatas, Gandharvas, Pitrus, Yaksha, Rakshas, Bhoot, Pret, Pishach who has sukshma sharir (to whom we can not see), Manushya, Pashu, Pakshi, Kit, Patang, (whose physical form which we can see) and also Anoo, Paramanoo. everywhere and in everything my brahama drasti be established. Here you can see, there is no boundary exist in our sadhana. Now, how can you say that why our religion is not a Global. Our religion - Vedic Dharma - Sanatan Dharma is not only global but it is a Universal Religion. On this topic, many books we can write but this should be enough to justify that our religion has no boundary. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti... Bmsuthar
  7. Shiva is a god of all knowledge, jnan and detached god. Shiv is always in mountains and in Samadhi. Same way, people who gets the real true knowledge of prakritu and ishvar, and get detached from this worldly matters and becomes free of life and death cycles, they merge into shiva and creation and destruction of the world does not effect to such souls. This is a short and quick answer. There are many better answers out there. bmsuthar
  8. If we like to study about the mantras, effects of mantras, etc. then the books, and other literature can help better than common people of this forum. Here, as I saw, some are seekers, some are doers, and some are experienced people. These people can only give their personal experiences. Also, in mantra sadhana, there certain things can not be discussed among strangers and there are some other such rules applies too. So for survey / research purpose to provide valuable and sacred information is not suitable. This is just my opinion as a sadhak. Sadhana is the subject to practice or doing, there is no other way. If you want to do research or study you have to get into by yourself, practice mantras for many years and find out the facts first hand. That will be a real study or research. bmsuthar
  9. This Ashram is called "Sri Sadashiv Ashram". This is totally different than neighbour Ashram which is run by Asaram Bapu. Sri Sadashiv Ashram where Asaram bapu came and stayed for a while and liked the location then he decided to establish himself there. I was there when Asaram bapu came and established his Ashram. Therefore, do not misunderstand. This Ashram is more than 60 years old and it was established by Bengali Monkh whose guru was the last Siddh Gaadipati of Asarwa Nilkanth Mahadev Temple (Near Civil Hospital), Ahmedabad.
  10. Goontagji: I hope you might have got the answer by now. However, I am trying to write to you as per my knowledge and belief. I don't think it is a kundalini shaktri power is giving you pain. You need to try to concentrate in all the chakras from Sahasrar to Muladhar. Take one mantra and chant mantra in each center one time. Or do one mala in each center. I think, when you meditate in only one or two center power is concentrate only on these centers. It needs to distribute in the whole body. If it is not done, it can hurt you instead of giving you benefits. This is what happens when someone practicing yoga or meditation without any guru or professional guidance. One case I know, the person was doing too much mantras and he got defects in speech. At the end of the each sentence his mouth was moving very strangely. Until you find another or perfect solution to your problem, just try to distribute your energy to different centers by concentrating in different chakras. Good luck. bmsuthar
  11. Dear Kali Upasak: Each mantra has its own viniyog where it says the name of the mantra, name of the mantra drasta rishi, mantra devata, chhand in which it should be chanted, then if there is any additional things like, bijam, kilakam, etc. then it says for what purpose this mantra should be chanted or what you can gain or achieve (which is you can call Siddhi). Then you will see nyaas mantras and dhyan mantra. Now it comes the Japa Mantra. When you achieve or fulfill the goal as per the viniyog means you achieved the siddhi. Or for whatever purpose you chant whatever mantra and you achieve your purpose means you got that siddhi. bmsuthar
  12. It is a Sanskrit Word "Padma" and the meaning of Padma is "lotus". bmsuthar
  13. If you are chanting for materialistic happiness or benefits, the strictions will apply. But if you are doing for your inner happiness or peace, no restrictions applys. Keeping this principle you can make your own decision. Also, do not get involve in more complicated idiologies, etc. Chant whatever your heart and mind likes. You may get needed guidance and help later on. Your faith should be strong that is most important. If you read too much or hear too much from others, you will get lost and will miss rare devine opportunity.
  14. Get Devi Mahatmya published by Geeta Press, Gorakhpur and keep reading anything which you like. Keep repeating may be 5 to 10 times in a day. You can read the translations also which will make you feel better. But, you must read the sanskrit slokas of those chapters. There many things before real Durga Saptashati starts, like, Kilak, Argala strotram, etc. Also you can read Chapter 4 which is the prayer to Kali by devatas. There are some good chapters after the durga saptashati. I hope this will give you satisfaction with peace.
  15. Whatever religion you are following, it does not matter, but you might be praying someway. Take your prayer say it loudly after taking deep breath with your nose only and keep praying until you completely exhaled. It is better you pick up a prayer which is short and you can say it completely in one breath. Just like we call a mantra which should have good meaning. Just chant your prayer and complete it in one breath. It is most important that you breath through nose and do not breath irregularly. Take a breath before your start chanting and end your breath at the end of your prayer. Also, say it loudly. This is the first step. Now second step. While chanting your prayer, you have to concentrate your mind in different parts of the body, such as toes of feet and hands, joints in the body, etc. Best places to concentrate is 108 centers described in the mantra yoga literatures. This will distribute your energies and mind evenly in the whole body and this pain will go away. It may take a while, but you have to be patient. Good luck. If you need further help, let me know.
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