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  1. Hello Everyone I am new to this website and hoping someone has answer for me. With a great hope and expectation I am writng Briefly I would like to explain my situation as follows. I used to and now also meditate . . As a result I have got Kundalini Awakened .First experience was really near death expereience and frightening. Now the situation is that right from morning to evening I have intense pressure on my forehead (AGYACHAKRA)and going to Crown (SHAHASTRAR).My Head feels like it will burst. This has made my my normal life very difficult.My Job is always at stake. I have great difficulty concentrating.All the time I tend to go into Meditation and eyes get closed.Without doing any effort I go into mediation. But it looks like that carrying on family life and this path both together is extremely difficult. I have been to many places Gurus for help without any remedy and success. Nobody chas been able to help me. I have spent thousands without any result. This is more than ten years now.Hoping some day i will have answer. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks
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