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  1. hi. I have heard that Brahma, Indra are all just posts assigned to Gods. When this world comes to an end Lord Vishnu takes the entire world into his stomach and later a new world is creatd with new Brahma and other Gods. But i have also heard that Lord Shiva is unaffected and remain the same even after the world ends and when created again. do u guys hav any idea about it
  2. Hi. People say that God lives within us, in our heart. Then why do they go to temple for worshiping GOD?
  3. hi saranya. i dont have exact idea about it. but i think krishna must be around 30 years. bt wat i m shure of is that they both loved each other a lot. Rukmini was very spl to Krishna in all aspects and he has also proved it in many ways and because of that their love was discussed about a lot than their age.
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